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preforeclosures in the bay area-that is interesting?
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Is this the sign of an impending crash?
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I think he was right on this. This is for legal immigrants-not illegal. They should have due process and should know what crimes qualify for deportation. There was a doctor in OHio who I think had deportation proceedings started because h had too many traffic tickets. They need clearer guidance.
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bob2356 says
A whole bunch of political theatre for the people unwilling to do any thinking for themselve

LOL!!!! Are you referring tot he sacramento bee of the state of CA franchise tax board who they quoted?
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100k+ in Fresno is like 500k in San FRan-who decides pay-obviously not tax payers-then they raise taxes to fund these critters.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Housing is practically free in the states.

In some areas yes. Here is this decent house in Detroit, MI for 8,500 bucks -5 bedroom 2 bath!
Does need TLC, windows-, back taxes etc-but can find plenty of these homes there?

I wonder if IL is facing this because of high property taxes and the fleeing hordes from the dem policies?
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I wonder what happened in japan. is there a cultural stigma against dating. I know some Asian countries have/had arranged marraiges. Is there a rabid feminazi movement where feminazis sit on couches, eat bonbons, refuse to do housework become bloated land whales that no harpoon will pierce and scream equality while sucking every dollar/yen out of the guy-while not sucking his dick? Then the ppor sap has to maintain the land whale's lifestyle for evah?

What is the reason??
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
This is a professor? Whatever xe teaches I'm not interested.

If you are in CA, your tax dollars pay her salary and pension!
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I don't know-Trump may just go down. Hilalry's lawyer paid 12 million to the Russians and Trump's justice dept is investigating him for Stormy Daniels-I mean WTF??? Cmon dude.
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Talk tot hem and see if you can negotiate something?
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Remember if they decide to send it to a collection agency-your credit will be screwed.
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CA has the proposition system-why don't people just vote on limiting pensions. I know some people get 600k or even 900k a year-why not limit it to sya 45k.
In IL, they put it in constitution that nothing can be changed on pensions and dems will never vote to amend the constitutiion.
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EBGuy says
To bring it back to's bread and butter.... The government was so desperate to put him in jail and out of the public eye that they combed all the financial/business/tax records of his extended family. They finally got him for making a loan to his brother which was used to purchase a home. His BIL misrepresented the loan money as his own and used it to get financing for a flip. At least that is Tommy's account; MSM accounts differ but I haven't seen source documents that detail his involvement in a greater consipiracy

Sounds like what is ahppening to Trump and if they succeed the rest of us .
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marcus says
Yeah, like meeting people at starbucks isn't a normal practice. Sure it's coutesy to uy something - but would it be required if they were white

Huh? It is a business. You do not meet up there and use it for office/internet-unless you buy something? They pay for light, electricity, internet they get to choose who gets toe enter. Several businesses have no shirts/no shoes notice or restrooms are fr customers only-is that now enforceable by race only?
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marcus says
No. But if two white guys were waiting for a friend (or business contact), who might have asked that they meet there because he or she does want to get a coffee, you can be sure they wouldn't be booted out, just becasue they are waiting without buying something.

Hell, even FW knows this is right, but wants to turn it into us against them nonsense.

Police didn't just bust in. They politely asked them to leave -the two trespassers refused. They got arrested-that sounds right. now the trespassers are hero and this is a civil rights case??
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CBOEtrader says
The real tragedy is that where these black men should have learned a life lesson in humility, they instead learned to be racially entitled SjW's

Bingo that is how you learn. Now they just learnt being blacks gets you anything you want-until they go too far and end up in prison.
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Isn't NY reliably democratic-why do they need felons/democrats?
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Sessions won't act.
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drB6 says
A fluke means nothing. Average over a reasonable period of time means something.

Then why did they change it from global warming to climate change?
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Yeah, I am increasingly disappointed with Trump. Hilalry paid the Russians 12 million through her lawyer and she is out of office and Obama and yet they are in control of the narrative.

I expected him to be more competent than this. Dems smell blood in the water and are going in for the kill-until he hits back hard-they will keep going at it. Enough with the tweets and do something. I mean he tweets about the justice dept as though Obama is still the President. It has been two years.
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IMO Trump's election has energized the left the same way that Obama/Clinton energized the right in 2016. That's unlikely to subside over time

It has energized the elft to go cuckoo and throw all rationalism to the wind. They howl to the moon, talk about blowing up the white house, absolutely show no rationality. They are driven by pure hate and no logic-they have shed all shreds of humanity. They are having a mental breakdown.
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Who is she-not of those nuts who is going to go to youtube and shoot it uP?
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I wonder if feminazism is the root cause. Why would a man marry and be subject to slavery-lose all your money and probably barely see your kids-while the slut raises them with another man on your dime?
In some states, WA for example you cannot choose to have jobs that interest you-you are forced to maintain jobs to provide income at a certain level-slavery plain and simple.

Which is why the poor have so many kids-nothing to lose for men and social benefits galore for the women. I don't know what will change. if the rules change, many men will easily marry and have kids.

Feminazis will lead to the death of western civilization and also the phenomena of fat acceptance-where a land whale is supposed to be attractive.
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Logan Mohtashami says
and we are still producing double the jobs needed to account for population growth!

Does that account for immigration-legal and illegal?
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bob2356 says

Despite the very deceptive name global means across the globe. This is why it's not called chicago. warming

Global warming except in places where it si colder-oh wait lets just call it climate change-just like gender is not what you are born-you can 54 genders-LOL!
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marcus says
It was a different article that mentioned the 2000 years. But I guess that number get's thrown around in reference to general trends in the arctic, that is that that generally such warm temperatures there haven't been seen in 2000 years.

Nothing to worry about though. No biggie

So when Christ walked around the earth- 2,000 years ago mankind had massive industries causing global warming ? How did it warm up then?
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NYC Human rights commission claims there are 31 genders??
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Tim Aurora says
Because of people like you who do not understand global warming. The average sea temperature over the year is increasing causing a different "climate" if you will .

Nope because alarmist frauds couldn't explain away their delusional theories and justify their tax increase policies to fund the pensions.
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marcus says
Wow. New low

Why-you think all that billions in taxes will affect climate change or just fill the pensions of fat cat bureaucrats while they dine on caviar in 5 star hotels on the public dime while lecturing us middle class about the evil 1%.
The evil democrats game is getting old-though they still have enough people believe their crap.
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marcus says
What are these billions in taxes being spent on climate change ?

That was the proposal-raise taxes for global warming. Where do you think that money will go?
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bob2356 says
Do you suppose there might a place on the planet that are getting a month that is the warmest in 130 years while chicago is getting a month the coldest? OMG say it ain't so joe. That global shit is soooo confusing.

Do you suppose that was always the case, nothing new here-LOLZ!!
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
or they'll have to show that following policy is an offense

Haha-if they do-imagine the lawsuits and outrage from SJWS!!!
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Patrick says
Yes, Minassian is a typically Armenian name. It will be interesting to hear more about his motive, since Armenians generally don't do such things. Maybe he converted to the Religion of Peace

Maybe he was ashamed that Armenians were now forever linked to the Kardashians?
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Liberals have gone mad. Their new patron saint is agiant hippo who ahs made millions and keep sit-while criticizing capitalism? Is it requirement for liberals to not have brains, scream like banashees .

A few days ago, Milo Yinapolous was at a NY gay bar-liberals banded together screamed at him , called him a Nazi and chased him away-they must be so proud of their peace and tolerance behavior.
They openly call for violence-if the deep state coup succeeds-we are looking at Pol Pot and Stalin and Hitler. No capitalism-liberal utopia-nobody can say the wrong thought and mass killings are just fine-we are there halfway anyway.

Luckily I have dual citizenship with a country that used to be very socialist and is now moving rapidly in the opposite direction. I think we might see in our lifetime a commie USA.
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mell says
Still if you're going to settle American I recommend the mid west.

Well after a certain age, many women in the Midwest resemble beached whales.
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They should move to a Muslim country declare themselves Muslims marry a harem and live like the King of their castle.
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mell says

By 2014 as manbearpig said

You mean Nobel laureates can be wrong?
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Why can't they make the homeless and illegals pick the needles and shit-no do work, no food/benefits?
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bob2356 says
You would think after a 18 months as president donald "lock hillary up" trump would have her in jail already. Especially with BOBMSHELL after BOMBSHELL coming out. Is he incompetent, lazy, or paid off?

I would say incompetent in this regard-really incompetent.
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Democrats now love the police-ahh how sweet.

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