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OK ISIS, I get it. I don't want to talk about gay cakes. Fucking-A, man!

All the bankers and shit get together every year and one year in the late '60's or early '70's they decided that the "consumer economy" was not going to work BECAUSE WE WERE ALL SO STRONG THAT WE COULD RISE UP and make them stop sending kids to VIET NAM.

They made themselves a nice never-ending war for their profits to suck us and the whole fucking world dry, and it was located far away so nobody would have to deal with the reality.

The oligarchy I'm talking about here, ok, decided that we were going to have to be weak enough so that we could never interfere with their grand schemes again and that is exactly what they did.

ALL THROUGHOUT MARKET HISTORY nothing has brought in the profits like war and slave labor. You heard about Hitler's death camps, but there were THOUSANDS of "work camps" spread out all over Europe. Basically it was a big return of slavery under another name. That's the problem with slavery, nobody can get away with using that word for it, but it's still "wicked" profitable, so that has to somehow still happen, that and never-ending wars too, otherwise what would be the fun of being an oligarch?

OUR top businesses fucking LOVED HITLER until they had to cut that shit out and they could no longer get away with it any more. Hitler was advertised by our own financial press to be some kind of fucking GENIUS ... look it up. AND he was the greatest fucking investment ever until the cover blew off and problems came to light.

Now THESE DAYS, since they took pensions away from everybody, AND EVEN GUARANTEED LOW INTEREST SAVINGS RISK FREE is gone ... but oh no, not even that is enough, you'll find that now that the money is based on just promises, they made those promises subject to modifications so that, in the near future, they will be able to do "bank holidays" where they devalue your money and then reopen ... it's MORE FUCKING THEFT and wee are all set up for it.

So what can all good little flag wavers do? --hope to second guess the markets, never zig when you should zag, maybe even time it if you are really greedy and a little foolish, and hope that you are not in when they decide to harvest the little people.

So don't keep setting up Trump to be the glorious dictator he keeps trying to be because it will keep getting worse, A LOT WORSE! --he IS just the asshole that WILL do it too if you just believe hard enough ..... BOOM!!!! FUCKED!!! Can't you see that coming?????

You can't support kids in college and have them go and demonstrate against the fascists any more, the minorities are feeling the pinch too but they have been getting shit on for so long that they got tactics to fight back that the whites are not organized enough to use.




GOT THAT??????
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anon_4460e says
That’s why they strawman the idea of liberal every fucking day because it’s only through the core tenets of liberal politics that we are going to be able to rise as a people.

Fear, jealousy, hate, bigotry, greed, they are all the trolling stock in trade.


No one is going to save you but your fellow man, there is no orange jesus! We will all be horrified to see what happens.

You might even have to change your name yet again. LOL
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Dear whip cracker helper long jaw boy, you are playing with dynamite. You are an ideologue behind a cult personality in a guy who has lied, fucked over, tossed under the bus, and cheated to everyone who ever fucking trusted him. IT'S ALL THERE TO SEE and it made my mind up not to vote for him. LOOK IT UP GODAMMIT.

Bush talked to you like a 4th grader too and you liked it didn't you? Made for feel validated didn't it? Puh-LEEZE stop being such a tender soul.

BUT MAINLY because you didn't have to take out the loan to pay the tuition you are now in Trump University. Ohh my, you lucky fuck knuckle!!!

Now try to pull every other dumb hick in the world down there with you into YOUR fucking butt hurt identity politics and YOUR fucking cracker ass political correctness because YOUUUUU are fucking envious of minorities not getting shit on as much as you'd like them to. In FLORIDA, and many other states too, you are competing against prisoners who get paid shit and will never get to vote again. GREAT HUH? They won't let ANYONE call it slavery, that would be business unfriendly!!! Oh noes! You like that? PROFITABLE isn't it. What's more profitable is illegals, those guys work like a motherfucker and prisoners don't even come close to it. They have a dream that their kids will make it through school and get a legit job. MANY OF THEM ACHIEVE THAT TOO. GOP is LYING ABOUT ILLEGALS, THEY FUCKING LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE SO PROFITABLE, and they have no recourse EVER about anything that is done to them, but talking shit about them pushes your buttons so cool!!!!!!

Let's see you survive without money. You gonna eat? You can't do farming anymore, they made that a tax dodge for the owner-class and they already got robots etc. Most can't even afford any better than a fucking apartment while they do their temp gig thing. You can't sell shit to people, try it, see how much you make.

AS I FUCKING TOLD YOU: because blacks were brought here in chains to be shit on and millions of central/south Americans line the shanty hills in each of Tijuana, and Juarez, ALLLL these motherfuckers have some bad ass tactics and are going to get your ass, maybe some oligarch ass too IF YOU BECOME DETERMINES TO MAKE THEIR EXISTENCE HERE HOPELESS. Gangs, drugs, whores,

There are lots of countries that have to deal with suicide bombings, for example, that have nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with FUCKING OPPRESSION. People WILL NOT ACCEPT BEING SHIT ON, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A PATH FOR THEM. A REAL PATH, NOT A BULLSHIT PATH WHERE THEY ALWAYS GET TO LOSE. A lot of these central Americans come from dictatorships already, they are harder core than you will ever be. GO AHEAD BE SCARED OF THEM. --but that is what affirmative action is there to solve, the hopelessness that causes bloody fucking streets. You don't seem to have an alternative except to give every non white the fucking finger. Guess what, they already tried that approach and it didn't work.

You can't get enough soldiers and police in the streets to make oppression work for people like you.

You only get what you are able to fight for and insist on. The wealthy are very focused on winning everything. Soooo liberal politics is the way people get something, EVER!!!! So cut the bullshit already, things are bad enough.

With right wing conservatives, I mean the wealthy, you will keep getting endless war, you will keep losing ground until there is little difference between slavery and your own lot in life. Financial crises will keep taking you down. Illness will ruin you. Die young and broke and cursing at poor people, minorities, immigrants, thinking they were the cause of your misery. ANYONE but those fucks with the big grins and the monster net worth.


Go berserk! You are so harmless I don't care what the fuck you do! What? Are you going to stop lying about a straw man liberal?
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Tenpoundbass says
who is Hillary killing this week?

Not you so far!
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Yeah yeah its never difficult to figure EXACTLY what people are dying to hear and then tell it to them.


That particular ATTACK is as good as Trump's fingerprint, the pitchman who sold the presidency.

Tenpoundbass says
I'll make no apologies for sticking by my country, because the Democrats are not the good guys anymore. They are the Commie invaders trying to drown the America that was built by my ancestors.

Ohhhh commie invaders LOL LOL LOL you should go in the corner and make out with Strategist. And
You want to deliver America to the most powerful buyers, which donate to the GOP propaganda empire, own the big corps that finance the never ending wars

... but you want THAT HORSE SHIT to look like a victory for working America LOL LOL LOL LOUDER!!!

So okay that is what you are getting paid to say.
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mell says
People denouncing the left they once grew up with and embraced, because it gave way to a


But really they have to blame themselves for all being too distracted to take control of their own governments and now they are finding out that other people, WITH THE MONEY TO CORRUPT REPRESENTATIVES, own their governments AND WILL NOT LET LOOSE

RIGHT WING POLITICS ALWAYS CONSOLIDATES POWER AND REWARDS THE POWERFUL but they have enough money to pay milquetoasts like Hannity, Alex Jones, etc., etc.,to tell you 24/7 nation wide that they are the key to everything you are dying to have if it weren't for those lazy addicts, immigrants, minorities, just keep looking away from the assholes with the monster net worth.

All the other countries saw that this hustle works pretty good.
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Onvacation says
Symptoms of Trunp Derangement Syndrome.

That reminds me that since the rise of Trump it is now cool to spread racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc., all those dog whistles he blows to believers which is surely a sickness befallen our nation dividing up the power of the electorate to assure no effective challenges to monied interests as they ever tighter put the squeeze on us and continually modify terms of employment to the advantage of investors.

My TDS is sickness of him telling so many lies that no one seems to be able to keep up or care about what truth is any more and yes I am sooooo sick of this shit and nothing he has done comes to any good in the end. How can it? His M.O. is to tell us whatever it takes to hope we worship him and then turn around and cave in to everything GOP was drooling over all along.
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BlueSardine says
You're declaration below is nothing but fake news.

Ha. It's the TRUEST thing anybody could ever possibly say.


If the people SHOW the vulnerability to be swindled, they WILL BE SWINDLED. Fake NEWS! --such a useful dismissal when you are a total fake!

Hahahahahahahahaa precious!
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Patrick says
Indispensable freedom to offend

I could do without the crucifix in the jar of piss in that art gallery.
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Onvacation says
jazz_music says

There are lots of countries that have to deal with suicide bombings, for example, that have nothing to do with Islam


Enter this type of text into a search engine and read about it for weeks

"non religious suicide bombings"
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I remember in Cuba some NON RELIGIOUS people were so hopeless they would set off explosive vests after getting in the middle of a group of policemen JUST TO GIVE THEIR LIFE TO TAKE OUT A FEW OF THEM.

You can't beat that kind of determination no matter what you do.

That's what kind of hatred hopelessness brings. That, and less extreme versions of that, is what the democrats are doing when they cook up some social programs for the poor.

BUT NONE OF THAT SHIT COMES EVEN CLOSE TO THE GROSS EXTRACTION OF VALUE PERFORMED ON OUR ECONOMY OVER THE LAST 40 YEARS: that required the careful coordination of corruption and the government to provide legal cover while the propaganda, like Fox, gets us all to look the other way.

I can't believe this knowledge seems to be so scarce among you.

Islam has its mythologies for sure but basically what we are seeing a global temper tantrum against America's unbridled imperialism. You may think that we provide "foreign aid" to third world countries, oh gentle soul, we provide the kleptocrats wealth, the nations and their infrastructures, get put into debt they can't pay and then our businesses leverage that against the nations. All this is backed by the implied threat of military actions if they were to somehow become "unfriendly."

The pricks are coming after our infrastructure now the same way they capture the infrastructures of foreign nations ... they are wicked good at pulling off these tricks and they found all we will do is bitch and go back to work. We are divided against ourselves and totally vulnerable to unlimited expansion of the extraction of all value. The stock market will soar during this process too whoopie!!!
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Patrick says
Rape is a crime.

Rape is about forceful, SADISTIC, terrifying domination.


Psychs will tell you that when you have a personality disorder there is almost no hope for a cure.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
an impersonal institution

where they learn to CONFORM into mediocrity,

to value silence

and blind obedience?

hmmmmm, where will the GOP get their voters?
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That's what you'd say if you only use search engines to find more memes to pollute the internet
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When someone hates you so bad that they will give their own life just to take yours and some others like you

... that's what you call a coward?

This seems to be so uniform in practice that it looks like propaganda FOR AN EFFECT.

Compare to those 10 BRAVE cops with their thermal scopes and night vision wearing bullet proof armor that crash into homes on no knock raids shooting and killing where there are kids to make sure no cops get hurt.

Such heroics!
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I don't even believe they ever shook hands.

This LOOKS AND SMELLS like a fucking fascist bigot right wing lie THAT THEY WOULD PAY TO SPREAD

Obviously the facts are left wing

From Snopes:
Advertising and Finances:
Q: Who pays you to maintain this site?

A: is (and always has been) a completely independent entity which is wholly owned by its operators and receives no funding in any form. We have no financers, sponsors, investors, partners, or donors, nor do we have any affiliation or relationship (financial or otherwise) with any political party, religious group, business organization, government agency, or any other outside group or persons. We pay all the costs of producing and operating this web site ourselves and derive our income solely from the advertising revenues it provides.

(We have recently launched a public donation campaign due to the extraordinary circumstance of having been temporarily cut off from our traditional source of advertising revenue.)

Q: Are you funded by George Soros?

A: No, we are completely independent and self-supporting; we receive no funding in any form from any person, group, agency, or organization. And we wouldn’t recognize George Soros if we sat next to him on a bus.

When they know you are a right wing extremist, they know you love lies and they shit them down your throat EVERY FUCKING DAY
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Strategist says
What do you call him....Santa Claus?

Call him whatever you like.

Someone call the cops please.
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Tenpoundbass says
You lay with pigs you get swine on you.

Name someone you CANNOT say that about
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Tenpoundbass says
Even though every thinking person on the Internet knows they are biased hacks. They don't monetize their site, so they must get money bags funding.

This is merely another page of GOP daily attack on reality and facts. The whole shit show is insulting. I would be embarrassed to admit that I ever voted for a Republican slime, but I have, because it made sense at one point in time MANY YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is absolutely NOTHING alleged here that CAN be fact checked.

Going to 2009 is a part of that tactic.

HYSTERICAL and DESPICABLE shit being flung with no way to check 2009, QED accusations must be just another fucking lie like the rest of the partisan shit you see every fucking day of the week give me a fucking break .. as if no one knows how to use Photoshop etc etc etc.

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Star Spangled Banner is a 19th century drinking song about wine and whores. When drunks would forget all the stupid assed the lyrics they would substitute their own lyrics in tribute to their favorite body parts of their whores or refer to their love of drinking in excess. So, Francis Scott Key AND EVERYBODY ELSE were very familiar with the tune before he ever got locked up and wrote Star Spangled Banner.

Here is the official original lyrics registered in 1780 in England as sung in British and colonial pubs drunk as fuck circa 1800's.
The original tune was “To Anacreon in Heaven,” an English drinking song written by John Stafford Smith with words by Ralph Tomlinson, Esq. According to tradition it was first “sung at the Crown Anchor Tavern in the Strand, circa 1780.” Tomlinson was president of the Anacreontic Society, a gentlemen’s club popular with upscale London boozers. Anacreon (563-478 B.C.) was a Greek poet known for his songs of wine and women.

You’re thinking: drinking song? I can’t sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” when I’m sober.

I’m not arguing with you. The thought of a bunch of guys drunk as lords, half of whom were lords, screeching this tune out at the top of their lungs … I don’t know about you, but in thirty seconds I’d be begging for Roseanne.

And the lyrics! You’d expect a drinking song to be pretty raucous, and by comparison to the national anthem I suppose “Anacreon” is. But it’s no “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” Here’s the full unexpurgated text, dug out by my able assistant SDSTAFF Songbird, who provided much of the information that follows as well:
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Here is the same story confirmed by a completely unrelated source.
You call it Liberal? --GOOD
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NO MASSACRE IN 30 YEARS HAS EVER BEEN PREVENTED BY ARMED CIVILIANS so cut the bullshit on arming everybody everywhere

FLORIDA HAS AMONG THE MOST PERMISSIVE GUN LAWS IN THE NATION, CONCEALED CARRY, AR-15s with big magazines, high capacity riot guns, bump fire etc etc etc

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anon_0c536 says
Snopes IS a well known leftist activist.

Real examples of real bias against real facts?

Not one.
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Every time you see morons redefining "liberal" is an order to end discussion.

Think of any bad thing and every day you will hear morons redefining "liberal" as that bad thing. They are absolutely robots spreading their orders to "conform or else" to the people. YOU WOULD SEE THROUGH THIS SHIT IMMEDIATELY if real robots were pulling this shit on you.

Did conservatives bring about an end to England ruling and bleeding this country along with the empire of East India Corporation? FUCK NO, people decided on CHANGE. People mobilized! That is the essence of liberal politics not these stupid ass slogans that CONSERVATIVE POSERS compulsively blab about every fucking day. They are not even real conservatives. They are just sick sick sick and their brains have been commandeered to serve corporations, junk food ads, stupid assed cars and super hero movies. CHRIST!

This is the despicable result of conditioning to steer Americans AWAY from the politics that takes care of people's needs instead of the murderous greed of humungous financial interests.

This is the order to shut up and get back to work!

Get it. You are losing the war for your wages by being persuaded not to fight.

Do something.

Be the change.
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The big clue about the war is the way that one side PAYS assholes to get on their computers to be professional robots to spread the deceit and dysinformation.

Also they pay more assholes to run radio shows and pay more assholes to dominate TV screens across the nation 24/7.

When you do all that it's like spraying piss that gets all over everything else everywhere too.
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Psychotropic prescription industry is closer to a thing that can be identified as a cause than availability of guns.

Guns make it worse, so could bombs too.

Bombs can be made from things very hard to control. If you control guns you might start seeing more bombings.
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We seem to be lead into situations that cause a stream of income to a major financial entity that the wealthy, primarily, are invested in.

Doctors can mainly only prescribe pills for example. This causes a cash flow that has no potential for liability to anyone upstream, even if you become suicidal or homicidal or decide to go on a rampage as a side effect of the prescriptions.

Maybe that is why America has more pain pill addicts than countries that offer these drugs over the counter without a prescription.
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Strategist says
nothing about hard work and family values, just violence and taking from others.

One can read all that into the comment without it ever being mentioned.

Bus driving is a respectable, highly responsible, and even stressful occupation that deserves a decent living as compensation, not to be sacrificed on the altar of shareholder value as so many blue collars en masse receive. Where is meritocracy?

There are losers in life. Americans are losers and have lost a lot including steady employment, retirement, access to needed medical treatments, their homes, access to education, even friendly relations has become a luxury that very few can afford, especially with the hatred and distrust that has become front and center. Can one blame them for being stupid when they are being dysinformed and manipulated by the powerful everywhere they turn on a screen? That is what turned them away from politics that advocate for workers and turned instead to advocacy for investments, fears of the others, and empty promises for vindication. That and they don't get insulted by talk at the 4th grade level, not looking for core competencies either. Where is meritocracy?

Symbolic grandeur and authoritarian bluff are succeeding as never before in American history because all that dysinformation and manipulation greatly softened the people. Where is meritocracy?

God only knows what manipulations were intended by the parable of Maduro, but expecting a further suspension of disbelief that meritocracy is a real thing that exists in the United States is asking far too much. More than that, it is the exact cruelty of asking victims to blame only themselves as large contingencies take turns losing and falling into irrelevancy.

One can correctly say that meritocracy is the cornerstone myth of American life. Doesn't mean that there is no meritocracy, it means that the accomplishments of the steadfastly prudent and hardworking Americans get wiped out so frequently by considerations such as, divorce, medical bills, legal defense, shareholder value that for practical purposes meritocracy does not amount to much anyone can count on, so you better get active in politics, UNITE WITH OTHER WORKING FAMILIES and blow off empty exhibitions of conspicuous spending, because that is just an enticement into debt-slavery when your career gets wiped out yet again.

... and the divide and conquer BS marches on and on daily.

There are people getting arrested for giving food to homeless.
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errc says
SSRI’s and over prescription are a symptom, not the cause.

They qualify as both. They are supposed to be therapeutic BUT they DO have these horrific side effects that can cost human life and those side effects get glossed over for presumably lucrative motives.

Along a different line of discussion: Is anyone interested whether gun control laws are effective in other countries?

Why do we not see any discussion of what laws have and have not worked in what countries?

There are plenty of data available to discuss, BUT I am not going to be the one to start bringing rational discussion to this thread since it's functioning as a toxic dump for gun lovers to bash liberals don't care what it even means to be a liberal.

enjoy ;-)

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Good point, maybe because Fox is the source that set out purposely to be fake from the very start acting as a franchise for GOP talking points.

All the right wing talk radio bullies compete for the fine day they get promoted to speaking on Fox's shows. And they do they do. I mean come on, news? really? hahahahaha
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FortWayne says
If we ban gay pride parades, liberals would literally have nothing left to be proud of.

The American revolution was the action of a Liberal mindset. That is a liberal. Is that what you mean?

In your own words what does being gay have to do with liberal politics?

Or shall we call anything liberal if don't like it?

That makes you a liberal OMG
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After Trump is long gone, there has to be a strong electorate.

Propaganda must be defeated by a solidarity of people. There are basic needs to fight for.

Remember Trump was going to stand up to the corporations for you and stop the wars never ending?

You are going to have to do that yourself. That is the most basic, most obvious thing. If we can do that, it will be a huge reversal in trend.

BTW no one is going to inform you that the alternative is equal to slavery but with the actual word being banned, you will continue to live shorter lives, your accommodations will continue to shrink, your hours will continue to lengthen, young will continue dying in wars and being abused if they make it back with some issue.

A liberal said the above and approves it.
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They see how to push Trump's buttons.

This should pay off big for them.
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It's far easier to find out what the USA is doing by looking at foreign press and factoring in their agendas.

Next step is to see whether the border war materializes and whether USA feels that it must provide this and that out of the supposed the generosity of the USA heart according to Fox, Rush, Breitbart, etc.
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anon_cf6c6 says
But, we need to ban AR-15s "Assault weapons"

You can't say "Assault weapons" here, special snowflakes get upset by calling them that!
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No one discussing whether gun control laws are effective in other countries?

Why do we not discuss what laws have and have not worked in what countries?

There are plenty of data.
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anon_cf6c6 says
Liberal Logic, the ignorance is astounding.

Why make that up? If not liking something it is mandatory to call it liberal?

LOL Never express yourself without making it divisive.
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All the American SOCIALISTS can't have what they want

A different word applies if only the few richest are harvesting the economic good of the population.

The problem with democracy all throughout history is that it degrades into facism as it definitely has done in America at this time, although not quite a dictatorship as of this morning. Is it yet?