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Yea we ask the parents what size the kiddos wear and buy them clothes at goodwill. Then we remind the adults that there will be no reciprocity in adults gifts, and we book a holiday for ourselves instead. The only Christmas gift i care about is that big juicy five figure bonus at work. Any day now
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Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!


Lol that fuckers nuts.

I wonder how long until Ivanka has had enough and tells him to fuck right away off.

“There’s a special place in hell for pedophiles like Roy Moore” ouch!
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mell says
Patrick says
To be honest, I like Bitcoin and the freedom it represents from government control.

Why should government be able to tax work or commerce at all? They should not. Land is the best object of taxation, and cannot be hidden. So Bitcoin helps
And fiat currency is hardly any better than Bitcoin in terms of being imaginary.

Agreed, I like it too. Still it's in a bubble ;)

By the definition of a bubble, Bitcoin itself cannot actually be a bubble. Crypto currency in general, yes, but bitcoin specifically, nope. Bitcoin is headed for six figures valuation
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Goran_K says
The big problem with these accusations is we've all seen the women Trump dates, marries, etc. They're all models, all hot, all top of the line fuckable.

The accusers are usually chicken neck, used up, overweight, greasy democrats. It's just unrealistic and unbelievable.

If someone is regularly paying top dollar for prime filet mignon, and then someone accuses him of stealing a $1 McDonalds cheese burger, I'm going to question the trustworthiness of the accusation is all I'm saying.

What if someone subsists on steaks burnt to the point of being carcinogenic, but smothers them in ketsup like a 4 year old? And washes it down with Diet Coke lmao, Ronnie Macs and KFC?
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Goran_K says
errc says
What if someone subsists on steaks burnt to the point of being carcinogenic, but smothers them in ketsup like a 4 year old? And washes it down with Diet Coke lmao, Ronnie Macs and KFC?

Been watching a lot of CNN I see.

Nope, I refuse to pay for cable tv at home. Apparently one of us is watching too much CNN! Turn that rubbish off, before it melts your brain.

Before you know it, your “thoughts” will be indistinguishable from millions of other Republican supporters, and you won’t even be capable of discerning why....

Hillary Benghazi!
Liberals BAD!
Republicans good!
Trump MAGA for me!
Dem accusers honest victims!
Repub accusers political liars!

You’ll look around and find comfort, thinking wow, all these people independently arrived at all these Exact.Same.Conclusions
We must be right! We must be smart!

Or maybe, there’s incalculable amounts of Dark Money being spent to manipulate us and control our thoughts! WWJD?

There are no coincidences, however, there’s untold amount of money being spent to control your mind. Maybe you should ask for a refund
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Goran_K says

Turn off the CNN for one minute
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Goran_K says
Haven't had cable for nearly 5 years.

How do you keep up with your CNN?
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WookieMan says
errc says
Bitcoin is headed for six figures valuation

I'm genuinely not being a smart ass. Why?

They are in limited supply, while the demand is increasing
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The silence in here is deafening.

All the Trumpcucks praying for TLips to come in here and spin a heap of bullshit about how Jeff Sessions and Roy Moore somehow aren’t part of the Swamp lol lmao
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Goran_K says
Ed Lee is probably looking back at her with sorrow in his eyes screaming “Ahhhhhhh, the fire it burns!!!!”

Burn in hell you slant eyed swamp sow! Diversity kills communities!!

If these mongoloids aren’t giving Hand Jobs for Green Cards, send um all back to where they came from, smelly, culture-less slant eyed invaders!!! MAGA!
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Goran_K says
People should stop over spending in youth and save for retirement. Right now, AARP says it will cost the average couple around $1,000,000 to pay for expenses in retirement for 20 years.

How many people have $1,000,000 in their retirement accounts?

I doubt 1-2 people on this forum can make that claim right now.

What does this have to do with the thread topic?

If you want to talk about Government Privlege and how it effects the Free Market, start your own thread. This is for Trumpcucks and MAGAtards to defend their support for The Swamp while claiming a desire to drain The Swamp.
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Proof that Trumpcucks love #FakeNews!

Sad and pathetic, if you Trumpcucks hate America so much, why not move to North Korea or Saudi Arabia and live amongst people who you share so many commonalities?
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Heraclitusstudent says
Number one among propaganda networks designed for gullible intellectual dwarves with short attention spans that can't read articles from different sources.

#Uncivil truths!! Ban them!!
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That’s a nice ass but I’m sure you could find a better picture
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WookieMan says
anon_3e01a says
You can counterfeit a dollar bill but you can't counterfeit a bitcoin. Think about it.

If it was created by humans it most certainly can be counterfeited. Or even easier, stolen. It’s already happened.

When someone can answer why bitcoin can’t go to $2, I’ll think about investing. Until then I’ll stick with things that have a history of consistent returns.

Again, invest in this stuff all you want. I won’t stop you and I don’t think my postings here have been negative towards those that have decided to invest. I’m just looking for someone to tell me why this is sustainable. Why there is “demand” for “it.” No one has explained this. I don’t think anyone can truthfully.

I don’t hear many people referring to Bitcoin purchases as “investments”. Bitcoin can serve as a divest from the USD, or as a pure speculative gamble, which is the camp I fall into. The market for Bitcoins has seen the majority of inflows from The East, first China, now primarily Japan.

I learned long ago, that to ask “why” is anathema to investing in momo plays, the question you need to ask is “why not”, so you know when to exit.

I was first turned on to bitcoins almost five years ago, by some very intelligent sports gamblers, looking for cracks in our Horrific Anti-Freedom Republican laws. Around the time they went from the teens all the way to $30. Lol. Was BTC a bad buy at $30?
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
errc says
How are Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions not part of The Swamp?

Roy Moore hasn't held national office.

Jeff Sessions has, and Moore is looking to replace his Alabama seat in the U.S. Senate. Are they part of The Swamp, or not?

I’d wager a bajillion dollars that you would have quickly answered yes a year ago. How about now?
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
errc says
I’d wager a bajillion dollars that you would have quickly answered yes a year ago. How about now?

I liked Sessions and Sherrod Brown because they advocated for my #1 issue, which is unfair trade between extremely different economies at the expense of Americans.

I'm more interested in finding out why Hillary was rejected as a Corporate Stooge in 2008 by Democrats but was heralded as the Silver Haired Savior in 2016.

I’m curious how you came to this conclusion on Sessions. His voting record seems to suggest otherwise
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tovarichpeter says
Border agents who successfully fake a disability as a result of an assault immediately receive a lifetime entitlement of half their basic salary tax free plus full medical coverage for them and their families. Police unions exaggerate the risks and dangers of police work, to support this disability scam which has brought many states and cities to near bankruptcy.

Government Union Scum!

The biggest risk/danger of their work is them harming the citizenry. Failed Losers!
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Goran volunteered and was accepted.

Then somebody who serially accused people of lying without evidence got mad. I mean he literally would get a reasoned post with facts and reasoning and call somebody "LIAR!" in response - this started entirely when Trump won. Then Got PO'd Goran was made Mod and that civility was being enforced after a more lax period.

This is funny. Civility was being enforced after a more lax period. Lol lmao.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but the issue here is that civility is being selectively enforced. It’s an absolute fact, and it’s why for some strange reason, I don’t have the ability to mark things as uncivil.

If Goron thinks it’s uncivil (a non Trumpcuck pointing out something that may not shed positive light on a Cuck) then it’s uncivil

If errc sees one poster (usually a mindless right winger attacking a messenger instead of the message) he marks it uncivil, and Goron liberates it immediately as Civil.

It’s stupid as fuck and those on the other side of the issue are obviously disingenuous as fuck, but it’s whatever. If Patrick wanted to change the forum from the free exchange of ideas, to the censorship of any and all criticism of right wing retardation, he should have given the option for the rest of us to vote with our accounts, because i think many would happily delete all their contributions in an instant. Kind of like he did for landtof (a MAGA Trumpcuck), but not for any freethinkers looking to protest in that manner.
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You mean Moore the Pederast who defeated Luther Strange, The MAGA candidate?

Funny how fast certain people will sell their souls for “their” team. Trumpcucks remind me more and more everyday, of sorry ass bitches with Daddy issues.

I bet most would get on their knees and suck if you told them they can call you daddy

Praise be to God
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WookieMan says
I haven't looked at ANY predictions or polls on this whole thing. You do all know this is Alabama, right? This is directed at anyone and everyone posting here now and in the future.

If Moore loses, this means nothing. If he wins, this means nothing. Again, this is ALABAMA! ALABAMA!

When was the last time anyone here has been to Alabama? I'm there once a year at least, and I can tell you this election means nothing. The state itself really means nothing to our country. I'm being serious. Throw Mississippi into that category as well. While I don't wish harm on anyone from these states (including relatives I have in said states) they are literally worthless.

We're better off carpet bombing all the cities and then turning that land into farmland. Relocate all the people to "normal" parts of the country where they can actually do something productive.

It’s a Senate seat

Each state gets 2 of them

Pretty important
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The people are tired of the Republican War on Drugs. Lay down and lick your lips, cow pussy!!
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Yep, while the Democrats went all out to support and fund Jones with the full backing of the MSM...

... McCain, McConnell and Ryan all sabotaged the Republican Candidate.

Totally shameful; the GOPe won tonight, sabotaging the Republican candidate.

Well that’s one way to spin it

Bannon 5D chess, right? Losing a Senate seat is all part of the plan lmao
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Goran_K says
errc says
If errc sees one poster (usually a mindless right winger attacking a messenger instead of the message) he marks it uncivil, and Goron liberates it immediately as Civil.

Show ONE post where I did that.

Ok i renege the statement as you are implying it wasn’t you. Sorry for wrongly accusing you in this instance
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WookieMan says
errc says
It’s a Senate seat

Each state gets 2 of them

Pretty important

Sure. Not what I was getting at. But yes, senate seats are super important, thanks for clarifying. You've clearly never been to Alabama and understand the people that live there.

What were you trying to say?
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WookieMan says
Alabama is a shit hole. If you think Jones is going to vote lockstep with Democrats, that ain't happening if he wants to be reelected in that state. He'll turn into a R-Lite even though the D's will take credit.

The evangelicals will boot him the first chance they get anyway (not sure when that is as this was a special election).

I take issue with this being a referendum on "America" though. That's what this will be spun into tonight and tomorrow morning. Like I said, I could give a shit who won here. Moore would have had primary competition the next time around and Jones won't win the next election without falling in lockstep with the R's.

Call me out if I'm wrong, but this is going to be also spun as #metoo victory. This is going to be spun as a victory for Dems, even though this guy can never actually be a legit Dem. This is all bull shit and it's based on the dumbest voting population in the country. Victories will be claimed and all the while, on...

Ok I agree with most of that. The seat is up again in 2020. The thing is, we need to break up the Republican control of all three branches of government. Senate seats matter. Democrats suck and Jones is no great reformer, but it’s important to block Republicans from absolute power in government. All Republicans ever do is fuck over the Labor Class in this country, and take away freedoms while doing their best to fuck over the country and our people. Losing a Senate majority should at least serve as a speed bump to their destruction

And it’s 2017 in the United States of America. What kind of POS anti-American scum voters would tolerate these fucking jihadists bringing their Koran into our Justice System? Get a grip, losers. Keep your Failed Loser religion for halfwits the fuck away from my Country
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Patrick says
WookieMan says
What is bitcoin doing for me that I can't already do?

Cash dollars (literal paper money) has much of the same function of bitcoin locally. But bitcoin has the advantage of being instantly transmissible around the world without physical delivery of anything.

Yea but Western Union has done that forever, no?
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We’re getting tired of all this winning

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Prediction: Every time a Republican loses an election, Republitards will cry foul. It’s rigged!

Roy Moore is a horrible candidate and he’s never done well in elections. His history of forcing his religion on the courts which is as anti-American as it gets, got him thrown off the bench twice, and coupled with his checkered past of grabbing prepubescent pussy, you could barely get half of Bama voters to vote for him

What the fuck does that say about the Republicans that voted for him? Are they a greater enemy to America than ISIS?
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Quigley has a long history here of being open minded and fair. Exactly what #politics needs

It’s not freedom for the thought you love, but freedom for the thoughts you hate the most
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mell says
Strategist says
Quigley says
How about the white supremacist who drives to a black owned bakery asking for a cake with a burning cross and “death to ni**ers” in red icing? Should they be forced to make it?

How about the Nazi swastica on the cake at the Jewish bakery?

Why not demand beef in your curry at the Indian place?

What these people are demanding is a right to disrespect the religious beliefs of others. Actually it’s even worse that that. They’re demanding the right to have the government force another person to express the opposite of their religious beliefs in art form. That’s never been ok.

So where do we draw the line, or should there even be a line?

The line is "you have and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". Get leftoid fascist big gove...

What about cripples? Fuck right off with your wheel chair ramp also?
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Stinque. Awesome
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bob2356 says
lostand confused says
bob2356 says
Cryptic? WTF, it doesn't say anything. Oh yea, gateway pundit, as in paedophile pizza parlour and clinton hit squad. Time to buy more tin foil hat makers stock.

Par for the course.

You are absolutely correct, this junk is totally par for the course. What next, mueller was impregnated by aliens?

Hillary is hoarding all the trannies for herself, not fair! Why not share a few with the insatiable MAGA crowd?
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What is with all these Republicans and their infatuation with transvestites, homosexuals and sodomy?

Are they really fooling anyone? At least Roy Moore tried to distract people from his passionate desire to get corn holed by a big fat cock, by molesting young girls
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Apparently that fat guy from Texas doesn't want to be the new Roy Moore. Nobody believes that guy can find his own cock. Everybody knows he just shoves paper towels into his fold before urinating.

Wapo is #Fakenews!!

What does have to say? Bannon speaks the truth! He cares about meeee!
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“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity,” Moore said. “Today, we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Founding Fathers would have taken up arms against these people
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Sweet lets get it done
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Maybe the part The Constitution got wrong was Freedom of Religion. Seems like all cost, no value.
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What would Jesus do if he heard of her actions? She’s not a Real Christian, she’s an UnAmerican Bitch!!