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BayAreaObserver says
they are willing to overlook that to put another Republican in office

That billboard is the best seen in the rearview mirror! MAGA!
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Does anyone know what happens to a society when it doesn't enforce the rule of law?

Yeah, you get warlord policemen and disappearances.

You do get a real free market economy though, so that part is supposedly great.
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Black Matter Lives!
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Strategist says
If you know what comes out of the White House is outright lies, you must have a source for the real truth. Commie propaganda.
Stop reading communist propaganda. It's pathetic.

How did the subject get to be me?

Oh yeah, you saw your bubble challenged and yet again didn't have shit to say to the contrary BECAUSE YOU DON'T READ.
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FortWayne says
Well this does explain why left

The first thing preceding the great increase in extraction of value form America is the destruction of unions and regulation because those were the forces that regulated the systemic advantages in capitalism that guarantee ever-centralizing wealth and power.

All this wealth inequality is EXACTLY what is missing from Main Street USA today.

What USA had was NOT COMMUNISM, IT WAS REGULATION that mitigated the power of wealth to crush.

You are an extremist who perennially condemns and runs. You have IRRATIONAL FEARS to soothe as if they were your salvation.

Has humanity no importance to you?

Can you be so blind as to what has been stolen in the 40 years and where it went?

To the laughing lazy poor? --if you really think that you really need to pray for your lost soul.
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Strategist says
I'm a capitalist, remember?


You who patently try to glorify yourself and condemn others?

You have a government job and invest because of oligarchs at the top extracting the retirement benefits and stability of all.

You pretend to the throne of oppressive authority as your identity.

You cleave to online fellows exhibiting worst traits imaginable who aspire to dominate discussion and ennoble the rich who hide from the eyes of the families they squeeze the life out of.

Your equities give you an ego boost because the rug has not been pulled yet.

Your home's inflated resale value makes you feel immune to all harm.

Your smug act and callous assertions are more fragile than you admit.
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All the regulations that Reagan railed against are what allowed working families to have lives beyond work and debt.

Talk about bringing back regulations and watch the parrots start screaming COMMUNISM like the fools they all are.
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You guys need to get with reality which is that you may have a job now but you got more slippery slopes to deal with every day because it's the few at the top that are ripping off America's standard of living, not some lazy poor that you think exists in great numbers. We're lucky they don't kill more of us too and luck will run out as the heat gets turned up on us all.

Feeding the poor into chipper shredders is never going to solve your problems.
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mell says
Capitalism is far from perfect and there is a lot of cronyism/nepotism but what you fail to understand is that its amount of corruption pales in comparison to any other tried governing economic principles

No Roosevelt and Eisenhower had things way better under control and America became the envy of the world too.

mell says
capitalism has bankrupted almost every nation that ever challenged it

capitalism has bankrupted almost every nation that ever took aid from us the same way they are bankrupting America to the point where the people's government will soon go into receivership.

mell says
It's the fairest

BULL SHIT for parrots to squawk while the walls come tumbling down. Why would you do that? --because you got a job you are desperate to hang on to and you got some equities that need to save you in your old age because you got no pension.

mell says
strat should be proud

If he was proud he wouldn't feel the need to put people down and put himself on a pedestal hanging out here with snarky liars. --not so cute like he thinks that is

None of you parrots have time to read enough to see any truth. It's not easy to discern but it's doable if you see the need for some truth.
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Strategist says
I always feel the need to put down ideas that don't work. Communism, Islam, flat earther's etc. I enjoy it too, and have no intention of stopping. If you take it personal, that's your problem.

Oh so you just talk about issues, never personal.

Your lying is the issue here, and disregard for reality in favor of your indulgent self-soothing.

Delusions of grandeur.
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Strategist says
I'm extremely proud of being a capitalist. I was a capitalist even when I was dead broke.

LOL, this is an ignorant assertion. You could believe in royalty and that wouldn't make you an emperor.

It worked when there was democracy.
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Sniper says
those fake fantasy Russian stories.

Looking like Mueller has flipped Flynn, huh?

His lawyers won't talk to Fuckface von Clownstick's team any more. You know, das gropenfuhrer's boys.

Lie about something else now.
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Strategist says
"A boss was like a diaper. Always on your ass, and full of shit"

They are doing their job.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
somehow Trump is in control of mass propaganda.

Nothing but control the press since he came on the scene, enrich his family, escape prosecutions and roll over to GOP whims.

Everybody who knows Trump hates him and laughs at him.
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Quigley says
I’ll make this extremely simple for the socialists in the room.

Man that is too simple and stupid too. None of that has ever existed except in PROPAGANDA. Any and all government that has ever existed can be seen as socialist as long as you are getting overly simple and condescending.

Out of all the comments so far, the one other one that hasn't been personal was a blanket discredit of the source thereby excusing any and all reading of the offending material by EVERY STUPID PERSON.

You know, those are the people that refuse to see that capitalism has committed murder of our democracy and of our PARTICIPATIVE ECONOMY for want of regulations which were destroyed over the last 40 years thanks to the corruption of the inequality.

It's not rocket science to open your eyes to what is lost and that welfare queens didn't take it away. --Christ yeah it must be.
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Sniper says
Where do you come up with this delusional BS?

Multiple sources. Go to a search engine and type in "donald trump reputation"

“Those who read the press of their group and listen to the radio of their group are constantly reinforced in their allegiance. They learn more and more that their group is right, that its actions are justified; thus their beliefs are strengthened. At the same time, such propaganda contains elements of criticism and refutation of other groups, which will never be read or heard by a member of another group…This double foray on the part of propaganda, proving the excellence of one’s own group and the evilness of the others, produces an increasingly stringent partitioning of our society…Thus we see before our eyes how a world of closed minds establishes itself, a world in which everybody talks to himself, everybody constantly views his own certainty about himself and the wrongs done him by the Others – a world in which nobody listens to anybody else, everybody talks and nobody listens”
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Learn from history, read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." It is LONG but fantastic as you see how Hitler rose to power, legally, and quickly dismantled freedoms.

Read "The Gulag Archipelago" which tells the story of the Communist work camps. These two stories, of Hitler and Stalin’s tyrannies, must never be far from our mind.

Both Hitler and Stalin's regimes rise using HEAVY DEPENDENCE on the leading capitalists.

So your whitewash of some fictitious pristine capitalism is just silly.
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Strategist says
How can capitalism commit murder of democracy, when communism no democracy to begin with?
You have your vote, don't you? Communists have no voting.

You are off on a tangent again.

Strategist says
Yes, you need to learn from history. So when will you learn that communism is a total failure?

There's that tangent again.

I feel like ordering a glass of water and you say we don't have room for the ocean in here so pay attention. BTW those regulations Reagan and Nixon killed, we need them back, we need civil oversight to control enforcement, prosecution, prisons, and labor unions brought quality to working people's life so something like that again would be good, thanks.
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Very impressive watching fully grown people sell their cows to the big con man for his little bag of magic beans too.

Oh and that pizza-gate thing, Trump on Infowars to impeach Obama, and all the rest of the lock-her-up bullshit was really cute too, too bad it worked on you guys.

Now we got impeach, 25th Amendment or some sad consequences to face.

I'd like to say Trump is the third best president of 2017.
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Strategist says
Communists have no voting.

It's mandatory.

Where do you come up with this fairy tale?

I know it wasn't from reading the link, because nobody read the link or has any little issue with what is said there.
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jazz_music says
never-ending stream of falsifiable claims and outright lies that pour from the White House

Fact checkers cite 1628 lies from Trump in 298 days.
Every single one is available to comment on.
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At t-minus three days the limo driver from California was told he did not have the necessary permissions for his expedition. There was further disaster as he set off for the ghost town selected for the launch.

“Plus when we were actually ready to leave and go to Amboy the motorhome-slash-rocket launcher broke down in the driveway,” he said in a Youtube announcement.
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Reinstating the controls and regulations to bring back the America that used to be great is a do or die mandate for America. If that kind of thing is too left wing commie for you then fuck yourself.

Literally people are not forming households, the nation is converting to renters, jobs are temp, businesses are enjoying monopolistic priviledge in whole categories of commerce by forming "duopolies" which skirt the monopoly laws. Laws against monopolies aren't being enforced. Police, prosecutors, courts, prisons are out of control. We are constantly at war and while you blithely wave the flag, all the wealth which should be enriching our country goes into weapons makers and banks. The government operates at the behest of finance already there is no democracy, there is oligarchy for the benefit of plutocrats.

There is no excuse for you all to be so spineless about all this shit and blame those YOU SEE at the bottom you see in Walmart, it's fucking not them okay, it's the ones that hide in towers behind the tinted glass that have their own little armies to protect themselves and media to keep you calling each other names.

There really is no left wing in American politics right now. It is all corporatism. If Clinton won we should still have protested. Trump sort of won, so all that means is chaos and kleptocracy that is unnecessary shit we are all in.

You say there are SJWs and I guess there are but I don't see them and they're not on either. Really all that stuff pales in comparison to the real shit we are all in whether you believe it ro not.

Look at who is talking about "delusional" and you must be holding up a mirror. Be a man, try some reality.

You sound like a bunch of nasty old women the way you always go for the person with the message or where the message comes from. Call names, tell lies, tag team, laugh laugh laugh, win win win fucking grow up. This platform could be significant and good instead of sickening chicken shit games.

Shits and giggles.
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Strategist says
So your point is that people who are broke cannot be capitalist?

Of course the point is broke people lack capital.

Believing in empires does not mean you can be an emperor, you need lobbyists to achieve dynasty, construct market barriers, sell taxpayers things they paid for originally, gain subsidies to abuse and negate market forces. It takes capital to get representation, depress wages, being a good taxpayer doesn't cut it. Corporations are people, sociopathic people.
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lostand confused says

You want to lay partisan blame? Is that what you are trying to do?

If so, that is hysterical coming from a person who day and night supports the party that exists to drive down the cost of labor in every conceivable way.
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Quigley says
a statement that doesn’t even make sense

Statement should read as below:
People need to insist on representation because our fortunes are being forked over to donors, and what representatives want is protection from living under the same rule we live under.
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Here is additional evidence that the conservative media does knee-jerk saber rattling every time people try to get a livable wage.
Livable wage is anathema to the base of the Republican party who raise all sort of side issue smoke screens to get working people to support them. It's all bullshit for suckers not to realize that if they came together as a population they could win a better life FOR THEMSELVES!
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Here is a report over 70 years finding that there is no correlation between raising minimum wages and loss of jobs.
You people who support unlivable wage standards are causing social problems, if you didn't people could exert some limitations on centralizing wealth.
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NuttBoxer says
If there are NO ill effects, then let's make it a million dollars an hour! We'll all be rich!!!

This is almost as if you were making a point here.

70 years of policy was studied and that's your conclusion.

Good to know.
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Sniper says
What happened, did you miss all of these?

No, I called attention to an epic study that was distinguished and peer reviewed by scholars. Some other studies too, but not every study.

Also I am focusing on the core of conservative activism which is to decrease labor compensation, thereby increasing the pain of the working poor, and of course INCREASE inequality and the power and scope of enforcement coercion. Everything conservatives do looks like it leads to these ends. Especially the divisive emotional issues because if people were to unite and press for better jobs they would get somewhere and conservatives know that is fact.

The price we all pay for that is the slippery slope to sliding into poverty ourselves. Also crime, almost all crimes are financially motivated.

Trump himself is both a major distraction, a divider, and as he gets the majority hating him, hating football player protests, hating bathroom-usage issues they are not uniting to get better jobs. Trump makes a point out of lying and offending every day to remain the center of attention.

People can and have accomplished great things together. I remember a better America when Republicans were howling about the new deal. I want to take them back there and see more freedom which means less subsidy of corporations which will result in a freer market too. Some of those maxims are not completely bad if regulated with better choices available to working families.
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Ceffer says
"I put my hand ..."

There were no details given. What is the source of your quotes? Did you lie to get a laugh?
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FortWayne says
we got missile defense system, hopefully it works and is updated to latest greatest.

Yes we do. USA's system might be multi-type precision-strike low observable weapons orbiting the globe all the time too. Anything orbital will be hypersonic by definition, i.e. unstoppable with take off speed at Mach approx. 20 or greater.

Feel assured of MAD, (Mutually Assured Destruction) but a hypersonic weapon is likely unstoppable.

Anyway don't worry about Kim Jong Un and his ICBMs, those are just for negotiating a more favorable position.
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BayAreaObserver says
The new missile also has a speed of more than Mach 10

This is very very doubtful. I see no configurations in the link that look anywhere near Mach 10 capable, Mach 3 or 5 at the most.

They showed a high L/D wave-rider wind tunnel specimen but the laugh is that there is no wind tunnel on earth that is capable of anywhere near Mach 10. LOL engineering work is presented as real all the time. You remember Russia's copy-cat Space Shuttle Orbiter (full size model) that STILL has not flown to space? LOL LOL
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ROTFL I knew you guys would have no problem with what Flynn did, that is he lied about covert meetings in Trump tower with Russian ambassador ABOUT sanctions WITH Jared Kushner BEFORE the election ... nope, no problem at all there

Let's see, what can we say against the FBI? Pepe doesn't work there.

You even switched the subject to Clinton. ROTFLMAO LOL

Trump's a survivor alright. While Trump howls about Clinton like a stuck pig, finally he will leave far richer than he came, lawsuits all dismissed, family nicely set up, and once again American banks will do business with Trump. MAGA WIN WIN WIN
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Where's the fucking down votes already? Did this grab you by the pussy or something?
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LOL @Strategist fantasy of jazz_music.

You actually wrote that. LOL
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Tenpoundbass says
LOL There is no crime even if any of it is true. The crime here was Flynn for what ever reason wasn't forthcoming with Mueller.

Brian Ross on ABC News Special Report: Michael Flynn promised "full cooperation to the Mueller team" and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump "directed him to make contact with the Russians."

I know I know, "What about Hillary?"

Yeah, how much of our representative's time was devoted to investigating Benghazi?

How many millions did they spend investigating Benghazi?

What charges did they ever come up with?

How much time did Fox news, Limbaugh, Breitbart, Infowars etc etc etc devote to informing you about their damnation of her?

For what exactly?

In the end they came up with nothing but wasted money and time. But you are okay with that, this is your segue into your neverending diatribe about the deep state where you ignore the existence of thousands of lobbyists right in front of you so you can talk about mystery-man conspiracies.

Who will accept accountability for all the investigating Benghazi BULLSHIT???
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But what about Hillary?
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This is so far back in Elvis' career that they released this as Elvis Presley And The Jordanaires
Great sexy Christmas season tune still from Elvis
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This new Christmas Boogie from Joe Bonamassa is good and you can get a free download of it too if you follow the link and provide an email addy