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Mmmmm, Land..............

At some point the question needs to be asked, it depends on what your definition of 'own' is. As with anything else these days, the obfuscation of ownership walks one into a 30 year mortgage, that just when you're getting ready to pay it off, wages have leveled, inflation has kicked your savings ass, and now that you 'own' your house, you're on the phone with GOD(i mean WFC) for a reverse mortgage. Yikes! Talk about capturing labour. sorry for the off topic post, i've been reading too much on the FED and all the good they've done

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The word “Transparency” in the first Paragraph gave me the willies… [ughwugh] i got that warm funny sensation running down my leg when i got to the America's AFFORDABLE part
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I love you man

why the downsize to tenouncetrout?

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After a quick check of 'the books' he realized we'd already mortgaged our souls,,,,what the hell can we use to 'pay down the deficit' ? Could we just ship any Asian type country a couple megatons of lumber and call it even?

I like what they've done with the place in the past, we just gotta figure out a way to get this truck out of the mud and back on the tracks.

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Kevin says

Why would non-bubble areas suddenly become bubble areas?
Prices in those areas will either go up very slightly or go down very slightly over the long term. That’s what a rational, stable housing market should look like. Homes should not swing like the stock market — it’s horrible for societal stability.

there is more and more building going on, and people are buying at what sound like inflated prices to me

we have jobs and a solid economy

8k free money

influx of new money to the area, seems like there's been more and more out of state plates around, and in many of these fancy new developements i see many new transplants

maybe bubble is the wrong word but the environment our economy is in and the actions of the gov't scare me that prices are going to actually rise here rather then fall,,,,,it's like we have to play catch up to the bubble war zones rather then let everything fall and overshoot on the downside :). devalued USD's don't help either

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Sandy the cute Turkey

come over here, i'm a gonna eatchuu

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So do you think this is the first time humans have 'advanced' this far? Or is it possible that there were humans on this planet 250 million years ago that had 'advanced' to this or a further degree, that had space travel and more 'technological' advancements,,,,,,,maybe something bad happened, planet struck by meteor, ice age, even something that they could see coming, and they evolved (some might say devolved) into something more simple in order to survive?

Is there a threshold that each species meets, a 'peak complexity' where they can't evolve further into something more complex (dinosaurs writing on stones or driving automated transportation)? Why are people always so much concerned about the past and what has happened and where we come from, our origins, when maybe what one should be concerned with is our destination and our future, and where we are going?

happy thanksgiving

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This is still more evidence that the U.S. Government intends to devalue the dollar rather than accept deflation of any kind.

isn't that the entire purpose of the FED?? When was the last time we had deflation? hasn't the FED had the dollar on a race to zero since it's inception? more importantly iwog, what's gonna happen with OIL?

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funny how iwog has documented this over years at, and yet people still never believe him. I appreciate the info iwog, and glad to see you make an appearance,,,,,

7% inflation per year is the gov't target, and IF you consider that hyperinflation, which it is not, then you have lived thru hyperinflation for a good part of recent history. easily. doubling time on 7% is 10 years, name me one thing that ISN'T twice as expensive today as it was in 1999. most items have tripled. we have some serious inflation, in a deflationary environment, which will make it all the more painful, and likely lead to collapse of the USD (which can't happen quick enough)



I will continue buying real estate in Concord as long as the bank gives me more money.

you had said that wfc was giving you all kinds of problems with the last purchase, do you think they are still willing to give you more money today?

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tatupu70 says

errc says

name me one thing that ISN’T twice as expensive today as it was in 1999.

Are you kidding? I can’t think of anything that has doubled in 10 years. Other than gas maybe.

oh, well i guess everything you purchase somehow decoupled from gas. where do you live? Gas has tripled here over the last 12 years. In the world i live in, everything everywhere revolves around petrol. oil has more then doubled(and thats with todays price where it has kinda leveled off).

Take a 20 dollar bill back to 1999 and buy a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas, a bottle of water, a pack of chokes, a meal for one, send a letter with a stamp, make a phone call, go to the movies,,,,,

Now take that 20 dollar bill down 2009 avenue, and you can't even cover HALF that list. How about housing costs? ask patrick

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question for Iwog or any other precious metals players. How much attention do you pay to the gold/silver ratio? we are just a hair under 65 to 1 as of todays close. Isn't 65 to 1 suggestive that silver is a bit cheaper then gold right now? If you are betting on Hyperinflation, that would mean currency collapse/reset. WOuldn't it be a fair guess that a new currency would price gold to silver in the 17 to 1 ballpark?

if gold goes to 1500, Silver would top 23 to hold the 65 to 1 ratio. IF you are counting on J6P to add mania to the pot, and China pushing their citizenry to save/invest in silver, it would only make sense to me that silver has greater upside,,,,,gold is just more flashy/sexy

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Funny I was just thinking the same thing.....

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2 bd 1 ba 1100 sq ft for 819k?

just for contrast on what location location location will do to those of you in Bubble Valley

i bought my first home in Aug 2007. 2bd 1ba 1200 sq ft for 136k. I live in fly by nightsville USA, undesirable i guess to the hustle and bustle type that enjoy all that Cali has to offer. Comps were going for around 210k spring of 2007. i was already a reader back then, and had been renting this place since 2004. My landlord was told by a realtor 'friend' that he could get damn near 200k for this place without having to do anything to it. So he decided to sell, without doing anything to the place. As the tenant i didn't want to move, so i let the property go to hell, landscape was overgrown, never cleaned the place (and the realtor nor the landlord ever said anything about it?). It hit the market at 189k,,,,then reduced to 169k,,,,,,so now it's summer 07 and credit is showing signs of freezing up. My landlord was leveraged to hell and expanding a business venture. I asked him what it would take for him to sell to me because we were on a friendly basis, and he asked what would i pay. I told him i'd see what the numbers were if he told me what is best price was (break even mortgage + pay his back taxes on the property). I had been telling him about what i would read on these housing bubble websites and he believed it enough that he figured it best to get out while he could.

again, this is certainly not fabulous California. We are top 10 county in the nation for jobs and retirement, with single digit unemployment and low crime, house prices here never bubbled like the coasts. i'm on an acre lot, and can walk to the best schools in the county. in comparison with that picture posted above, i'd say this property is certainly nicer then what damn near a million draws in Cali. not boasting, just giving you Calif's a comparison to what a semi-normal housing market draws for that kind of house. oh yea, we have basements here as well, so it's 2400 sq. ft of house but for property tax and energy purposes, it's 1200 sq ft in real estate speak. worked out good for him and me, his business is doing well and i re-fi'd a year ago down from 7.125 to 5.0%

819k is the price you pay to live in sunny california. but for 1/6th the price, you can get more land and more house, and a state government that isn't always on the brink of collapse. but then again not every female here is beach ready tan year round, and there isn't an abundance of gangs and cheap mexican labor. i guess it's all a matter of personal preference. oh yea, and we pay a sane amount of property taxes as well, and thanks to the prop 13 experiment in cali, i'd hope that we learned a lesson not to vote ourselves cheaper property taxes, save we end up like California.

spend my days with a woman unkind, smoked my stuff and drank,,,,,all my wine.
made up my mind, make a new start, i'm going to California with an aching, in my heart
someone told me there's a piece of overvalued property out there, that is sore on the eyes, and will make you lose, ALLL YOUR HAAAAIIIRRRR!!!!

took my chances, trusted a realtwhore
never let them tell you that prices always go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,up
My checking accounts in the red, but the sky's always blue
I wonder how so many people, could ever be so stu- pid

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I hate the government because of marijuana prohibition. Those who write and uphold the laws need to lead by example. I'm not disgruntled over an isolated personal anecdote. Been to more then a handful of different locals in this country, and it's the same everywhere. Marijuana is illegal. So if you labor for a living and don't subscribe to the FDA's brand of drugs (SSRI's), and would prefer to make your own choice to smoke marijuana you are a criminal. The most three most recent presidents all have admitted to smoking marijuana. The head of the IRS is a tax cheat. However, they get paid millions for their civil service, while i get taxed to death on my near poverty level income. The judges, the lawyers, the police, the politicians,,,,,,,are all part of a system where they can freely harm society at will, and while i am a good person, who pays my taxes, i can be jailed at any moment for smoking dope in this country. How many people on the other side of the law then myself, have driven drunk? The government facilitates the sale and consumption of alcohol, in order to keep you working, and they profit from the cycle of alcoholism. Try living in this country as a simple, law abiding pot smoker and watch this perverse system of cheats, crooks, liars and miscreants tell me what i can and cannot do. Have you ever had to spend 8 weeks recovering from a car accident in which a drunk driver almost killed you? That can't be any fun.

Then, when politics are being discussed, you still have extremely bright people like Iwog, who still believe in the democrat party in this country, while damning republicans, as if any 'problem' would ever get 'fixed' if we would only wisen up and elect democrats and do away with republicans. Iwog, i appreciate the info you share on this site, but for the life of me don't understand your love for the democratic party in this country as if they differ in any way from republicans

in my opinion you could put every politician, republican or democrat, in a circle, and let them point fingers as to who's fault which problem is, and they'd all have a 99.9% chance of being right pointing around blindfolded

our law system so perversed, i don't think there's any kind of change that could regain my trust. maybe when civil servants stop making incomes, i'll give them a chance again

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iwog says

RayAmerica says

iwog says

These people actually vote AGAINST candidates who want to raise their minimum wage.

If minimum wage is such a great idea, why not hike it to $50 per hour?

Because $50 is far beyond what the average employee needs for basic living expenses. It’s not necessary. Want to try again?

basic living expenses? what does that entail in the year 2010?

iwog, do you remember the chart you posted (i think it was when it was still the old forum) titled PEAK EVERYTHING? do you have a link to that chart/article? think it was from TOD but i can't find it. thanks

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Iwog, if marijuana is a 'problem' how do you feel about their solution,,,,,being prohibition?

iwog, do you remember the chart you posted (i think it was when it was still the old forum) titled PEAK EVERYTHING? do you have a link to that chart/article? think it was from TOD but i can’t find it. thanks

i love the black market and everything in the black market is the markets solution to gov't problems. The gov't is responsible for our currency situation we find ourselves in today, how do you rate their job on that? personally, i'm with the guy who'd rather be paid in gold/silver.

gov't has run education for how long in this country? how would you rate the gov't handling of our education system. Personally, i'm impressed, because i don't think you could dream up more of a clusterfuck if you tried. And during the state of the union address, the one great uniting idea, that got everyone on their feet and clapping, was spending more money on education. what they mean by that is, raise taxes, and spend 4x as much money as necessary remodeling the property and the building that these schools are located on, make them look as pretty as possible. Then vote yourself a raise so that all the politicians make 100+k and are millionares, but continue to pay our primary school educators less then a poverty level wage.

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do you like the way the government solved that big problem we had with hemp and marijuana? through prohibition?

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Has Wells Fargo already digested their Golden West sandwich?

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iwog, what are ownership % in those countries?

just my 2 cents, but is it really that fair to use historical data and comparisons for cross-nation property values?

how old of a city is London and how long have they been pricing their property in USD's?

how old of a city is San Fran and how long have they been pricing their property's in USD's?

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i can't believe that there's so much blind hate, STILL, that people will lump ALL realtors as being automatically bad=devil. Congrats for finding one of the good one's burritos

i am not a RE investor, my RE agent is a friend from when we were younger, and other friends have used him as well. i gave him some alternate information to what he was used to being fed, as he grew up in the business, and he's really taken it to head. Friends of ours are looking at stepping up, get out of the city, and expand their family. The RE agent has told them to wait to sell, or to consider renting their current house. kind of shocked me to hear, that a RE agent is advising people to not even attempt to sell now, especially with the mad rush that was supposedly occurring last time the Gov't free money credit was poised to expire.

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Liz Pendens says

errc says

kind of shocked me to hear, that a RE agent is advising people to not even attempt to sell now, especially with the mad rush that was supposedly occurring last time the Gov’t free money credit was poised to expire.

Perhaps he was asked if he could get a certain price for it and he knew he couldn’t deliver. Didn’t want to waste time/money advertising a non-starter.

i think that could have something to do with it. but the sellers aren't looking to get anything above 'market' and we're not living on the coasts so it's not like the bubble areas, low unemployment here, and semi-affordable housing is actually realistic

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RayAmerica says

errc …. congratulations on a brave post. I’m sure your Realtor is a fine person. Most people in here think Realtors should work for free and that profit is a dirty word.

i actually think the guy is somewhat of a knucklehead, he was someone i used to party with in those good old days. I am glad, he had enough common sense to listen to some of what i told him back in summer 07 while he was helping me close on my first house. My guess is, he doesn't feel that the sellers can get what they say they want/need, so maybe he doesn't want to put in the effort, but again i don't live in a bubbly coastal area, we had smaller steadier growth, and incomes support house prices in this area. What will the future hold, for jobs, is yet to be seen, because we have much industry and have kept UE quelled to reasonable numbers, rest of the nation/world considering. I have read for 4+ years, and i am of the opinion that even when the credits expire, and even when interest rates begin their inevitable rise, that house prices won't fold (much) lower. Am in the "gov't will stop at nothing to keep the charade going" as evidenced by their reactions since post peak.

good luck to those of you still holding out on buying, in hopes of sanity in housing prices, what i have seen with my own eyes, is nothing short of insanity, and am not of the belief that any of these drug like remedies will do anything other then keep the users doped up. will begin shopping for my 2nd house here in the spring, so will root for further downward pressure, but , and it's only my non-university-indoctrinated opinion, we are and will be mulling around the bottom now and for a while, and the biggest change in deed holdership in the future will be prop taxes and cost to borrow

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ellie, figured i'd answer this question from other thread in here

live in SE PA, bought summer '07. very conservative area, where we fended off walmarts lots longer then most, and have held onto a good bit of industry. i bought when i had just turned 26 and am about to turn 29. would like to add 1 property to my fold every 5 years

re-fi'd at beginning of year '09 to knock 40% of my interest rate 7.125 down to 5.0, so the bank had to come reappraise. They nudged the appraisel higher then it was when i bought, which is not something i'm rooting for. i never intend to sell any RE/land that i purchase. the only real way to retire and accumulate real, stands the test of time wealth, is through land/property, imo. I don't want them to continually raise my property taxes, so if housing flatlines forever, hip hip hooray.

job situation, been at the same company for 5.5 years, income has gone up almost 50% since i've been working there (small business, and i am my own union, just asked for/demanded more compensation last friday and got it approved while being treated to supper last night). my situation has fluctuated throughout, had a PT gig off and on before i bought, and for a little while after. have had a renter and or a boarder utilizing some of my extra space most the whole time i've lived here

i know many are hurting, but just the same, many friends my age in this area are doing ok-well, two buddies came off long UE stints and landed some fat union gigs recently (johnson n johnson and Armstrong).

I owe a lot to for helping me make some decisions financially along the way. of course, a good upbringing in a nuclear family, and unparalleled work effort have surely helped me get where i am today. well, that and i had the forsight to ditch university education, and save myself that lifelong debt. much prefer the tangible exchange of a homestead for my indebtedness, then a silly piece of paper, i enjoyed all the thrills and partying and getting in trouble that many people's parents pay 25+k a year for, on my own

good luck and keep plugging p-net'ers

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i too, would love to know, what the difference is between Bushonomics and Obamanomics,,,,,,,,,,because from way up here, doesn't look like much has changed.

be it a D or R congress, the enabler(fed) seems to be equally as happy to print print print, while the congress just spends spends spends.

wake me up when we have a leader that understands the economy, and isn't a monetary expansionist on steroids. i understand the need for inflation to match expansion, BUT still trying to wrap my head around how i benefit from or why i need a federal gov't to continually back me into the corner, and devalue my labor.

In the 2012 election, i will vote for whichever candidate who is promising to install competitive domestic currency, something not so time decay sensitive as the pitiful and evil USD


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A police officer has a much more directly beneficial role in our society than a soldier. As a society, we generally consider a soldier to be a hero, while a police officer is a “pig.” It’s pure brainwashing.

beneficial role in society? pffft

until there is a change in law enforcements stance on marijuana (medical, recreational, hemp production) the law enforcement are no different then those you disdain who dress in military costumes. at least military people are usually on foreign soil protecting us here on the mainland, the law enforcement are around every corner, intruding on the citizenry's personal lives everyday.

maybe you could educate me as to the beneficial role a police officer has on our society, i would love to share your opinion, mine is not an enjoyable stance

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azrob00 says

Stock market is having it’s strongest rally since 1930… what could possibly go wrong?

funny guy!

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in '98 i paid .80 cents for a gallon of gasoline, that costs 2.89 today at the exact same store. not to mention, now i'm getting 90/10 gas/ehtanol mix.

gas price inflated 3.5x over 12 years

not to mention gas cost, when you factor in the trillion dollars spent in wars to keep the usd hegemony game going.

i can't think of anything that doesn't require petroleum

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Who do these housedebtors who buy a house with an FHA loan, cut their monthly mort rent to?

Wells fargo?

Is that why their stock is up 400% since bottoming around 1Q 09?

Is fha just ANOTHER backdoor bailout for these 'private' banks that can't seem to survive without public funding?

errc   ignore (2)   2010 Jul 12, 9:10am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

Well, yea. So did the stimulus work?

Whatever 'work' means

If you pull the rug out from under this state manipulated economic recovery and it falls flat on its face

Personally, I'm much more concerned with how this plays out in the next 5-10-20+ years then the noise of the last couple months

What will the future implications be of all this stimulus?

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Not sure what the property tax environment is in your specific area, but i know my local gov is cash strapped, and i would have to think that property taxes are going to rise, and that will dissuade people from wanting to buy a house

people have certainly come to question just how good an investment house debtorship really is. with the jobs situation being the mess it is, i don't see young people jumping into massive debt to own a house, you have to desire to be anchored to one spot for an extended period of time, and i'd guess people are rethinking if they really want to be chained to a house, when there's plenty of comparable places to rent.

in order to get to the peak we recently witnessed, it absolutely required the pyramiding, or upgrading of houses over a long period of time,,,,,,,,starter home, small family home, bigger family home. Those starter home neighborhoods are not as desirable as they once were, and while the boomers are downsizing, there isn't a new base of families looking to upgrade, especially with the direction of house equity people no longer hold.

Let's not forget the ravenous pace that HELOC's and the like allowed for expansion in housing. How many 'infestors' were able to leverage to the moon with the combination of rising equity and rising credit availability.

i admit, i look to reinforce my own (negative) view of house price direction. that's what i want to happen, so that's what i see and that's what i seek. I think the only way we get this truck out the mud and get back to house prices going higher is via gov't induced monetary inflation, whatever their gimmicktry/vehicle may be. I do not see where incomes will drive house prices upwards. not that i haven't been wrong before

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elliemae says

…or some really bad stuff.
10oz, sometimes you truly make no sense. Sometimes you wax poetic and I’m proud to read your stuff on the interwebs. Lately it’s the former - what gives?

he's been house shopping

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iwog says

No hot tips this time. Oil got smacked pretty hard the past few days over the fed meeting and I don’t think oil has any business being under $80.
So I paid 35 cents a share for an ETF option that has a 10 day expiration on it. Two days ago it was $1. I haven’t gambled in awhile so I decided to have a little fun.

ticker symbol? sounds like a plan especially after oil has been getting drubbed last couple days down below 74.

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The official number of CA unemployment is somewhere around 12.% (I know some willl argue this but you need some official number) then there are still 88 people out of a 100 working so I guess they are the ones filling up the restaurants here

Do any measures of unemployment allow for accounting of pretty much every last dollar of housing money that fueled the economy for the better part of the last decade? Realtors, and anyone in the construction industry? My understanding is if you're not paying UEI taxes then you can't be counted as unemployed, even once you've lost your stream of income/employment

i think it's the 10 out of 100 people that are privy to all the political privilege that got bailed out that have kept the wheels turning for the last three years. that and unemployment being extended out to two years

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i rarely drive past the mall, and never on a sunday afternoon, but i did today and i've never seen it so crowded. i guess that doesn't mean much especially since i don't have other (data) to compare it to, but it surely does feel wierd when in my mind the whole world economy has supposedly gone to hell in a handbasket.,,,,,,,,hopefully only in my mind

or maybe it's just that back to school shopping that has everyone out spending

me thinks that credit/(or debt 'money') is a drug stronger then nicotine or heroine, and everyone is hooked. by hook or crook, they're going to get their next fix, and they are addicts, so they are not thinking rationally, and even though buying a house in the American Dream, and that means a 30 yr mortgage to consume about a 1/3 of your income for the majority of your working life, most people are still stuck on keeping up with the joneses and looking pretty and getting that new cell phone that for a mere 100$ per month can let you call people better (then a 1960's rotary), so if there's a way, there's a will, and the same people that leveraged our collective lives to hell with credit and absurd consumer expenditures aren't going to quit cold turkey,,,,,,,,,

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wow, never would have thought Bama reads zerohedge
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so what happens if i see them do this and i don't want the stinking thing on my vehicle, so i take it off and discard it, because i don't want to get worse gas mileage, and the drag it would put on my vehicle would certainly make me less of the Go Greener! champion that i am? Am i required to allow them to keep it on there or am i allowed to remove it and destroy it?

what moron wants to pay tax dollars for these physical GPS tracking devices?

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Bap33 says

it will be placed in your forehead. No worries.

buy gold?

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at some point here, if interest rates of 4% become the norm, housing will appear affordable or 'investment' worthy when the alternative is renting, because there is so much demand for rentals. not to mention all the obfuscating done with the supply of used houses for sale/inventory. Although some on this site have suggested that you should be able to negotiate better deals on rentals, i've heard some of the opposite from people that rent apartments. make sense, as there are so many people that have foreclosed or gotten out of housedebtorship in one way or another, they are now competing for prime rentals, driving up those prices, which in turn should create some homebuying demand, especially with rates so low.

even though things are very bad in the economy when compared to the last decade, things are still ok to good for many people, maybe just not as good as they once were. plenty of people never participated in the madness, never bothered with equity extraction from their house or hyperleveraged themselves with credit vehicles. plenty of people lived with in their means while others went mad and dug their own financial graves. so while many are hurting, and many areas are still overpriced, there is another side to the story. If you pay 700 per month to be cramped, and can afford 775 and can buy for 800, i'd say go for it and maybe pick up a couple extra hours a month or cut out a couple bucks of unnecessary spending. good luck.