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Rocketmanjoe says
If there was the threat of jail time for hiring illegals maybe they would.

And mandatory E-Verify. But that will not happen, as our Corporate Overlords (Peace Be Upon Them) will not allow that. They will continue import of illegals stimulated by ICE-abolishing Democrats and will stall E-Verify/criminal prosecutions for illegal employers with hands of Republicans paid off by construction and meat packing industries.

US workers will be screwed because negotiating abilities of labor go to zero if employers can hire disposable, cheap illegals.
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One more:
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I am hearing about Trump's trillion-dimensional chess as a reason for not firing Sessions on this forum for a year. I wonder if it has become a quadrillion-dimensional chess by now
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LeonDurham says
The question was to find someone who is in FAVOR of unlimited immigration.

The question always is how to end ILLEGAL immigration. D's are all for sanctuary cities which means breaking existing laws or not punishing for breaking existing laws. R's like making noises about stopping illegal immigration yet do not introduce E-verify. I do not think that either side is honest about this.
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WARNING - do NOT click on the link, you will not be able to un-see IT!!!
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Quigley says
We need a purge.

Less Federal bureaucrats by an order of magnitude.
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AntiOcasioCortez says
Or, it needs to be broken up.

Like Standard Oil in past.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
The argument is this: once Limitless tons of drugs are available to those who are prone to addiction, the faster they will die, and the faster they will leave the gene pool, and the faster the master race will rise from the mud and take to the stars and exploiting every stom in the universe for Maximum profit and then find God and strangle him to death, exactly as the founding fathers of commanded.

Another argument: druggies are GODLESS! SUBHUMANS! and need to be incarcerated so they do not pollute our streets with their presence. As soon as all drug addicts are in maximum security penitentiaries and are used up for target practice by HEROES! in BLUE!, paradise on Earth will commence, exactly as SESSIONS!, PENCE!, TRUMP!, and other Founding Fathers commanded.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
find God and strangle him to death ON PAY-PER VIEW, exactly as the founding fathers of commanded.
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bob2356 says
As long as prohibition gives the god and guns crowd hard dicks and gets the politicians pandering to them reelected

That's secondary, I think. Primary is Pharmaceutical industry, police, prison guards and their unions, and for-profit prison industry.
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LastMan says
Fat isn't sexy. Morbid obesity is even less so.

hate speech right there
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HeadSet says
Paraphrasing somewhat from the article:

Basically, all men are pigs, either because they do not like me, or because they like me, or because they ignore me as a strong and independent womyn who does not need men
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@Twoscoops, not disagreeing with the idea but these lists are usually bogus. I'd bet Slovenia should be high in the list, Switzerland is missing etc. They probably wanted to stick USA and one non-white country in the list. Extremely low Polish crime statistics is impressive though: http://appsso.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/nui/show.do?dataset=crim_off_cat&lang=en

Poland does have a fair number of immigrants/guest workers from Ukraine (500K to 2M), but they are culturally very similar to Poles.
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Patrick says
Nanette Santoro, MD, chair of the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

This person needs to be fired NOW. What is next, claims that there are only two sexes? Next step after that is literally placing everyone in Trump's concentration camps!
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how should we best let them go unde

By shooting banksters in FACE with a 20-gauge shotgun.
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barrister says
This group's crimes are many, pervasive, and deep.

We have a ghost of Adolph on Patnet?

And yes, last time I was drunk THEY peed in my pants, so I hate them.
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TrumpCuck says
That is a perfect description of the alt-right: all juiced up over a meme that depicts fake news stories and manufactured controversy.

Do let us know what is "Fake News" there.

I looked a few up and they seem very legit:

"Is your baby racist" https://www.newsweek.com/nurtureshock-cover-story-newsweek-your-baby-racist-223434

"EU to ban memes" https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/end-memes-campaigners-dismayed-european-internet-ruling-n885726
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Patrick says
knock down wages for the poorest Americans

That is probably a sufficient argument for stopping illegal immigration.

I am sure that The Masters of Universe (TM) who own packing and construction industries are all for higher profit margins due to employment of illegals. American workers meanwhile see the wages stagnate because Masters can buy an extra yacht..
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LeonDurham says

As if there are people who support illegal immigration? Who is arguing for it?

Then it is simple indeed. Instead of arguing about minute details, we all agree that a) need to introduce E-Verify, b) prison times for employers of illegals, whether for chicken processing plant owners or people who hire illegals for mowing lawns, and c) if police catch an illegal, they deport xe.
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TrumpCuck says
dr6B says
"Is your baby racist" https://www.newsweek.com/nurtureshock-cover-story-newsweek-your-baby-racist-223434

I guess you didn't bother reading that one either...

So how is this wrong? Do let me know.
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“I think without a doubt there will be a threat to the way people use memes,” Jim Killock, the executive director of the Open Rights Group, a London-based organization that supports freedom online, told NBC News. “They are clearly reusing copyrighted material, mostly legitimately, but it’s very hard for a machine to know that."

And also how this is wrong. Meme says the same thing that nbcnews.com.

It appears that YOU have not read anything.
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NBC title says "EU to ban memes"? as well.

And how is the other one, "racist babies" wrong?

Also, I generally do not post memes. But that would be too much for you to know.
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OK - here one title for you saying about "EU banning memes"


And I am still waiting about (1) what was wrong with the racist baby thing, and (2) where I am posting many memes.
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TrumpCuck says
This should be a teachable moment for you. Here's your chance to step back and take a look how the alt-right have allowed propagandist memes to replace critical thinking.

I wish you the best.

Thank you but you showed nothing other than semi-personal attacks.
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TrumpCuck says
Instead of flailing around trying to prove something that you already KNOW IS INCORRECT, why not try reading the actual articles (beyond the headline) and practice critical thinking skills?

What am I trying to prove other than the fact that major news outlets are also saying "EU to ban memes"?

Also, I do not see any response to (1) me posting memes, and (2) what was wrong with the baby racist expression.
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Russia has seen purchasing power decrease continuously for the past four years after the economy was hit with international sanctions punishing Moscow for its annexation of Crimea in 2014 followed by a fall in global oil prices in 2016..

The country's poverty rate, which had fallen from 29 per cent in 2000 to 10.7 per cent in 2012, inched back up to 13.5 per cent in 2016, according to the most recent annual official figures.

In November, the World Bank released a report in which it said less than half of the population - 46.3 per cent - was secure from sinking into poverty, citing a figure which was 10 per cent lower than in 2014.


I'd bet that number is up even more this year. These are also Russian official figures, so situation in reality should be even worse.

Anecdotally, well-off Russians are purchasing residence permits and flooding Baltic countries in last 4-5 years. I do not know if this has political or economic reasons, may be both. Here in USA I never had applicants from Russia before 2014-15, now plenty want to come as grad students or postdocs, and some specifically write in applications that they apply because of intolerable conditions in Russia.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
If anybody can help locate the SAT survey by religious affiliation, I'd be obliged.


Table is towards the end of the text.

Data are from 1990.

Also this: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2008/02/pentecostals-are-stupid-unitarians-are-smart/
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clambo says
1. lower tax rates 2. fewer fake muslim "refugees" (males old enough to hold a gun). 3. fairer trade with cheaters like China 4. fewer absurd regulations 5. fewer fake illegal aliens seeking "asylum". 6. more jobs for American workers.

1. Bad, will blow budget deficit to even more unsustainable level. Need to work on spending, esp military, first
2. good
3. not yet, making noises about fair trade is not the same as having it, I reserve my judgement for future
4. good, and at least no new ridiculous regulations
5. good
6. not different from Obama here, but good
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I suggest waterboarding, followed by MILITIA! vaporizing the miscreants with H-BOMBS!
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I think this is the best example why law-abiding people need to be armed. Policepersons were busy sitting in donut shop (or just standing outside the station as per article) and did nothing while mob attacked innocent bystanders. Hope the guy who got beaten up will sue BART for billions. If he had a gun, a few miscreants would have met JESUS! exactly as Founding Fathers commanded.
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I'd say simply avoid this restaurant, as they can not reign in idiots who spoil dinner for customers.
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Ceffer says
using social media to 'time and place' co-ordinate gangs

What else is social media useful for these days?
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LeonDurham says
I wish Trump were really fighting for the little guy and not the top 1%. Nothing would make me happier.

I think this is wrong - and again, I might be proven wrong also - but Trump is in it not for 1%, not for the little guy, he is in it for TRUMP. And he is authentic, and tells what he thinks, even if what he thinks changes several times a day.
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Heraclitusstudent says
So you would shoot disorderly teenagers on general principles?

I'm think swam of drones armed with tranquilizer guns, always on stand-by. The future will not be kind to uncivilized behavior.

I would shoot them. I am from E. Europe, and idiot teenagers, called gopniki, are responsible for many people beaten to death there. CA is catching up to this E European nonsense.

The swarms of tranquilizer-armed drones are in future, while violent idiots are in present.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
POLICE in France have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after he ploughed his car into a crowd while shouting “Allah Akbar”.

The 32-year-old suspect mowed down two victims who have been rushed to hospital following the shock incident at 1am in Nimes, southern France, where bystanders had gathered in preparation for the region’s annual grape harvesting festival.

He was obviously triggered by "grape-harvesting festival", as alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Solution is of course to prohibit alcohol in France so that Muslims are not offended.
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jazz_music says
Trump escape prosecution for money laundering for the Russians

I am not sure he did launder money for Russians, but even if he did, chances of prosecution are zero. When was the last time a bankster was prosecuted for money laundering for narcocartels? Hello, HSBC - https://www.marketwatch.com/story/netflix-documentary-re-examines-hsbcs-881-million-money-laundering-scandal-2018-02-21; hello, Wells Fargo https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wells-fargo-biggest-us-bank-laundered-billions-from-mexican-webster, hello, all other big banks such as Rabobank, Wachovia and so on. A poor guy selling $100 worth of crack is put away for years, while banksters get fat on laundering drug or mafioso money.

jazz_music says
On multiple occasions, in front of a large audience, Trump has floated the question of his possibility of extending his term in office beyond the 8 years limit. Why would he do that when he didn't even win the popular vote? Also he immediately filed the papers to run for president in 2020 and he has already done campaigning for that end.

With right wing control of congress and supreme court, this could happen fairly easily. Congress could simply allow it, especially if someone burns the Reichstag or some other crisis were to occur.

No offense, but I think this is paranoia for several reasons. First, he will be old and frail on his diet of hamburgers in 6 yrs (80 yrs old). Second, I do not see a mechanism how this can be pulled off - it requires a civil war. Third, D's might win House (but not Senate) in midterms (I saw 70% possibility for bets), so even assuming that R's march in lockstep (which would not be true in case like this), legally this can not be pulled off. Fourth, this would go against his method of talking everyone to death while not doing much.
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zzyzzx says
Is there any doubt in your mind as to whom the teenage mob consisted of?

Where I am from, people would predict that mob consisted of ethnic Russians as they are known to behave in this way :)

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