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dublin hillz says

At least the story could have ended well if he were to have received a sky burial via turkey vultures devouring his corpse and releasing his soul.

Thus spoke Zoroaster.

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REpro says

The fact that police officers are professional liars has been proofed many times.

ALL of them?

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tatupu70 says

Don't let the door hit them on the way out.

No! We can't let our sociopaths go overseas! Our whole economy would crash!

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iwog says

The worst enemy of capitalism is unrestrained free market capitalism.

Agree. Unrestrained capitalism automatically evolves into aristocracy/plutocracy.

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edvard2 says

What the GOP needs to do is realize that the current plan isn't working.


But I also think the Democrats need to quit their obsession with sexual politics and focus mainly on economic issues like extreme wealth disparity, poverty, etc.

I think both parties are to blame for letting "God, Guns n' Gays" dominate our politics.

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edvard2 says

Whenever someone or a group of Americans is not allowed to have the same access to the same rights that I have

Not sure what you mean by that. ;-)

Who doesn't have the same rights that I have?

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And Case-Shiller is correct. There is no bubble (yet), at least nationally:

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Quigley says

The country needs protectionist left-leaning fiscal leadership to rebuild the middle class, but thanks to the democrats' obsession with ridiculous nonsense issues, the GOP has ample leverage to sway people who are afraid of such social change.

Agree. We need Democrats to focus on economic issues rather than sexual politics. Their obsession with sexual politics turns many people toward the GOP and against their own economic interests.

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In addition to the "best of" tab, we need a "dumbest comments" tab.

Reality says

Give me a monopoly or oligopoly, and I will show you the government role in its creation.


Reality says

Mergers do not translate into monopoly or oligopoly


indigenous says

Standard Oil was not a monopoly.


indigenous says

Monopolies by definition are created by government otherwise they ain't monopolies.


indigenous says

But a monopoly only exists by government decree.


Reality says

Standard Oil was not a monopoly.


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Yes, some utilities were government-regulated monopolies.

But it's ridiculous to assert that monopolies are impossible w/o government intervention. The trusts of the late 19th century are a classic example. They are proof that unregulated capitalism leads to monopolies and trusts. It took government intervention to "bust" the trusts.

"Reality" is using the debate tactic known as the "Gish Gallop." That is, throwing out so much bullshit in so little time that it's impossible for anyone to refute every single point in real time. He just keeps repeating the same PRATTs over and over again, hoping that some of the bullshit will "stick."

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Dan, thanks for that. +1.

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iwog says

Isn't it about time all you America hating jerks finally pushed your backwater inbred states to secede?

They'll just die off. Like my aging Christian Fundamentalist, Fox News addicted father.

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"What kind of fucked-up tour is this?!" -- black guy on The Rock movie

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Will they lock me up with AF so he can eat my face?

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Where's that famous picture with that row of Victorian houses with the city in the background?

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Ok, thanks to everyone for the advice!

Acrophobia sucks, so I won't be biking across the bridges or taking any balloon rides. ;-)

I have a rental car, is parking going to be a problem near golden gate park?

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I learned how to get the 3-day muni pass for $22, so I'll just stay in San Bruno & Millbrae and take BART into the city. That way there's no parking issues.

Wow that fog came in hard and fast this afternoon. Is that typical? It wasn't like that yesterday.

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I saw a billboard right on El Camino Real in San Bruno that said, "Stay calm. Buy Real estate." No joke.

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I'll have to get a photo of the sign tomorrow.

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In a globalized economy, everyone makes Bangladesh wages.*

*except for the protected banking class

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Any Bay Area Patnet members want to meet me for lunch tomorrow? Or maybe that's a bad idea to give up Internet anonymity. Maybe I'll just take a picture of myself in front of a famous landmark, like when Patrick himself visited the Fed in DC.

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Where can I meet him?

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Ok I'm in the Castro right now. But not naked.

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Going to take the night-time bus tour across the bay bridge since I'm afraid to drive across it myself. Yeah, the acrophobia is *that* bad.

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I'm not from New York City. Corning is a long way from New York City, about 3 or 4 hours by car. Corning is pretty much a small town in the middle of nowhere.

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Thanks to all for the advice! Today is my last day, I fly back to Corning/Elmira tomorrow morning.

The weather was perfect today, so I was out taking pictures. I took the Big Bus tour which had to be re-routed due to Batkid! :-)

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Iwog, as much as I'd like to meet "the duck" in person, there's probably no time at this point. If I remember right, you live in the east bay and it'd be quite a drive just to meet some guy from the Internet (me). Right now I'm in North Beach getting some italian food. I'll probably taking Bart back to Millbrae in a few hours. I fly out tomorrow.

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Dunross is buying gold on margin.

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The question is: how much longer will stocks keep going up at their current rapid rate?

I suppose the perception that Bernanke "has their back" is keeping the market going. In economics, perception = reality.

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Correct. One cold winter in eastern North America proves that global warming is bullshit. ;-)

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Ceffer says

When the Catholic Church starts serving up FACE, I'll be impressed.

They do. I think it's called the Eucharist.

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Is it ok if I disown my American Taliban parents?

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Quigley says

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, my parents generation were mostly convinced the world was about to end. Whether it was nuclear holocaust or some type of biblical Armageddon scenario, everyone seemed to agree that "the end is near"(TM)

The end is still near. It's called global warming. Unfortunately, it will be a slower and far more painful death than nuclear war or the Biblical Armageddon. And there's no way to avoid global warming since our survival (at current population levels) depends on burning fossil fuels.

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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

Fuck, I'd join the catholic church if they'd get with contemporary needs and start crucifying bankers. Who wouldn't?

Amen! Serve up their bodies and blood every Sunday morning.

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Facts don't matter. People believe what they *want* to believe. Then they cherry-pick the information that confirms those beliefs and ignore any conflicting information.

"Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up."