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Thats actually a scale drawing of a 6 lb roaster chicken on her arm.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
It's almost May 2018. Do you know who the President is?

Yes and I also know it's not a clinton....MAGA
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Feux Follets says
Glad it's not a Clinton as well but Morons Are Governing America so either way it was a loss for the country.

The country? Who exactly is that? The 1%, the 5%, the bottom 20%.I never really understood what people mean when they say "the country" but I have a suspicion they mean "themselves".
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Donald Trump would have walked in,unarmed,& taken the shooter into custody.

Then tune him up a little while waiting for the police and then order steak and eggs well for everyone in the place...MAGA
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just think, starbucks could become the official meeting place for blm supporters...with 0 consumption, they could start shutting them down. MAGA
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Most of us can only dream about being lucky enough to have a 4 hr commute each way when we are 62 years old. And also to live in the beautiful community of Stockton. What time does she get home? 9:00 pm? Off a bus at night in one of the safest cities in CA. Eats, showers, in bed by 10:30 pm maybe. Sleep 4 hr and 15 minutes...Great for her health too..
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zzyzzx says
I would think that a dollar figure required to live in Caligulan splendor in perpetuity would be better number to use.

I think finding a way to stay occupied and happy is way better than magic numbers. Nothing sadder than seeing a lonely old man even if he has a nice bank account.
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I know his brother "FART".
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If I had an American flag,I'd throw it on the ground & shit on it and there is nothing you trash can do.

Ummmm, there's lots of things a person could do..he could shoot you, knock you out, etc. Like most, you confuse freedom with "actions without repercussions".
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Quigley says
Get ready for some more Lefties eating their own! Love that!

It's starting to get interesting.
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The liberal left is the ESTABLISHMENT and rap is supposed to be ANTI ESTABLISHMENT...plus Trump is more "GANGSTA" than any other the other white bread candidates. He likes his gold, hot women, and likes to live large. He lives the rappers dream...Makes sense to me that rappers that still have a sack are going to break out and start supporting TRUMP and MAGA.
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marcus says
You can try to turn it around. But on some level, you know the direction we're going.

Yes america does know, which is why trump won. Lots of folk are tired of screeching, hypocritical SJWs and their nonsensical ideas and knew that hillary would have just maintained the status quo of the obama years. If your idea of MAGA is to have 35 genders, yearly increases in poverty and homelessness, the lowering of purchasing power and financial freedom due to near 0 interest rates on savings, high costs of housing, education, and health care, then you need to get a SJW in the oval office ASAP.
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CBOEtrader says
Maybe one day, the only way anyone will have street cred will be by saying things that used to be proof that they were evil or stupid, or both.

Maybe one day, the only way anyone will have street cred will be by challenging their peoples to stop and think for themselves and not blindly follow the pack. To stop and think about the true effects of long term welfare and/ or other govt handouts on their communities. The effects of govt subsidizing and rewarding generational single parent families.
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Quigley says
Many Leftists are unwilling to forgive him for the Cassandra-like role he played in predicting Trump’s election.

Yeah, it's tough when someone tells you that you are wrong and then you find out that you really were wrong. It's much more comforting for everyone to be wrong together.
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Patrick says
Though lack of money can make you pretty stressed and miserable.

When a person goes "third world" and lives among the natives for a long enough period of time, he learns certain things that weren't obvious to him by watching primetime tv in the usa. 1, the natives are generally happier and less stressed than the average american. 2, They are definitively more social and spend more "face time" time together. 3. Their main focus in life isn't about earning money and investing and saving, it's about living life in the moment. 4. With family and friends, they have a support system to help them through any crisis. 5. They are not concerned about magic numbers.
Lack of money can make you pretty stressed and miserable in the usa because you are comparing yourself to people whom you imagine to have more than you. That's the media fucking with your mind. If you live in a place where it's unusual that someone would have $1000 USD saved and you have $10,000 USD, you will feel very well off.
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You are saying that you can get fired for not doing what the boss tells you? Damn, that doesn't sound right.
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WarrenTheApe says
Interesting that you brought this up. I just had three full, on-site interviews last week. Each with a different company. I passed all three. I already got one offer and the recruiters tell me I will have offers from the other two on Monday. I will have three offers to choose from. And yes, they are 6 figure numbers.

Sounds good. Start saving to build up that magic number. You want to be able to afford those sysco prepared meals at APPLEBEE'S and an occasional $400 49er game when you are 70. Maybe even a floating buffet ride to puerto vallarta. Otherwise life wouldn't be worth living. MAGA
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When will the SJW's educate the blacks and tell them to quit calling each other nigger?
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Ceffer says
Libby Royalty are going to have to update the con.

They need a new slogan....Instead of "a chicken in every pot", switch it up to "a bucket of popeyes with 3 sides on every table".
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oh shit, are we on the brink of nuclear destruction again? I hate being on the brink. If they can impeach trump, will we get off the brink?
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Strategist says
"I say this to the Zionists, we know you very well. You are very vulnerable. You have neither depth nor backing. Your mischief has increased. Listen and be aware any war that might happen, rest assured will bring about your disappearance."

Could anybody "rest assured" while waiting for their "disappearance"?.
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WookieMan says
Even though that passenger ate their way into needing two seats on a plane.

You mean that it's not a thyroid problem?
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WookieMan says
Heck, they should be happy to have two seats. Gives them more room to spread out the fucking massive bag of shitty fast food they just purchased waiting at the gate. Stinking up the entire plane so it's smells like the bottom of a McDonalds deep frier.

I'm sure they would love 2 seats. They just don't want to pay for them.
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I have noticed that some seniors still like to print. I think they are still amazed by it.
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Oh shit, are we back on the brink of nuclear destruction again?
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lostand confused says
World no longer facing population explosion?

That's so 2017..
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Feux Follets says
Mike Pompeo recently repeated the administration’s unrealistic goals for North Korea diplomacy:

But he added it is time to solve the nuclear problem “once and for all.”

Yeah...his solution is: Only the USA should have nukes. Everyone else should destroy theirs...That's a good plan.
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Strategist says
Is John Kerry stupid?

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The only problem I have with Trump/Right is they steal my profit,calling it taxes.

That's correct..When Clinton and Obama were in office, they didn't collect taxes from the working stiffs. Damn repubs.
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Patrick says
Between 2008 and January 2011, officials said, the defendants would select a winning bidder for selected properties and then agree not to bid against one another during the auction. The defendants would privately negotiate payoffs among themselves in return for not competing against one another, the statement said.

How did they manage to prove that without at least one of the participants dropping a dime?
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edvard says
Same to you buddy, especially seeing as how today in the news 2,000 pages were released showing that Trump Jr and Trump's campaign met with Russian lawyers to get dirt on Hillary,

Question is, why does hillary have dirt? Lots of people seem to not mind that she has dirt. Or deny it.
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edvard says
So keep it up with the hillary shit. She isn't president and nobody cares.

Obviously you care.You are the one that brought up the subject about how the russians stole the election from her by passing on dirt to Trump.
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Well on the bright side, he was only ridiculed and not shamed. Otherwise he would have had to to clap back with a perfect response.
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It's not about solutions, that usually requires effort. It's about creating awareness.
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Strategist says
If you end up killing 10,000 to save 10 million, did you kill 10,000 or did you save 10 million?

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Feux Follets says
Do we have the right to believe whatever we want to believe?

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Hopefully the health coach doesn't body shame anyone.
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justme says
And the main point remains: No benefit to jobs from the Trump tax cut.

So who is the asshole in the pursuit of MAGA? Trump for trying to do something or the CEO of HD for taking advantage of a situation to line his own pockets?
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But Palo Alto, he said, “wanted nothing to do with actual justice and was more interested in guarding their enclave of power and wealth”,

Those "liberals" fit the description of what are commonly referred to as republicans on this blog. Could a liberal go so far left that they come out on the other side?
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Feux Follets says
Do we need more symbolism in this country ? Forced acts of patriotism which don't mean a thing.

This country was built on symbolism and forced acts of patriotism.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
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