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YesYNot says
rump is accused of working with Russia to undermine the US election system in exchange for State favors. You are accusing Hillary of working with other Russians through 3 or 4 levels of intermediaries to expose said Russian behavior and potential collusion with Trump. That's crazy.

Trump is accused-no evidence even thoush Obama was spying on him. Hilalry the pure altruistic angel from heavan paid 12 million to expose non existant Russian collusion of Trump-oh while she got 145 million from the Russians just as she signed off on giving 20% of our uranium tot eh Russians. You guys-come on now.
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Tim Aurora says
ou do realize it took a leaked memo to media, to make Trump fire Flynn from a very sensitive post.

But he fired him did he not.
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YesYNot says
t's not just liberal logic. It's the law. If I pay you to do research, and you contract it out to another firm, and that firm is guilty of fraud, that doesn't make me guilty. I'm only guilty if I know of and condone said fraud.

Liek I said, I just pay 12 million to soemone conencted witht eh Russian mob and hey I didn't know-so I am not responsible. YOu guys are rich. This is going to boomerang big time-145 million dollars from the Russians-LOL!! With that record you guys ahd the gall to sound the Russia drumbeat-happens with liberals-they are always so sure of themselves-pure and above reproach.
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CBOEtrader says
This 14 year old actor was mature enough to navigate an adult world, get paid like an adult, and attend parties w adults wherein heavy drinking was going on.

From what little I know, parents push their kids into this and turn a blind eye to what goes on there in hopes of making it big and living off said kid .
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This is getting interesting. Gloves off.
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YesYNot says
Hillary lovers are stuck in a circular logic

Corrected it for you.
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I want more-I want this to explode. repubs, dems all caught and fingering each other-let the whole lot fall down and all their wicked corrupt deeds exposed-this is a once ina life time opportunity.
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joeyjojojunior says

So, how do you get a guilty plea with no evidence? Mueller really is amazing, huh?

Why don't you ask the scores of people who plead guilty to rape and other serious charges and were freed later by DNA evidence how our wonderful criminal justice works.
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But, but Islamophobia is the biggest threat, along with transphobia and Trump.
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Rew says
Alien invaders, essentially, robbed them of ever being able to rise to anything else, and still do to this day. The only defense of that is (shrug), it's tribal human nature.

Liberal logic as usual. Arabs invaded and occupied Spain for four centuries. Then theyw ere kicked out and Spain colonized alrge swaths of the world. A small country like Portugal colonied amny parts of the world.

Teaching people to be lifelong vicitms-leftie mantra-neevr helps them. Fight, get back on your feet and sometimes you can't accept -but stop with this colonial nonsense. India and China were huge powers for long, they fell and now are rising again.
Japan was bombed -look at the difference between N and S Korea. Leftis ideology always keeps people down-becaus eit teache syou nothing is every your fault.
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Rew says
When your culture is made to fail by external oppression, it takes a little bit of time to "get back on your feet" once that oppression is removed. The longer the oppression lasted, and the more brutal it was, the harder it is to recover.

I'd argue today that most African nations still have quite a ways to go in both removal of foreign interest, and their timelines of 'development' essentially being reset.

As usual you ignore evidence. Spain was ruled over by Arabs, they came out of it and kicked ass. india was ruled by the British, they are kicking ass. You are not helping these people. Rwanda was not being ruled by colonial powers when they had the genocide.

As a non white, I hate these patronizing. I believe everyone is equal-hold them accountable. Kumbayah, kumbayah, whit privileged blah, blah.

Rew says
Why did the US and allies put reconstruction of Germany and Japan as a primary goal post WWII? Why didn't we treat them like Germany post WWI?
What did we do to rebuild them? And how is their WWII occupation and reconstruction different from the dawn of post-colonial African nations from the 40s to 60s?

If you can answer those questions, you can understand how asinine it is to compare Japan's post WWII state, with African post colonial states.

You are so racist/whatever. You actually believe our little help is what helped them. Nobody helped India or China or Singapore or Malaysia-look at them now. As usual evidence, facts never help. Who helped Spain who got out of four centuries of Arab rule-they got out and kicked ass. It is asinine to keep countries in chains and blaming what someone did decades or even centuries ago-you are not treating them s equals-you are being racist and saying they are beneath others and incapable of doing things and being successful on their own even after decades. All because it makes you feel good and superior.

Have you even been to any big African city like Nairobi or Durban or Cape Town or Cairo??
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Interesting-I was reading about the territorial system for taxes-where we becoem in line with the rest of the developed world. Any info on that for corporate and especially individuals and territorial taxes . We are the only developed nation on earth that does that on cooperates and individuals. Corporates had an exception if they kept it out of the USA.
Obozo the clown tortured individuals with FATCA-I haven't read anything about that.

Looks like mortgage deductions down to 500k. So CA crap shacks not deductible above 500k ??

Looks like state and proeprty deductions capped at 10k -interesting-IL will take a hit as will CA and NY/NJ etc.
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They are scanning people who are leaving America-but don't care about who is in America????
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This is not bad.

. For individuals, the 25 percent rate starts at $45,000, the 35 percent rate at $200,000, and the 39.6 percent rate at $500,000. For married couples filing together, the 25 percent rate will start at $90,000, the 35 percent rate at $260,000, and the 39.6

So a single upto 199k -which is pretty much upper middle class in many areas it is now 25%
And they are keeping the top tax bracket of 39.6%

IL folks would be screwed a 300k home can carry a 10-12k a bill and then good luck with state taxes that can't be deducted-but std deductions are going up. I think they will keep the 10k limit.
Lots of good things, I am still curious about territorial taxation for individuals to make us like the rest of the developed world.
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anon_a2dbc says

I wonder how many times you personally complained about the national debt?

I will continue to complain. That has nothing to do witht axes-it has to do with cuts. Cut from the military , to the DEA to everything in between. They cna easily come up with double the tax cuts or triple.
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Doesn't bother me-to each his own.
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Blurtman says
Who gonna doer?

Is that interacial or interspecies?
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BayArea says
How does the corporate tax dropping from 35% to 20% affect the middle class?

It doesn't -talking points tot he usual suspects. I am liking the plan so far.
Still can't find anything about the dreaded FATCA.
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anotheraccount says

You mean like getting rid of mortgage deduction over 500K for new buyers in California who need it most

Someone making 100-150k should be buying 300-400k homes not 1.5 million crapshacks. What happened to the liberals tax the rich?/
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joeyjojojunior says
Actual business owners know that you hire when, by hiring, you can produce more product, generate more revenue, and ultimately more profits

There are two sides to this. I will agree for the most part. For example, if I am running a company and I make 5 million in profits and now make 10 million-that will not impact hiring. I will hire only when I see good business conditions, sales people that may increase revenue etc etc. it varies.

Also the 35% -I don't think any company paid that. I beleive GE was paying close to or even 0%.

However this will help prevent inversions-no one will change their base to say London or Ireland to take advantage of taxes. Also without the tax shenannigans and the territorial tax system, corporates can bring their money in without worry about the high taxes here. If you are doing your business in low cost countries, you can't bring it here as it will be taxed at the 35% rate-minus expenses and tax paid there.

Now at 20% I doubt many companies will worry and it will allow companies like say Apple to bring 10s of billions back to America. It could-theoretically-add trillions.

Most middle class will get a cut. The impact will be high tax states -people who make 200k+ and have the 1.5 million dolalr shack. Those will actually be grandfathered in -so no big deal for them-assuming they put 500k or so down and have a millio dolalr mortgage. But if the huge supply of Chinese buyers dries up and people need mortgages, that 1.5 million crap shack will be a waste. In states like IL, property taxes on homes that are say 600k or 800k can be a shigh as 23k or more-so thos epeople will not help at all-as they are working and now paying almost 6%.. But that is an IL problem and people may just bail out completely. This may be the catalyst to the housing crash??

Howeevr this si the higher end of middle class-bottom end of rich. The rich -looks like tax rate stays at 39%.

Businesses pass through is at 25%-which may be a boon to high income business owners.

I am still trying to ind if the territorial system extends to individuals too and FATCA will be stomped and thrown out-another legacy of the incompetent Obama.

But overall, the people who will be affected are the high end income owners . They may just double the exemption to say 20k for state and property taxes-at which point there will be very few that will be impacted. Well except IL and maybe NJ.
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joeyjojojunior says
All it does is rob the US government of a LOT of revenue.

That is not robbing. Bringing people from abroad as refugees and giving them free money is robbing. This is just taking less money-entitlement mentality has run amok. There is another path-cuts to govt, to say the DEA, military. You cna cut 300-500 billion a year in gubmnt.
joeyjojojunior says

IL and NJ are bad, but you'd be surprised at how high property taxes are in a lot of states.

IL only ranks 6th on this list of the worst states for property taxe

That was in 2015, now iL is no 1. TX has high property taxes-but no state income taxes, so ok. YOu can't have both.Again why can't IL cut. Why can't they cut their govt villages and entities by half and cut staff by half-at least admin staff??
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joeyjojojunior says
I'm all for cutting military spending. But, in my opinion, companies purposely keeping money overseas to avoid paying taxes until they can make sure someone is elected who will lower their tax rate is robbery. We need to do both--collect revenue and cut spending

Cutting the DEA and all those federal prison will not only cut deficits, but free Americans from mass criminalization.

Trump is only making us in line with the rest of the developed world. We are the only developed country in the whole world with this type of tax system. I believe in the developing world a few countries like Somalia follow our system :)

I am trying to find if they are reforming to individuals too. That stupid Obama rule is what is leading to record renunciation of US citizens of their citizenship. it is too cumbersome and scary. Obozo is a clown-who should have joined the circus.
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joeyjojojunior says
At some point you'd think one of you would take time to learn

LOL-hahahahaha-joey and mirror-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Interesting, one thing that disappoints is the 8 million American individual expats get no relief fromt he draconian FATCA-courtesy the Obozo. Trump should have included it -as he is changing it for corproates.
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I am surprised Brazile is doing this, did the Clintons cut off the gravy train??
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WookieMan says
I'd generally agree, but here in IL, politicians are easily bough

Yeah. IL has the highest proeprty taxes in the antion. But guess what the speaker of the house-the all powerful Mike madigan does on the "side". Why , you can guess-he runs a property tax reduction company where corporations go to him, pay him a big amount and he goes to bat for them to the localities and reduces their property taxes. yeah while he controls the purse strings for the whole state-like anyone is going to say no when he knocks on the door. Oh and if you thought -where is the justice system-his daughter is the Attorney general of the whole state-yup.
Why does this state keep voting democrats?? High taxes, high corruption, high property taxes and nothing in return. Oh now they wnat to throw you in jail for fighting unions.
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joeyjojojunior says
I was with you until this line. IL has been wrecked by both parties. It's had a Republican Governor more often than not over the last 40 years and nothing change

Tell me which party votes for tax increases and doe snot touch the unions at all. By unions I don't mean coal workers or workers in dangerous jobs-but fat slobs shuffling paper or other such dumb jobs?
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joeyjojojunior says

You'll have to be more specific. Let's look at individual bills

Exhibit A, why the democrats get re-elected.
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When me and sibling got older,w e got the dog bug and pretty much forced the parents to get us dogs. We had Pomeranians and Labradors. Loved the labs, the poms -bark, bark, bark, but were fun.

I believe cocker spaniels are nuts, labs and golden for the most part are good with kids, though a good walk every day does wonders. My parents are old school and made us take responsibility for all things related to dogs.

I always wanted a rough collie-mostly because of Lassie-I might end up getting one. I have space , lets see.
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Booger says
I've never understood why anyone would want to vacation in a filthy third world country

its cheap and it can be spectacular. I always go in group tours or at least with somebody I know. There are some spectacular places int he world- Africa, Asia, S America. Too varied and too vast to not be traveling. Take precautions. A lot of those places are far safer than say S Chicago, Detroit or even seedy parts of Los Angeles or West Oakland or the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

The pyramids of Egypt, the vast Serengeti and masai mara ecosystem of Tanzania/Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro , S Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Zambezi river and victoria Falls, Argentina, peru, brazil, India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Rwanda, morroco, Malaysia, Madagascar-the world is so huge and wonderful Take precautions and go out there.
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I know some over 55 crowd who moved into those retirement communities, so their kids could not move in with them.
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Many of our farm animals are just organic machines. but then all those welfare freaks maybe should be asked to work on organic farm the old fashioned way-problem solved.
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We now know Hillary colluded with the Russians and paid them millions in cash through an intermediary .
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Well he is slowly losing his base.
One with this whole Hilalry revelations-if he is not competent enough to appoint a special prosecutor after this much-I have no clue what he is doing-don't blame sessions.
2) He is beginning to cave on immigration-without anything in return-at this point negotiations-but if he does-he is toast.
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Hillary deleted her emails after a subpeona from congress-there is no if buts about that. it is time to get a special prosecutor and the uranium one.If not he is being incompetent-when he projected to be a fighter-punch back harder kinda guy. He tweets like an opposition candidadte-do something-you are the frigging President.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Except Texas has more than it's quota too.

Like Waco's wackos.

A TX wacko may shoot up a railway station, not marry it??
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The dems had a good night. I don't know if this is a trend, but at soem point, trump needs to put up or shut up about Hilalry. He hired an incompetent Jeff sessions, deal with it. I am happy with TPP, NAFTA-will wait till I see the product of renegotiation etc.

But this whole Russian thing over nothing is incompetent that he allowed to get this far-when the real collusion is the dems and Hilalry paid 9 million to collude with the Russians. If you can't get her for that and uranium one while the swamp critters have made so much ado about you-well that does not inspire much confidence.

Immigration -he really cannot give away the store for nothing. Don't come on stage with people who lost kids to illegals and say you will fix it and then turn back on promises-hat is too much emotion-heart stuff.

Healthcare-am really looking for proposals and how to get them going.

Tax cuts-ok but really disappointed that there is no releif for 8 million Americans abroad from the draconian laws Obama enacted-while giving relief to corporations-that is what you ran for-helping middle class. At least try. Obama was nasty and that only affected individuals and small business-not coporations-for Trump to do the same is just not good.

Like oBama, my expectation at this point is he needs to get down and fix it. This is not a campaign anymore and it has almost been a year-don't be tweeting about the justice dept-when it reports to you-did you forgot that is atty general you appointed?

I still like him when compared to the stupid dems who scream like banashees and have no idea, except mass immigration, feminazism etc. I weas beginning to like the dem candidate for Gov in IL and now he starts about not deporting illegals, Obamacare support and I am like -wtf. I just don't know why dems can't be logical and discuss the millions of men who are affected by divorce and child support, the hopeless, the foreign dwellers and be America first-always some ism, with them -illogical loons. Oh and higehr taxes and public sector unions are Kings and not public servants.

It is ok to get stuck and fail, but you have to recognize and change tactics-the issues that trump ran on are still valid and carry a lot of resonance and he needs to man up and get things done. Like my expectations on OBmaa-you knew what you were getting into-don't blame the dems or RINOs or justice dept for not getting things done-that is so Obama the annointed one. lets see if he has some tactics ahead ? If he doesn't change and get things doen and explain to people, I predict the stupid dems will egt elected, because the base stays awaya nd then it will be Rosie O'Donnel enslaving men and making them pull her buggy in central park.
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Rew says
If you don't think this is a backlash against Trump, you are not paying attention.

You guys have been claiming that from the day he was worn in. That is your problem. Why I still think trump will win 2nd term-you guys have a fixed narrative and try and spin everything to your narrative.
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Tenpoundbass says
No please let them go on. NPR said this morning.
"They won on a Anti Trump message. Should the Democrats reinforce that message in the 2018 elections?"

To which I say God Yes! Please

Yup double down on crazy and run on isms.
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There is frustration on the right-especially among the disaffected voters that carried him thorugh -on immigration, on Hillary and Russia, health etc. He needs to focus and at last push piecemeal if not giant bills just to sya he did something.
Lets see-dems will be dems-trigglypuff is their patron saint-so this is a golden opportunity. One must heed the warning sign of a less supportive base.

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