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Onvacation says
t's All Obama's Fault - whatever happens bad from here until 2020, it's all Obama's fault.

That was Obama's forumula-anything went wrong was Bush's fault. I don't see the DJT blaming Obama?
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bob2356 says
Let's see how this works, O took over at the depth of the second biggest financial crises in history mired in 2 totally screwed up wars that had been dragging on for 7 years. There wasn't any blame for Bush to be had?

T takes over after 8 years of steady growth and after spending a year of braying about how he made the economy better the downturn is O's fault.

Really? You seriously want to sell that load of steaming stuff?

Blah, blah, blah. Show me where trump is blaming Obama for this as dems mockingly claim??

Obozo the clown blamed Bush for a long , long time. All of Bush's shennnagins was exposed before eh took office-unlike the soviet style KGB shadow govt he ran and is coming to light now. Liberals, liberals.
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Wow Ford is at 10 bucks. I know auto sales is not doing that great- any other bad news?
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errc says
he Dow closed at 18,332.74 on Nov. 8, 2016, Election Day, which means there is 6,013 points to go before the Trump rally is gone.

Trump became president January 20, 2017.
Obama was president all through 2016

The market was at 20k when Trump took office.

Yeah- I missed out on massive gains. Moved to buy two rental units instead to diversify and not get in with so much spare cash at these highs. It has been going up for very long-but nobody knows what the high will be. I thought it wouldn't cross 20k but cross it did and went straight up. I did make decent profit before that, but lets see how this correction go-will it go back to lower 20s or lower or go to 30K?

if I knew I would be a billionaire.
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I was hoping they would repeal FATCA-but as usual they left individuals alone.
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Strategist says
After laughing hard, they will refer you to a mobile home in Barstow with a view of the garbage dump. That is the reality.

Hey barstow is not bad-it is dry heat!
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Liberals will call them racist.
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Liberals liberals, collude with Russia to try and subvert an election-blame Trump. Kiss women as greeting-blame Trump. LOL-can ya all ever be honest with traitor and rapist Clinton?
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anonymous says
Can the "right" to do the same with Dubya on any given number of things ?

YUp Trump criticized Dubya, the Iraq war in the primary no less and won.
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anonymous says
The right has Benghazi, the left has Gerrymandering which by the way is being rolled back.

Let's see how the elections play out down the road after the districts are redrawn up a bit more equitably

Oh please the elft never engaged in gerrymandering-come on now. The left has collusion with Russia-Hillary colluded with Russia-traitor.
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It is another 1,000 down today-interesting.
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Booger says
S&P 500 is down 10.15% from the high. Officially a correction

Yeah but these things we don't know-in hindsight it will be very clear-a pause or a massive leg down?
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This butch flushes a hamster down the toilet and is considering suing the airline-WTF.
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So if take my rooster to a plane and say it is my emotional support rooster-then they refuse to let me bring it on board-so I cook it and eat it, am I now entitled to millions of dollars from the airplane??
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For her to have the nerve to become the leader of the #me too movement-wtf??
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Tim Aurora says

Bunch of conspiracy theories. Russia did not want Hillary to be President
So you are a top Kremlin agent and know what Russia wants or a top bureaucrat high on the public trough-thinking us rubes will be dumb and believe any BS the likes of traitor Hillary feed us.
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That is one thing I am disappointed. I know deep state has thrown everything and the kitchen sink at trump-but he can start there-why do we need 22 intelligence agencies? Just put a 5 cent rule-every department cuts 5 cent for every dollar spent. That will bring in about 150 billion per year i think?
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Interesting, in my areas winter is slow, because nobody can move here then. But even here not selling that much. That would be interesting a massive drop in stocks and home prices-well home prices drops may be good.

But this is not CA.CA is just overpriced.
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Quigley says
What isn’t to spec is our highest law agencies using such flimsy dirt to waive Constitutional protections, spy on a Presidential campaign, and give regular reports to the opposition.

The biggest irony here was the FISA court wa set up after Nixon to prevent the government spying on people and now is used by the government to spy on the opposition party and derail an election. Dems have now lost their mind-I cannot believe any sane dem -why is this ok??
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anon_4460e says
Says Breitbart, since the Nunes memo turned out to be lies. It doesn't matter by the time the truth comes out, people moved on believing the party line as usual.

AND GOP has a long proven tradition of being the consummate liars. Telling far more than democrats. Who cares?

At some point liberals have to stop thinking dem, dem, and care about the country-oh wait they hate this country-makes sense now.
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HappyGilmore says
Yep--they do. They don't want budget busting tax reforms that reward 1%ers. They don't want repealing regulations like net neutrality, environmental protections, financial protections. They don't want Presidents that blatantly lie to the US public. They don't want Presidents that use the office to enrich themselves and their family.

Then you must hate Hilalry Clinton and Obama.
Who gutted Glass Steagal .
Who signed NAFTA and pushed heavily for free trade.
Who came and lied multiple times that if you like your doctor/plan you can keep it.
Which traitor colluded with the Russians toi subvert democracy in our country.
Obozo the lying clown ran against NSA and free trade-what did he do in office-spy on an opposing candidate-and you still support the treasonous dog.
Trump is doing what he ran on.
Oh and tax cuts and 1% -please stop with that nonsense-you liberal America haters need to come up with a new line-.
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it seems to be fine-who attacks this site-the deep state?
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HappyGilmore says
lol--see here's the part that Trump fanboys can't understand. Liberals have no problem admitting when Dem politicians let them down. Bill Clinton was a DINO and promoted many Republican policies like deregulation and free trade as well as welfare reform. Those are not liberal policies and that is evidenced by the fact that Dem Congressmen overwhelmingly voted against those measures while Republican Congressmen voted overwhelmingly in favor of them.

Obama didn't spy on anyone--you sound like the real liar Devin Nunes.

And what's nonsense about the tax plan that is a gift from heaven for the 1%? That's a fact. The only nonsense is the conservative BS about liberals hating America because they want to improve it.

LOL Obama did not spy on anyone-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHy don't you post some facts on your claim on !%
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HappyGilmore says
Pretty sure Obama was never slinking around in a trench coat surreptitiously watching anyone during his term.

He is the commander in chief when all this happened and now we have texts that he wanted to know everything-all roads lead to him. The Justice DEpt, FBI all report to him-the treasonous unconstitutional dog who was a constitutional scholar-LOL.

As for your sources-that is typical MSM. To me evidence is putting out facts of 300 million + people in each bracket and analyzing the befits for all. I come out better and now way am I 1% . I don't think I am even 10%. But hey who cares-liberals, this is what they believe-despite it being established that Hilalry colluded with the Russians. Like I said dems need to put country first-can't do that if you hate this country and everything it stands for.

HappyGilmore says
Money Laundering, fraud, working as a foreign agent.

Don't worry, it will likely all come out when Mueller announces his findings.
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Why did Obama allow this? There needs to be an independent counsel to investigate dem Obama collusion with Russia.
it was under Obama that China got all the names of people who had security clearance and all their detaisl too, then they insulted him by making him crawl like a dog from his plane -what did the Chinese have on Obama? Why did he let the entire secret clearance fall into Chinese hands?
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anon_3b28c says
It must be nice when one can simply dismiss anything that is counter to ones viewpoint as MSM. There are no facts. No truth. Only what one chooses to believe, right?

Facts are facts-opinion articles froma group that consistently supports are not facts-unless backed by exact figures.MSM has beebn screaming trump Russia and now it looks increasingly like Hilalry colluded witht eh Russians-the shameless pigs won't cover and still scream nonsense-a broken clock can still be right twice a day-but is wrong the rest of the time.

anon_3b28c says
Yep--Trump made it so most people do have small gains. But the vast majority of the borrowed money is going to the 1%.

The only problem is if that borrowed money ever gets repaid--then that small gain you got will look miniscule compared to the bill you get.

Please. This like multimillionare nancy Pelosi talking crumbs-you folks are so out of touch. Pelosi You people think the small gains are a joke-keep pushing that line. The billionares always have all kind sof trusts and foundations and such-Clinton got 200 million plus and she didn't pay a cent in taxes-because she calls it a foundation.
The tax cut added 1 trillion in ten years and gave all of us working people a break and some rich people a nice break.
Obama the treasonous dog raised taxes, destroyed healthcare for middle class and added 10 trillion the deficit-what did anyone egt out of that 10 trillion in debt???
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anon_8f378 says
lol--we're not talking about the FBI asking what he had for breakfast 3 months ago. These guys knowingly lied to hide incriminating meetings, evidence, statements that they didn't think the FBI already knew. Unfortunately for them, the investigators did their jobs and proved them to be liars.

Oh please Hillary used bleach bit, actually broke her phones with a hammer , destroyed ehr emails after a congressional subpeona-the fBI did what-lOL!
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Great -liberals now heaping praise on mass murderer Kim Jong Un's sister-is there any level they won't stoop too? What is next -Joseph Stalin t shirts??
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That is not Michelle. Obozo I see the resemblance.
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By dem standards this is slam dunk evidence of collusion with Iran-he needs to be arrested for treason.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Kehinde Wiley, painter of Obama's portrait, likes to depict Black People beheading Whites. Here are some other pieces of "art" by the "artist"

So since Obama is half white-will the artist paint Obama beheading himself??
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LOL-I like Trump-but that is like a real estate agent saying he will be your agent without any commission!!
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A good movie is a good movie-man , woman, gay, straight,white, black.

But when you are trying to make a point to us rubes-well then make your point-I ain't watching.
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A cooking, cleaning, housework robot will fetch more!
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WTF-they are accusing someone of registering under a different username? So anyone under patnet can be accused of being anything? This is what the independent council spent 10s of millions of dollars for-no wonder we are broke.
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wtf?????? 30 million and these nutjobs file indictments against online trolls?????? WTF is wrong with this country????????????

Muelelr needs to be indicted first-this is ridiculous. So if someone from America posts online about Russia-will the KGB indict them??? WTF
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joshuatrio says
mell says
The dude complains about his right to be a woman amd have breasts and kids. Now it's reality. Stranger than fiction lol.

Still a dude!

yeah but a dude with a dick who breastfeeds his own kid?? My comment disappeared, but does this mean they can make women produce sperm-what does this mean???/
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So if you suspect you are having a heart attack, you should wait till you are sure and then go to the doctor??

meanwhile an illegal can go the ER for the cold and not pay and walk out?