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The thing with many recent immigrants/new citizens is that they are still willing to buy a house at extreme prices and not spend money on anything else. Just work and pour the money into the mortgage.

Not many other folks are still willing to do that. We will have to wait and see how this goes.

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From many accounts, the bubble has burst or at least sytarted to deflate??

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I read somewhere the city was planning to bulldoze huge blocks and turn it into farmland??

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Interesting Tom Stone. I have inherited some money and am thinking of buying farmland. But that is in a massive bubble. How is it in Sonoma County. I was thinking of going old fashion-buying land an dliving off it.

I am in IT and after my layoff have been picking up projects in different parts of the country for a few months and is driving me nuts-some don't even pay expenses. Hoping to settle down in one place and farm-my parents are all farming stock. How is farm land in Sonoma County-at least don't have to worry about water like in socal/central valley??

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Yeah true. Many immigrants feel at home there-especially tech ones. It seems tech companies only give jobs to contractors these days and those are filled with H1B folks. They seem to plunk all their dough into an ugly McMansion and think they have made it.

I remember a decade or so ago, a friend of mine had bought 10 acres with fencing, an in law house and a mobile house for help, an arena for the horses and barn all included for less than 250k in Tracy. Then a bunch of folks I knew bought McMansions for 600k+ in Tracy. I knew something was wrong-I mean look around-there is land everywhere.

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I know someone who bought a bit later -at close to a million- they thought it was a bargain. Insanity-now a days for a million bucks you can get a house in Beverly HIlls. Amazing what the prices went for. Perhaps your friends should stop paying the mortgagae and pull on till they get kicked out.

If your friends were a big bank, the govt would bail them out-but sadly not for the common man.

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How much is the HOA fees?

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 Apr 7, 10:56am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

That might be a bit risky? With $150 in HOA, you only get 600 bucks a month. That is assuming it is fully occupied. I suppose you could get a good tenant, but otherwise, after mortgage and taxes, the profit margin will be rather thin?

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I think 300-400k median should make it ok. There is so much land there and the houses are all new/newish. Not like some of the old cities, where you have at least a few people who have paid off mortgages.
My friend in Hayward bought a house for 30k a couple of decades ago. San Ramon does not have that-all expensive mortgages.

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EEk I didn't think German Shephards were included in the bad dog list?

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I think the sellers are hoping that the market has turned. Judging by Japan, we may have along time to go-unless jobs come back. Either of our crazy parties are not itnerested in tarriffs or bringing jobs back-just blaming the other party. So we are stuck and our standard of living will probably go down to match the Chinese.

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xenogear3 says

I still don't believe its "800 million UNIQUE active users" claim.

The whole world only has 2 billion internet users at most.

Well, that is probably true. I have a friend who has two dogs, a cat and a horse. Each of them have their own unique Facebook pages. So that is 5 unique Facebook users-just one of them human though ...

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clambo says

Zukerberg married right after his fortune. A day before it would have been community property.

Well, in his defense, wouldn't you do the same thing? I don't like him at all, but if I had that kind of fortune coming, I would do that and/or leave the country! LOL!!

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Maybe the FED will buy Facebook stock as part of its junk asset program??

I was reading on Dr. Housing Bubble I think, that the FED has pumped well over 10 trillion into the banks, but the total outstanding mortgages is only 9 trillion and change. If they had bought all the mortgages and shredded them instead-well I guess when you have Jamie Damon as member of the New York Fed-can't expect anything different.

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In a lot of developing nations-especially Asia- real estate has shot up and you can get a nice house in CA for the equivalent there. Rents there are still cheap and so one does not know if it is a massive bubble there too. At least ours is popped.

Thailand of course has the problem of older expats mysteriously falling out of their high rise apartments and their beautiful young widows inheriting everything from them. Apart from that, I think it is a nice place.

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megabucks Whitman will probably hire illegal workers-like her maid.

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 May 27, 1:39pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

Well we do have the highest prison population in the whole world. Both in absolute numbers and in prisoner per general population ratios. Our incarceration rate is anywhere from 7-10 times most Western European countries.

Per statistics from afew years ago, we have 5% of the world's population, but 25% of the world's prison population. Majority are for "victimless" crimes like drugs etc.

I guess free country means different things for different people.

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I think if all those tract homes in Dublin come down to 300-400 k, the bust can be close to a bottom. I know they sold for a million bucks once, but for this globalised economy- 300-400k for a tract home should be a good premium for the bay area.

Atlanta has collapsed and I gather so is Chicago, but the job situation is the same and nowadays, bay area companies are not providing that much higher salaries.

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Japan is a good case , but most of their debt is owned by Japanese. Ours is owned by the Chinese.

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Who knows. Once upon a time, China and India were very rich countries. America was founded because Christopher Columbus set out to find an easier route to the riches of India. They fell and fell and India ended up being ruled by the British and China was pretty much treated as a vassal state. Now they seem to be regaining their footing-though both stumbling a bit recently. Indians seemed to be horrified that their growth has slowed down to 5.9% -lol !! Chinese real estate seems to be declining and their manufacturing slowing down.

Both our parties are useless and have no solutions-except more free trade and more globalization. lets see where this leads. Of course, if another dotcom type craze sweeps us-this may be moot!!

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LOL! It was just a motivational story for the times. Back then the Romans were crucifying people in large numbers and they were extremely strong and ruthless.

One victim rising from the dead and being the saviour helped the "resistance" to organize around. Two thousand years ago, such tales were believeable. The funny thing is the Romans took over Chrisitanity when they couldn't beat it and made it their own-the old adage, If you can't beat it, join it. Rome is the seat of the Catholic church and the Pope.

So now you have billion+ people totally unrelated to the original area still beliveing it and adding their own versions. They are still trying to use it to explain modern scientific discoveries .

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Detroit collapsed , because all the factories were shippe doffshore and they then allowed them to import with no or practically zero tarriff. Hmm I guess the same is happening across the US, for all kind of jobs-I wonder how that will work for the rest of us?

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 Jun 3, 10:02pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (1)     quote        

Am I happy-no. But would I prefer him to the competition -definite yes.

For 2012-same deal.

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 Jun 5, 9:25pm   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

The funny thing is most private sector jobs-at least in big corporations- offered pension and health care. Then Reagen brought his deregulation and offshoring. I worked for long in such a company till my job was offshored and I had to train my replacement. Been now travelling across the country, jumping from small IT project after another-no expenses paid. Luckily do not own a home, so don't have the double expense thing going-like a lot of my fellow folks. Finally, finally am in the final stages of a job offer that offers a full time job offer in CA. Who knows how long that will last, before the management decides to offshore.

The govt jobs used to pay less and offer similar benefits. back then I would never have considered a govt job-my company offered pension, healthcare and most people who worked there were there for decades. On top of that you had employee stock purchase plan and stock options for employees beyond a certain level. Then they switched to 401k about two decades back and then just went downhill from there.

I myself was thinking of switching to farming, but then got this permanent job offer with decent salary. So thinking of buying farmland close by and doing it as a side , until I can retire and move into it full time.

The govt benefits however haven't been cut and there are excesses-like that guy in a small town who was getting 45k a month-a month. I think there should be pension reform-fine get it over with and let them come in line with the rest of america. But nobody talks about the rest of us. Three of my colleagues -among the masses who were laid off-died and a few others are so broken, they can't function. Not saying it is a corporation's policy to support them-but shouldn't we consider an alternative to this free trade/globalization nonsense.

Dealing witht he unions will lower the budget deficit. I do think they are cocky-I mean the BART union keeps threatening to strike even in this economy and demands raises. Fix that, but nobody looks at how far the rest of us have fallen. The youth are worse off-many don't even have jobs. Now I know it is fun to make fun of them for taking liberal arts degrees. But honestly, why study science-when your job can be offshored any minute? It is not only IT, but R&D, accounting, xray techs, back office, white collar jobs,legal aid along with manufacturing that are going away. The few manufacturing jobs that are coming back are 10-15 bucks an hour with no benefits.

Maybe once you take away all the benefits of the unions and still relaize nothing happened , then folks will realize our model is unsustainable. of course with many repubs pushing for ending minimum wage, maybe we will attain wage parity with the Chinese. make a dollar a day and stay in dorms and go visit our family twice a year.

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 Jun 5, 10:52pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

LOL. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world. Some people enjoy talking in cliches.

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 Jun 5, 11:16pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

Sure get rid of the public unions. But how is that going to turn around the rest of us? It will make the public sector employees as miserable as the rest of us and probably fix the budget deficits. But after that what? Companies ain't gonna start offering benefits like they did for decades before Reagan and free trade? After all, they are sitting on the biggest reserves of cash and the lowest tax rates in decades and still not hiring-well in this country. Plenty of hiring offshore. Don't blame them, all things being equal why hire an employee for 5k-10k, when you can get the same employee in another country for 500 bucks a month? Business exist to make profit and not uplift the masses. I come from farming stock and you hire a worker if you need one-not because you are sitting on a mountain of cash.

Sadly, the only person who talks about this is Donald Trump. Both parties are just useless. But I guess human nature to pick on something else...

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Honest Abe says

Common sense is taking hold in California...about time, don't you think?

Umm CA started the low tax movement with Prop 13.

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From what I hear, the good folks in India and China are experiencing massive housing bubbles. Cheap or rather easy/available credit has been made available in the last decade or two and everybody seems to be binging.

I think we have to go on tourist trips to remote places to see places that function without the western model of credit.

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Margaret looks like she is holding some sort of sex toy.

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Ruki says

But it doesn't when Democrats get elected by unions so they can sit on the other side of the negotiation table -- both doing their best to royally screw over Joe Taxpayer.
Last, it is Capital that creates jobs, not unions

Umm, in the recent pension reform initiatives, it was both democrats and republicans who supported it. San Jose mayor is democrat and he pushed for it and the republican is San Diego. Jerry Brown is actually trying to do some pension reform-though stalled.

As for capital creating jobs-right. But right now they are creating jobs in China and India. In fact, of the few things that I like that Obama has done-he raised the H1B fee from 1,000 to $4,000+ and is investigating the L1 and H1B abuse of visas. The rejection rate is close to 30% and as a result a lot of Americans are getting hired-because they can't bring over cheap L1 and H1 labour as easily as before.

That is what governemnt is supposed to do-look out for its citizens. You know just like Republican Nixon-when the balance of trade was trending against us, he slapped an import tax on all imports to bring it back to normal, and he was a republican.

I guess times change and today any one who does not pray at the altar of free trade, globalism is branded a communist, tree hugging, San Francisco hippie liberal who is looking for a governemnt handout-nothwistanding that fact that it is the big corporations/banks that got trillions/gazillions in handouts .

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The Indian property bubble is heating up too and by most accounts has frothed up to unsustainable amounts. Who knows, maybe the Mayan 2012 prophecy might be true too. All of us descend into a Mad Max scenario!! Those of us in CA, at least have the original Mad Max-Mel Gibson and hey the villain Tina Turner too!!!

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People are still stretching to buy a house. Job loss is still a potent threat and globalisation and free trade are accepted as the gospel truth by both parties and Presidential candidates.

Housing will have to match the new reality. I remmebr back when a million dollar home was something rare. Then the boom came and every track home in places like Dublin and San Ramon came close to a million or more. 300-400k would be the right place-all things considered.

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Well modern marraige ain 't family values. When it ends-as the majority of marraiges do, in this country-the government mandates how much you pay and for how long, for the services rendered.

Now go to a brothel and you decide how much to pay for the services rendered.

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I don't know. After I lost my full time, long term job, I have been on short projects across the country. It has been quite an education. Nowadays, the pay is more or less the same-at least for a contract gig(in IT). They really don't pay that much extra to make a difference for the high cost of living in CA. But house prices can be a third or so less, in say the midwest or Georgia.

Now that I am in the final stages of signing on to a full time job in CA, the house price sticker shock is back. I look at a shack for 500k and really can't justify buying.

If one looks at house prices in CA during the dotcom boom, they were much, much lesser. You could get a home for 300/400k -nice homes, with a big garden, not the McMansion crap with tiny gardens- in pretty decent areas. These shot up to 800-900k , even a million bucks or more-after the jobs market cratered. Just the voodoo economics pushed them up, not fundamentals.

So I think current homes still make no sense. I still love CA-after you experience a winter in the north midwest/great lakes area- I would rather prefer the sun belt . I am not getting younger and shovelling snow or even being trapped in your house, because snow blocks the door is not appealing. But housing is simply overvalued. Pay isn't that much different(well unless you are in TX-most projects I applied there, did offer significantly less in per hour billing). But house prices are still too high. I am not even considering the high end areas, just middle class areas without significant crime and decent schools.

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Maybe because I watch Real Housewives of Orange County and all the bimbos seem to be realtors??

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APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says

Oh, do you guys think the women are going to give up control?

LOL!! No way . They have the best of both worlds. They can choose to stay at home or go to work. If they "choose" to stay at home or get a lesser paying, more flexible job-then the man has to pay for it and in some states it is lifetime alimony.

I fully support gay marraige-but I do tell my gay friends, be careful of what you ask for. Can you imagine all the alimony/palimony suits that is going to hit them like a ton of bricks. I stayed at home and spent all his money-eek sacrificed my carreer-now he has to pay me half of everything he got and alimony on top of that.

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Interesting article. Sad to say, never had heard of this before. But slavery did exist during Roman times too and back then, most slaves were probably whites, Egypitans, Persians -anybody captured in war etc.

Those were tough times.

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I lived in Fort lauderdale way back in the late 90s. Cheap then-an apt in an ok part of town was 30-40k. Rent in the same place was 340 a month.

I was just a few miles from the beach and used to drive every morning to the beach and take a dip in the ocean. I left before the housing bubble-so not sure how it is now. Went back recently-no more free parking at the beach I used to frequent. They have parking meters all over.

Nice place-but can't beat CA for the scenery-mountains, beaches, deserts, high deserts. Even back then, most people I knew worked in the call center industry-heard that was offshored pretty much.

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They already cut water to Imperial county farmers and routed it to San Diego residents. Though I wonder why they can't build a pipeline from say WA and/or OR and bring it down here. MS and LA too have surplus water-they could route it to TX-that is reeling under a drought.

Oops-I guess public works/big govt??

lostand confused   ignore (0)   2012 Jun 22, 10:51pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

I will vote for Romney , if he can get the repub states off the dole. CA only gets what 78 cents for every dollar we pay into the system. The rest of the states live off of us. If we got our own money-we won't have a deficit.

These other states are like teenagers-living in our house and thinking they are oh so cool.