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So how much money is it going to cost them to film Mitch mcConnell and Rosie O'Donnell having sex?? Or Bernie and Hilalry????
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What idiots, millions of people have to lose jobs, homes, life savings so Trump will be out of office. I guess their deep state coup attempt is failing. So predictable-they are purely evil.
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We don't these mythical Chinese come ehre where I live> One of my friends lost his job couldn't afford his abhorrent property taxes, along with health insurance . So put his house in the market and to sell quickly had to lower his price 20%. His mortgage is almost payed off, so not like he had to pay the balance to the bank, but this boom is not in all places. Another rfriend just retired and just didn't want to deal with property taxes and moved tot he border with Wisconsin. The democrats are just evil.
They want free trade for everyone, except for government workers.
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I am really happy with him now. I was pissed off with his handling of the deep state and justice department. But you make lemonade with lemon and I think he know sif he removes Jeff sessions before the mdi terms he iss crewed politically, so instead turned them into a punching bag.
One thing I did not accept is his willingness on pot and criminal justice reform. I mean what more can you ask for. This is great.
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Liberals, liberals-the party of free trade and globalism and devastation for the middle-except for government workers. Governemtn workers should have all sorts of abrriers, should nto be sent to india or China and have pensions, health care at our expense. they have become the party of evil.
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LeonDurham says
Why do you persists in this lie? It's been shown to you over and over that liberals voted against free trade and Republicans voted for it.

And before you post it again--Clinton was NOT a liberal by any definition of the word. He was about as centrist as you can be--really more like a moderate Republican.
Joey, joey, I would present an argument, but no use arguing against a broken record. It does not matter what input you get, dems,are right-that is all you have, so keep at it.
Thank God for Trump or TPP would be rule of land.
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LeonDurham says
Yes, because I've already presented the argument many times and it's an open and shut case.

Hahha-LOL-thanks for the laugh.
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MisterLefty says
These people would have collaborated with the Nazi's.

Nazis were socialists -so.
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Lets see free trade and globalism for all except government employees-who get all the protectionist barriers. Import unlimited third worlders,e xport all our jobs-except government workers and blame Trump for everything.
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Aphroman says
Directed at nobody in particular

Why do the Trump Dick Suckers have such trouble making a coherent response?

Libertarian/Trumpublicans are dumb as fuck

LOL-this is like trigglypuff screaming and asking why everyone is so crazy.
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Aphroman says
The thread title is very misleading

Trump Dick Suckers seem to be confused about reality

Ahh trigglypuff wondering why people perceive her as trigglypuff.
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So let me guess you dems want another Obamacare, another tax hike, another-yeah you do and more government.
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joshuatrio says
LeonDurham says
And statements like that drive more Independents and Centrists to the Dem party.

Actually, it was Obama himself who drove many Independents like myself (who voted for him twice), to the right.

Yup what these dems don't realize is that the party has gone full on crazy and looks at us normal folks as crazy. Why would I vote for a dem when they think I am a deplorable.
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I wonder if it has to do with purpose. before you were part of a community and had a role and fit in. Now you can do anything you want , but then what is life. The more you achieve the more meaningless it becomes. That true lifelong heart connections become rarer and rarer.

Back then you had your friends to pour your heart out to-now you pay a shrink 150 bucks an hour and stop when the clock stops ticking. The world's pace has picked up .
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So much for liberal values of fair share.
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fake eyebrows Trudue?
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Feux Follets says
Small steps - that is what has happened, a first step so let's not let the celebration get ahead of reality

This is historic. The first step is not to give a terrorists regime 100 billion dolalrs so theyw ill suspend their nukes for ten years and int en years ebcoem nuclear again and thereby every rival in the middle east will also become nuclear. Stupidity of dems knows no bounds.

This is how it is done.
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RC2006 says
This would have been an onion piece 10 years ago.

I know the left is proof that reality is stranger than fiction.
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LOl liberlas think the world is a beauty pagent-they have to ruin that too and now beauty pageants are without swimwear and gowns. trigglypuuf will be the next Miss America.
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Me too. Traditionally i would be a democrat-want a big chunk of people to be prosperous , look after the masses and mostly freedom and not have people tell you what to do.

Traditionally repubs were the champions of the deep state, very corporate free trade etc etc. Now dems champion free trade, strongly support the deep state and use the deep state to spy on political opponents, love the NSA and basically suppress free speech and are willing to use violence to supress thought.
Also the govt taxes to support agianst bureaucracy.

Plus if you dare oppose them-you are an evil racist. I have shared my experience at being in the Trump rallies in IL. The visceral hate is scary and if it gathers critical mass, can reach Stalin levels.

They honestly scare me, I am still in support of traditional dem principles-but that party is long gone and only the repubs will have me. So here I am.

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I joined too. The coup by dep state made me a republican -so good going dems.
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Yeah men were the disposable work mules, working hard, taking risks, risking life to save and protect their families. Women decided to make this into a glamorous viewpoint. Now men have lost interest in protecting women-no small part due to alimony and outsized child support- women suddenly lament, where are all the good men?

Become a mule work till you drop and don't find many successful men to help you-why should they-they are the patriarchy.
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This is what I have been saying about property taxes in IL-why should we the people pay more taxes because the government workers want to live in Caligulan splendor with lifetime guarantee of health benefits and pension?
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HeadSet says
Yeah men were the disposable work mules, working hard, taking risks, risking life to save and protect their families.

Yep, that is the challenge and burden of being an adult male

No that was the challenge. Not anymore apparently-ya know because fish don't need bicycles.
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It depends, ATMs etc work great and maybe making cars, burgers etc? But more complex stuff might be more difficult?
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Hassan_Rouhani says
Is it really a honor to be in the same company with Yassir-fucking-Arafat?

Yup considering the scum that have been getting the prize recently-I think being rejected would be an honor.
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LOve it dems are now the party of free trade, globalism, government unions and global corporations!
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
If they took a flat 100 euro/month out of European Guest workers and let them live 4 to a room, they would have had a million takers and paid off more than a billion in debt a year plus provide jobs. Without the kiddie rape.

Logic and globalism don't go together.
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Patrick says
I'm not impressed with Obama, but have to admit that at least he didn't lie to start a pointless war like Bush II did.

GW Bush is clearly the worst president ever, imho.

True, But Obama did lie to give us Obamacare and he did lie about free trade and gave us the TPP. he did lie about TPP and nSA and turned out to use the deep state to interfere in a Presidnetial election.
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bob2356 says
Huh??? Reality doesn't work for you somehow? The US entered TPP negotiations under Bush. How did Obama give us TPP, it was never passed or even sent to congress for consideration. WTF?

OOOH The DEEP STATE boogeyman. Are we going to get another BLOCKBUSTER about the DEEP STATE that is going to send hillary/obama to jaii? I'm all aquiver with anticipation.

Obama negotiated TPP and pushed for it and was ready to sign it, except Trump won. Hilary called it he gold standard of trade deals. Stop.

Deep state is the most dangerous thing in America. until now the police and dep state were taregting low income folks-we are the msot incarcerated nation in the entire world. Now they are going after a president-while you laugh. Democrats, democrats-of course what do you except-quite a few demcorats have called for a coup openly . That the FBI spied on Trump is not in question -the only thing left to find out is who ordered it and how much and when Obama knew.

I am sure you are still arguing Obamacare is great. It is truly astounding to know how little democrats care about democracy-just like the traitors of yore who gave up their country to the enemy, because they had a dispute with the current ruler.
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bob2356 says
Ready to sign what? It never even went to congress. There is that pesky little detail from the constitution about congress passing it.

Oh dear Bobbie. LOL-again do you troll or just actually believe this nonsense.
the remaining tripe-oh well, come back to the real world and we can have a healthy debate.
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Sessions needs to go-he is a pig.
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This is disgusting . One concern I have is when they classify someone who is 17 and 11 months as a child. In some states, if two underage kids have sex , they can charge one with statutory rape-guess which gender they choose. There should be some age gap after puberty-a 40 or 50 year old going after a 15 yr old-throw him in jail. But 19 to 25 with 17 should not be held to the same standard.

Pre puberty-absolute No NO. The deep state justw ants to throw everyone in jail -more sheep for their prison industrial complexes.
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Patrick says
Actually, there is pretty good evidence that being gay is in fact a choice.

For example, identical twins are not identically gay or straight. So being gay is clearly not a simple function of genes.

Also, boys raised in areas where gayness is normalized or even praised are more likely to be gay.

Similarly, I suspect that the current fad of declaring one's self transsexual is simply a desire to be different or "special" to gain attention and a certain kind of status.

I don't know if it is a choice or not and if it is-as longa s they are adults not our concern. However I do wonder if the rise of feminazism and the metoo type movement, 50% divorce rates, unfair alimony, massive child support all cause men to turn off women completely?
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Goran_K says
He said he would only talk if he was granted immunity. This rat fuck is hiding some dark shit that will shit all over Democrats (again).

Now the IG confirms he is investigating Comey-LOL!
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Some BLOCKBUSTER Trumptards!

It's common for the Deputy Director to plead the 5th in front of congress

I know, don't they usually say if you did nothing wrong, you don't have to worry about anything?
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rocketjoe79 says
But if Trump declines to testify, he's guilty too!!

Trump is not pleading the 5th.

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