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This is the funniest goddamn thread ever. As hard as I tried I couldn't work up a bit of female outrage and offense. I would call this Broformance Art.

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I love you guys. you've almost convinced me to do it again!

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Patrick, can you make this go viral? It would remind everyone why an apocalypse is overdue. Thanks!

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Another detestible thread! Someone is creaming, and it's not Elsie.

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I would never tolerate a chap without an ass. Blimey, how would the pants look?

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Wow, this is disturbing. Is it out to a larger audience?

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It's a dystopian manifesto. The Manmade's Tale. I'll send it to my millenial daughter and friends; we'll see what they say. I must say they are merciless.

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I agree with Logan's earlier sentiment; I have always thought that Brexit was as much about the coerced acceptance of immigrants (as opposed to refugees) as it was about opposition to the nanny agenda of the EU dictats. Our cousins the Brits can be very contrarian, and this is a good thing.

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Total bullshit, and a transparent attempt to conflate women's health with your misogynist and sclerotic run at peoples' rights to govern their own bodies.

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What was too big to read about that? Is there some bottomless mystery link I missed?

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Hey, is that guy who calls everyone "you mugs" still around? Whatta hoot!

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Although I think Scott Adams is pandering to his audience with his Master of Persuasion pitch, I am so disgusted with both of them I am going with Johnson as well. Mind you, this is someone I know nothing about, and have not been following. It's pretty sad when the least mudstained candidate gets my vote. Will see what fresh hell tonight's debate brings.

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I think Planned Parenthood bombers and doctor murderers might be an example of right wing righteousness taken to its extreme. Really don't hear all that much condemnation for such acts from the dominionist Mike Pence types.

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Trolling on the net is not comparable to being the first "black president" in history. The first is the actual exploits of a crazy man; the second is some kind of bigoted construct in your own mind.
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What are you all even arguing about here? Relitigating old crap. The issue at hand is that Trump is trolling both his base and the opposition, and it is supposed to drive liberals nuts. I assure you, it provides great entertainment as this maladministration melts down.
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Sorry to be late to the party, and I haven't read all the previous comments, but I have been hanging around this site for awhile. I started following patnet back in the bubble days when I had a sick feeling about the housing market in Denver. Maybe misremembering the time, but it was close to meltdown. Got a kick out of the razzing of that Casey guy with all the houses, and fondly recall a guy (DOPES, I think) making irreverant comments. Also valued the discussions of many folks who knew whal they were talking about, explaining the markets, economy, real estate, etc. Sorry to see Patrick try to monetize the place, and sad that so many commenters have left. Plus, I think Iwog's the bomb, even though I disagree half the time. Just my two pennies.
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No I did not. I also think errrrrrc is also ginchy, but I can't always understand his POV.
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I would like an answer to that question as well.
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Patrick, take heed.
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I think we have more than enough mentally ill people in Washington. We need to wall the place off and put a moat around it.
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That is true. My credit score is better than the president 's.
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Bullshit. put all these statues in a private park somewhere. Remember how ISIS destroyed Mosul antiquities? Either they survive history, or they don't. Let these stupid Confederate semi-art pieces be a sideshow somewhere.
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I have always been the original cynn.
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This all seems way too meta. What's the point?
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I mean, why not just stick with a profile, and stand by your words? Why change identities? Is there some nefarious purge happening?
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Patrick, WTF. Can't we leave it alone?
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You're conducting a rhetorical autopsy on this site. Really?
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It's not disgusting enough. Needs some pee as well.
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I cannot believe I am reduced to this.
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Check yourselves. You're actually relying on the congressional mouthbreathers as a basis for your arguments? Really? Who's the tool now?
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Lefty here. Absolutely, release that memo!! Written by Devin Nunes, buttsniffer extrodinaire. I'm sure it's a BOMBSHIT. Good for a laugh, at least.
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But it's shocking! I'm stunned!