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Cab Calloway Orchestra adaptation to an artful Betty Boop cartoon banned for being too sexually explicit. “The Old Man In The Mountain”.

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willywonka says
Gaslighting, noun: To challenge the logical faculties of a liberal, typically a person of limited faculties. Derivation: intended as a more appealing sounding name for the outing of stupid people, the term is a defensive euphemism, like affirmative action, which is a defensive euphemism for racism.

Lies to build a dream on.

Dream of a right wing that has not lost their minds.
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NuttBoxer says
the power behind the state isn't automatically wielded by anyone making six figures.
Consider that the main services of local police is to come guns a blazing at the beck and call of local stores and business.

All the rest they do is to pay for that service.
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WookieMan says
Careful my friend. Your envy doesn't mean someone "deserves" to die dude. That's sick logic.
Not your friend. Regulate yourself.

Pity the rich, they need so much. They are miserable. They are angry.
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WookieMan says
By your wealthy person logic, gays and priests should be executed.
Some people get a litle stupider with every word they read, are you like that?
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WookieMan says
those people are creating sick monsters that are fucked up mentally the rest of their lives and shoot up schools
Wildly non-sequitur

The FBI has been studying why is it that white American males shoot up schools when other countries do not suffer such a problem even though they have access to firearms.

Your assertion about mass shootings is unfounded as it is unnecessary.

You really shouldn't feel so inclined to assert such tripe. Why do you do that?

Desperation. Frustration. Rage. For 20 years since Greenspan’s clarifying statement that our economy is built on worker instability. We have outrage based radio 24/7. Jobs are steadily being sent away. People have lost the expectations of having a stable home and a retirement.
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I guess the donor class is so happy with Trump, like Reagan, they don't care if he's mentally competent or not. These presidents do their little act, they keep people focused on their little act and the entire show off camera transfers all the wealth to the top. So no problem here.
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... the [Mueller] report lays out a clear blueprint for an impeachment process, wherein the House decides on charges, and, if a House majority votes to impeach, the Senate then serves as judge and jury.

Impeachment doesn't stop him from being put on trial for criminal charges when he is no longer in the office of president.
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If you're going to do stupid, you may as well do it in the biggest way which means claiming yourself a genius for it.

Haven't you learned anything from your cult demigod?

Scientists: Ocean Temperatures Rising Faster Than Previously Thought

More news: shit is brown, but I'm not going to devote a lot of time to talk about it.
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Notice that the pledge only states economic requirements expected of all Liberal candidates.

This is the subject that the nuvo-fascists, in conservative sheep's clothing, seek to sqwelch all discussion of with endless stories about abortions and tranny bathrooms, etc., etc., etc.,
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Guaranteed that if we don't knock down Trump, the next president is going to abuse the office the same or worse, emoluments and all.
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Quigley says
How do you even justify the statement?
The video explains all that
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HeadSet says
jazz_music says
Guaranteed that if we don't knock down Trump, the next president is going to abuse the office the same or worse, emoluments and all.

You cannot be serious. Hillary had a series of $250k speaking fees from banks and others, plus Bill's $500k speaking fees, plus Clinton Foundation "donors" all pre-selling influence to donors that were sure she would be President. Notice how no one will pay either squat anymore.

Please list any financial benefits Trump has received from being President.
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triggered AF

Trump deranged TDS


They predicted Trump would not win! Woah unto them and a curse upon their children! Die Die Die!
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When the Republican party started it was liberal.

All the way up to 1963 when they concocted their scheme to capture votes of racists, religious charlatans, war industry, and now a new cheat every day even including creating a post-truth world of their corrupt propaganda.

All with the power of billions per year, people dare not speak openly to each other.


Republicans are low life.

Stretching the stock market run a little longer is no justification. Those profits are being taken out of circulation, and out of the economy, not causing any real growth in employment.
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Trump is so much of this and GOP are nothing but a crime syndicate.
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Onvacation says
jazz_music says
the Republican Party must disband

Good thing our president is rino.
Even the economy sucks under the current regime, all except for stocks which are serving as a powerful means of extraction from the economy. Those jobs numbers are all low pay short lived workers mostly. The numbers of people who have given up are unprecedented.
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Onvacation says
Still recovering from Obamas steep slide.
once you start gifting our tax monies and special laws written by businesses they pull back until they get another Republican so they can get that easy money flowing again.

But it's a crooked scheme to wait for an administration that will screw us royally and not really "business" per se.

Add to that the desire to break affordable health care which was actually a gift to us taxpayers and again business boycott and wait for a better crook.

In any case the good long term jobs are disappearing and the temp low pay jobs make headlines disguised up all pretty to motivate people to invest and blow more money.

Even Morgan Stanley has published these facts which are away from the mainstream tripe for the kiddies to swill down. In reality business conditions are as bad or worse than they were in 2008, partisan blaming doesn't really work. All that partisan crap is for suckers anyways.

Even Thomas Jefferson saw where we are headed is we ever got distracted from fighting the forces of financial dominance:
“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

And then Reagan came along with the curse of his Powell Memorandum as soon as he got in there and god only knows how much dementia he had but he could still read his lines and sell the shit too.

Trickle down was such a lie they had to cover it with 24/7 propaganda.
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Onvacation says
the inevitable result of socialism.
You only disagree because you have the right vocational skills and are located in the center of high compensation employment. --it's a big country. Most of it is an industrial wasteland and you can't really disagree with that, so now what? These kids can be cops or soldiers, teachers or work for city hall and that is it.

There's only socialism for the rich.

I explained above why labor participation went down during the Obama economy. the wealthy organized a typical boycott against a democrat administration and then a temper tantrum boycott against us getting any health insurance even while we are not working for them. they absolutely were furious over that BECAUSE their greed dictates that all benefits of all tax money goes to corporate gifting. They tried to make Obama give up on that but he outsmarted them by pushing Freedom Foundation’s Republicans stupid plan (RomneyCare) and he even came up with a way to pay for it, which Trump sabotaged as soon as he could.
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We have a triumph of crybaby conservatives who got an administration that promotes white supremacy, authoritarianism, and like all the others before him does the opposite of his campaign platform.

Because corporatists are the deep state,

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini
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That ‘s exactly why a rich asshole is president.

Deep state put a nigger in office to prove that their security can’t be beat.

From now on the aristocracy will rule directly. Our votes don’t matter because the media plays us all and when Assange exposed the truth, those spoiled pricks got to make an example of him as a warning to all whistle blowers. Wait ‘til you see what happens to Assange in that special West Virginia court. He won’t be allowed to reveal any of the fuckups Wikileaks exposed, and it will be over in a flash. The penalty will be horrific.

Propaganda has 63% of Americans against Assange, no other country comes close to half that much.

You are not going to have truth in America. So there is no democracy either, there can’t be. You got democratic formality with no substance to it.
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mell says

BS. You don't have a single instance of proof of this administration promoting white supremacy.
Ahh hahahaha

Okay got you yep
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mell says
What does this diatribe have to do with the fact that Dems ...That?


That’s just safe bullshit to keep the slaves divided against each other.

Don’t go asking where the money went now. All that talk is serious business, you’ll get a bullseye painted on your back.
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That would be good because we don’t need any future president to get the idea he can pull this shit and get away with it ever again.

Did you know the bastard’s got a team of corporate lobbyists rewriting the constitution already.
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Amell says
jazz_music says
mell says

BS. You don't have a single instance of proof of this administration promoting white supremacy.
Ahh hahahaha

Okay got you yep

So you were joking about the white supremacy part
No not at all, laughing at you for the denial
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Trump cucks got the TDS for real.

Poor cultists can’t stand without their phony hero LOL

At what point exactly do you say Trump stopped being a lying cheating effeminate whining piece of weasel shit? LOL

You got TDS.
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Too bad conservative kids got no political party to join because Republicans sure as shit do not represent anything conservative.

There should be a conservative party, but there is an any fucking conservative party.

You should start one after you get done blowing up the Republican Party.
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You’re one of these clowns who always says “so what you are saying is ...”

And then you get it all fucked up on purpose.

What do you do that?
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The If you don’t have the truth then you have no democracy. With the empire America has a really have a dictatorship with democratic theatre.

Why else would every president do exactly the opposite thing that they said they would do when they were campaigning? There is a deep state, it’s those hundred or so families that own controlling interest in the biggest stocks. They’ve all reached the status of dynasty now.

Assange is a hero and he should be celebrated by honest working people for exposing the truth against the wishes of of lying bureaucracy.

"I wouldn't call it fascism exactly, but a political system nominally controlled by an irresponsible, dumbed down electorate who are manipulated by dishonest, cynical, controlled mass media that dispense the propaganda of a corrupt political establishment can hardly be described as democracy either" - : Edward Zehr
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Patrol cops frequently are steroid users but they are protected from us finding out.

The way it is.

About 25% of them, but they are frequently the police who are on patrol.
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Like TDS, we're all sick of him.
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This is bad outcome for Trump, this is a simple thing that happened while Trump is HEADING TO ORLANDO.

For a few years now I commented that lies are essentially an insult, the article takes greatest issue with lies.

A few of you guys would always demand me to give proof that Trump lied. Like that was the most important thing. Like unless you can prove he lied he didn’t lie. Even with proof you can always say the facts are false so ha ha I made you waste your time.

No more Mr. nice guy. Fool me once etc. etc. That’s how that works.
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So that’s what happens when someone says that emperor has no clothes. They go to the trash.

Love to the big liar.

Funny weird how Trump cries underdog yet he uses the cable “news” haha largest viewing audience to make every turd he dropped look like golden. Then Breitbart on top of that and all those Limbaugh and wannabes on radio. All 24/7.

Trump comes to Orlando, this newspaper is perfect.

Trump is the lying shit that shovels wealth to the wealthy robbing the rest of us.
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Weird comment there for a news non-comedy item that is featured on multiple credible bureaus sites and TV.

Do you not get around much?

I’ll do the apologies LOL thanks anyway.
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Hmm, it would be surprising to see Trump NOT cave in this time to the war wealthy.
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FUCK YOU right back at all y’all

You know who you are

Devil worshippers
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Bubble boy say mah trump eeus mah truth
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It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled —jazz_music

In fact, it’s so easy that even Trump can do it with the help of Fox, Breitbart and talk radio hacks.

It only costs a billion or so per year to stop people from getting anywhere so a few cunty assholes can continue getting everything.

Such a deal, in fact.
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Irritating traits like that can get handed down from mother or father to son.

Young Baron Clownface VonFuckschtick probably was raised by women who laid around the house going through one mood and the next with their episodic dramas which justified the bitchiness and shittiness they constantly dole out to everyone around them as they endure their constant health and beauty therapies ad nauseum.

Ergo Trump learned how to prevail in all those things where playing the victim can work.

Cunty ain’t it?
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CNN fake news!
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