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mell says

bullshit fake news. Everybody knows that.

Wow, what an opinion!

mell says

it is truly close to zero for white/right-wing attacks. Whereas for the usual suspects it is sky high.

Wow again

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mell says

the lamestream media is trying to fudge them.

they just want money. Their daily orders come from oligarchy, Fox and talk radio from GOP

What about the FBI?

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Fucking White Male says

do you find it coincidental that you've posted about how emotional the right wing thought process is while you've got ample evidence here of hundreds of leftists acting out in the emotional manner possible?

There does appear to be a smear campaign that looks like an ironic tactic from the Trump administration to divert criticism.

Aka the "Whatabout" tactic.

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Fucking White Male says

You sound like TPB.

You like him.

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SpecialSnowflake says

I don't see it.

That is the link, and there are links on that page to FBI reports

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The Catholic Church didn't molest anyone I ever heard of and I went through 12 years of Catholic school.

I understand that these crimes happened and that they are horrible and that the Vatican's reaction, in part, was to shield the church from repercussions but all this seems sensationalized since none of it has touched the life of anyone I ever knew.

Do you know what I am saying?

And the uk web site linked above exists in England, a country that is based on top-down anti-Catholic derivative of the Catholic Church.

Should I believe that no such crimes ever happened in the Anglican Church? or that they have just not been allowed to surface?

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@curious2 thinks it better to talk about Islamic extremists. No comment on 254 deaths from domestic terrorism.

@SpecialSnowflake and @mell are interested in raw data only, but only if a convenient link is provided, and so they can make their own report. --IOW not seriously interested

Here is the OP
jazz_music says

just focus on right wing violence for a minute and recognize that it really is a threat.

There are right wing militias, right wing secret societies, you see a blatant culture of violence proudly on display very commonly, who do you think is buying these guns all the time? Why was KKK rekindled in the thousands during the Obama era?

The 254 dead don't count because ... not enough proof and you don't like the web site.

Trump wants to distract from right wing violence.

You want to distract from right wing violence.

curious2 says

Last year alone, Muslims killed 50 at Orlando Pulse

you might alternately categorize that as a terrorist act by closeted gays.

curious2 says

Also, regarding focus, Muslims' beliefs are

you just really do not want to consider right wing as a terror threat at all.

curious2 says

hijrah has become the fashionable identitarian "liberal" thing to do,

you have a special definition of "liberal" I prefer John Locke's definition.

Didn't plan to pee in your cornflakes, buttercup.

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How about this?

Is this fake news too?

10 May 2017
(U//FOUO) White Supremacist Extremism Poses Persistent Threat of Lethal Violence

Look it up

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OFFICIALLY not only is this one not a "Muslim" terrorist attack, but also the attack last week in Barcelona is now not a "Muslim" terrorist attack either.

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WookieMan says

The thousands? Really? I'd love proof of that.

god it's so easy to find too.

maybe someone will look it up for you!

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WineHorror says

A sovereign citizen is a right wing extremist? By whose authority has this been determined?

read the link

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WineHorror says

how can you look at yourself in the mirror now!!

yeah now that the subject has been changed I feel just horrible about some people.

Maybe I'll work on the capabilities to "feel shamed on demand."

It could save an opponent from having to make a comment on topic when they can't.

I will start by counting up all the fucks I give about you.

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WookieMan says

Who cares?

They were kind of dying out until the Obama era.

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curious2 says

When KKK or Nazis gather in the west, the left protests. When Muslims gather, the "left" celebrates. Why does the left not protest consistently? Racism: the "left" protests the white Nazis, but celebrates the mostly brown Nazis.

What a convoluted hyperbole!

curious2 says

Pick a round number, like 20 years,

And right wing terrorism is a threat in more than our country even.

The focus of this thread is "focus on right wing violence for a minute and recognize that it really is a threat."


To safeguard our nation from future acts of terrorism, a constant awareness of right-wing extremist beliefs, activities, and adherents must be maintained. Public safety officials must be aware of the heroes and martyrs of the radical right and the catalytic events that may result in future acts of terrorism. Individuals committing criminal activities associated with the proliferation of right-wing extremist activities must be investigated and, if sufficient evidence is present, effectively adjudicated. The threat posed by the radical right may seem dormant, but the ideas that promote violence against the government and other perceived enemies remain a constant danger. Developing sufficient and timely intelligence will be important in avoiding future catastrophic incidents of terrorism perpetrated by right-wing extremists.

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WineHorror says

A sovereign citizen is a right wing extremist? By whose authority has this been determined?

Yes, sovereign citizen is a right wing extremist movement under investigation by multi-agency enforcement.


This article asks if the threat of violence by right-wing extremists, including their possible deployment of weapons of mass destruction, has been neutralized. Information to better understand the level of threat posed by right-wing groups includes the need to understand their ideology and history, along with a review of past and present individuals who influenced the growth and development of the radical right, including the following groups: Christian Identity; militias; Sovereign Citizens, Freemen, and Common Law Courts; Ku Klux Klan; neo-Nazis; and Skinheads.

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TwoScoopsMcGee says

Another fake assigned to Right Wing Terror was

Fake news, fake data. Why?

BTW both the recent crash death in Marseille and the deaths in Barcelona are now shown to NOT be Muslim terrorism.

How about that?

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steverbeaver says

daily kos which I recall seeing has a record for hyper-partisan

I understand your question but Daily Kos is not completely hyper partisan. Exaggeration and spin yeah but the daily bullshit is owned by Fox, Limbaugh, talk radio bullies, Cato Foundation, Heritage foundation, and so many alt right sites like InfoWorld, Breitbart on and on.

Disingenuous sounds more like commenters.

If you can't stand the thought of reading the link I understand, but it's not Daily Kos' data. There is the DHS link and JOINT INTELLIGENCE REPORT TO TRUMP
10 May 2017 too, but you can read it when you navigate to any one of a few sites.

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WineHorror says

Is this one of your examples of right wing extremism?

I don't know. One link says disturbed individual or something

The Barcelona announcement came on PBS News Hour and I realize that it contradicts so many reports so far.

Maybe tomorrow there will be widespread news about Barcelona. Let's see.

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Fucking White Male says

MattTabbibi is a drug addict who actively lies

Says Goldman Sachs? Does he have cooties and smell bad too?

What you say sounds suspicious like standard character assassination any time you speak truth to power.

In 2008, Taibbi was awarded the National Magazine Award in the category "Columns and Commentary" for his Rolling Stone columns. He won a Sidney Award in 2009 for his article "The Great American Bubble Machine."

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WookieMan says

The membership of the KKK is going to fluctuate up and down

Up especially in the last 3 year apparently:

The organized Ku Klux Klan movement saw a boost in its membership in 2017.

In fact more than half of today's Klans formed in the last three years.

Some 42 different Klan groups were active in 22 states as of June 2017, a slight increase from early 2016, according to a report from the Anti-Defamation League, a nonpartisan civil rights advocacy group.

A lot of writers are quoting the SPLC data. On the brighter side, Klan membership is not as growing as greatly as it seemed the last time I looked up the subject.

But east of the Mississippi fuckin' A, it's a whole different country.

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drBu says

their interpretations/assignment, which is partisan beyond any reason

Accurately said, the Daily Kos exists to appeal to a broadly anti-Republican audience. That doesn't mean they never have anything good to read, it means that when you read you apply a big filter, like with RT, like with Al Jazeera, and many more.

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drBu says

Austin individual Stack who flew airplane into IRS building:

Your cry "full of shit" is unfounded.

surrounding himself with like-minded zealots may have been just as dangerous in the long run. In his insightful FBI study "The Lethal Triad," Dr. Kevin Gilmartin describes intellectual isolation as a key factor when extremists lash out violently. It's counterintuitive, but joining certain groups can be more isolating than living alone. Stack found a group that encouraged and validated the idea of avoiding taxation, which might have been difficult for him to sustain on his own.

Joseph Stack does fall into the right wing category of domestic terrorism.

Domestic right-wing terrorist groups often adhere to the principles of racial supremacy and embrace antigovernment, antiregulatory beliefs. Generally, extremist right-wing groups engage in activity that is protected by constitutional guarantees of free speech and assembly. Law enforcement becomes involved when the volatile talk of these groups transgresses into unlawful action.

On the national level, formal right-wing hate groups, such as the National Alliance, the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) and the Aryan Nations, represent a continuing terrorist threat. Although efforts have been made by some extremist groups to reduce openly racist rhetoric in order to appeal to a broader segment of the population and to focus increased attention on antigovernment sentiment, racism-based hatred remains an integral component of these groups’ core orientations.

Right-wing groups continue to represent a serious terrorist threat. Two of the seven planned acts of terrorism prevented in 1999 were potentially large-scale, high-casualty attacks being planned by organized right-wing extremist groups.

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drBu says
I am not saying that there is no right wing terrorism

There not only is right wing terrorism, but it is an increasing problem.
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drBu says
Gavin Eugene Long
anti-government extremist movements direct their anger at the government and there have always been people of color in these movements.
Indeed, the sovereign citizen movement in particular has unfortunately seen particularly strong growth within the African-American community in recent years. Two of the sovereign-citizen related incidents on this list, the LaPlace, Louisiana, shootings in 2012 and the Columbus, Ohio, bomb-making attempt in 2016, involved African-Americans. Two incidents not included on this list involved extremists who were primarily black nationalists but who had secondary sovereign citizen affiliations: the 2014 plot by two men to blow up the Gateway Arch and kill law enforcement officials in St. Louis, Missouri, and the 2016 deadly ambush killings of three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The militia movement has spent much of its history trying to distance itself from accusations of racism or white supremacy but in recent years much of the movement has willingly embraced a particular type of bigotry: anti-Muslim hatred. This Islamophobia has taken numerous forms, from armed protests in front of mosques to a major terrorist plot in October 2016 in Garden City, Kansas, where three militia members were arrested in connection with an alleged plot to blow up an apartment complex that primarily housed Muslim Somali-American residents. The militia movement could produce more such terror attempts aimed at Muslims in the future.
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Once we get Trump out of office we need to legally claw back the wealth he used the presidency to gain.

Get some criminal prosecutions going too.
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Strategist says

Has the revolution started? Taking awful long.

explain yourself.

you have to start focusing on something other than me.

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BlueSardine says

Real change takes generations, not administration to administration.

Wrong, the descent to fascist tyranny is fast and unstoppable unless the people keep asserting themselves vigilantly.

That is what time it is. This is the edge of the great fall. When the black swan event arrives, any emergency really, the people will be reeling from the blow, the swoop will be almost impossible to stop.

Look at what we have for a government today:

... the supposed radical, populist president who promised to return governing power to the ordinary citizens is now firmly in the vice of a corporate-military cabal.

Look at Trump's cabinet. Apart from the three generals, Kelly, McMaster and Mattis, the other key posts are run by an ex-oil CEO, Rex Tillerson at the State Department, and former Wall Street executives, Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Gary Cohn as national economic adviser, and Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary.

This combination of military and industrial corporatism at the executive level of government is a definition of a fascist state. Combine that with a malleable megalomaniac who is willing to betray his allies and voter base, and that makes for a dangerous cabal.

Trump's readiness to go to war in Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran and to give license to the Pentagon to step up its air force slaughter in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen are all signals of how far this presidency has degenerated.

But it is Trump's brazen backtracking on Afghanistan that most transparently shows his unscrupulous character and just how much the Pentagon has taken control over this presidency.

With all the media restriction and alternate media Trump has set up the "Department of Unamerican Activities" could shut down all dissenting media in one night with one of the elite forces and the state media would fill the void seamlessly the next day.

BOOM! tyranny. What are you going to do with armed forces controlling traffic intersections, just for appearances to let you know that everything is under control, or they might need to talk to you if you don't scan good.

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errc says




Are all controlled by Republicans

Media counts as power in a big way. The world's most centralized capitalists control every message we hear. That's why it is so important to claim that it is liberal, that way the resistance can't exist. Everybody everywhere "knows" those 5-6 billionaire families are liberals. And don't forget to mention George Soros, the father of all evil.

All we need now is an emergency to trigger the shut down of all criticism and other Unamerican publications. The world's power is already seated on the president's staff he will do as told when necessary.

Everyone sees this now.

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errc says

A lot of good all those guns did in the hands of the Great Americans that spoke out constantly against the left!

They were doing what they were told they had to do to remain in the click that wins all the time hahaha.

You can't commute listening to music all the time anyways so you may as well learn to crucify anything that could possibly free you.

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WookieMan says

Membership in this group is increasing.

Your link is to a group of performance artists of Star Wars fanatics who organize instruction and public gatherings FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

This is purely recreation.

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WookieMan says

Why are so many people, so easily distracted from the REAL problems at hand?

Because sudden overnight descent into fascist tyranny may well be at hand, the set up is there, all it takes is the will of the enemies within and any emergency to launch into it and boom no more fake news overnight, Trump approved only. Expanded militarization of police is not for no reason and neither is set up of all these "special" media outlets that Trump approves of.

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epitaph says

Trump already proved that polling is a fancy word for lies.

Raw data is right there so you can read it and make lies, you should enjoy that.

Did you see how few people attended his rally in Phoenix? and the thousands protesting him outside? ... and the photoshop poorly faked pictures his supporters are posting to lie about how many attended?

What about that black guy in the background? Did you read about his story? Wow lies deception, spin, wealth and power.

Are you a white supremacist too?

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So are you a Shi'ite alt right Republican or a Sunni alt right Republican? The Shi'ite Republicans are not as inbred and murderous as the Sunni.

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c0nfused says


It's a good question because White supremacists are so delighted with Trump they, like you, regard anything against him as lies.

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WorkInProgress says


The OP is crying Wolf, Wolf, Wolf. Oh man, you guys never sleep or something?


Gee, how does this look in english?

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TwoScoopsMcGee says

the AltLeft

The AltLeft only exists because you have knowingly been parroting Trump all week ever since he spoke of some fine people on the side of White Supremacy.

Do YOU have have to be servile to that outrageous huckster Trump? False facts are not working for Trump, why do you think they are working for you? Expecting to succeed by insulting people's intelligence just shows naivety. This is why Trump stands naked in front of the world as a buffoon. Are you not capable of feeling embarrassed either?

Why is it the people that think they are the only one who has a brain and can think are the ones that don't think?

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mell says

If you leave the leftoid echo-chamber

What is left wing about my statements?

I have standards about what I read. I don't read emotional appeals to patriotism or any of that. I don't excuse lies because my tribe is validated. I read lots of sources, and yeah I get email from Daily Kos even though I understand their anti-Republican mission because I too am anti-Republican, but if you knew what you were talking about you would know that that stance does not identify me as left wing. You don't know the difference between liberal and left.

mell says

There is, however a strong-trend towards left-wing, identity-politics (based on "feelings") authoritarianism/fascism.

That is not only false the words literally have no meaning to them.

There are feminists, blacks, Latinos and LGBTQ demonstrating over their grievances. Some laws have been passed to favor their grievances. Sorry if that irks you but these things are not real important when you look at the rhetoric about nuclear war, healthcare, the corporatism, gigs instead of job security, loss of the environment, corrupt practices, loss of real education opportunity and the rising prevalence of vocational training and the expense.

Strong? They have militias too? Their numbers are greater than the White Supremacists who advocate killing, hating, and suppressing jews, and many other minorities? Do they have representation in our executive branch of government too? Does the president grant privilege to their media?

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Patrick says
This seems very wrong to me. No matter what you think about the confederacy, when the entire oligopoly is suppressing freedom of expression, it's very scary.

Get or make an ISIS flag or better yet a NAZI flag! Oh hey wait ... can you get a flag for Trump? How about Goldman Sachs or Koch brothers?

Well you can still get a kit to belch smoke out of a pickup truck smokestack. Some things are still sacred.
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jazz_music says
ever since the Democrats abandoned their representation of working people in favor of non-stop identity politics