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Could be an orderly decline maybe? Who knows??
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Overdosing on drugs does not lead to deaths. it would lead to hospitalization and massive medical bills more often -of course borne by tax payers.
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The west is becoming weak then?
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Some liberal professor claims God didn't get consent from mary. When someone pointed out that same Angel informed Mary and she consented-theliberal professor claims that the power dynamic was too much and hence consent is not consent-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now according to a liberlas if a woman consents to a man and ahs sex and if said man is rich-then it is not consent because the power dynamic is too big.

This country is doomed. perhaps this is how Rome fell as the crazy leftoids too over and lived with their head in the clouds.
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Rin says
Capitalist South Koreans eat dog ...


One of my American colleagues had it during our trip to Seoul. I refused to attend the festivities, sticking with beef and pork.

That is local cuisine. But in desperate countries they eat anything.
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MrMagic says
You're not skeptical, that's the truth. That's where the real pussies are, too lazy to make it happen. They rather whine and complain that it's the woman's fault.

Nah see too many pussy whipped fools with Stockholm's syndrome who think they have a great thing going. Just like in Malaysia a Muslim majority nation. Women were complaining about the rigid anti women laws. One senior woman in power said it was the women's fault-because women must learn to be a great virtuous woman, a whore in bed and a great chef -if only a woman acted like that, then their husbands will still be interested in them. So basically it si always the woman's fault.

In western society it si always the man's fault. IT makes zero economic sense today to get married-unless your wife is also educated and career oriented. Because she can quit any day . In CA for example you can be married as little as 10 years and now owe support for life not to mention huge amounts in child support-with no accounting or choice in how it is spent. You may be a millionare but frugal-why is the govt forcing you to spend obscene amounts of money on child support.

It is not women or men-but the government and rules of law. Just as a rape victim's testimony in court will not carry weight in Saudi arabia-as a woman's testimony is only worth half a man's testimony-the uS is gone nuts with respect to men.

Those with assets best follow Rin's law and if you want a kid get a surrogate. Anyone who thinks that just because you have a been married a long time means you have a great marriage and are never lonely is just in lala land. In many cases I have seen it is water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink-the tale of a boater marooned ins ea.

The laws need changing and women wanted equality -time to step off and get of the alimony/oversize child support train wagon.

That won't happen and so people will continue to distance themselves-when you are looking at a 50% divorce rate-thank you mam-the sex was great-but plenty of other fish in the sea.
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LOL this is going to be a joke.
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Oh this witch has a map in her congressional office with Israel as Palestine. Why do lefties/socialists always want to commit genocide of the Jews?
Bitch is not wearing her burqa-she would be stoned to death.
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TSLA is way too volatile. It was 300 then dropped to 200s then went up to 370 os so then again dropped. Market is crazy right now.
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So which of the 254 million genders does this pair belong to?
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Strategist says
MrMagic says


That is a boner killer.
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The stupid people of IL voted ina dem supermajority-after the dem governor ran on a platform of raising taxes. I eman wtf.

Goran you have a few years in NV -it is turning dem. I thought AZ would be a place to go retire-but that Taliban loving feak who thinks it is ok for Americans to kill our troops actually won the Seante in AZ-hell to the no.

These stupid liberals never learn-they are like locusts swarming and destroying everything in their path.
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Ceffer says
Central Planning Elite of the Great Socialist Paradise. The Globalists choose the pseudo-socialist model because it has proven to be very effective at holding down the masses and reducing the middle class, while pretending to be a benign force for equality and sharing, while it actually preserves a core of Royalist Elites who wish to convey their advantages genetically to their dynasties. The Globalists and Shadow Government entities don't believe in the Commie model a bit, but they love the relentless propaganda, information terrorism, and control over the easily beguiled, idiot free shit masses.

Yup the same is already happening here with Bernie sanders and his home on the lake while screeching about rich having too much. Occasio cortez rich poor etc only becomes a propaganda where the rich actually control everything and yet on the other hand bash the rich.The ppor actually believe that and when they stop -then it becomes brute force like Venezuela or N Korea. After all N Korea is a democratic bastion where Kim Jong UN wins 99.6% of the vote every single time.

Why smart Americans fall for this crap and are moving socialist -I have no idea. I mean what about a bunch of incompetent freaks comtrolling evry aspect of your life sounds good? Why after seeing the horrors of the gulag, concentration camps, cuba, Venezuela, Pol pot of Cambodia-all leftie paradises-do liberls still want to follow that route.

The world has been there and done that?
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The Midwest. Though looking to get out soon out of the dem hellhole. Weather sucks, taxes suck and stupid people keep voting dem no matter what. The ones that leave seem to keep voting dem wherever they go recreating this mess.

Why would anyone vote dem after -forget it. Much better to find a better place to move. Though these locusts arrive like the plague and destroy that and make it in the image of the thing they are fleeing from-fools.

At least FL is staying repub.
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The wall keeps alien invaders out. Social safety net is a good thing-as long as it remains a net to catch you from falling. If it becomes a couch where you lay all day for free and sometimes for generations-that is not a social net anymore.

There are lots of jobs Americans don't want to do-why???? Isn't that racist to say only illegals can do those kind of jobs-humans are humans. Get off your 300 pound fat tub of lard ass and do those jobs.

Socilaism is a fool's paradise often supported by intellectuals-who often are the first victims of it. Strange.
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jazz_music says
This so far is the only exception in history to what happens when inequality goes this far. Its not sustainable, its being prolonged by ubiquitous propaganda, access to fast food and cheap big box crap from China and Bangladesh, etc.

You can call those who speak out hysterically bad names but that aint gonna cut you no slack jack

That is what Trump and us are saying. That is why he is fighting with China and NAFTA to get better trade deals with us. DEms and globalist repubs oppose.

That si why he is trying to stop illegal immigration and chain migration. Ten million plus illegal immigrants exist who work under the table for half the minimum wage or less-raising the minimum wage will just allow more illeglas.

Same for chain migration-why bring in millions and millions of unskilled immigrants when Americans are not having good wages???

By what you are asking you must be a rabid Trump fan. If TPP had been signed-oh well it does not matter-you guys will support dems if they come and take your first born away in the name of socialism.

As some one who came from a former socialist country -not anymore-it is hell. You think it is great and reduces inequality-nope some top people hold all the [power and they run the country with a giant bureaucracy..

Why when trump is saying the same thing as you are and trying his best to do it-why do you support globalist scum who want to take away everything in the name of socialism????

One of the hallmarks of the left was propaganda-weather that be the soviet union or Nazis-it si very strong with the left today. They have convinced the dems to believe in a cause that hurts them-massive importation of cheap labor willing to work under the table and crime and also globalization-all the while -oh forget it maybe we are doomed.

Good thing I hold dual citizenship-time to transfer assets I suppose. I am not sititng ehre so socialists can grab all my assets and tell me how evil I am. What a sorry state this country is in.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
It's time to give the Social Security trust to a guy from Kazakhstan who Trump really trusts! Only a Libby nut job would pretend not to understand why this is AMERICA!'s last hope!

You got him mixed up with Obama. Obama was the one willing to trade social security in as part of some grand bargain. trump has steadfastly refused to touch SS.
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Liberals are hateful scum seeting with hate at orange man. There are places where they hang gays and kill them , Obozo the clown did nothing. trump calls for decriminalization of homosexuality-vile, evil hateful liberals at eoutraged because it interferes with country's values.

But hey label a man pretending to be a woman a man it is the most vile evil thing in the world. Liberals are no different than Pol Pot, or the soviets evil hateful things and now want gays to be executed and or imprisioned because ebig orange men.

Peace and tolerance indeed.
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Today's liberals want to create gulags . not far fetched-they didn't think they were going there-when they won "freedom".

I can only pray socialism does not take over this country.
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I mean liberals-wtf?? Gays being thrown in jail, thrown off buildings, trump calls for an end-oh that is evil.

Meanwhile it is a human rights violation if you do not admit there are 32 genders?
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Automan Empire says
Having convinced themselves that Democrats are the real racists, sportsball-team playing Republicans are now at work convincing themselves that Democrats are the real homophobes as well.

Convinced? Democrats fought to keep slavery , democrats were klansmen, democrats wear blackface and yet calim moral superiority. For the first time a US President seeks to end criminalization of homosexuality in the world, as usual democrats seethe with rage.

Just as democrats fought to keep slavery intact and now seek to import socialism to our shores and enslave us again.
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Kakistocracy says
You forgot Benghazi...
Kakistocracy says
You forgot Benghazi...

Flying billions in cash to iran is just fine, but telling them not to throw gays of buildings is horrible?
LOL oh meanwhile a giant hairy man can use female bathrooms with young girls just because he feels like a woman at that moment.

This is a psychosis.
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RC2006 says
News outlet are reporting that almost all homosexuals have turned straight in West LA and Bay area, spread of aids drastically reduced across US. MAGA


Maybe Trump should announce support for tranny rights and Caitlyn jenner will go back to being Bruce!
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Meanwhile while dems support Iran throwing gays off top buildings plunging to their death-they think there is such a thing as a biological female penis-LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If I was running a business and multiple states were fighting to get my jobs and oen state was calling me evil -which state do you think I would pick? Unless NY offered other competitive advantages -like if you are a wall street or hedge fund type firm-why would anyone want to go to that place?
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Then we become Venezuela-the dum socilaists think we will be some utopia-soviet style gulags are what is coming.
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The oceans used to alp the foothills of the Sierra mountians and receded long before men walked the earth-LOLZ Liberals, liberlas!
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It helps if you travel -local and international. Carrying wads of cash is not a solution and the police can do an asset forfeiture. I have had fraudulent transactions show up occasionally-banks were good about it.

You need discipline, when I was youngI overspent and wound up with hug balances, then lost my job. Managed to pay back balances . Lesson learnt.

Now I carry a balance maximum two cycles, if it goes beyond that, then I cut all expenses. Works like a charm. But also keep track of what is going in , what is going on-how much savings I have , I could be jobless for abit etc etc.

It is justa tool -like any tool depends on how you use it.
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You and your is so transphobic-it should be they and theirs!
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Liberals made the US fat and complacent. LIberals are more worried about 32 genders and political correctness and allowing millions of illegals pour in and giving them free healthcare. Perhaps this nation has to collapse before we come back to our senses.
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Kakistocracy says
Item #1. Please provide some verifiable measurable examples of this phenomenon. Something other than hysterical allegations and assertions.

Item #2. Please provide some concrete data that show only "liberals" employ undocumented illegals in large numbers. Something other than hysterical allegations and assertions.

This would include the political record of the CEO/CFO of the large meatpackers, home builders etc.

Liberals openly state that is their position-they do not hide their positions-LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rin says
And thus, the whole EV thing is very much a Cali and southwest phenomena.

I have a hybrid. In summer assuming I drive carefully I get 38-39 mph. If I drive freeway at 55mph or so have gotten 45 mph -but I have a lead foot so 37-39mph is what I get.

Winter same driving habits -I get maybe 30mph at most. This is a hybrid so no charging batteries etc. I don't think EVs will work as a primary car here. I moved and have a heated underground parking garage-hated shoveling snow or coming back to a snowy driveway or worse ice.

But most places have outdoor parking and if for some reason you forgot to charge or God forbid your power goes out-the EV will be worthless and with the new key fobs won't even open?

I can't even imagine driving those things when it is -25F -most people are scared to drive gas/diesel because it amy not start -an EV no way!
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I am in IL. I was looking at a beautiful house 6 br 5 bathroom priced at 410k-nice school district , very nice area. So thought it might be a rental as the rents are very good there due to school district. Property taxes-15,000 bucks a year place and no cap on property taxes-LOL!!!

WTF?? Who pays 15,000 a year on a 410k and with no caps on property taxes. Oh and top of that now that liberal idjits have voted in a supermajority dems, they are proposing a progressive tax. Oh and one house in this new supermajority ahs passed a 15 dollar minimum wage bill. So someone in the most expensive area of Chicago will have 15 bucks minimum wage and someone living in some Podunk town in the border of Iowa or Missouri will be forced to give 15 bucks an hour in wages to their minimum wage workers. By the way they love illegals-so who will hire someone for 15 bucks when you can pay an illegal 5 bucks???

WTF is wrong with these liberals?? Now they run as socialists openly. I fear for this country.

Maybe you should get a vote if you paid income taxes? Those on welfare last two years don't get to vote??
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I hear Prince Harrya nd Meghan markle are going to raise their kid as gender fluid or a theyby. What has the world come to-liberalism is a cult.
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Liberals civil army consisting of trannies, blue haired freaks screaming equality and ending gun rights-LOL!!
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Is it considered an illegal alien? It used to be when you referred to someone as it, it was an insult-now they want to be known as it?
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AOC unfortunately is a symbol of today's democratic party. it took them a while, but they have now started to believe their own bullshit.
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Goran_K says
For $1,000 cash, would you?

$1,000 LOL-not enough money in the world!

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