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My buddy at work is flipping homes on the side. He buys low end homes (about 30-40k) puts 20k into them, and prices them just under 100k. Gone in a matter of days.
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Kakistocracy says
Not everyone catches the same breaks in life regardless of credentials.

Everyone has the same opportunity. Don't turn this into identity politics.

It's called working your ass off. Everyone has the ability to go to elementary school, high school, community college. FOR FUCKING FREE!

Anyone can have a nice standard of living - if they are willing to work for it. Period.

Kakistocracy says
Picking up and moving cross country on your own dime is not cheap.

You're missing the part where I went from nothing, to something in one of the most expensive areas in the country. Then got the hell out.

If you're stuck in Santa Cruz, go beg on the corner for $$, get a one way bus ticket to Kansas, get on some gov't assistance, and start putting your life together.

Life is what you make it.

Kakistocracy says

It really is that easy ? If that were so everyone would be an Olympic Athlete, Surgeon, Astronaut etc.

Your wrong.

To be an astronaut, surgeon or athlete, you have to work hard.

People don't want to work.

Hence, why people like candidates like Bernie and A.O.C.
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Kakistocracy says

joshuatrio says
Everyone has the same opportunity. Don't turn this into identity politics.

Bullshit - I did not bring up politics you did.

It was pretty obvious you were headed down that road when you stated this:

Kakistocracy says
Not everyone catches the same breaks in life regardless of credentials.
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Kakistocracy says

What does driving a 10 year old car and having a wife who is thrifty have to do with being able to retire ?

It's called living below your means. Uhhmmm, which is exactly what I said in my first comment.

Kakistocracy says

I did not bring up anything political but someone did - wonder who ?

I didn't accuse you of liking Bernie or AOC - I'm simply pointing out why candidates like them appeal to so many deadbeats, and why hard workers hate socialism.

Kakistocracy says

You can work your ass off all your life and one serious illness will undo all of that hard work.

Strawman. That's like saying a hermaphrodite is a third gender, when a hermaphrodite is really a genetic defect. LOL

There are ALWAYS going to be circumstances where things don't work out. You get hit by a car, a train, lose a job, 9/11, a nuclear detonation.

Shit happens and it's part of life.

But bar an extreme crisis, anyone can live a quality life and make something of themselves in the United States.

Plus, there are too many gov't programs for you to fail!
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Kakistocracy says
Life is not fair

Bro, I hate to say it, but you sound like my 9 year old daughter when she doesn't get her way.

The bottom line is, you CAN retire if you WORK HARD and LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS and SAVE.

It's not rocket science.

Strawman it to death all you want. Good luck.

Kakistocracy says
Hard work is not a guarantee of anything except sore muscles.

If you're digging the boxwood stumps outta my yard, yes, you will have sore muscles, but I'll be sure to pay you well for your labor.

Kakistocracy says

You have to know how to make the rules work for you and manipulate them accordingly.

Seriously? Or just go to school, study, and work hard.

In which case, you work hard, live below your means and save for retirement!!

Kakistocracy says

Bullshit again - yes you have to work hard, no not everyone can do it - there are physical limitations and mental capacity to handle the university curriculum.

You gotta be shitting me.
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MrMagic says

Whew.... I thought for a second Marcus was wearing off on you.. good thing.

I just checked, mine's 842. The knuckleheads at the bank never leave me alone when I come in.

LOL, I just checked mine. I'm at 841. Got me beat.

Zero debt and pay off my two cards each month.

Last time I was at the bank, I wanted a low limit credit card for a new business - but said they weren't allowed they couldn't run my credit. They gave me $25k without a blink. No credit pull either.
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Kakistocracy says

joshuatrio says
Gone in a matter of days.

So will your buddy's business when things get far enough along.

Worst case scenario is that he breaks even on a couple homes - considering his investment risk is so low.
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MrMagic says

My bank was starting to really bug me when I went in to cash a check or get cash. A soon as I swiped my ATM card for identity, and they saw my balances come up, their eyes would get real wide and they would immediately say "Would you like to talk to one of our investment bankers"?

Lol, yep.
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Kakistocracy says

That being said you have to accept the world is not fair, the rules are not fair and no one is looking out for you except yourself.

False. I do not have to accept YOUR reality.

Kakistocracy says

I am not your "bro" - thankfully - nor any type of relative which is even better

Lol. Ok.

Kakistocracy says

This is different than its "easy"

If you work hard, and live below your means - it's EASY to retire. Good grief.

Kakistocracy says

Not that is of any concern to you or the loud mouth from Jersey but my retirement is going just fine, just started year 10 and bailed at age 57 with no annuities as well.

So that makes you 67?
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Kakistocracy says

Yes - that would be correct. I was "funned" out at 57 after 30 years with my last company, 10 with U.S. Steel before that. I made a career change in my late 20s and started working at age 14.

That's awesome - and it's your hard work and saving that allowed you to retire.
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Kakistocracy says

To be perfectly honest is was my ability to constantly manipulate the people and conditions I was presented with at any given point in time (guess that requires some effort but after awhile it can be done by rote) plus being ridiculously averse to spending on things that did not add value.

Work [manipulating people] + living below means/saving [ridiculously averse to spending on things that did not add value.] = retirement.

You proved my point.
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Kakistocracy says

Per the I proved your point - no, I didn't. As noted above the statement was work hard.

You did prove my point. You're trying to strawman your way out of this.

joshuatrio says

Work [manipulating people] + living below means/saving [ridiculously averse to spending on things that did not add value.] = retirement.

Kakistocracy says

Yes - that would be correct. I was "funned" out at 57 after 30 years with my last company, 10 with U.S. Steel before that. I made a career change in my late 20s and started working at age 14.

Sorry man. But that sounds like hard work. You woke up everyday, and went to the same miserable workplace for 30 years, working for someone else, so that you could retire. Which you did, because you worked hard and lived below your means.

That sounds like a shitty existence. Not necessarily because of your job, but your attitude towards your line of work. It sounds like you just wasted the last 30+ years of your life away doing something you hated [manipulating people to achieve results].
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Cross between a rhino and an elephant.
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I'll bite.

That was a pretty good analysis. While the shells or bullet holes could be partially explained due to poor quality, the shot of the back wall is pristine showing ZERO damage.

I think the most telltale sign that this shit is likely fake is the fact that all the bodies were just sitting in the corners, despite having exits and glass to break to escape.

I vote fake AF.

Not to mention, all the REAL terrorist attacks that take place by real terrorists that get NO attention by the media. And then some 2nd amendment pro USA type dude doing this and getting the attention of the world. Yeah fake as shit.
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NuttBoxer says
Tenpoundbass says
It's hard for one guy to kill 50 people. Especially in close range like that.
While surgically avoiding hitting glass and the walls.

Especially when you're using an AR-15. We have a number of gun owners here, how many of you would select an AR-15 as the best weapon to kill people in that building? It's a gun designed for medium to long range targets, not close combat. A handgun would be much more effective.

Shotgun would have been the most lethal in close quarters.
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clambo says
Frequently they squeeze people's necks and cause strokes from pressure on the carotid artery. People have died.

I did research on this before hand, and the chances of stroke were something like .00000008% that it could happen. The odds were statistically higher that you would die from traditional medicine.
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MrMagic says

This is the correct answer. The key is finding a therapist that specializes in Medical Massage, not spa type massages. Many Chiros work together with these type of therapists.

I've had back/neck issues for decades. I go to a therapist once a week to keep me moving. She does a combo treatment (kinda like physical therapy, chiro and massage) all together. It took her a while to figure out what was going on, but once she figured out all the trigger areas for pain, I get amazing results. I've been seeing her for over 9 years. I take no pain medication.

I've considered switching practices to find a place that integrates both. Great advice.

It's good stuff. I haven't felt this good in like 3-5 years.
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Booger says

Did that include the cost of the X-ray?

Yeah, they take insurance. Co-pay has been $25 each time. Without insurance the visits are $40. And I think x-rays are $100.

The CT-Scan that I had last summer was $250 co-pay, and insurance was billed $6-7,000 (not a typo).
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The heartbeat legislation is a good one. I hope it encourages more responsible behavior.

She's freaking out in the video and it's hilarious. Victim mentality.
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Lol, story sounds like me. I bought my used 2009 civic in 2010 and have no intention of replacing it for another 5 years (when i pass it down to my son who will be 16).

I use all my extra cash to fund new businesses and vacations.
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Patrick says

I'll take an intact border, please.

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NuttBoxer says

After about a month here I've already decided I'm never going back. The one thing I didn't account for here is how much less stressful life is. When I go to the store, I don't have people constantly on top of me. There's more parking. The commute is at least five miles further than what I had in San Diego, but it takes me the same amount of time. My neighborhood is super quite, everyone is friendly, I have a yard, at least 500 more square feet, two car garage, and a pool for $300 less a month than what I paid for a 2/2 condo. And I can realistically buy a house here without going into debt for the rest of my life.

Sounds pretty identical to our story.

Glad the move has worked out for you guys!
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LOL! The article is dated April 3, 2019, while the acts of violence were from 2017.

Skimming through the rest of the blog, and it's just a bunch of hate propaganda for anyone that doesn't like muslims and likes Trump.


I'd love for someone to post stats on the number of terrorist attacks in 2019 alone.
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jazz_music says
You seem to be describing a completely different site. The linked article is from acedemia, an authoritative group of highly distinguished publishing researchers

Distinguished & authoritative? No.

It's a couple left wing professors promoting material that is 2 years old.
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jazz_music says
That characterization is disingenuous as hell for some publishers of academic research on a focused area of knowledge.

Really? Please tell me when did the murders take place, and tell me what year we are in now.

And then scroll through some of the headlines they publish. Don't be disingenuous.

jazz_music says
They are not going to go away either, not even if you fire-bomb them. They will continue to be a resource on the subject matter of the radical right wing and the violence associated.

I could care less if they go away or not. Protect free speech.
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Austin has great food. I do worry that it's going to become another SF or Santa Cruz.
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jazz_music says
Moving 2 thousand miles will cost you 10 to 20 thousand if you do it all yourself U-Haul and with some pick up laborers, but they will damage your shit too.

Ummm k. I moved 3300 miles for about $3-4k. This included driving 2 vehicles across country and using a POD type service large enough to hold a 3 bd house.
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NuttBoxer says
The author should start by self-publishing their's.

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Wow. That guy must pour liquid pheremones all over him.
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Goran_K says
My tiny little consulting company (comprised of me, my wife, and 4 sub-contractors) got a new state contract with Washington state.

Congrats on the contract!
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Can't your host provide you with a free one or use openssl?
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Again, this shit is from 2017. That all you got?
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I actually used to like CNN, until the last 2 years.
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Nailed it
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How did we get to this point....?
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Is he even voting age? Love the camo and maga hat..
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Ooooh Bakersfield - there's a step up.
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I actually enjoy Starbuck coffee, and don't mind paying $2.39 for a medium cofffee.

Starbucks is one of the few places that makes a consistent beverage. I used to frequent Dunkin, but they are generally ran by a bunch of Indian types who are pissed off and need a shower. At Starbucks I get good service, and often get free drinks since I know the barista.

I also frequented acme, rev, verve and other hipster joints in the past, but the staff were usually self entitled hipsters who hated life.
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