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Its not an "Attack". Its called due process and vetting of proper legal procedures with regard to a president who has done some really shady shit. Its is in the public's best interest to know everything that the president has done. It is in the interest of national security and the upholding of the law.

Hate to break it to ya' but Trump isn't above the law and if he broke the law, we the people deserve to know, which we will probably find out soon enough...,
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"NO! Nobody vetted that Jive Ass bitch"

I cannot believe you just wrote that and the sentence before it.
You sir are a pathetic piece of trash. A racist piece of trash. Your kind will never be seen as anything other than trash either.
So fuck off.
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"No, it’s becoming more and more clear that the Russian lawyer was a setup orchestrated by Fusion and the state department on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Jr. was dumb to fall for it.:"

Jesus christ dude.... Lay off the fucking tin foil...
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"Question is, why does hillary have dirt? Lots of people seem to not mind that she has dirt. Or deny it."

She isn't the president is she? Who's the president? Trump. Who has been doing all kinds of shady shit? Trump. Who's son met with Russian lawyers? Trump's son. Who's lawyer paid off a porn star and playboy model? Trump's lawyer. Who threw support behind a molester in Alabama? Trump.

So keep it up with the hillary shit. She isn't president and nobody cares.

"The ideologue Left are amazing at being liars. When they have all of the media, Hollywood and Academia helping them pull their weight, they can pull off the greatest lies like whitewashing the Democrat's deplorable history of supporting racists and making the Republicans the bad guys for finally beating the racism out of Southern Democrats. Or in this case, the Democrats successfully duping lots of morons in America to think that Russians and Putin would really want a pro-military, pro-oil and nationalistic Trump as President as opposed to Hillary and the open-border Nancy-boy socialists. "

Son, the only people who are lying are the folks you get your asinine information from. That and you sound like a parrot, repeating that same old bullshit about somehow "da media" somehow being a part of some grand conspiracy to pooh-pooh whatever precious ass-backwards plans the GOP and its politicians might have.

Let me make it more simple for you to understand. Your party is corrupt and your president lies like a damned drunken sailor. You want something to blame? Blame them, not the news outlets who literally cut and paste, verbatim one of many Trump Tweets...

Nothing that any of you Trump supporters say is worth shit. You are traitors and traitors in my book are subhuman.
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"Finally we get down to the core of Leftist belief: Everyone who doesn’t agree with me is subhuman and a traitor! And we kill traitors and subhumans.

A mini-Mao in the making! Just add power and he will begin executing millions immediately! Clip coupon and send in for 25% off your freedoms! "

Nice try dumbass... But ultimately you fail. What you call the "left" are actually Americans who seek to uphold the rights of our citizens, who respect the constitution, and hold our leaders accountable.

If you voted for Trump you did so with the full knowledge of all of the awful things he did and said on the campaign trail. Your continued support of him after all that has happened simply shows you care more about your own precious ideaologies than the country itself. As such Trump supporters have abandoned the country as a whole, meaning they are in fact basically traitors.

"Like I said - scratch a Liberal and a Fascist bleeds. And Libs wonder why so many Conservatives want to keep their guns!

This dude can't be real.........totally oblivious that is is coming off as a walking/talking parody of the Totalitarian Left's instincts we are criticizing on this thread."

Like I said- Scatch a Trump supporter and the traitor bleeds.
Get the fuck over yourselves...
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"Trump has been called worse by the media, celebs and politicians you champion."

maybe because he acts like an asshole and has repeatedly done super shady shit. If the shoe fits, then you get what you deserve. What YOU said before was nothing more than an awful, racist name based on nothing other than the color of someone's skin, meaning you're just a sad little racist piece of garbage.

"Didn't you just call some people "subhuman" a few minutes ago?
I don't think you have any moral authority to criticize ANYONE's hyperbole."

Yes I did and yes its deserved. And yes- I have full moral authority to criticize people who support someone who tries on a daily basis to undermine our national interests.
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"I do know that I’m shorting Leftist tears before that point because we will be ABSOLUTELY AWASH!"

I'm fully expecting a verifiable ocean of dipshit trump supporter tears in November. Keep on believing your fair tale...
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"Uh there's only one party that is always dropping tears during election results..."

Uh.... that didn't happen in 2008 or 2012 and so far Trump and the GOP have been shitting the bed real good, pissing off the 60% of the population that doesn't support Trump.

You guys had your fun. The party will be over in November...
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That Trump goes after companies is absolutely baffling to me. Republicans and the tea Party for YEARS wailed about the gubbermint staying out of big business and yet here we have a deranged president who sees it fit to throw tantrums and go after companies if they have anything to do with being against him or saying anything about him in a negative way. And yet what do we hear out of the GOP, its supporters and the tea party? Not one single word.
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It would be a mistake for those of you still supporting trump to ignore the levels of anger the rest of us- the 60% of the country- feel at this point. Our voted and voices will be heard soon enough...
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This is utterly ridiculous. There is no medicinal/ drug effect with hemp. People for some reason confuse it for other strains that re potent. Its like saying that rye bread and rye whiskey are the same basically. Hemp can be made into petrochemicals, plastics, rot-resistant fiber, building materials, animal feed and so on. It grows rapidly in even poor soil in most temperate climates.

Yet another instance of the GOP being ignorant and out of touch with reality.
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Sounds like desperation to me. Giuliani is Trump's special lil' boot licker and of course he's gonna shill for the big orange turd.

But anyway... this has zilch to do with the investigation's findings and more to do with how sitting presidents can be indicted. Basically Mueller doesn't have the procedural ability to indict, even if he has the evidence sufficient enough to do so.

From CNN:
"That conclusion is likely based on longstanding Justice Department guidelines. It is not about any assessment of the evidence Mueller's team has compiled.
A lack of an indictment would not necessarily mean the President is in the clear. Mueller could issue a report making referrals or recommendations to the House of Representatives. "

So let's assume that at the end of the day Mueller finds evidence that Trump used his lawyer to bribe Stormy Daniels to affect the outcome of the election. He would present these findings to congress and at that point it would be up to congress to make a recommendation.

If I were a member of the GOP I'd probably be nervous. We're getting pretty close to the midterms, Trump Jr, members of the Trump campaign, his lawyer and basically everyone else have done a good job of running their mouths a lot and there is a ton of shit that is outright shady and unethical. If the bombshell hits between now and November they can expect even heavier losses than they are going to likely experience.
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"2. Nothing the president is being accused of is a crime. Even if he had constant contact with evil Russians, Hungarians, Iranians, or Martians about how to win an election, he broke no law."

Oh there's plenty of things that he could be nabbed on, whether its his insistence on not separating his business affairs from his public office, bribing a porn star in a clear attempt to affect the outcome of an election, or obstruction of justice by interfering with the Russian probe. Those are just a few of the items.

The bigger question is why do Trump supporters seem so eager to be ok with all of this but yet go ape-shit over something as comparatively benign like public healthcare during the Obama years?
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"Think Giuliani, long time Prosecutor and Mayor of NY for decades, is stupid enough to baldly lie on Television about a legal case?"
The guy is gettin' old and he seems to have more than a few screws loose. Maybe he has dementia?

BTW... Big question for the forum. I couldn't figure out how to make a new post. But anyway, I used to be on this site 8-9 years ago then stopped as life goes on.

Now that I have come back, when did this site seemingly get taken over by right winger trolls? I means its outright ridiculous that every other post is some stupid crap from Breitbart or stormfront. That and what appears to be 5-6 resident trump trolls. IMHO this hurts this site: Whereas it could be more about its purpose- real estate and the housing bubble- at face value it looks more like a right wing hangout. That would of course drive away most anyone with some degree of intelligence. Its certainly not making me want to really stay, that's for sure.
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"And oddly enough, if that happens, the Democrats are even more finished than they are now. They’ll have spent four years desperately trying to remove Trump, only to pave the way for an even more implacable foe to assume power."

And yet Democrats have quietly been winning special election after special election ever since the election. There are now numerous solidly red states where the GOP hasn't had to worry in decades and now they're being hotly contested. The Presiden't approval rating remains the lowest of any first term president in US history. Most polls have shown a steady, consistent path for the Democrats to re-take the house during the midterms and when they do they aren't going to simply let Trump slide and get away with it anymore.

The Democratic party is far from dead. Furthermore and as mentioned, today's upcoming youth overwhelmingly favor liberal policies. The GOP is in pretty big danger of losing its position pretty quickly.
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"And of course I would vote for Rand over just about any likely Dem Candidate."

... and that is what is wrong with the USA. People who would rather vote for someone-anyone-no matter their qualifications- just because they have either and R or D in front of their name. And that is how we would up with a joke of a president.
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BTW- STOP removing my responses, whomever you are
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"That's not a big deal. So did the Boomers when they were young. In any case, the milennials are aging and their support for Dems is crashing:"

But they aren't favoring the GOP. Not by a long shot. The fact of the matter is that both the millennial and post millennial generations lean strongly to the left. As in they aren't in favor of conventional, blue dog democrats but they are Especially not keen on the GOP. Something like upwards of 90% of the post millinial generation heavily dislikes trump for example.

The net net? Younger Americans lean more heavily to the left than any other generation that's come before them. That will have a significant impact on US politics moving forward.

Let me just put it this way:
The wet dream that the right has of turning America into something akin to a Handmaid's tail isn't going to happen. The country, despite Trump and today's GOP is still moving towards a more progressive and all-inclusive direction. Bigotry and racism that's been embraced by the right for years is extremely unpopular with today's youth and thus why the GOP is likely going to paint themselves into a corner.

Trump is the last hurrah of the brand of Nixon's strategy. If they do not change the party will go extinct within a generation.
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What the NRA really is:
A lobbyist organization with the main purpose of selling guns and ammunition for those industries and doing so via a carefully crafted narrative of paranoia and fear aimed at a gullible, typically paranoid gun owner.

I'm glad more and more people are finally calling these guys out for the sham they are.
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"Anyway, great example of the total corruption of our Media totally taking Trump's comment about MS-13 "

Stop blaming the media for simply repeating whatever the dumb president says or does. Its not their fault that the president has the maturity level of a 3rd grader and constantly makes himself look like a blithering fool. We are talking about a guy who said that we were going to deliver " F-52" fighter jets... a jet that doesn't exist.
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Seriously- why are my comments not showing up?
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"The youth ALWAYS favor liberal policies! In any generation! Then they grow up a bit, have families, and realize that shit is stupid and naive. And the well documented trend of millennial leaving the Democrats (mostly to the ranks of independents) shows that this is happening as expected."

Excuse me, but in most people's books racism, xenophobia, ignorance, and other traits of whats become of today's GOP is some "pretty stupid shit". The GOP is now in most people's minds a dead party walking. I'm a 40 year old man and I know hardly anyone near my age- and that also goes for most of the folks I know back home in North Carolina whom are Trump supporters.

Trump has done more to turn off at least a generation of future voters to the GOP than any other person in history. The GOP will likely pay a steep price for allowing the 3-ring circus to continue unabated and after the Democrats sweep the house and senate in a few months that will be it for the GOP.

You and others are on the wrong side of history. You guys represent the hate my Grandfathers fought against in WW2. Rest assured that those of us who are today's true patriots will make sure Trump is the last GOP president you guys will ever get unless that party changes its tune and stops being the party of the weak minded and hateful.
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One thing is sure: America will never turn into the fascist, repressive regime you on the right fantasize about...
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"Personally, I wouldn't mind some Handsmaid's tail."
Oh, so do please tell us all exactly what you like about that? Next thing you know you'll be telling us you wouldn't mind a lil' repressive fascism. here and there. Besides- Trump and the pieces of trash he has chosen to run things is pretty much right up there when it comes to a freak horror show.

But I digress: Your party is extremely unpopular with both of those generations. You would be grossly mistaken if you were to think they're rushing to the gates to vote for Trump. They're simply not pleased that the current Democratic party isn't going far enough and I would tend to agree. There is a very real desire among many in those generations who are looking for something closer to FDR-style liberal politics and policies, which has been missing from this country since the 1960's and the last of the new deal.

The overall result of Trump is that the right has gone more to the extreme right and the left is going to the extreme left. Put two and two together: The GOP and conservative movement is losing people. The overwhelming majority of millinial and post millinials lean very heavily to the right. Those two generations are huge. The outcome is that the country is very likely heading further to the left within the next 5-10 years as they become a dominating force.
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Ah yes- another racist comment from a piece of trash....
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Hey- thanks for posting the chart that helps prove my point: Your party is incredibly unpopular with millinials as seen by the chart.
And yes- I suspect that Hispanics aren't going to be voting for the orange bigot who called them rapists at the start of his campaign.

History shall not be kind to you guys. All that Trump has done for you is to rip the ugly cover off of what conservatives actually think and what was shown is revolting and disgusting.

The majority of us who do not support Trump will show just exactly what we think of you brainwashed heathens in a few short months and when its over don't whine and say that you wern't warned.

"I told Edvard earlier this week that is pretty dumb relying on the Young and Stupid as a major voting block"

So far all you've mentioned to me is unbelievably ignorant and misguided. I feel sorry for you.
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Make Murica' Great agin! Yeah- take dat, Lib-rals... My life sucks and because I'm too fuckin' lazy and stupid to fix my own problems I'll believe whatever some orange man in a suit tells me since I'm incapable of thinking for myself.... Sure- my life still sucks.... But whatever, so long as I can stick it to da Lib-Tards!
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"Really, a drop below 50% for endorsing a generic Democrat over a generic Republican, with the biggest drops Males and Whites, is proving your point?"

Your chart shows only ONE demographic- white males, which if you haven't been paying attention are no longer really the majority in this country anymore. All other demographics do not support Trump.

Changing the subject and again I ask- Like how in the hell did this site turn into a little den of right wingers? Either way you guys are seemingly only talking to yourselves. In other words its a big echo chamber and that's likely giving you a really false sense of security as to whats happening in the real world. That's merely setting yourselves up for disappointment when all of the loonie articles you've posted and the high-fives you give one another for posting obnoxious horse manure turns out to be the laughable joke it is.
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Whenever I read stuff like this I always have to ask myself if those who post such things ever really sit back and look at the big picture.

So the reality today, as we speak, is that we have a man in office who:

-in fact is under several investigations, and not just the Russian thing. He's fully admitted to paying off a porn star.
-He's got a lawyer who is in hot water.
-His son met with a foreign power to dig up dirt on another candidate.
-He blames literally everyone and everything for anything he gets caught saying or doing, going after the press- ALL of the press- if they do something like post his actual tweets. -He attacks other people- even members of his own staff- all the time.
-He fires people who don't agree with him.
-He holds great big rallies and when he's not doing that he's probably playing golf at a resort and even charges the secret service to use the golf carts.
-At this point has broken all 10 of the 10 commandments, a few of them several times.

I could go on here but strip away party affiliation and we have a person who outright abuses his power and goes against even the most basic of our democratic freedoms. Perhaps in another time or period of history in this country people from BOTH sides of the isle would've rejected this kind of behavior. I can tell folks here for fact that my 97 year old grandmother, who's husband fought in WW2- a women who ALWAYS voted for the Republican despises Trump. She lived through a period of time where people in this country rejected the very sort of behavior Trump exhibits.

What I see from his supporters is denial. A LOT of denial. Denial that they in fact elected a person who in actuality goes against their own principles and furthermore, they've doubled down on this support. The worse he behaves, the more damning the growing evidence of his wrongdoing reveals itself, the more obvious it becomes to everyone that he's just a cheap snakeoil salesman the more blindly devoted and defensive they become.

We're living in very strange times in this country. We are on the cusp of a massive demographic shift. This shift will change the balance of power. Whenever there is a change like this those whom had the power of course will likely become more defensive. I suspect Trump and his seemingly un-phased supporters know this deep down inside.

At the end of the day Trump and his supporters won't accomplish much of anything other than to put a dark stain in the history books for tommorow's children to read. The country will continue to evolve, progress and move forward regardless of whatever Trump does. All that he does will be reversed with the next admin. Trump is simply a temporary road block but even so, on a very minor scale.

Lastly... yell, shout, and berate till the cows come home. Don't like the 3 ring circus? Vote. That's right, vote. Only 40% of the country supports Trump. The 60% of us who don't have a job to do and now more than ever that duty to country is crucial if we want to change the story.
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Well that was a lot of text that basically doesn't change the status quo. Trump is still under investigation and none of what he's being investigated for is related to this supposed story above. Now- I know what you Trump supporters are nervous. Its ok. The truth will come out at some point and when it does hopefully you guys will accept it.
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Besides... The Russian thing ain't the thing that's likely to sink Trump. This is:
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Yes. Its really Hi-Larious that a sitting president would pay off a porn star and even admit it. It says a lot about the fine quality of humans whom still support him.

Let's get real: If Obama had done even a tiny fraction of what Trump has done in just a year in office you guys would probably shit your pants. But Trump? Porn stars? Possible obstruction of justice? Nah- its no big deal...

B-b-b-but her eeeee-mails!~!!!
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Don Jr.'s Meeting with Russian Lawyer
Manafort will rat out Trump
Roger Stone Meeting Assange
Avenatti is going to be the BLOCKBUSTER that gets Trump!!!! #SaveUsStormy"

You do realize that the investigations aren't over... right? A wise person would perhaps not be so fast to draw a conclusion...
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PS: Global warming doesn't just mean.... the globe warms all over. When the overall planet heats up this can cause convective weather patterns, leading to more severe cold in some areas, more severe heat in others. When this becomes a solidified trend that's what global warming/climate change is allllll about....
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I just love how the Trump supporters are all slappin' themselves on the back over an investigation that is far from over, with details they and not even the upper levels of the Trump admin are even aware of, and which the outcome is still totally unknown. A wise person would probably not be so giddy to rush to a conclusion because you know- if in the end Trump is indeed found guilty of doing the shady things that even his ardent supporters acknowledge and even poke fun of over their sheer audacity then its going to be an awfully hard pill to swallow.

"Democrats too busy resisting success and promoting gay shit."

Words like these will be preserved online for decades. Probably a good thing so that future school children can read them and wonder how such narrow-minded opinions ever existed in this country, no different than today's youth whom read about the bigotry that permeated the south during the civil rights movement. Making comments against someone just because they are gay is no different than doing the same thing to someone who might be of a different ethnicity.
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Anytime a post is made with any information from Breitbart its more or less about as worthless as the electrical power it took to post it. That site isn't news and has over time repeatedly just outright fabricated the most useless garbage.
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Dammit, I was really hoping to hear a recording of rats on the phone...
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Trump was not "Spied on".
To quote from someone who phrased it better:

"The search and any resulting prosecution were referred to the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, a Republican appointed by Trump from Rudy Giuliani’s law firm. Presumably the search was referred because the evidence being sought relates to possible crimes outside the jurisdiction of the special counsel. These might include bank fraud and campaign finance violations by Cohen and possibly others in connection with the $130,000 hush-agreement payment to adult film actor Stormy Daniels (believed to violate FEC rules which define a campaign contribution as “anything of value given to influence a Federal election.”), a $150,000 payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal, and possibly payments to other women for their silence. Other potential areas of interest: money laundering, foreign business transactions, and Cohen’s travel to Prague."


Put in another way, the investigation that's happening now was the result of Trump's behavior and actions. If there are some whom want to generate loonie conspiracy theories in an attempt to detract from the facts then they can feel free to do so.

Lastly, I didn't vote for McCain. His choice for VP was ridiculous. But the man has repeatedly more or less said what other politicians already know but have no balls to admit.
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You might as well make a post from the easter bunny because that's about how factual any link from Breitbart is.
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The issue I see with many Trump supporters is that they somehow see Trump as an extension of themselves, and that they truly believe he actually cares about and for them. This is not really different from the model of the "Benevolent leader" perfected through the years, mostly via authoritarian regimes ( see Stalin, Mussolini, etc etc ) . As such they are emotionally addicted to Trump not really as a leader, but more like a sort of grotesque father figure of which they worship. Its pretty unhealthy but when looking at it from that way it all makes their tendency to brush off what for anyone else would be instantly seen as a farce make more sense.

These guys are in a totally different universe from everybody else and whats concerning to me is that it more or less proves that ANY person can easily be persuaded to reverse their own beliefs and even go as far as to intentionally undermine the most basic of democratic institutions and values all due to their blind and eager devotion to the benevolent leader.

I find it amazingly ironic that for decades those on the right have accused those on the left as being communists/socialists and yet now we live in an era where these very same people are themselves falling for some of the oldest tricks in the book, falling for a faulty leader whom very much acts exactly like many of the infamous communist leaders of the past...
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