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I feel bad. How many mothers and fathers and brothers have to live through this hell with no end? Obama should have focused on this-instead he live sina 8 million dollar Washington D.C. home and lectures people about buying expensive homes.
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What happened to my post describing my experience -did someone mark it personal?
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Goran_K says
NYT was readable in 1998. In 2018 I don’t recognize what it has become.

It is owned by Carlos Slim-Mexican billionare.
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Well, she can go back to her paradise? Normally I would think she has mental issues-but nowdays dems behave this way and this is becoming the new normal.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Asama Javed, of Bradford, former Labour Official, helps parents forcibly marry 15 year olds to Pakistanis, then gives tips on how to use loopholes to get the rapist back in Pakistan a UK Visa. The parents can apply on behalf of the girl, the girl's consent is not needed if she marries in Pakistan.


Willt he reporters be thrown in jail for reporting this like that Robinson fellow. Theresa May is a fool.
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The sad thing is that there were people clapping her and her white lawyer standing next to her-talk about self hating freaks!
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NuttBoxer says
Maybe they've become so introspective they're actually yelling at themselves, kind of like Inception?

I mean this looks like a klan rally. A bunch of white power klansman screaming at a young black woman, shoving things in her face. Liberlas have gone mad. Maybe they were mad that a black woman was in the nice/white part of town?
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White democrats are reclaiming the KKK mantle.
Blue eyed masked liberals beat up Sikh republican in CA and scream at to him to go back to his country-spray paint his car with hate signs.


It was my experience at the Trump rally too.
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Manafort was working through his masters the Podesta brothers who was the campaign manager for Hilalrywho received 100 million+ for her foundation fromt he Russians after giving away our uranium.
But trump-liberlas have gone mad.
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I think student loans should be limited to fields that have a shot at jobs-like engineering, medical, nursing or even blue collar jobs. is that racist.
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Strategist says
They end up not having to pay off big student loans, and they can charge up their credit cards and include them in the BK. Their problem now becomes the bank's problem.

I think student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.
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A crash will come-sometime. But if you buy something for 5 bucks and it goes up to 30 and then crashes to 20 and starts going up again after bottoming-did it crash?
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Well, well, well at least they are showing their fangs and being open about it instead of shadow banning and saying oops mistake. Lets see-that imbecile jeff Sessions si the most incompetent AG ever.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
And one more thought as I heated up my sandwich:

Acostya bitches about Trump Supporters mocking CNN and putting "The Free Press at Risk"

and the same time, it had pushed and then celebrated, that Infowars, a competitor, be banned or restricted on Social Media.

So much hypocrisy since 2016.

Jeff sessions is going to do nothing. trump should take it to them and make this about freedom of the press. I guess this is why they always tried to squelch free media. back then slaves were not allowed to read or write. Knowledge si power and the newly powerful-the tech titans want to control their globalist scum ways.

Apple especially-they have a lot to lose from China-maybe this is a shot at the bow to get a dem congress int he mid terms so tariffs won't go through.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Do you believe McCarthy was wrong?

I believe McCarthy was one of the disgusting episodes of our nation. Now the democrats have taken up his mantle-but with far more power by the leftie globalist scum corporations.
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Heraclitusstudent says
You people need to study propaganda. Seriously

propaganda by the socialists, communists, leftists-yeah we know we see it everyday-wether that be antifa or the globalist scum MSM.
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Heraclitusstudent says
The fact that we have an unpopular and polarized establishment with low credibility makes things very easy for Russians propagandists. Does it not?
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Perhaps you have bought in the democrat and deep state propaganda about Russia and now enthusiastically support giving up your own rights. Hillary colluded with Russia to get the dossier.
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Interesting, but pretty clsoe. But heartening Ocasio has no clout-now if only Warren loses in MA.
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Aphroman says
The only race that matters this Fall is Sessions vs. Allred.

What, is there a naked mud wrestling match between Jeff Sessions and Gloria Allred?? My money is on Allred!!!
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Interesting, this is the 1st time Guiliani is taking on Muellar. I am surprised.
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Yeah right., Hilalry pays 12 million and colludes witht he Russians gets a dossier, FBI lies to FISA judge and gets a spying warrant. Lead FBI agent who already cleared Hilalry before interviewing her or 32 other witnesses talks about insurance plans, impeachment BEFORE joining Muellar special counsel,

Special counsel does not interview all this but yeah the real crime is Nunes not subpeoning some bank deals. Should Nunes subpoena STormy Daniels and demand she sleep with him. Democrats have gone mad and lost all perpective.
Lead FBI agent openly plotting a coup-Obozo the clown using the FBI to rig an election and usual the stupid fool failed-did he succeed in anything in his life-except fooling the liberlas?? Yeah right. Treason and high crimes is what Obama , Hilalry did.

As someone whose parents came forma country where law enforcement routinely was used as the thug/mafia of the ruling party and even killed people for their political amster-snot that way anymore as capitalism took hold- this is the most dangerous thing that could happen to this country.

But hey Stormy Daniels and bank underwriting ona loan-lets spend 10s of millions trying to pump that up-while the FBI colludes with teh Russians and make a mockery of every institution. I wouldn't be surprised if ti comes out Muelalr colluded witht eh Russians and all this is a giant smokescreen/coverup their wretched evil ways. Pigs all fo them.
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Why the Canadians love the Islamists-isn't what Canada doing anti Muslim hate ???
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Where I live, the county does assessments by some weirdo formula. It is not by sale price-so if prices go down, they increase tax rates, if you buy your home in a low market, you get hit by the "formula" and not by the purchase price. My friend bought a 275k home and pays 12.5k in taxes and just got hit with another tax increase. he got mad and complained and they said he should live in a different neighborhood-I mean wtf???
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The Russians-aren't Russians the original lefties?????
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Would she allow her husband to marry 3 other wives??
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Interesting, we are living through historical times. Other failed, evil leftist regimes are always blamed as the government. But one must remember those governments were there by populist regimes-by angry emotion filled masses. Once they started suppressing the "bad: groups, they turned one everyone and suppressed everybody.

It is easy to blame, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler-but the masses are what got them there-and the masses and their cheerleaders the liberal corporations are now suppressing speech they don't like-this ahs bene going on in schools and universities for long and has hit the adult arena now. What is frightening is will this spread and will the thugs take over first against the conservative voices of freedom and self responsibility or will the freedom loving folks push back against the gloabalist collectivist scum?
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Aphroman says
Conservatives hate freedom and self responsibility, they just like to crow about it

Maybe a generation or two ago-that si when Berkely liberlas started the free speech movement. Now the pendulum has swung the other way-the abused have become the abuser. The same berkely is now ground zero for anti speech and the same liberlas are now banning free speech. You folks just think you are angels from the sky and never do any wrong while beating and bloodying people on the streets for voicing an opinion contrary to what si accepted/approved by the collectivist mob.
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Aphroman says
You didn’t refute my point anywhere in there

I’m still waiting to hear the big important stuff Conservatives are being denied the ability to say a/o talk about

You make my point for me. We determine what is important, we tell you what you can speak-there-that is the modern liberl/Nazi/socialist/commie-thanks for being so open about it.
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Aphroman says
here is no we in me

I speak for myself, not Democrats, not Republicans, not the left, or the right. Me. Which is what everyone should do. Speak for yourself. Don’t let others speak for you. The other side of that coin is you can’t speak for others. You can’t assign lies and falsehoods to others. You must allow their thoughts and words to stand alone, free of your attempt to muddy the waters by poisoning the well with Libelous disinformation. THAT IS WHAT FREE SPEECH IS ALL ABOUT

There is no muddying the water in people who rejoice in banning free speech that belongs to one side or think it is no big deal. it has been tried in many countries-Germany, Cambodia, Soviet-. there is no libelous disinformation-but hey that speaks volumes about mdoern day liberals . I will coem in with the most vile evil logic about Trump but if someone points a finger back at me-blah, blah,. blah.

Talk to someone who live dthrough Cambodia's Pol Pot regime and se how similar your kind sounds.
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How is this different than what they do 24x7???
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Is she ok if her husband marries 3 other wives?
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feminazis and the democrat laws against men scare the hell out of any man with assets. A man worth nothing can do what he wants-have as many kids as he wants and just enjoy life.
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If ever we become weak militarily, the stupid liberlas will be weak picking for the invaders. They will probably be standing there waving diversity flags and welcome and be screaming at our defenders. Too stupid.
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In CA if you fart too much, your neighbor will probably sue you for global warming!
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I don't know. Too much intelligence seems to make women crazy and men into soyboys.
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WTF, my parents came over here to escape socialism -eh God do I have to find a capitalist country to emigrate too?
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MrMagic says
Geez.... in 45 minutes since I posted, it's at $135K with 3,330 people donating..

What a screwed up situation.. it's probably all Democrats donating.... What's the irony in that?

A fool and their money.
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Patrick says
It's funny just how wrong the NY Times was, and is, about Trump.

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I don't know about trials. But his defense rested without calling a single witness-are they angling for an appeal?
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That is paedophilia-like that mr Gunn who seemed to appreciate pre pubescent girls.

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