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Too bad the pigs don't control the FBI anymore eor the thugs would have used the police/military to do their job. The fools on the elft have no morals, no standards, are perfectly fine using the state to itnerfewre in election-stupid is -I think there is no word to describe their stupid deranged selves.
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clambo says
1700 Law professors=1700 liberals

I didn't hear Alan Dershowitz object too loudly to Kavanaugh, while he did say that Ford should have been asked tough questions.

He actually talked about this and said these professors will not cal out for this if the shoe was on the other foot-aka if it was a sotmayar going through this. It would matter only if the same set of professors will call out or oppose if the same circumstances happened tot heir opposition.

Liberal fools know their bogus rape case has fallen apart and have focused on temperament. Some liberals I know who were incensed that a rapist was being nominated tot he supreme court are now incensed that tmeperment is the issue. WTF-I think even they know these bogus charges won't stick. Pigs.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
"Somebody considered for the Supreme Court can't lose their temper when a Coterie of Lesbian Leftwing Activists drag out a money hungry Academic after weeks of searching to make an evidence-free accusation missing almost every verifiable detail about something that happened 35+ years ago."

The FBI should look deeper into this after he is confirmed. her whole accusation seems built by a lawyer-no time, no place, no house location, nothing-because if she gave at least a few details or even who brought here there or picked up afterwards-they can corroborate .

I think they built the whole thing so carefully so it can never be corroborated-unfortunately it blew up in their face-Kavanaugh refused to back down tot heir hate. Then of course there is Swetnick who used to be a client of the lesbo lawyer lady.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Goran_K says

Unless you are some brain dead republican partisan hack, she is totally believable.
This board is a right wing echo bubble. Don't believe each others, you are not representing what people think. Just listen to someone like Sam Harris (frequently critical of SJW) on the subject.

I see , so when you get in your 50s, if some women sees you on TV and says you are an attempted rapists and provides witnesses-all of whom refute her account and also deny said event ever happened. One of said witnesses is her friend-not his. That is believable to you-wtf??

I mean she claims she was afraid for her life-but does not know who picked her up to escape from this life threatening event?? Forget her own friend that she named as her witness says said event/party never happened. Karma will bite you-lets see your tune when this happens to you.
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Today Susan Collins kicked ass too-the dems are pissing of the moderate republicans! I used to be on the dem side and now am solidly red. Who wants crazy Nazi thugs on the streets terrorizing people who think differently and lynch mobs?????
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Oh and orrin hatch shooing away the protestors and telling them he will talk when they grow up. Trump has given many the courage tot ell these mad dems to fuck off!
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Aphroman says
GOPe 4 life!

President Bush is very happy, says that it’s as if Jeb won the Presidency after all

If Hilalry won this would be the supreme court nominee

Wait is trigglypuff claiming Kavanaugh raped her too?
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Woman explains why she falsely accused her dad of sexual abuse to the police.
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Always trust women-yeah right
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Avennati/Swetnick Dem 2020.
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Didn't she fuck the much married Willie Brown to get ahead?
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I am just waiting for the mid terms. It would be like watching a horror flick -him going after the deep state -hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Plenty of trust fund babies crash, become druggies etc etc. heck

Dems as usual are deranged. Trump got some money from daddy, built a massive empire, had the ebst women in the world, enjoyed life and now wants to do something for the country as he enters his golden years-because he got tired of just making billions-dems say that si evil.

Hilalry rides the coat tails of Bill, trashes his rape accusers , puts up with everything and then wants to be a president because Bill was a President-next best thing to sliced bread.

Liberals and logic-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
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But the water bottles and the crooked angle of the arm!
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Democrats are the most vile racist folks-they always judge a person by the color of their skin and not their character.
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Why so many police? They should have just used this technique to tackle the fat cows.
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MAGA says
Do these chicks actually work for a living

I think the herdsmen-err dem organizer-herds his herd of cows from protest to protest! That used to be Obama's job, before he became President!
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I guess giant land whales don't take normal dick?
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LOl it looks like Scott Kelly was trying to use Churchill to bash trump/republicans? Saying you won be magnanimous-whatever. but the leftist hordes ate him nevertheless-Churchill is evil, yeah right.

Liberals have gone mad and wear their crazy proudly.
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The dems are becoming more and open. I wonder if we end up for a decade or so under a Nazi type party? Obama used the state against political enemies-thank the Lord he didn't succeed-probably was a dumb pretty show horse who couldn't do anything right.

Margret Sanger was a eugenicist- Hillary Clinton praises her.
Nazis and Hitler were ardent eugenicists- dems seem more and more like Nazis these days-scary days. Nothing develops overnight-but that seems to be the path they want to take this country to and they are shedding their pretenses.
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Interesting, this says is only happening in the west. Hmm I wonder if this coincides with feminazism-the timeline matches??
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zzyzzx says

Well, based on the second article, this only is happening in western nations-not the rest of the world. I wonder if it is the rise of the liberal agenda-toxic masculinity, multi gender blah, blah, blah culture that is changing men in western nations alone??
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Avenatti and Stormy?

Avenatti-vote for me and you can all fuck Swetnik!!
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ThreeBays says
This is false, when people are are able to talk rationally and are willing to talk not only the virtues of their party but also recognize the faults and crapola, it's easy to have a conversation.

It's hard to have a conversation with someone so far to right or left that they appear to be either trolling, or unwantenly brainwashed, or wantenly short sighted.

It depends. Most issues I am somewhere in the middle. Personally, I think gays etc should be allowed to marry, do what hey want, legalize or decriminalize drugs, prostition, don't want religion dictating life. But freedom is top of them all, freedom to speak, think and be who you are-which is anethma to today's dems. There is a strain of acceptable thought and you step over that line-you are a rapist/killer/psycho and people delight in destroying you and it si ok tor esort to violence.

If you can send someone like me into the arms of the republicans-you are losing a lot of folks. There is no dialogue with people when you say something different, are immediately branded racist/sexist/rape apologist/klansman or an Uncle tom.

This sued to eb the fringe-but Hilalry is open about this and even recently is out saying the same crap and openly saying dems won't b civil until they win an election-really? Then there is Maxine Waters and many senators calling to abolish ICE etc etc.

What is racist about deporting illegal immigrants? Normal people we can talk, but hate has taken over the dem party and possessed it and we have seen what happened in Germany, Cambodia, Soviet Union etc when unfettered hate takes over and logic, rationality is lost.

That kind of guttural base animalistic drive will never be satisfied and is intent on destruction. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and the hate coupled with self righteousness is scary. Will Americans come back-lets have discussion, immigration what do we -how amny to send back, what kind we allow to stay because they have kids here etc-those discussions we have. But everything is racists/sexist/rapist-what they ddi to kavanaugh is mob rule -scaryt imes we live in.

What is going to bring me back-ability tot alk about issues like alimony, child support-unreasonable amounts-women got their freedom, now be free and stop depending on men, women and minorities(I am a minority) got the freedom to compete and get jobs-so stop with all this crap and rules and sicsrimination. But no, I will be branded a deplorable by the leader of the democrat party-who is fine witht he riots-so why bother?
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ThreeBays says
mean other than the obvious thing like saying you support Trump. Appointing someone as your leader, does brand one as a supporter of that leader's traits.

I rest my case. Why bother to go further-youprove my case-you think something and hence decree all who have an opposing view are some "ist" -hate coupled with righteousness is the most dangerous thing of all.

Here is the red line of thought-you cross the line -you are racist, sexist any number of ist-I eman the elft now believe in 32 genders, so god knows how many ists you have for those who don't believe in your acceptable thought. But hey the funny thing-the elft still believes it is the party of epace, tolerance and love while filled with hate, rage and increasingly violent tendencies.

Scary times for America. Germany, Cambodia, Soviet union all went down the same path the elft wants-will we escape?
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Did the greasy fella screw kamala?
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hahaha-make this fella head of the FBI!!
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Tim Aurora says
or colluded with Russia to elect a racist president

aah what?
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ThreeBays says
Failing to see how that hate can get turned to you for supporting him is bizarre

Aah sure the Nazis and commies said the same thing-self righteousnouss and hate-dangerous stuff.

ThreeBays says
When you don't understand the "reaction" look back at the "action" that caused it.

What action-calling to enforce our laws?ThreeBays says
Trump is a lot of things, has said a lot of things, and done a lot of things
What exactly is worth of hate and violence by the left?? The elft has bene violent long, long time ebfore Trump. Trump just stand sup to their hate and love stheir hate-they don't know what to do and are going batshit-in the process revealing their true selves. You wanna see hate-look in the mirror.
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The elft has gone mad-well ok they are just staying mad.
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So aphroman are you going to now stop bashing trump/repubs non-stop? Remember Obozo the clown had a 60 senate majority, admitted drug user-heroin I think-never ever talked about war on drugs and ending it . Trump ahs been in office only two years and could change the lives of millions for the better by this policy.

I wouldn't be surprised if trump proposes this, dems suddenly become law and order batshit party.
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Goran_K says
No, they don't, that's why it was a major strategic blunder. Democrats shot their load and gained nothing when they had the chance to TRY and work with Trump.

You don't think they made a major fucking mistake in acting like assholes with the whole Kavanaugh smear job?


Yup, before it was senate policy to consult home state senators-so CA senators were all consulted for the 9th circuit. But after what Fienstein pulled-LOL!!!

9th circuit will finally be sane again!
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I am predicting 56 senate R seats and hang on tot he house at 230+ R. All because of Dianne Fienstein and Avenatti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don lemon the fool even brought up Kanye's mother saying Kanye's mother would be turning in her grave for this meeting-I am like wtf?? he met with a President-liberals them thar be mad!!!!!!!!!!
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This could be Turkey trying to screw things up-now that they are in chaos.
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Kavanaugh effect?
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Senate GOP 56 or 57 seats
House GOP may lose a few seats but 230+
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I still don't get it why wear vaginas on your head? Do you want someone to screw your head?
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I guess the new rule that all boards in CA should have a woman in the board won't be an issue. Just get one board member to declare himself a woman.
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Except America hating liberals, who is going to watch that tripe?

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