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clambo says
Stone is of course no longer "in jail".

There's no point in being a criminal if you don't have a handy $250,000 on hand for when the cops come put you in jail.
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Quigley says
Saw Stone on tv give an interview post arrest. He looked ANGRY

What do the talk radio celebs say about Stone's arrest? How does Fox spin this? Mueller's last desperate attempt?
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WineHorror1 says
You got the point or not?

The MF is ironic as hell with 24/7 coast to coast talk radio and Fox already, and Breitbart in the bank and not being counted, then the offbeat shit like 4chan, and the rest and you are complaining that there are still some media making money off the other side of the street LOL LOL

Conservatards are not the majority in this country, but they are the majority of media.
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Kakistocracy says
You certainly know how to flatter someone you rascal !

And with that, the "E-Man" commenter disappears forevermore.
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You should post the entire article otherwise you are manipulating the message.

Then the bastards can say that your post is too long and not to do it.

Really to please them just offer them money for nothing, that the only thing that works. Or tell them that they are smart.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Get a room, you two!

have a nice life
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No that is not what I think.

Take responsibility for the choice you made. Don't blame the Democrats for Trump.

How about people get politically active and stop letting themselves be defeated?

@Patrick you already know that I advocated activism NO LESS if Clinton won because you can't vote away a systemic problem.

People voted for Trump because they were vulnerable to believing glorious lies, and al the other emotional buttons he pushes. People need to become smart enough to see tat their buttons are getting pushed or continue to suffer the trail to peons having lost all dignity and stability, and more. And then people keep getting their political reality from oligarch-owned shit fountains. --so they vote against themselves, give a rebel yell, and think they're real smart.

There are some real progressives in the democratic party, they are receptive to a mobilized populous than the republicans who have dedicated their terrible agenda to benefitting the rich.

Some devastation has gone on under Trump like that tax cut and sabotage of the ACA and I'm not going to provide a long list because I understand you think he has done well. I see that the harm is going to keep coming in a big way behind the scenes while we focus on Trump the master clown and pitch man.

We really need to keep our eyes on what is happening to our taxes, our healthcare, our banks, our schools, our political processes, our elections, our infrastructure, our national parks,
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Onvacation says
Kakistocracy says
It’s always been about making the moral choice to reject this racial hierarchy and go about building a coalition strong enough to defeat the white identity politics on the right

Anybody else see the irony in this statement?


There is always a clown at the back of every high school classroom blurting this shit to get a laugh but he never makes it in with the cool kids.
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NuttBoxer says
The sheer arrogance of man's self-important delusions is STAGGERING.

The sheer arrogance of men pitted against peer-reviewed award winning studies using the best technology ever brought to bear.

And why? Because oligarch-serving agitprop celebs say so while pushing emotional buttons.

Meanwhile the rich studied the situation in the 1980s then bought mountain top resort homes, huge yachts to escape consequences

... and oil-drilling rights for pennies on the dollar in areas that would remain frozen for another 30 years to maximize profiting from the knowledge gained by heeding the studies.

So, suckers, climate change is not a problem the the rich, just y'all.

Thoughts and prayers, heheheh
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Would anyone like to respond to NuttBoxer's comment

How did I do?


condolences @NuttBoxer's comment
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Heraclitusstudent says
But Lizzy lied decades ago OMG.

Even that statement is way overblown as is MrMagic's shitposts, his name should be Adhom-whataboutism.

Her family lore propagated the narrative, no one ever proved it, she just rolled with it when she filled out a form.

Now that she is inconvenient to the oligarchy she is subject to total detail scrutiny including her DNA even, while Trump on the other hand is nothing but secrets and history of exploiting and even hurting people while himself coming from wealth that originated with taxpayers from section 8 housing.

Since Trump's extremely sordid past AND PRESENT matters not, you can be assured that activist oligarchs like what is going on in the background of Trump circus by people like DeVos, Tillerman, Mnuchin, Chao, Perry and the rest of the wrecking crew accomplishing the fascist transformation of Libertarian's FOOLISH dreams.
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AF comment needed here ;-)
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Fox News decries MSM every fucking day. How ironic is that?

Looks like they made the "liberal media" true by crying about it ad nauseum. Oh well, that's what they do. Yes. Frequently they use crying. Literally crying to sell a crooked fucking argument. (I saw them do it again last night)


And you know what? You don't see those shameless theatrics on CNN or MSNBC or ... any fucking other place but Republican shit fountains.

Everyone angry? afraid? groupthinking? (oh wait, groups don't think)


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d6rB says
ORANGE MAN HITLER crowd would not get their daily emotional orgasm reading the article.

ORANGE MAN MUSSOLINI is far more accurate
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truth to power
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As if reverse racism is the bigger problem than racism.
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Quigley says
You will be literally dumber and less informed by reading this sort of “news.”

This sort of awareness is needed towards the nutter-right wing propaganda empire.

On the other hand, this Yahoo article was never intended to be news, rather opinion, or op-ed featuring twitters. They must have decided this screed would get a lot of clicks from the snowflakes who decry reverse racism as a bigger problem than racism.

"You will be literally dumber" works fast in this case so I'll go further and say that opinion in the form of prose is far different from nationally syndicated and distributed program of lies and misguidance like you see and hear on Fox and radio affiliates PLUS the emotional stimulus is proven to be addicting too.
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Days later, Southern Baptist leaders rejected nearly every proposed reform.
The abusers haven't stopped. They've hurt hundreds more.
... implored them to consider prevention policies like those adopted by faiths that include the Catholic Church.

The statistic is that the rate of abuses in the Baptist Churches is much higher than in the Catholic Church.

Still, the wrongs that were done in the Catholic clergy are bigger news because the Catholic church is a bigger institution and that makes more clicks. TV news harp on those too and make it into a national focus. (probably to deter people from looking at the ongoing betrayal of the public trusts by elected representatives, the quiet wars we are always waging internationally on behalf of the rich particularly the oil-rich)
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This AOC air time is crucial to keep us dogs from barking at the stuff that Trump is in there to accomplish for himself and those with more wealth and power: our taxes go to the rich, our healthcare, our banks, our schools, our political processes, our elections, our infrastructure, our national parks, in the background of the Trump circus by people like DeVos, Tillerman, Mnuchin, Chao, Perry and the rest of the wrecking crew accomplishing the fascist transformation of Libertarian's FOOLISH dreams shutting everything down that doesn’t exclusively benefit the rich.

The more distraction and infighting, the more progress goes on for the libertarian oligarch activists unchallenged.

Anything anti-white male? Let's talk about it all day and night.

Fox announcers hypnotize you with their tits and legs imagining what hides up in there, they cry real tears, the flag waves behind them and the titles gleam and sparkle.

Hannity comes on and rants that AOC is more of an existential threat to the human race than nukes and climate change. (which is not a threat to the rich but an already captured opportunity for increased gains)

Listen carefully and you can sound like an authoritarian too even if you sponge off your mom.
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Anything and everything distracting offers cover for the GOP agenda to hand over America to the dynastic few.

Okay democrats have sold out out here and there, sometimes between a rock and a hard place imposed by Republican opposition too don't forget, whose agenda is to let NOTHING ever happens that benefits the non-oligarchs.

The bastards are still hiding behind trickle down lies.

This outrage must be defeated at all costs. Shut the whole country down until we get money out of the driver's seat. It will be worth it even in the short run.

People must do something meaningful OR ELSE.

Whatever defeats the oligarchs MUST BE DONE NOW! Even if it includes LBGTQ and black rights whatever it takes.


At least those minorities are DOING SOMETHING!


They are not getting ignored. It may irritate you but LOOK, they are making a difference. It proves that something can be done.

Imagine if we all started focusing on pushing back against money.

TERROR in the upper echelons!

Most of what oligarchs fund and do is to prevent EXACTLY THAT pushing back against money from ever happening.
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Any situation where kids are placed into the hands of authority figures is a set up for abuse that must be closely watched and controlled.

Molesters sneak their way into these authority situations and act as if they would never ever harm a fly.

All of them, not just churches.

It's a sickness of the entire human race.
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Now the Baptists are begging to be controlled because they are rejecting reform.

Are people going to let them get away with that?

Maybe, huh?

It sucks but people are too busy paying their debts and keeping themselves from trouble already.
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Quigley says
The bit about Fox was completely irrelevant “whataboutism,”

No you missed the central point about literally getting dumber the more you consume, and it is an addiction, the culmination of Roger Ailes evil tactics since Nixon's day and a lot of the expressions and tactics he invented in the 60s is carried forward to the present with Fox and radio affiliates.

The 24/7 paid national media empire of Fox and radio affiliates is absolutely unparalleled in modern times. You can talk about other networks that have found they must poke at emotional weakness to hold viewers but the vertical integration of the propaganda is nowhere like it is with Fox.

Fox exists to wage PYSOPS on America with AGITPROP tactics and unparalleled reach and vertical integration.

Nothing comes close.

"whataboutism?" how about some key situational awareness?

The scope of deliberate disinformation and deceit has absolutely hurt America's democracy and voting.

The ad nauseum of the lies make useful fiction true and voters act upon that because they believe in those sexy babes with the tears, the waving flags behind them, the surly monologues by agitators like Beck and Hannity.

It's a daily system. It's national. All the proven tactics are brought to bear. The alternate reality. The isolation of Fox viewers from other sources. The lies are perpetual and repeated ad nauseum systematically. The appeals to fear. The creation of enemy.

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From the link:

“The liberal elite” is a concept created by Richard Nixon’s campaign during his bid for presidency in 1960. Feminists who were advocating for workplace equality; black people who were working to end racist violence, segregation, and laws against interracial marriage; and anti-war demonstrators who were weary of the war in Vietnam were making white men uneasy, so the Nixon campaign began branding those activists and their sympathizers as “the liberal elite.” Good old hardworking white men like Nixon were the real Americans, and the “liberal elite” were a threat to a traditional, God-approved, Founding Fathers-sanctioned way of life.
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After we get rid of Trump, the GOP will use debt once again to shut down government if they are still allowed to exist.
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No, nobody remembers,

because there is AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Immigrant crisis at the border, commentary on those issues and news hour is over.

Kakistocracy says
Remember when Trump said Clinton would raise the debt if she was elected?

Remember when he said Hillary will be under constant investigation if elected?

Remember his official campaign launch address promises ?

•In his official campaign launch address, Trump promised to “reduce our $18 trillion in debt,” which will not happen if annual deficits hit $1 trillion in two years.

•On the campaign trail, Trump said he would “freeze the budget,” which has certainly not happened.

•Shortly before his inauguration, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he would “balance the budget very quickly… I think over a five-year period. And I don’t know, maybe I could even surprise you.”

•Previous to that, in March 2016, he told Bob Woodward that he could get rid of the debt “fairly quickly.” When pressed, he said, “Well, I would say over a period of eight years.” Since Trump took office, his own budget director called that promise “hyperbole.”

•Trump asse...
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marcus says
'm just an observer of reality.

Keep up the good work.

The snowflakes can sure dish it out, but they can't take it.
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Just make sure the republicans are defeated.

Democrats too, okay.

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the idea that you have freedom of choice

You do.

You can demonstrate, you can strike, you can become active in the communities, you can commit civil disobedience. You can refuse to blow money, you can unite, stop having kids, get by as off the grid as possible.

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Whatabout Hillary Clinton's emails and Ocasio-Cortez' tits?

Got meme?

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