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Benghazi Benghazi
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Ahhhhhh, anti-Trump

no no no

down vote down vote, hahahaaaaaaa
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Quigley says
as workers get bigger paychecks, more job opportunities, feel more secure, and have less nuclear war to worry about.

Bwaaa hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa


Watch Fox listen to Limbaugh read Drudge and Breitbart and this is the great big wonderful reality.

Bwaaa hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa
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Quigley says
I’m happy that you finally agree!

Aaaaa hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa
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justme says
policing is not even in the top 10 most dangerous professions.

It was number 17 on the list.

And as armed to the teeth they are, as protected by policy as they are, as fitted with body armor they come as a gang of cowards who shoot pets, kill thousands per year no questions asked, indulge in sadistic pleasures, and carry plastic guns in case they shoot you unarmed. If it wasn't for the British press they would still be hiding that truth from you, with the help of the FBI who won't report the statistic on civilian shootings.

Annnnnnnd Its REALLY all your fault because you won't stand on your hind legs and do something to save yourself. You just stand there waving your flag with your pathetic "thoughts and prayers"
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Well she will pay a price for that lack of scruples then, won't she?

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lostand confused says
Oh really you from the Mueller team

Ok smartass what have they leaked so far?
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It's the inequality, stupid

The final major risk factor for addiction is economic insecurity and poverty, particularly unemployment and the hopelessness, social marginalization and lack of structure that often accompany it. For example, heroin addiction rates among people who make less than $20,000 a year are 3.4 times higher than in people who make over $50,000. To those who study the effects of inequality on health, it is no coincidence that the collapse of the white middle class has been accompanied by a rise in all types of addictions, but especially addiction to opioids.

It just collapsed, no particular reason. We were all just standing around and one fine day BOOM, the middle class collapsed. I didn't do it, honest.

Gee! is this why greed is a deadly sin since 2000 years ago?

How long ago did the story of the goose that lays the golden eggs get written?

Why do these historical bits of wisdom not matter?
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bob2356 says
Simply amazing the things I learn here at patnet.

These are widely accepted amongst Fox viewers, Limbaugh audience, and readers of Breitbart and Drudge. They should be, they conspire together their stories daily to suit GOP talking points updates.

Is Sinclair TV hawking this story too?

Those repeating these stories feel smarter by the hour to get the latest scandals to spread.
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What was the purpose of the leak?

To Trump up some reason to stop investigating president dumpster fire, Baron Fuckface von Clownstick, das GropenFuhrer, cheeto jesus, the longest lived and most expensive tornado in history.
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P N Dr Lo R says
Feux Follets says
when the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies
It's a pretty good indication we're on the right track.

People who don't the GENIUS in that must violently ram their heads into walls over and over again SCREAMING those magic words

"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
"When the whole world is in opposition to your ideology and policies it's a pretty good indication we're on the right track."
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Quigley says
Nominated for the stupidest post of the year!
You’re beating out the Captain, Feux! Way to be!

He must be a moron if he thinks anyone is going to go for a long read MUCH LESS devote some analysis to a philosophical assertion that is not even aired by any one of the REAL NEWS channels, those supporting our glorious and exaulted leader Baron Fuckface von Clownstick, das GropenFuhrer.

Much more likely to dance the goose step like those talented north Koreans screaming out "HEIL TRUMP HEIL TRUMP HEIL TRUMP HEIL TRUMP HEIL TRUMP"

... in waves right down Main Street.
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marcus says
Trump SAYS he wants to change these things, to get elected. Period.

That is the Trump phenomenon, saying exactly what the other party is dying to hear him say.

Trump NEVER FAILS to say that thing what ever it is. Five minutes later the whole episode never existed with him.
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WarrenTheApe says
vast crowds that showed up but were photoshopped out


So Trump is really the only one you can trust and all others are to be dismissed and attacked.

WOW. There is not one photo of his audience at his April 28 rally in Michigan which Trump's media obligatorily claimed repeatedly claimed was "huge." In fact, the only audience you could see was on camera behind him. Do you realize they were there and Trump PLANNED IT so he had had his butt to them during the whole show LOL LOL LOL.

Some people got pwned so bad by Trump. It is reminiscent of a Stockholm's syndrome effect.

Some think every thing he's done and said has been either great or someone else's fault. They are not even embarrassed about saying it either!!!

When you become hostile to facts you give away your freedom for the sake of protecting the dream that's been beaten into you.

Historically a Facist regime will take hold in such an environment.

Liberals are .... as despicable as critical thinking.

Look at that teeny tiny slice of government spending that goes to poor people. They are the whole reason for your wage compression!!!

Dream the fascist dream. Great sacrifices will be required in order for the grand and glorious future to be materialized that is for damn sure, COUNT ON IT, so keep protecting that pimp! It's not cheap to trim that private jet in chinchilla and to get decent gold toilets either.
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WarrenTheApe says
Talk about putting the suffix '-tard' in the word 'Libtard'.

How do you conclude that this racist is liberal?

Is any anti-caucasion a liberal?

Since when did that become the same thing.

I agree, when a liberal says something racist that is kind of newsworthy. Latch on to anything like this with great desperation. It might make the alt-right look sane by comparison as they follow their racist, sexist, xenophobic dream where glorification of billionaires is the end all be all to the world.
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WHITE MALE right wing brotherhood
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No, it's time to stop obsessing on Trump and start looking at the GOP wrecking crew off stage shutting down any part of the government that helps out working families, while Trump keeps the spotlight focused on him with new lies and scandals to gossip about.
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@ Feux Follets your Korean song made me think of Paul Simon's hit "American Tune" in the way that it builds, except he is using a guitar and playing more full than the piano in the Korean recording, to his concept by comparison, it's dynamics.

Paul Simon's "American Tune" builds up to a dream vision of his own dying and then his soul flying over the Statue Of Liberty as he longs for returning to his home town (evidently New York) which he misses since he is on the road.

So, in other words, the Korean song gives me ideas.
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This is a super well done rendition by a complete unknown soloist guitarist using an approach that no other previous musicians ever thought of using WITH a custom guitar that beats the hell out of playing on a Gibson box. --he makes it look easy and, I mean, just listen to that tone!!!

Listen to that cool technique with the harmonics at 0:23.

With rehearsal and a coach, or maybe just mirror, he could lose that suicidal expression he gets on his face. LOL

Anyway he is really something special. I see the movie fails to show his name, but his name is

Mark Kleinhaut,

and there is more of him on YouTube if you are interested.
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Political Correctness is yet another scam. It's like gaslighting for all good right wing bromancers to decry the extremes of the stereotypes of gender and race politics playing out in universities.

The fucking teardrop eagle meme with the fucking flag in the background --THAT'S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

Memes with phony heart wrenching stories of the soldier --THAT'S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

The kind of social justice the alt reich wing neckbeards scream about is in actuality a solid tactic for people to try and get along AND


so they can maybe unite against the creeping takedown of democracy that has been happening for 40 years now and counting.

But ohh muh Trump I believes in him, he's right for me and so is the GOP.

But oh noooo, we have to waste all our time insulting each other, mustn't succumb to these SJWs. Must keep the rebel flag flying proudly and SO MUCH OTHER HORSE SHIT.

As Trump holds the spotlight on him with a different outrage every news cycle, the Republicans go around off stage shutting down any part of government that might give comfort or justice to the working man. --It feels like the end game is here when money power completely destroys NOT ONLY THE FREEDOMS, but the stability, the dignity and oh yes even longevity of American life expectations. Federal budget goes into the stratosphere while the DECENT jobs leave the country, vanishing more now than ever, welcome to migrant temp life baby. Better get a fucking RV.

Nobody can stand up for the loss of quality in America because their 401k is at risk and they are in too much debt and every fucking thing besides working insane hours is a slippery slope to financial doom.

Because there were choices involved we are not allowed to call it slavery.

The stock market and the police are happy because they always win.

And speculators that rely on jobs can get shook loose from their "investments" any time the .1% decide that the timing to take them all down, like candy from babes, is optimal.

Together we have all the power. We've been letting this all happen to us now for 40 years.

And so the rich man's lies rule. PERIOD. You get to be a good-time-Charlie, maybe you can even get on a talk radio show or Fox.

Politically correct means YOU BELIEVE THE OFFICIAL LIES. Put on a good front.

Justice Powell figured this all out in his 1971 memorandum that served as a blueprint of the corporations call to arms EVER SINCE.

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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

And that right there is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.
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When Mueller is finished, what will his polls numbers be?

Pray, pray, pray, that when Mueller is finished, Trump is finished, and people start looking at what has been befalling them

They only want to hear of their salvation while putting in those extended work weeks while their representatives crucify them.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Who cares? He's fucking GOD!

You cunts don't deserve his GOD!like power and glory.

The fucking universe was invented for him to destroy.

Only as ASSHOLE! woudn't understand that fundamental truth.

That is political correctness again.

You must be from Texas!
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bob2356 says
This from the trumpets who have been telling us all along how polls are meaningless. You can't have it both ways.

America so deserves what has been happening to it.

Ok I'll tell you, I'm retired, and now I'm kind of enjoying my sidelines seat for the destruction of my fellow men for being such easy marks. --so easy!
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It costs nothing to run ads.

The corporations run the ads seasonally year in and year out regardless of whether they intend to fill the positions or not, they need to keep their list fresh at all times.

Every pathetic store about to close has a NOW HIRING sign stuck in the window.

Most of those opportunities will remain open no matter what happens.

They could all be from one guy wanting to get his dick sucked, hahaha.
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drB6 says

Poisoning the well with that bullshit doesn't work with anyone any more.

The smart people insist on getting something too, and not just give all to the corporations and wealthy.

So if government is so widely taught as being bad at everything they do, then why do the wealthy greatly expand the budget trillions beyond what debt we can ever service? Why seek to monopolize it with tens of thousands of lobbyists when in the 1950's 175 total lobbyists was plenty?

Insanely backward right wing foundations, they all cost us PLENTY from our taxes, the bastards teach that its great to kill us geese laying golden eggs because they still got foreigners to work for them and sell to them and they can always get more cops and armies.

Those bullshit foundations, Heritage Foundation, Harry Bradley Foundation, the Koch Foundation, the Castle Rock Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation. Their corrupting bullshit "teaching machines" were ramped up to full speed even before Reagan took office.

They got half the country running around trying to teach the other half that they are sooooo smart because they all want to have their throats cut financially. That zombie Reagan shit. More and more as social issues are spun around backwards by the right they create life-or-death situations for hard working people.

They were already cranking out buffoons such as Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Michael Savage: all total corporate shills from this teaching machine that produced an increasingly poisonous culture not just to liberalism, but to the formative culture that makes an aspiring to democracy possible.

This presence of this ideological infrastructure extending from the media to other sites of popular education suggests the need for a new kind of debate, one that is not limited to isolated issues such as health care, but is more broad-based and fundamental, a debate about how power, inequality and money constrict the educational, economic and political conditions that make democracy possible.

The screaming harpies and mindless public relations "intellectuals" that dominate the media today are not the problem; it is the conditions that give rise to the institutions that put them in place, finance them and drown out other voices. What must be clear is that this threat to creating a critically informed citizenry is not merely a crisis of communication and language, but about the ways in which money and power create the educational conditions that make a mockery out of debate while hijacking any vestige of democracy.

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Can't you wrong-wingers see your jacked up ideologies in APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch's little parodies???

There are revelations in those little quips.
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Revolutionary, yeah I get it.

Like the whole rest of the civilized world is not already doing this.
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Moving 2 thousand miles will cost you 10 to 20 thousand if you do it all yourself U-Haul and with some pick up laborers, but they will damage your shit too.

If you are in your 20's or don't have a lot of stuff then I don't know how cheap it would be. A small U Haul is all you need maybe with a car carrier and the gas mileage will be way better.

May as well get used to moving if you live outside of a sprawl like Los Angeles area because engineering jobs are designed to dry up after 2 or so years now.
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BLM doesn't need this asshole to redefine their message.

QED British accents actually can sound stupid. Wow

In America almost all crime is the result of economic desperation. People need to have something to hope for for their families if you expect them not to burn shit down and scream about it.

Ever been to a tropical country where the people that have a nice government job, or government contractor job, have to live inside barbed wire fortresses and the corrugated shanties sprawl out over the hillsides?

A lot of people with lucrative employment vacation in such places or a week of regal luxury by the sea, ahhhh by the sea. The ads are just heavenly.

Better destinations are enjoyed by people who live in better countries who have not completely laid down for the right wing lies that make our inequality continue to spiral out of control.
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The fat prick is golfing again bilking us taxpayers.

TRUMP GOLF COUNT: 108. Cost to Taxpayer: At least $67,350,726

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Patrick says
Fake news, OMFG. It's real, and it's here,

It's got Trump access because they agreed to broadcast what he says with no commentary.

Then there is Trump's own media too, not counting Breitbart, Drudge, InfoWars, Fox, etc., etc.

People want 401k to go up and to hold on to their jobs and health insurance a little longer, if they can get that, they will put up with everything else you do to them and call it MAGA.

If they are not working for high pay, don't speculate on stocks, or not rich, they are to be hounded to death.
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mell says
not think that you're intellectually superior

You are what you eat. If you REALLY cared that people think you are ignorant and gullible you wouldn't insult them with bullshit from Fox, Limbaugh, Drudge, Breitbart, etc., etc., etc., ... and all those ideologies are straight from GOP bullshit foundations, Heritage Foundation, Harry Bradley Foundation, the Koch Foundation, the Castle Rock Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation. Their corrupting bullshit "teaching machines" were ramped up to full speed even before Reagan took office.


You don't know what is real from what serves your masters do you? Hahahaha

You might have been reasonably sophisticated before you opted to consume this oligarch shit in daily doses because you got a job and 401k right now and feel pretty smug about that. hahahaha Having a commute is no excuse to fall under the spell of those radio hosts pushing your buttons. Oh is it? Then you deserve ridicule until you

Your supervisor may still have a use for you if you are young, accommodating, underpaid, and are a good fuck-weasel, but your day is coming, pal.

Open your vestigial eyes. hahahaha

Said oligarchs got half the country running around trying to teach the other half that they are sooooo smart because they all want to have their throats cut financially. LOL LOL LOL That's zombie Reagan shit that's probably causing oligarchs to spill their cigar ash even as we read here.

More and more as social issues are spun around backwards by the wrong=right they CONSTANTLY create life-or-death situations for hard working people. OOPS, pretty hard to argue with that!

Quigley says
but it’s proving To be exculpatory!

according to who? where? what?

I hope you feel so special.
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Booger says
They have visions of free shit that dance like sugar plums in their brains. Makes them pliable to all manner of unjustified resentments and righteousness.

Memes make people feel so clever, no really, see?
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Ceffer says
They have visions of free shit that dance like sugar

This exemplifies a meme that is promoted by those bullshit foundations.

What you are doing is demonizing the taxpayers for having a self interest that puts the benefit of corporations subordinate to the benefit of those who comprise the electorate.

This "Free shit" meme is again toxic and the result of vile propaganda that exists to condemn any and all from self interest apart from corporations which seek to control all government if not to own it outright, otherwise why would they employ tens of thousands of lobbyists? For a government that can't do anything right? Fucking a bucko, it's thier crooked money that is the reason why government gets spun around against every single fucking thing we vote for.

So what next?

We are just supposed to fucking give up and hand everything over to corporations?

Oh yes, that's the ticket. No one's ever going to call you "ignorant and gullible" for advocating that particular form of suicide.

Can you fucking even imagine an America that is not brought to its knees by the same corporations that were allowed to exist to serve them????
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I'll miss making them look like fools.

I stay away because it hurts to see people this way.

I comment, that is all, because I can't help it sometimes.

I feel a need to plant seeds like the need to believe in the existence of a meritocracy, belief in the corporation having the high ground are memes that the corporations tend to internally each and every day and they act as if there really are rewards for believers, if they just believe hard enough, but that's where corporate greed takes over and penetrates the charade.

Moral high ground, meritocracy ... these are the cornerstone lies that get the younger generations to resonate with the corporate message of domination as if it were a righteous thing and not the road to serfdom and defeat as a population.


Just offstage in the quasi-blithe secrecy of management there are the planners who administrate the real corporate values, the value that lower wages is the ultimate qualification anyone could ever possess, and that you WILL BE preached to assume a sense of partnership and entrepreneurship until you are all kicked out of there the moment it becomes feasible. Hahahaha suckers!

Good luck all you poor babies. Have another cup of coffee. Don't spill on the nice carpet. Oh wait, the nice carpet is only in the executive offices area. hahahahhaa. Mind you don't take too many cardboard boxes, they are expensive!!!

Lower wages is one area where the rich kids get to dominate the work place and hold on to steady jobs the way that the hard workers fuck up every single time. Rich kids don't really care about a high rate of pay. It doesn't matter to them because mom and dad helped them into their house, handed down their cars too, put that pool in their yard, and helped them now and then when financial trouble came along, and then there is that trust money too.
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Quigley says
marcus says
Proof: The outright and total inability to distinguish between outright lies and fantasies versus facts and reality.

Clearly English is not your thing. This is neither a proof, nor even a sentence! In fact, I suspect we all are a little dumber for having read it.

Anyone need someone to explain the comment because they've been consuming the media contrived to render their audiences more inept each time they listen?
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marcus says
Edvard sums it up very well, and Mell is right, it is sad.

It may be more than sad. There is no guarantee the human race survives this massive build up of nuclear arms. Not just nuclear accidents but Trump claims to develop small enough nuclear weapons to use in battles.

What contractor would ever refuse even the blackest money? --I can promise you that NONE of them would do that. This IS an amoral world.

Also there is no guarantee the human race survives this administration's policies of deliberate exacerbation of global warming, already people are dying from the climate change in certain places and maybe more than we now realize. The party line is absolutely criminal way beyond the poor people that end up dying from deliberately heightened scarcity of life necessities.

A huge culling of the human race can occur. These bosses know that too and they wash their hands on inhuman ideological grounds.

Trillions for oil, spoils of war, greater empire and decency gets murdered again every day.

People outlive their money and they freeze to death. It happens. Don't be surprised.

People take drugs and die. No surprise there either, yet when people do it they act like it can't happen.

We can deflect an asteroid now but this IS an amoral world, and there is no power in the universe that can save us from getting exactly what we deserve from our collective actions as a human race where decency gets murdered out of existence. Anyone could go on about lots of other over-the-top outrageousness that reigns over us all.

So make your peace.


Lay low.

Try to be good to each other.

Do what you can when you can.
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The irony of Trump is truly not to be underestimated.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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