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Leaders of tards.

Ever had a follower?

Not even any tards?

Why not?
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Quigley says
This article is sadly par for the Jazz course. A waste of everyone’s time.


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Fox and radio propagandists has been gaslighting us cult outsiders as violent for at least 3 months now.

Clearly this is happening because they see the damages to the right wing image and NRA agenda with all the school shootings, militias and hate groups. All right wing madmen.
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From the interesting link above to CNN
Given his previous comments advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Whitaker should recuse himself from its oversight for the duration of his time as acting attorney general," Schumer said.

I have forgotten how many indictments came out of the Mueller investigation. They are listed.
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To serve in this conservative government one must be both a liar and a crook. The liar requirement sets an extremely low bar but the bona fide crooked requirement is a little trickier to substantiate while still walking a free man.
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You are repeating lies designed to play down the damages to GOP’s image, and the NRA, and their fucked up agendas despite of all of the shootings that you right wing loonies keep perpetrating.

GOP Gaslighting Old Perps LOL

They exist to invert reality.
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. Stop throwing shit at the walls and trying to make it stick.

I get that my question is so politically incorrect for the audience as to be intolerable.

So um, thoughts and prayers for ya.

307th mass shooting this year and here comes the high-stress holiday season still.
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FortWayneIndiana says
fake news buddy, horrible photoshop too. 0/2 Jazz.

on his last social media post he posted angry rant about Trump and 2nd amendment before going off on his shooting spree.

What do you know?

What did he say about Trump?

What did he say about the second amendment?

What is the basis of your assessment?

Why concern yourself over the image itself?

What is your point, that it displeases you? I knew that much before I posted my question.
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@Quigly you condone 90% of the mass shootings.
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jazz_music says
I get that my question is so politically incorrect for the audience as to be intolerable

What question was that, remind me.

Read the OP. Notice question marks especially in the first sentences of paragraphs.
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jazz_music says
307th mass shooting this year

Care to share the whole list of 307 mass shootings this year?

Why would I?
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jazz_music says
jazz_music says
307th mass shooting this year

Care to share the whole list of 307 mass shootings this year?

Why would I?

To prove you didn't lie?

I didn’t lie, and I’m also not interested in arguing that number.
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FortWayneIndiana says
307 is also fake news. You are so bad at it.

Oh yeah? How am I so bad at it? Just exactly what you think I did? Why am I the subject?

You can look it up too. Why the displeasure over this number? I didn’t make that number up. It’s a number that different sources defined differently and that’s why I don’t want to argue about whether it’s the magic number.

I don’t want to focus on whether 300 200 or 50 shootings per year is correct or good or bad or whatever there is no official definition anyway.

By the way what do you know that forms the basis for your assessment?
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@FortWayneIndiana now offer a comment with substance and on topic.
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OK now can we talk about the OP or are we just taking orders from troll boys?
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Fire departments are socialist unless they financially burn to the ground any homeowners whose house they save.
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Troll boys spouting

And then they want smarter people to do research for them
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Being able to look that up was a test and you fucking failed
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Maybe Billy Gibbons got ripped off by Trump “University”
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After all, aren’t a lot of celebs Scientologists?
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Here is the last portion of the article
Research like MacLean’s provides hope that toxic ideas like Buchanan’s may finally begin to face public scrutiny. Yet at this very moment, the Kochs’ State Policy Network and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group that connects corporate agents to conservative lawmakers to produce legislation, are involved in projects that the Trump-obsessed media hardly notices, like pumping money into state judicial races. Their aim is to stack the legal deck against Americans in ways that MacLean argues may have even bigger effects than Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling which unleashed unlimited corporate spending on American politics. The goal is to create a judiciary that will interpret the Constitution in favor of corporations and the wealthy in ways that Buchanan would have heartily approved.

“The United States is now at one of those historic forks in the road whose outcome will prove as fateful as those of the 1860s, the 1930s, and the 1960s,” writes MacLean. “To value liberty for the wealthy minority above all else and enshrine it in the nation’s governing rules, as Calhoun and Buchanan both called for and the Koch network is achieving, play by play, is to consent to an oligarchy in all but the outer husk of representative form.”

Liberal core ideology is villainized 24/7 and strawmanned to create divisions and destroy any possibility of clarity of purpose among those to be cast into slavery.
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FortWayneIndiana says
My bet is either George Soros or Tom Steiner. Those liberal billionnaires act like they own the planet.

Nothing to do with the linked article which should be considered cause to unite all of us against a plan 40 years running to cast us into slavery.
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dr6B says
jazz_music says


The seriousness of our situation cannot be emphasized enough: His supporters are blind to the overarching plans by 0.1% of us to cast the rest of us into a new slavery which none of us will like, even Trump supporters.
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dr6B says
And if Hillary would have been elected it would have been all fine and dandy...it is just a coincidence that Big Money gave her much more money than to Trump and that banksters paid her millions in speaking fees.

But nobody ever said that, you are talking about someone who holds no office.

I would have been activist against the direction government is taking us for sure.

What is the point of all these strawman comments every day here?

The agenda of the Democratic Party is not as anti-99% IMO, that is not to say that it is good enough, since this country needs to be turned around to once again exist for the majority of us.

That’s a big change that is not going to happen by electing someone.
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Trump rallys people. That’s what he does more than anything else.

I guarantee he goes a great length to figure out what each audience is wanting to hear before he says a word to them.

And then he takes that information and pushes it to the stratosphere with outrageous lies, and the audience goes crazy for it.

No not all politicians do this don’t kid yourself, this is a major con job such as we’ve never seen.
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Power is a negotiation like any other. Both sides want something from each other.

Our luck will change when enough of us get TOGETHER and decide that it makes more sense to grind against our masters than each other.

It’s more profitable to farm people than beasts, that is the basis of our strength.

What do they want from us then? What can we withhold so much that our masters will look back to a more profitable time.

It really got their attention in the 60’s when a lot of us refused to fight their war. It seems they solved that by making it progressively more expensive to live so that people were more preoccupied with survival and they made the fate of poverty to be much more terrible.

I know they want workers who work long hours out of fear alone. Save your money. Stop “investing” which is actually speculating since we are all pikers anyway. —you are there to get taken. Boycott Christmas and expensive vacations, buy only used cars. Cook your food, you will live longer too. Cut out all that unecessary driving. Make stuff and sell it. They want us to blow our money on various big ticket items. They want us to sign contracts with various rentiers. They want women to keep having babies. We can expatriate, this is happening now.

They want us to be suspicious strangers to each other so they don’t have to worry about what we could be planning.

The only reason they haven’t slammed the stock market worse than they have is they want everybody to feel real good about it while they push you all off of expensive defined benefit pensions. Don’t get me wrong, your money can still be revalued downwards as a part of a bank bail in. There is no guarantee that gold will hold it’s value either. There’s no real reason gold kept going up.

Those are the elements. Be politically active in your community. Volunteer. Help spread the word. Prefer family owned businesses. Demonstrate, boycott.

Our problem is as old as the human race and the answers haven’t changed much.
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That’s what is meant by “activism.”

That’s the blueprint for social change.

Now that you’ve seen it you can be happy. More than happy, you can add to these suggestions which is important too because not all forms of activism are right for everyone, but freedom is still not free.

It’s plain to see that as a people we have to stop being such pushovers. We have to do what it takes to drive a harder bargain because they have been getting away with bullshitting us all about trickledown for too many decades now.

That’s one point that must be made abundantly clear. Welcome to the great awakening.
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In the 1930s are fathers went through hell to get the unions and the new deal.

Social change has happened and it can happen again, that’s why they invest so much in keeping is distracted and divided and outraged at all the wrong things.
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What about Hillary?

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi

Emails! Emails!


I hate Pelosi but I don’t know why!

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Seriously though the link highlighted some hum-dingers, hilarious, certainly if you’re not a cult member.

If you are then refer back to my first comment above.
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marcus says
Who were these people that bought Trumps bullshit. seriously, who ?

I’m not discounting Tim’s comment, but this article is an interesting commentary on your question. So many interesting points are made. Here is just one:

Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric was uniquely combined with a rejection of the business-centric consensus on trade and immigration. Virtually every major Republican, including all of the presidential candidates, had made assurances to cut social spending. Trump stood apart by offering a particular right-wing blend of populism and economic promises once associated with the Democratic Party. His brash rhetoric and willingness to ostracize minorities was part and parcel of his style of populism, which blended demagoguery about perceived outsiders with anger over inequality and lopsided economic policy.

The research paper, however, notes that future Democratic candidates should take heed that economic distress still motivates large swaths of the American electorate.

“Fundamentally, these guys [the Democrats] lost votes because the voters could not tell the difference between the two parties, they lost votes because people wanted relief from imports, they didn’t want globalization,”

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More from the above link:

The study repeatedly cites political theorist Hannah Arendt’s “alliance between the mob and capital,” the idea that powerful elites exploit widespread economic discontent and channel anger away from economic reform and toward social scapegoats.

Trump harnessed economic distress to blame minorities and immigrants for the nation’s woes. But he was certainly not the only billionaire using this strategy. The Koch brothers and other major donors have long channeled anger about the economy at religious and ethnic minorities. The small set of Super PACs and dark money groups that funded the late-election surge in pro-Trump advertising, along with the media conglomerates that gave Trump promotional coverage worth billions of dollars during the election, also certainly fit the mould of elite influence over the election. The “alliance between mob and capital,” the authors write, may be at the heart of Trump’s election victory.
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Trump supporters just fell for the oldest con job there is, basically they took their cow to town and sold it to some dirty low down crooked bastard for his bag of magic beans.

Now they run around trying to convince the rest of us that there are magic bean stalks everywhere ... but that’s still a fairy tale.

They look exactly like that dumb assed kid in the story.
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Lock her up!
Lock her up!
Lock her up!
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WineHorror1 says
Hey Jazz,

Can you copy/paste the 5 worst ones that cause you the most Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome please?

I don’t defend, that’s a tactically weak move, so you go ahead and list some that make you want to smoke Trumps little weiner, um, please. ;-)

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