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Patrick should allow anyone that’s been here for years the ability to ban Sniper/Ironman/CallitCrazy and the other aliases he has made here with the sole intent of harassing people, stifling everyone elses right to free speech, and disrupting the forum.

@Patrick, there’s your solution, what say you?
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anon_b8f55 says
TwoScoopsPlissken says
...and not a peep since then. This one may not fail.

I wonder if all the most Mullah-loyal Officers are in Syria, and/or with Hezbollah or the Houthi?

So your initial point is completely blown out of the water and you have to resort to this. Perhaps it would be easier to just check your facts before you post something so easily refuted.

Ol TLips has made habit of this ever since he became Trumps biggest fanboy, but it’s a necessity if you’re going to take the role of a TDS

I remember with the whole NFL protests he was more or less outright lying, when called out on it, he of course deflected “ya butt muh Hillary!”
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errc says
anon_b8f55 says
TwoScoopsPlissken says
...and not a peep since then. This one may not fail.

I wonder if all the most Mullah-loyal Officers are in Syria, and/or with Hezbollah or the Houthi?

So your initial point is completely blown out of the water and you have to resort to this. Perhaps it would be easier to just check your facts before you post something so easily refuted.

Ol TLips has made habit of this ever since he became Trumps biggest fanboy, but it’s a necessity if you’re going to take the role of a TDS

I remember with the whole NFL protests he was more or less outright lying, when called out on it, he of course deflected “ya butt muh Hillary!”

I’m fairly certain this is the reason he abandoned the whole Moore/Sessions discussion, after claiming that he likes Sessions on Trade which is all that matters, i looked up Sessions voting records on Trade and they didn’t look good. So i asked him about it and mysteriously he was never able to respond
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Patrick says
@errc you do have that ability, as long as you're logged in.

Just go to and click "ignore"

That doesn’t work. He will still log off and quote my postings and then respond. Worse still, he is on a 24/7 mission to harass everyone else and stifle the free speech of others by constantly attacking their character and intentionally disrupting open and honest discussion.

Why do you constantly skirt around the issue? Grow a set, @Patrick
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On that point, I think the President's tweets and SCOTUS upholding the President's travel bans sent a clear message to the sponsors of Islamic terrorism: when Muslims attack the west in the name of Islam, the President can and will respond directly against Islam itself, as he should.
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mmmarvel says
And the reason for me to not move to CA just keep on coming.

Because you hate freedom?
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30,000 > 900
Pretty simple math for any Great American
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It’s odd how some certain posters are so concerned about the successful investments of others

It’s fairly obvious that CiC bought ARLP at its peak, and then sold after it dropped before ever collecting any distribution. Sad!
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Think about the coterie of cowards and incompetents going around right now begging Trump not to do this to Pakistan, or lend support to Iran. The same people, by and large, you gave you the Iraq War, the Libya Disaster, the Growth of ISIS by destabilizing Assad, was for democracy in Egypt that let the the MB taking over, kept supporting Terrorist Pakistan, and the Iran Deal that gave the rotten Mullah regime more legitimacy and billions of dollars.

They're nasty people, and so incompetent they don't even know it. Ben Rhodes, Hillary Clinton, Sam Powers look in the mirror and see genius at work, LOL.

I'm really hoping some LeftLibs try to make the case that Pakistan isn't a terror sponsoring state that shouldn't get cuts to Aid.

You hoping for company now that team Trumpcucks has taken the knee in Saudi Arabia, ground zero for all Islamic Terrorism?
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mmmarvel says
Quigley says
When stoned, people lose much agency, feel like doing absolutely nothing, and drive slow as a constipated shit if some force does get them on the road.
There’s really no comparison.

And we shall see. Side note, I was a stoner way back when ... did I drive stoned, OH YEAH, all the time, every place. Do I drive drunk? Seeing as how I drink less than once a month (on average) the answer is no. Based on my past, I see nothing good, no reason for recreational weed, medical is a totally different animal. So as someone who has been on both sides of the issue, I think it is a stupid idea and just don't think it's going to work out well.

What do you find stupid about it?

Why don’t you think it will work out well?
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mmmarvel says
errc says
What do you find stupid about it?

Let's see, we are going to make MORE ways to become 'buzzed' which leads to more chances to operate machinery 'buzzed' and you don't see this as a bad idea? I give up.

errc says
Why don’t you think it will work out well?

See the above thought. Also, remember, I was formally a stoner (REAL stoner like stoned each and every day, consuming 2 - 6 joints a day, pretty much for years on end) and the strength of the weed now makes what I was smoking look tame. But hey, what could possibly go wrong - sheesh.

How are we making MORE ways to become 'buzzed'? Most all of the Cannabis production and distribution and consumption chain and infrastructure has already been in place for literally decades. What we're trying to do here is end The War on Drugs and Cannabis/Hemp prohibition so that we can put an end to all the USFEDGOV wrongs and do right by We THe People. We're trying to #MAGA

We're trying to bring a FREE MARKET, SMALL GOVERNMENT, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM Solution to the USFEDGOV caused problems that go along with prohibition.

We're trying to boost the Economy
We're trying to give people Jobs in Domestic Production Ventures

You seem to think that because you were formally a stoner that made poor decisions like operate machinery 'buzzed', that others will do the same.
We already have legal alcohol after ending Prohibition there almost a century ago. Has that led to more people operating machinery 'buzzed'?

Also, while there are varying degrees of potency, please do not spread the disinformation that the Cannabis of today is somehow more potent than the Cannabis of yesterday. It's simple false. There has always been stronger and weaker grass produced and consumed, and if anything, todays Cannabis is WEAKER than the Cannabis of yesteryear.

It would be the same as if you used to drink a few Coors light and then today you drank a few shots of Everclear and claimed "damn! todays stuff is so much stronger than that from the good ole days!"

Todays high end, high quality strains, have the same potency profiles they did for decades. There's just a greater prevalence of high end strains (what with decriminalization and legalization bringing it out of the shadows)
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- it is legal to give someone HIV without telling the first.

If you're not having random anal sex with the homeless and homosexuals, you wouldn't have to worry about this, sounds like a personal problem, what is it with you SJW's?
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FP says
Strategist says
how can it be good throwing out people who pay into our social security, and keeping in people who don't?

The latter do dirty, hard work that nobody wants for minimal pay - almost free work. And everybody knows that Americans love free stuff!

The former take good paying jobs from our children. Our children are entitled to these jobs, 'cause we pay taxes! And as you must know, in America everything is for the taxpayer. Everything that exists is a product of the taxpayer. The taxpayer must be respected. Taxpayer - how proud that sounds!

It's funny we always used "Taxpayer" as an insult for the disinteresting drupes who have to wear silly uniforms like a Suit and Tie, so that they can be proud laboring lackeys for The Ownership Class. LOL @ those Failed Losers
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The love affair seems to have come to an end

Who will the mindless cucks gravitate towards: moar


Tweet Jesus with onset of dementia

Or blame the liberals! The People that stand for liberty and fight for Freedom. It’s sll their fault!

Wherever they land, rest assured, they will still be whinging about their SJW issues and playing the victim. Sad
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socal2 says
errc says
If you're not having random anal sex with the homeless and homosexuals, you wouldn't have to worry about this, sounds like a personal problem, what is it with you SJW's?

If it is no big deal, why would California legislators take time from their busy day of bankrupting California to make a law about something like this?

Apparently a lot of guys are into unprotected anal sex with the homeless and other random men.

If you’re wondering who these people are, it’s without a doubt the same people who complain the most about Trans people, gays, and the liberals idea of promoting Safe Sex

Every. Single.Time
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Another healhful thing to cook with that some say has positive effects wrt to cancer is turmeric. Indian folk cook with it regularly, i find it doesn’t have much effect on flavor of certain cooked foods, more that it can change the colour of your recipe.

The path to better health begins in the kitchen
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Watching the Trumpcucks pretend this doesn’t exist is hilarious. I’m sure they will roast that Liberal FakeNews bastard Bannon at the stake, because Daddy Trump can do no wrong!

When the Trumps and Kushners are exposed for the anti-American criminals that they are, with empires built on fraud and money laundering, then and only then can we finally expect them to face reality and blame it all on the liberals!
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HappyGilmore says
Philistine says
My first thought was Bannon has a book out and it's all a stunt. Trump in recapitulating is either in on the joke or is just that easy to manipulate . . . always hard to tell in our post-reality world.

The other theory is this is 18D chess and the libbie media is being Trojan Horsed.

Final theory is they are throwing up a distraction from the escalating Mueller investigation. It folds in nicely with all the recent Fox undermining and now today Manafort's impotent lawsuit against the Justice department.

Occams Razor-- Trump is a bumbling idiot like everyone who has worked with him claims.

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Is #FakeNews now?
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
lostand confused says
I am specifically talking about the 9 million dollar plus that changed hands from Hilalry/DNC to the Russians through an intermediary-Fusion GPS.

And if the FBI also paid Steele or FusionGPS on top of that. AND, if it was the 'insurance' that was talked about, to try to get the FISA warrant a second time. Which turned up nothing, by the way.

In any case, notice the endless leaks in the WH stopped very quickly around the time Bannon left/was fired.

I could shoot a baby on 5th avenue and oh muh gawd Hillary Clinton look over there! Clinton!!
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That’s odd because the same people that have Trump Dick Sucking Syndrome were the ones crying foul about how everything was doomed and ripe for crash for the past decade since the last crash.

It makes sense why all the hooting and hollering now, I’m tipping many of them don’t actually own equities so they missed the yuge 100% + run ups of the Obama era, which explains why they’re so surprised by 30% gains of the past year...
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Strategist says
Marcus Marcus Marcus.....So Trump did not want to be President, yet he ran for the Presidency, spent a ton of money running for the Presidency, devoted most part of 2016 running for the Presidency, and when he won he took the oath of being the President. But he didn't want to be President.

Well, don't we already have a similar loony theory floating on this site? The one which says that ACA was a Republican-written legislation which Democrats didn't want to pass, but somehow ended up passing without a single Republican congressmen joining them. But they didn't want it.

It’s a looney theory that ACA is Republican legislation?

Who authored the ppACA?

Why do you think the Republican majority still hasn’t repealed and replaced ‘Obamacare’ then?
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Goran_K says
anon_8044e says
Sounds like a list for really poor people.

Listen guys you are not going to be rich listening to fools like CiC.

Hey I just thought of a great way of saving money too. Eat cat food all year long!!!

Knock it off.

Actually everyone needs to relax on the personal attacks. We were doing good for so long too.

Yup ever since Patrick banned Sniper from saying the word “you” and forced his posts to be moderated for personal attacks.

So every time you see Sniper post yo-u that should be sent to jail for incivility because Patrick banned him from it and he’s attempting to cheat the system.
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Tenpoundbass says
anon_08dee says
This happened to you TPB ?

Yes it did dig up old threads from 2012 for "Done!" The Liberal ass kissing fanboys here savagely abused me as I posted our experience in real time. As they saw my tale as a threat as I was saying it was a premonition to what's to come. And I was spot on, and it was those Ass Clowns lying their ass off. Tampa Bay Tribune even sent a Liberal spook to shut my discourse down, by trolling and flaming every little peep out me. I finally had to find the number for "Liar Liar Your Pants on Fire" and told their Chief Editor I was on to him.
The guy was gone the next day.

What did Obama have to do with any of it?

Remember this is a Republican world where they built these fucked up systems of Rent Extraction to dish out Maximum Pain to Great Americans. Sadly, some are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and are bent over the barrel begging for more reeming. You have to be sick in the head to think that voting in more Republicans will undue all the anti-Américan systems they’ve worked so hard to install

Like Obamacare, anyone with a brain knows that it was written by the Heritage Foundation which is why we knew that Repeal and Replace was always a lie to trick their Simps to vote for them

I’m curious how any of you people rationalize that THEY STILL HAVENT REPEALED OR REPLACED WHY? Why haven’t they even mustered up an attempt to address the American People’s greatest concern? Instead distracting you with Evil Hillary and bullshit Foriegn Posturing that has little to no effect on the same common, forgotten Americans they claim to have been voted in by and hence represent. The stock Market is continuing its decade long climb. That helps people like me who own equities and already have a job but how exactly do you think that helps out of work Factory laborers?

You have no answers unless tells you what to say and now there’s conflict there as well
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
#TDS is real.

Yup. Trump Dick Sucking is definitely a thing, as evidenced by the dozen flufters here who dream of having daddy grab thrm by the ears and reem them deep in their throats until the sanctifying balm is oozing from their nose

Trumpcucks ho!!!
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I tried many times, over the past few years, to start some discussions about Cannabis in this open air prison once known as the land of the free. I would have loved to have some discussions and opinions bounced about on the topic, but all has ever done is marginalize me for it. Your loss, not mine. In the past five weeks I’ve accelerated my timeline from retiring at forty, to possibly some time later this year.

I would have liked nothing more than the opportunity to give something back to a community that has given to me in the past.

Yoir decision to allow CiC to stomp out most everyone else’s right to Free Speech very well may have cost you big bucks. You asked in a thread how to invest in the coming Canna-boom, and I gave you the safest play Pick n Shovel play that fit your criteria of having a dividend. SMG is only up 15% in the months since. Most everything else in the sector gave me 3-400% returns in December!

Comeuppance is a beautiful thing.
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FortWayne says
Goran_K says
I just love the fact that he has effectively erased Obama’s ONLY achievement during his presidency by eliminating the individual mandate.

I wish I could have seen Obama’s tears.

Finally freedom of choice won. I agree that we ought to have a right to choose how we want to live our lives, and not have government tell us what to buy. I do love that achievement by Trump.

Serious question: are you mentally retarded?
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joshuatrio says
BorderPatrol says
how about you and i meet for a boxing match.

are you going to put up or shut up now, pussy?

Soooooo, you gonna take gorans bet?

Internet arguing at its finest. You sound like a member of antifa. You don't your way, so you trash and break things because youre a crybaby.

I'm not much of a boxer. But, if you want a competition, I would gladly challenge you to a cycling race, a few rounds of crossfit for time or reps, maybe a pizza making contest, or a sharpshooting event at a local gun range.

Either way, you never answered the question... You gonna take Gorans bet?

Here’s the thing. Nobody with money or a brain would ever take ‘my word is my bond’ digital handshake wager with someone so disingenuous.

You Republicans already make it hard enough for Us Real Americans to legally wager and collect our winnings. Now you want people to wager with someone who wouldn’t hesitate to welch on their bet?
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CBOEtrader says
Sniper says
At some point, maybe they'll wake up a see that they've been lied to for YEARS...

This is exactly why Trump throws them so much fodder.

He promised to break the MSM brain washing in 2 years. Welcome to year two. Trump is redpilling more people daily.

I will bet that in 18 months, CNN's reputation is so tattered that they sell out and drop their tarnished brand.

Trumpcucks talk about CNN at a ratio of at least 10:1, so one can only assume that they are the only baffoons watching that tripe
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Goran_K says
3) 8 years of economic growth - Not really. No annual growth exceeding 3% over 8 years. Nearly 200,000 lost manufacturing jobs. Trump has not only beat 3% in his first year but also brought back manufacturing jobs which Obama claimed weren’t coming back.

Usually you see very strong growth just a few quarters coming out of a bottom. That was one hell of a sluggish "recovery".

It was one hell of a bottom as well. Where we literally were told by the Republicans that we had to abandon Capitalism to save the country. At what point did you personally begin to buy into the notion that the bottom was in and start buying everything up?

I think you’ve been here a long time under many different anonymous handles, but i question what the hell was going on in the cavernous hollows of those who came here years after the crash. The smart money was here in 2005 at this Housing Bubble and Crash website. Those who showed up more than half a decade later are those I’m very comfortable fading?

Did you ever buy that Miami condo you’ve been waiting on the coming crash for?
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joshuatrio says
cynn says
The issue at hand is that Trump is trolling both his base and the opposition, and it is supposed to drive liberals nuts. I assure you, it provides great entertainment as this maladministration melts down.

LOL. Sure.

Now I'm waiting for you to call me a bigot again, because my view differs from yours.

Which view is that?

The one where you just discovered Crossfit in 2018?
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Sniper says
Patrick says
Beginning in 2018, the deduction for interest paid on a home equity line of credit (“HELOC”) will no longer be eligible for the home mortgage interest deduction.

This is where people who's houses really appreciated, like in CA, will get spanked the worst. Those who tapped into their equity for college, trips, new play toys, new pools, etc. will find that they no longer can deduct that interest.

Yup, those of us levered way up at 0-3%, using OPM to bag triples doubles and homers, are going to get slaughtered by losing a small tax break. Lol
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
It comes from the Administration.

But it doesn't matter. Let's roughly triple the cost to say $5B/yr. The Remittance Tax alone is half. Then look at the savings.

How much does Medicaid, Emergency Treatment when the illegal falls off the Roof or knocks his head slipping on the bloody floor while butchering a cow and the Employer walks away leaving him for the taxpayers to deal with, the Food Stamps, School Overload, Foreign Language Teachers, Translation Costs in Courts/Schools/Etc. Incarceration,Fraudulent In-State Tuition Subsidy, etc. for Illegals cost each year? Not to mention lost wages for the native born American Working Class, but of course nasty Coasties like cheaper menial workers and don't care if poor Americans wuho they see as Rednecks get defrauded out of better wages and benefits.

I guarantee that's more than ~$2.5B in State & Federal savings. The cost includes additional border patrol. Most estimates have illegals costing California a...

I care about poverty

I deal in reality

The Wall as proposed has little chance of effecting most of the things you claim it solves.

A much simpler solution, that is widely supported by Real Americans, and would definitely solve many of the problema you claim to desire to see resolved would be to reschedule Hemp/Cannabis with a proper designation.

Why don’t you Republicans ever offer up that simple, low cost, high impact solution? Could there be anything actually more #MAGA then ending Cannabis Prohibition?
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anon_08dee says
IS that the reason for the Session's move, to give the big money another chance to buy ?

How much is it down since Friday ?

After most of the sector boomed 3x + over the past month, there was a short lived 20% ish dip. Sessions is a Failed Losef Swampee, and he and Trump are doing significant economic damage to Our Country. Fuck um, they can suck my fat dick, fade Trumps Republican America, go all in on Canada. You too can become rich, in spite of these halfwits and their Daddy Trump.

Cucks gonna cuck
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The whole pause in new account registrations is pretty fishy to me

Cryptos and blockchain are a technological revolution, but they can’t take your name and email and set you up with an account?

Seems as if they’re creating false scarcity at the same time supply has never been higher

Ethereum has been steaming recently.
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Your perception is your reality

Trump defeated 17 of the best Republican candidates ever.

Lol. Does #FakeNews get any faker?

He defeated the Bush Dynasty. The Clinton Dynasty. The Media. Lol, sure he did. Except, he didn’t do any such thing

Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Jim Gilmore
Chris Christie
Carly Fiorina
Rand Paul
Rick Santorum
Mike Huckabe
George takai
Lindsey Graham
Bobby Jindal
Scott Walker
Rick Perry

As Trump himself said before, this is a sad sorry lot of Failed Losers who also happen to comprise The Swamp.

Now all of a sudden he took down Dynastys and defeated an amazing field. Too fucking funny

He didn’t defeat the Bush Dynasty. There was no more Bush Dynasty. The American people loathed those losers and most wanted to see Bush brought up on War Crimes

He didn’t defeat the “Clinton Dynasty “ either. As evidenced by the election of Trump, Great Americans would rather vote in a trust fund twit with a long history of financial crimes than vote for Hillary. Anyone but Hillary would have beat Hillary.

Trump is an excellent marketer. He’s sold many on a line of shit, so well that they’re still clinging to it to this day

Twump is MAGA!! Goo goo doo doo i just messed my diapers again. Trumpcucks are pathetic
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Strategist says
Quigley says
Conspiracy to remove the Jews from Europe?

It's really shocking to see some of the most productive people in Europe, the Jews, being forced to leave by some of the most unproductive people in Europe, the Muslims.
Europe is fucked.

Most productive people lololololol
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However, an oblique approach whereby you invite people who hate the Jews and are getting a free pass from Leftist media about that.

Like the Trumpcucks in Charlottesville who murdered a local citizen? Scary stuff, huh.

Remember, Racism doesn’t exist said the same Republican SJWs who can’t stop whining 24/7 about how they’re victims to this. Victims to that. What a bunch of pussies
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
errc says
I tried many times, over the past few years, to start some discussions about Cannabis in this open air prison once known as the land of the free. I would have loved to have some discussions and opinions bounced about on the topic, but all has ever done is marginalize me for it. Your loss, not mine. In the past five weeks I’ve accelerated my timeline from retiring at forty, to possibly some time later this year.

Dude, he's offering the style forum for FREE including Tech support.

Take it and start a "Profit off the coming Marijuana Boom" site.

I tease you sometimes because sometimes you come off as "Marijuana will save the world", but I would link articles and shit, even though I don't care much about weed though I think it should be legalized 100%.

Frankly I think it should be more like or or

Here’s the thing pal. I’m a big boy with thick skin and a thicker skull.

I couldn’t give less a fuck if you take up an anti-American position because you think you’re teasing me. You can’t tease me. I’m unteasable.

Cannabis/Hemp Prohibition has far reaching implications, all of which are directly harmful to every citizen, past and present, and a spit to the face of Freedom.

No matter how far down the wrong path ‘they’ have taken on this issue, the only correct response is to walk it back immediately. I’ve never said that “Marijuana will save the World”. What I have said is that ending Prohibition is all benefits and no costs. So who the hell is running the War on Drugs, and why and how do they continue eith it?

What would a true MAGA response be to USFEDGOV hemp/cannabis Prohibition?
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Dude, he's offering the style forum for FREE including Tech support.

Take it and start a "Profit off the coming Marijuana Boom" site.


Where is the value in that?

Good Faith is dead here. Patrick Killelea has created an environment where if I pursue something like that here, I run the risk of the person behind the Sniper handle doxxing me and potentially using the Right Wing gov unionized gang of jackboots to actually harm me in the real world.

Remember Roberto Aribas?

Yea. No thanks