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@anonymous Out Of Limits must have been made for a movie originally because how else would they end up with this orchestration, really oddball percussions and French horns. A bizarre orchestration for a standard surf band with combo organ. The percussions are mechanical castanets and triangle. Because why go out of your way to learn to play castanets the way the dancers do it when you can just beat on a bracket?

And the end result was an iconic smash hit of the surf era. --unforgettable sound.

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I was 10 years old. Sam Cooke was before my time but amazingly great. I heard my 10 years older brother playing his record changer.

Great voice, great songwriter. Nice arrangements too. Almost all saxophone horns with baritone lead OMG! You can hear the trumpet only on the intro and one chorus which is very unusual.

Remember they had to get the mix by varying the musician's relative physical locations.
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Probably our first woman president, if she's also a white supremacist.
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This is all fake news.

"AltLeft" doesn't even exist: Trump dreamed it up while he was on camera praising the Nazis at Charleston

On the other hand, Alt Right does exist, has infrastructure, leadership, and overarching agendas.

Alt Right has a near monopoly on violence in the US.

TwoScoopsMcGee has issues that he soothes every day by spreading propaganda to shill for American oligarchs.

Does this make him look as if he is one of them?

Fuck no, the cops would be on him like fire ants if he ever showed up among them.
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jazz_music says
You computer scientists seem to be the most critical resource of all employment nowadays.

And when I say "You computer scientists" I mean particularly you who have cross discipline knowledge, language skills, project lead experience, maybe even a project manager cert.

Y'all can do more than make bank, you can put together a political block that has paradigm changing potentials. Management knows this and is hyper vigilant against any possibility of this ever happening so that is what you are up against. The rewards are possible back end money, perqs, percentage ownership, treatment like you are first class.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some reason not to burn you out and kick you out ASAP into feast and famine?

Imagine if y'all could have gotten special terms in NAFTA the way doctors and lawyers did. It would be a different world right now.

The incentives are different today in the 1930's it was all about "stop killing us on the job, dammit" but plenty of people are still getting killed on the job and they have ways to make it their own fault too now so the companies get away clean.
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Prosperity gospel believers, so like Donald Trump believers. Once you fall or it you can only keep doubling down from there on out denying everything just like him who sold it to you.

So here's the Young Turks on snake oil salesmen and their private jets they "need." Of course Trump's jet is the biggest one of all. And the resorts that gouge us pay him.
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These guys never get beaten and killed by their victims do they?

This guy actually changed his name to "Dollar," Creflo Dollar.

the healing video should start around 1:31:00 watch him make nonsense gobledeegook talk to the supposed demons in these suckers.

just shameless the prosperity gospel and dangerous too.
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Joel Fucking Osteen in Houston is another prosperity bible salesman with the largest congregation in America.

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Kenneth Copeland: Christians Who Don’t Vote For Trump Are ‘Going To Be Guilty Of Murder’

All birds of a feather.
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mell says
And cops are not trained well in deescalation.

Blame society LOL
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I edit my posts as I think further

Apologies if that causes frustrations.
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Now that 5 families own 99% of the media they have the option of treating the entire country like a small town and limit visibility profoundly to any and all dissent.
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mell says
That sad side effect is another leftist "invention".

So you feel that the conservative left are more culpable than the conservative right for social disfunction.

Ok. You can think that if you like.

You can also change that too if you try.
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Really the best thing the system can do, they cry about inconsolably, is to connect with the citizenry. Make an alliance WHERE POWER IS ACTUALLY SHARED by revue.

Civil oversight, but no, what we get is civil forfeiture and warrantless search based on anonymous tips: this shit is social cancer and shows that power is metastasized across the entire country.
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TV show, oldie but goodie:

Faith Healers Debunked - James Randi
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Peter Popoff was also debunked by James Randi for using a wireless transmitter and his wife during showtime.
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Some faith healer tricks exposed
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This is the dawning of the age of aquariums ; )
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You know the AltLeft is Trump. Is he the klan president?
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His trolls will destroy North Korea from bedrooms and basements all over Murika. They will have their own reality and their own facts which only they will know and agree upon.

They'll snarky and meme North Korea into the dirt. They will bring in unrelated topics and personal attack.

Kim Jong Un's only hope will be to deploy hordes of really irritating North Korean women to nag and bitch forcing the trolls off their computers while N Korean forces use the break from commenting to launch their nuclear missile strike.

Trump will be golfing at unprecedented cost to the taxpayers when the missiles strike.

Melania's heels will elevate her sufficiently to save her from the blast effects, but that will make her ass stick way out.
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anonymous says
I have no dea what he's talking about.

Start by catching up on political talk radio every day, visit Infowars and Breitbart and you'll finally get him, "his" reality, "his" facts.

Same with TPB.
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Dan8267 says
Once more piggy demonstrates that climate change deniers are liars.

And the usual horde of gleeful trolls swarm to welcome his return to topical hell where "real" and "unreal" gets replaced by "alt right" versus "not alt right."
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Kim Jong Un appears to be vying for better terms and conditions for North Korea using similar tactics as race advocates of American ghettos.

The crazy talk is "tin horn dictator" theater time same as Trump, who caves in for anyone who laws down the bottom line to him.
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Dan8267 says
if only he had brains to go with them.

And if only he wasn't such a sissy when he tries to bully his bluffs might not be quite so transparent or ludicrous.
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You don't think America and Americans are already kind of icky?

Visiting foreigners mostly show more couth, class, scruples, culture, principles and even self-awareness.

Some foreigners have not been under attack as we have by dogs of neo-liberalism and the shameless cry for carefully guided free markets to rule us all.

Without sacrificing all on the alter of share holder value a more decent society continues to exist, and it shows in the people's demeanor.
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The linked article points out several key issues that mark unfortunate turning points in America. Americans have been destabilized over 35 years now starting with Nixon with the attack on the working class and their ability to have needs met by working and eventually retire. Everybody lacking pension got a mandatory part time job as a speculator in equities, deluded to think that they are now like the wealthy, and share the same concerns, but the wealthy trade using superior information, superior ability to act on information and use a superior platform for their actions. The working class likes to deny that they can wake up and find over half of their savings gone. And the same on the next day will happen when the time is optimal for the taking.

So anesthetized, deluded, divided, and some fallen, are we that ALL OF THE WARNINGS of the more populist leaders in our past have gone unheeded, warnings about the military industrial complex, warnings about the banks, warnings about the southern evangelists for example. The gains of the labor movement that brought us NOT ONLY PENSIONS, but paid days off, 8 hour days and weekends are all but erased.

gone from “burdened,” to “squeezed” to “dying.”

... much of the low-wage sector has little influence over public policy. Check. The high-income sector will keep wages down in the other sector to provide cheap labor for its businesses. Check. Social control is used to keep the low-wage sector from challenging the policies favored by the high-income sector. Mass incarceration – check. The primary goal of the richest members of the high-income sector is to lower taxes. Check. Social and economic mobility is low. Check.

... Johnson’s War on Poverty was replaced by Nixon’s War on Drugs, which sectioned off many members of the low-wage sector, disproportionately black, into prisons. Politicians increasingly influenced by the FTE sector turned from public-spirited universalism to free-market individualism.

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NuttBoxer says
political agenda of that do nothing movement is taxing us back to pre-industrialization.

Is that how you fail to look at the neocons?

You look at those who have the least voice and bounce around in the service economy and call them parasites?
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Some foreigners have not been under attack as we have by dogs of neo-liberalism and the shameless cry for carefully guided free markets to rule us all.

Without sacrificing all on the alter of share holder value a more decent society continues to exist, and it shows in the people's demeanor.
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anonymous says
Hubris is what got us into the messes we are in

Once foreign leaders start refusing American terms our CIA makes sure they start running into trouble until we end up with
1. Foreign leaders cooperative to our military presence,
2. cheap oil for oil companies,
3. crushing debts to our banks,
4. forced to sell their infrastructure to our capitalists
5. market growth for our franchises

Notice that Trump's infrastructure plan is a simple bringing home of the same tactics we have been using to squeeze profit from debtor nations?

Our right wing media is another bringing home of well rehearsed CIA PSYOPS tactics used to control nations with resources and advantages our capitalists and pentagon desire.
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Just imagine, many visitors have no problem getting health care. They can retire too. They have very little in common with us unless you consider doctors, lawyers, landlords and remaining civil service and union workers.

They can even lose their job and be assured of some minimum level of survival.

Many can afford to be decent, have some awareness of their cultural heritage and place a fair value on that.

That is the bottom line.

If you can't afford to be decent then you must be a greedy grasping desperate American.

Even then our professional class is obsessed with climbing the ladder to emerge as parasitically rich by speculating. Their relatively high income gives them visibility to the life of ease that remains just out of reach.
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Peter P says
Perhaps AGW will relieve this stress and save the world in the long run.

Ahh the bliss of mass destruction. Smoke-tint window guarded transport awaits your landing at the world's exclusive mountain top luxury resorts and yacht harbors.


Thoughts and prayers.

Oh the humanity

Oh shall we visit the spa before we dine in the master suite again?
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anonymous, self revelation is my least favorite use of patrick.net.

Go ahead though and feel free to disclose your whole situation to this audience, or any portion you feel good about. You might select a name and an avatar you like.

Ask other people how self disclosure worked for them.

Alt-Left was created by Trump on August 15 defending white supremacists in Charlottesville: it appears the alt left makes their living by lying to vast audiences of highly impressionable white people. I'll let you know if I find out any updated information on the alt left, best obtained through the horse's mouth.
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anonymous says
Just list occupation

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He's like W, never accused of talking down to anyone. But he's the chatty Cathy doll.

His cabinet with GS and Exxon Mobil are giving him his marching orders. America's top diplomat is from Exxon Mobil. Goldman Sachs holds the majority of influence on his cabinet.

Trump just loves to be the one lying to everybody is all. America is his greatest conquest.
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BTW my banning is currently not functioning too.

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I see Strategist's comments

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@me123 oh christ another new troll


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So is this Strategist's homepage now?

Was the reason the site came down to defeat banning the fucking trolls?

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Strategist says

Education never hurts.

How educated are you? You never advertised that.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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