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Tim Aurora says
If we let the entire world under Russia and China, we will have an everlasting peace

How exactly is Russia and China going to tell you personally what you can and can't do? Are they going to stop americans from doing their favorite things, namely EATING, WATCHING TV, and BUYING STUFF they don't need?
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Goran_K says
So did Rachel Maddow start talking about illegal alien children again, or Russia?

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I'd suggest fake paint on six pack abs..But remember, nobody gives a shit what you look like. It's all in your mind.
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Tenpoundbass says
These people are going to end up like George Costanza's high school gym coach.

you mean with teeth like baked beans?
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jazz_music says
Years of fear mongering,

People didn't vote for TRUMP out of fear although I fear that it would have been embarrassing to have an unbathed, smelly, gassy Hillary representing the USA in meetings with world leaders
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jazz_music says
Years of fear mongering, paranoia, and conspiracy theories on Fox News and talk radio paved the way for a Trump presidency. It’s up to journalists to stop that fear from continuing to hijack American politics.

Adults will come and reset to once again be a brave and free nation

Fox news and talk radio influenced 62 million voters? Now we know who holds the true power in the country....That's a lot of influence........the adults you speak of who will come and save the country...Will they be wearing their knitted pink "PUSSY CAPS"?
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Patrick says
Ceffer says
Trump isn't racist because HE DOESN'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK!

That is so TRUE...he doesn't give a shit about your race or religion...He just likes to WIN...And the more people that are against him just make his victories even sweeter.
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LeonDurham says
Do you think Americans are dumber than citizens in every other 1st world county?

Better question: Do you think American govt. officials are more corrupt than govt. officials in every other 1st world country?
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U.S. spy agencies have discovered North Korea is building new missiles at the factory that produced the country's first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)..... LOL.....keep the sissies scared....put on your pink pussy caps, get yourself a plate of chicken tendies and go to your safe space and hide ...Let the real men take care of you.
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What the hell is trump going to do with groceries? You think mike obama was shopping to cook fried chicken, mac and cheese, collards and corn pone in the WH?
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mell says
The LAST THING people want is some BLOVIATING LEFTOID elitist cuck telling them bullshit stories about racism, genderism, the importance of tranny bathroom access, or any other fringe bs.

While in fact, really just trying to decide which wine will go best with their Dover Sole
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jazz_music says
does anyone even argue anymore that trickle-down economics will ensure mass prosperity?

trickle down economics do not work anymore because with the demise of mom and pop businesses, the money only trickles one step and its back in the coffers of a mega corp.
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They say apple is worth a trillion $$$....who would pay 1 trillion for it? Only someone that could get a free trillion dollar loan.
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clambo says
Apple will keep me happy in my old age.

will money keep you happy? seems like lots of rich people kill themselves.
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marcus says
They lower taxes (especially on weathy and corporations) to a level that will cause massive deficits.

funny stuff..cause massive deficits?...the deficits are already so huge they could never be paid...and yet you are still worried about them...forget the deficits...everyone else has unless it's not politically expedient to do so. What is the point of worrying about something that can't and won't be fixed?
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Right now TRUMP is listed at 5/4....bet $4 to win $5.....next closest is Kamala Harris at 9...bet $1 to win $9...Hillary is at about 50...lol...the same as "the ROCK".
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Patrick says
Lol, learned a cool word, thanks.

New words are anathema to me.
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Never thought I'd see the day when the slopes started getting uppity.
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Heraclitusstudent says
President Trump’s proposed this week to weaken fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks
This begs a few questions:
Does he like to pay a lot for oil to Arab countries?
Does he like trade deficits?
And why does he like pollution so much?

This begs a few more questions: If automakers decide to produce some less fuel efficient cars, does that mean the people have to buy that model?
Why would you think that TRUMP buys oil? Oil companies buy oil. Better question would be "why do americans like polluting so much?
"Supposedly the USA is the #2 polluter in the world...This didn't happen over the last 16 months. And as far as trade deficits go, the USA has been running those since 1976...So basically what I'm saying is that your questions are nonsensical.
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Strategist says
He is suffering because he is an idiot who thinks there is such a thing as "clean beautiful coal"

In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama told Americans that our energy future depends on safe, clean affordable energy and called for continued investments in clean coal technologies. Also, in 2008, then-Senator Obama championed clean coal technologies. As President, however, Obama gave coal the silent treatment while his EPA waged a war against our most affordable and abundant energy resource. As the 2012 campaign heats up, the president suddenly remembers the 1.5 million Americans employed in coal and coal-related industries.
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Cutting generational welfare to lazy jigs could pay for 10 walls. Even better.
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MrMagic says
So, when an illegal shows up at the emergency room, throwing up with a 104 fever and passing out, they tell him to come back in 5 years for treatment, when he's legal?

Is that what the hospital does?

No, they give them $5 worth of meds and try to bill them for $5000 dollars.
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Strategist says
If we saved on welfare, it was well worth it.

What do you mean "IF?"
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Hassan_Rouhani says
Can someone explain to me what the fuck 11-14 y.o. boys are doing on the street at 2-3 a.m. in the morning?

You should "axe" their mama.
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Nice view from that million dollar home.
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So social media has convinced the chinaman that drinking $5 coffee is cool and the new norm? Amazing, the power the media has over idiots.
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Patrick says
Aphroman says
To each their own

Technically, that should be "To each his own", since each is singular and the default pronoun in English is he/him/his.

Or maybe "to all, their own?..I don't know...I just have a high school education.
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MrMagic says
Cortez held a whirl-wind tour of the U.S., stumping for Abdul El-Sayed for governor of Michigan, Fayrouz Saad in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District,

Hard to believe these 2 guys didn't win.....lol
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CBOEtrader says
Maybe. I dont watch TV, literally dont have one in my home. I've mostly just seen her in memes and on this site. Couldnt tell you what CNN or FOX are saying on a day to day basis.

Smartest thing I've read for some time.
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NuttBoxer says
But maybe I can cut into that a bit by only having one car, and biking, or even walking to work(my lifelong dream).

Sure...Who wouldn't want to bike or walk the streets in friendly San Mateo?
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BayArea says
I think people who come here are often shocked at how much money they can make here yet how much less buying power they have compared to where they came from.

But you're forgetting the added plus of the smell of KUNG PAO or TANDOORI chicken wafting thru the apt. complex every evening.
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uh huh huh huh huh........he said penetrated.
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She's quite a looker too..how much of this shit is motivated by simple ugly woman jealousy? Occams razor
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P N Dr Lo R says
Remember when "tranny" used to be short for transmission?

yep...words mechanics hate.....drop that tranny or pull that tranny.....at 8:00 am on a cold winter day...(things that people that write code can't relate to)
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To be fair, Obama wasn't a loser...nobody that can manage to become the president of the USA could realistically be called a loser...Obama is an amazing conman...He showed up at exactly the right time to take advantage of white folks virtue signaling and imaginary white guilt. He also took advantage of the resentment that minorities have towards the white man and gave them an opportunity to send them a big FUCK YOU by voting for a black man.
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Hircus says
While his safety certainly wasn't 100% assured by drawing his gun, we just can't have a society where if someone has the slightest fear, they're allowed to shoot someone. Too many people would be unjustly shot out of "fear" (legit fear, or the convenient kind). I don't know how to draw the line between how much self-danger / risk you must tolerate before you can defend yourself with lethal force,

Seems to me, the system always has been, if he's dark skinned and bigger than you, you get a free pass to shoot him. It's worked all these years.
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Patrick says
This is very true. The Democrats entire platform lately seems to be hate for Trump.

Or is it just a coping mechanism for the self loathing they feel for losing so badly?
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BayArea says
So if a tape is released of him dropping an n-bomb, what happens?

I'm not sure so I'll ask here...With all the high tech crap available now, can't audio and video recordings be faked? And if so, how can any recording be trusted?
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Aphroman says
Great Americans will cringe

Hearing the word NIGGER has never made me cringe. I'm not sure there are any words that make me cringe. Hell, it's just words...Blacks use the word nigger constantly. I've never seen them cringe so why would I?
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rdm says
“She is making it clear that she is in control — not Trump and the White House. Buying her silence didn’t work. John Kelly’s suggestion she go quietly obviously fell flat. The president’s brand is savvy and strength, and Omarosa is putting him back on his heels. In that, Trump risks looking weak.”

He's been under attack from all quarters from powers far stronger than this female idiot. And yet you think she's the one that will bring him down?....That's laughable.

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