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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
People who are secure in their civilization are flattered, but whingers and losers who know they're losers are not.

People in any country I have been to are very happy if a visitor/guest adopts some of local culture/language/habits. They are flattered and treat you much better. Only US "progressives" can come up with cultural appropriation nonsense.
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Something about ongoing rescue in Thailand:
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this shows how much Trump loves AMERICAN! WORKING! CLASS! who would DIE! from hunger if they would be paid Mar-a-largo salaries so instead he hires DAMN! FOREIGNERS! who will scavenge for food after their 16-hour work day.

but seriously, people should finally stop listening to what politicians say and look at what they do. Trump was railing against illegal immigration but has not introduced mandatory E-verify; he has promised reforming H2 visas but hires H2 himself. What should that tell us?
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Aphroman says
How many people paid the fine each year for not having insurance

About 4.5% of taxpayers, which is quite a lot

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ThreeBays says
It's party time, since Republicans switched from bitching about the deficit to pretending it doesn't even exist.

The new talking point is "we can never pay it back", forgetting that in some way it WILL be paid back (inflation). Or that most of it is owed to entities in US of A. Also, giving money to defense contractors is OK, but paying anyone else is a crime.
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P N Dr Lo R says
Because the value system of people on the right is superior to that of those on the left.

One could reasonably argue that crying about one type of killing (abortions) while cheerfully approving of another type (bombing Iraq in 2001) is not a sign of great virtue and principles. And I do get that some on right, like Ron Paul, were against Iraq war - but he was an extremely admirable exception.
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In Southern Italy it is a hate crime NOT to whistle at womyn. If you do not, they think something is wrong with how they look and may slap you. What can a simple man do these days with so many contradicting hate crimes and offenses?
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Aphroman says
That’s less than the increase in gas prices

High gas prices are extremely good - I wish gas was $5-8/gal. This allows development of alternative energy sources (less global warming and/or dependence on Gulf terroristocracies) and really helps state where I live. Also, as we all are adults here (hopefully), we know that Obamacare was a giveaway to insurance companies.
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MisterLefty says
how raising the income floor will change people's financial situation

I am all for not being cynical, but my prediction is that (1) crack prices in that particular area will skyrocket, and (2) pimped-out rims on cars will become more plentiful.
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socal2 says
It's also very bad for the poor - who often have to drive the farthest commute each day for their jobs since they can't afford to live near the coast in California.

Gas taxes are the most regressive taxes out there.

Good for TX - low taxes and many jobs created.
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socal2 says
Tens of Millions of the most vulnerable humans beings on earth are ripped limb from limb EACH YEAR mainly for convenience.

And you are really comparing that to the inability of US and Coalition forces from stopping all of the radical Sunnis and Shia Islamists from killing each other?


Bombing Iraq killed civilians as well, and thousands of American servicemen were killed there. Should they have less rights than unborn? Why is there selective right for life?

Furthermore, turmoil in Iraq after deposing Hussain was of US doing - direct blame there. So yes, I agree with Ron Paul about Iraq:


In fact, as part of his remarks on the importance of life, Paul said young people should "never be required to fight in undeclared, unwinnable wars"
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socal2 says
Yes - but the death toll in Iraq (over the last 10 years) is not even half of one percent of the total number of babies killed by abortion each year

We should count only abortions in US, as ones outside are not influenced by US. And all lives should matter, not only ones useful for ideological reasons.

Also, if one wants to decrease number of abortions, the correct way is to provide contraception for FREE to risk groups. Just outlawing abortions will not really work as history has shown us.
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Malcolm says
banks will end up requiring the loans be secured with an asset or a co-signer, who will end up being on the hook.

Not a bad thing. May be then students will actually start studying, as opposed to partying and complaining that professors do not beam knowledge into their heads, as co-signer will be checking on grades. Also, tuition (currently mostly used for sports and administrations) will drop as students will shop around for price.
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socal2 says
A random kook being a racist is not the same thing as ORGANIZED intimidation programs whipped up by one political party to target politicians from the other political party at their homes and other public places.

Left does seem to be more crazy than right, or as a minimum more prone to publicly demonstrating their craziness.
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socal2 says
Maybe, (just maybe) free contraception and easily available abortion is causing Americans to engage in reckless sexual activity resulting in millions of terminated babies and millions more born to poverty?

1. People WILL engage in sex no matter what government says or does. Some fairly large percentage of people (esp if they are young) will always engage in reckless sex, which will result in unwanted pregnancies. Assuming that abortions are bad (which I think everyone here agrees), question is what to do. Prohibit - women will engage in illegal abortions which will harm their health and ultimately will be very costly as in imprisoning everyone and having to deal with health issues in poorer part of society. Allow and spread idea that abortion is just another type of contraception - also bad from moral and health reasons. The only real, non-ideological solution that I see is FREE long-term contraception or free tying of tubes for those who want it. If someone sees a better solution that will actually work, I would be very happy to listen. Burning people who engage in pre-marital sex or stoning them would be a solution, but hopefully we have evolved beyond that.

2. WRT to Iraq, it would have been trivial to avoid those deaths if the people Bush listened to (e.i. right wing) would have applied same logic of sanctity of life they apply to unborn babies.
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socal2 says
I don't think everyone assumes that abortions are bad. Did you see the video of the Comedy Central chick that also hosted the White House Correspondence dinner? Many on the Left are celebrating the destruction of unborn babies. When pro-life people like me suggest some modest reforms like limiting abortion after 20 weeks (to be in line with most of Europe and the civilized world) and have an exception for the health of the mother - we are accused of hating women and being the Taliban.

Anyone who follows medical literature knows that abortions are bad for mother's health. It has been demonstrated in multiple peer-reviewed studies. About comedy central - I have stopped watching TV because of extreme partisanship, and I do not find their one-sided, politically correct humor funny at all.

I understand now your position WRT abortion, thanks. Limitations that you mention seem reasonable, provided that it is not a gateway to prohibiting abortions completely (like gun regulations that D's propose could be and probably are a gateway to outlawing all guns).

socal2 says
hey could have removed Saddam with less bloodshed. We certainly underestimated the extreme brutality and hatred that the Sunnis and Shias had for each other as we failed to prevent every last atrocity and revenge killing of Muslims killing Muslims.

True, but looking at history the bloodshed was very predictable. Bush/conservatives/etc thought that they can pull off Japan 1945, without remembering that cultures are different. Furthermore, if we do not participate in creating chaos which results in killing (and US Army directly caused killing of at least tens of thousands), then guilt does not lie with us. US also would be much less broke without Iraq war.
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Patrick says
I say "instructors" instead of professors because actual professors make quite a bit more money and have higher status, and probably are less inclined to support redistributionist policies.

I'd bet that most engineering instructors are far less taken in by the politics of resentment. Engineering is a solid field, relatively high status, and with pretty good pay. Engineers can simply leave academia and earn as much or more, unlike sociology instructors. They directly see the results of their work.

A lot (most) of humanities professors also support redistribution/socialism/etc. Humanities faculty are typically much worse paid than hard sciences and especially engineering faculty for fairly obvious reasons - upon graduating with a PhD engineers and many scientists can still get decent industry jobs, while sociology/humanities majors can not. Consequently, their salaries are much lower. They also do not bring in much grants that generate overhead (engineers bring in most), and do not have to direct research which gives them more time for nonsense.

Also, existing left-wing humanities faculty will hire MOAR left wing faculty which explains why there are few conservatives in humanities.
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mell says


Edit: 1 seems to be somewhat plastic.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
At many colleges, they are deliberately misled to fill the seats.

Misleading starts at high school. They say "follow your dreams" "you can do anything you want" - neither of that is true. Universities typically keep mum about job prospects, and getting any kind of meaningful statistics from them is impossible.
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Patrick says
their proposed degree is worth in future earnings potential. Loans which the bank knows are a bad deal should be harder to get.

That leaves out student, who might be dumb and/or lazy. In engineering, ca. 40% drop out in year 1.
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lostand confused says
1)do you believe in 32 genders?

that's old news, now there are at least 112 http://genderfluidsupport.tumblr.com/gender/
People who think that there are only 32 are WORSE THAN HITLER TRUMP!!!!
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lostand confused says
WTF is that-crazy town central-I mena look at this. LOL-you couldn't make this list up.

Number constantly increases, it is kind of fun to try to keep up with it
I am not sure that even 112 is the last word in craziness at this point
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Goran_K says
47 different made up genders

you are way behind the curve, 112 these days
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Patrick says
everyone has exactly two parents, one male and one female

Fake news right there
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LeonDurham says
Although there is an extremely racist post title currently active on the home screen. But the author is on the right team so it's no problem.

If you mean Hey N... police your own, the author is HEYYOU and he is on no teams other than his own
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Aphroman says
Lol Libertarians are indistinguishable from Republicans

Feel free to prove me wrong

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Aphroman says
Being that the issue is deeply rooted in racism, as Paul says, why is it important to ignore such an obvious fact?

Does pretending it doesn’t exist help somehow?

1. The fact that stupid drug war influences minorities more does not mean that currently it is rooted in racism. It was (initially, at least for MJ-but not necessarily for other drugs), but now the prohibition machine is crushing everyone who is poor, as minorities are poorer, they suffer more. Cause here is not race, it is economics. I am sure Hollywood and Washington are snorting coke like crazy yet poor guy is going to jail.

2. RP is R in name only as his voting record shows, and he run as Prez from Libertarian party many times. His voting record and views shows that L's are different from R's. Too bad R's redristricted him out of his district. Kind of similar to what D's did to Kucinich and Sanders.
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Aphroman: If you want to have result in something like abolishing drug war, you need an inclusive message that everyone (or most people) can agree on. Some slogans, even if they were true 50 yrs ago, which feel good but drive away a large number of voters who are on fence about the issue, should not be used. Instead, find something that most can agree on and which is not divisive. Then perhaps do-gooders on right who want to control what other people do based on their own opinions of morality/religion will lose. If you succumb to emotions and slogans, you will lose.
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Aphroman says
Why does speaking the truth about the racist motives that drive the war on drugs, need to be censored?

I do not think this is true. Drug on wars WAS driven by racism, but now it is not. It is driven by economics of prohibition (prison guards, pharma etc), and its effects fall more on minorities, but a rich minority will get off just as well as a rich white person.

Aphroman says
What kind of shitty excuse for an American needs to be lied to and treated with little kid gloves, to support doing the right thing

As I said, I believe your opinion is wrong. However, if one needs to get emotional satisfaction rather than results, then accusing majority of society of things they did not do is a way to go.
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Joe Biden on drugs (at best, contradictory):

Marijuana is a gateway drug; legalization is a mistake. (Dec 2010)
1988: Crafted new law creating national Drug Czar. (Oct 2010)
1990 crime bill: tougher penalties for drug offenders. (Oct 2010)
Took lead on drug policy & narcotics control. (Nov 2007)
National ban on smoking would reduce chronic illnesses. (Sep 2007)
Absolutely do not lower drinking age from 21. (Sep 2007)
Increase penalties for dealing drugs near schools. (Sep 2007)
Most violent crime is related to drugs. (Jul 2007)
Divert drug offenders out of prison system. (Jun 2007)
Created nation’s Drug Czar Office & drug courts. (Dec 2006)
Voted NO on increasing penalties for drug offenses. (Nov 1999)
Voted YES on spending international development funds on drug control. (Jul 1996)
Rename "Drug Abuse" institute as "Diseases of Addiction". (Mar 2007)
End harsher sentencing for crack vs. powder cocaine. (Jun 2007)
Enhance interdiction by criminalizing unflagged submarines. (Jul 2008)
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Aphroman says
You’re basically advocating a Safe Space for the Special ed Snowflakes. Fuck that, I don’t believe in political correctness. Especially in the name of shielding Christian Conservatives from the truth about their bigoted history

No, I am just saying that (1) drug war now is not based on race and saying that it is, is very counterproductive (and both of us agree that 50 yrs ago it WAS based on race), and (2) instead of yelling "everyone other than me is stupid", perhaps it is worth discussing issues such as this one without emotions. Facts simply can not support war on drugs, unless one wants communism and state control of personal liberties.

There are plenty issues which do not matter, such as JESUS! in schools, where we can let our emotions fly high and accuse opponents of being either JESUS freaks or INFIDELS..
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FortWayne says
Legalizing it just made it more widespread. Congratulations liberals, you’ve helped ruin many young people’s lives.

I think most drugs were very legal at times when US had real capitalism, at the end of 19th century. So, it is possible that liberals actually prohibited drugs, together with supporting a more intrusive and controlling government.

Edit: many more interesting pictures of legal drugs sold:
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dr6B says
When did it stop being about race? I and everyone fighting the good fight missed the memo.

I have not seen proof that it is about the race NOW. I have seen proof that it was about race 50 yrs ago. I also have seen proof that it is about being poor now (as in sentencing celebrities to rehab vs. average Joe to jailtime). Until I have seen such proof, I will keep considering that primary cause (besides stupidity) for War against Drugs currently is economics.
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FortWayne says
It’s odd that all media avoids mentioning race.

that is actually very informative - not mentioning race means we know the race
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Quigley says
Tell your homies in da hood to give up their drugs, get jobs, and stop being oppressed.

These days, racial distribution of drug users is changing fast.

Studying data from the Centers for Disease Control, The New York Times writes that because of the number of white Americans aged 25-34 dying from heroin and prescription medication overdoses, theirs is the first generation since the Vietnam War “to experience higher death rates in early adulthood than the generation preceding it.” The chief medical officer of a nonprofit treatment institution that has facilities in 10 states tells Vice (in an article entitled “Heroin Kills More White People Than Anyone Else”) that the wave of heroin fatalities, powered by exposure to prescription opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin, “has hit every white socioeconomic class.” In “a retrospective analysis of the past 50 years,” the American Medical Association’s JAMA Psychiatry found that heroin users are “primarily white men and women.” Figures released by the Centers for Disease Control have found that heroin use has doubled among white Americans, and, in particular, female white Americans.

The rise of the prescription painkiller epidemic has changed the public perception of drug addiction in the United States, especially as it pertains to race. The Economist writes of how a generation ago, the common image of a drug user was usually a poor African American living under a bridge. Today, “the face of heroin use in America has changed utterly,” and is more likely to be white, female, and living in an affluent suburb.

This also shows that "war against drugs" is not based on race any more.
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Aphroman says
Ron Paul was saying that the War on Drugs was based on racism as recently as 2007.

He said that blacks suffer disproportionately because of war on drugs. That is not the same as saying that war on drugs is based on racism. Similarly, men suffer more from war on drugs than women - is one of reasons for war on drugs sexism also?
Aphroman says
When it was crack cocaine a young black male could get 20 years in prison for having a one nite supply of the drug in his possession

Now that it’s primarily white peoples hooked on heroin, it’s a public health issue we must sympathize, subsidize and virtue signal over.

What year did The War on Drugs stop being about race?

Poor vs. middle class or rich is the reason for 20 yrs vs. probation. The reason why more and more people think it is a "public health issue" is probably related to knowing someone who is hooked on drugs in their circle of friends.
I am sure Whitney Houston, Oprah, and Samuel Jackson did lots of hard time due to their drug use because they are minority...oops...they were rich so it wasnothing, just like for white celebs.
Still waiting for proof that war on drugs is based on racism (and not sexism, for example).
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From drugwarfacts.org:

"More than half (56% or 6,300) of female federal prisoners were serving sentences for a drug offense, compared to 47% of males (75,600)."

Twelve times more more males than females are in prison due to drug offenses. OMG, this is war against men and sexism!
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Aphroman says
Will you please just answer my one simple question?

When did the war on drugs stop being about Racism?

I do not know answer to that question. Probably some time between 1974 and 2000.

What I do know is that currently I do not see that war against drugs is perpetuated by racism.

Will you give me some proof that war against drugs is perpetuated by racism now (as opposed to 50 years ago)? And if it is a game of numbers, then why is it not sexism?
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Aphroman says
What more proof do you need?

You have not provided any proof for racism in war of drugs today.

Aphroman says
It was born of racism. I provided the quotes straight from the mouth of the man who ushered in Prohibition.

That is 100% clear. I would add religious fanaticism also to causes.

Aphroman says
What reasonable person would argue that magically it stayed in tact, except the racist aspect mysteriously went away?

Racism aspect has gone away or at least is severely decreased in most aspects of American life. Why not in war on drugs? Economic reasons are sufficient to perpetuate it now.

Aphroman says
What happened between 1974-2000 that ushered in this brand new era of War on Drugs: Everything the same, except now, no more racism!?

Perhaps society changed to a better as in being less racist.

Aphroman says
Why were sentences literally 100x more harsh for cooked cocaine (crack) vs powder cocaine?

Poor vs rich is a sufficient explanation -- rich will use powder. If poor whites with crack cocaine get smaller prison terms than poor blacks, then it would be racism.

I still do not see any real proof of racism in war against drugs NOW as opposed to racism 50 years ago. Due to this, we will have to agree to disagree on current reason for war on drugs while agreeing on fact that it is stupid, criminal, and immoral and should be ended immediately.
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Aphroman says
You provided NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to support YOUR claim.

Neither have you. Also, normally one should provide proof of crime (racism, in this case), and not proof for absence of crime.

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