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Hutch says
If roy moore is so innocent then why hasn't he sued the washington post for slander like he said he was going to do?

I think its because he is a yuge liar, not to mention a pepophile

I see, so he is in the middle of a campaign, fighting the good fight against the evil propaganda leftists and so that makes him guilty-liberal logic as usual.
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Liberal logic again. Here she is saying Roy moore wrote the whole thing at the 10.40 min mark. Now she claims she wrote it and liberals still argue this is not a forgery. SHE and Gloria allred made the claim-on their own. Now they got caught in a lie and say oops I wrote-that is what is called a forgery.
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bob2356 says
Fox news says she just added the place and date after the signature. Experts say the note is moores signature. Are you saying fox news is wrong and the writing experts are wrong. That she wrote the note and forged the signature to it? Odd how she used different hand writing for his part of the note than for her addition.

Anything to back this up with or are we going with (liberal) fox is wrong and it's true because I say it's true?

Liberals, liberals. Here is Beverly saying Roy Moore signed it and including the DA. Now she admits she signed the DA. As for the signature writing experts-leave it tot he experts to prove the liars that make up the liberal media. Watch at 10.40-what is she saying

Oh regarding the signature expert wapo
Need a shovel to dig deeper?
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bob2356 says
You are having a lot of trouble with the concept of signature

That is you. It is not me saying. She said he signed the whole thing in her speech. Now she says she signed part of it-contradicting her own claim. She claimed it was the judge and outlined what he signed, now she is saying what she claimed the good Judge signed-she actually put it in there. Tis is not me, you, breitbart-I know liberal logic will never allow facts.
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Hutch says
Hutch here,

Sounds like we are all in agreement, roy moore is a pedophile

Accused. By your logic , if I accuse you of being a child killer, then you are. No proof needed. liberals.
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Again it is up to real news breitbart to provide proof. Breitbart needs a Pulitzer-the lying fake media should peddle stories about alien abduction and rectal exams. Beverly and Allred present evidence-on their own-claiming that Moore signed . Now they claim that no Bevely signed/wrote parts of those which had been called into questions. That is classic forgery-the document is forged. Moore has consistently said he did not and also he has asked for it to be turned over to an independent third party review-so they can give their verdict. Allred refuses-even though she is the one who produced the evidence and now we know why.
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Hutch says
Republican logic, writing a note in your own personal yearbook = forgery

No. Claiming that the note you wrote was written by the one you accuse is forgery. Both her and Allred claimed that the portions were written by Moore. Now they claim she wrote it-after everyone points out inconsistencies.

Liberal logic-yeah right, liberals have no logic and their patron saint is trigglypuff.
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Admitting that B is fake is the same as admitting that A is fake. Also, admitting that you painted your Nissan is the same as admitting it is not a Nissan. Also, admitting that you put ketchup on your hot dog makes it no longer a hot dog. Also, admitting anything makes you a loser that should not be trusted.

Admitting you did something that you accused someone else of doing is fake.
Admitting you added ketchup to your dog-when you accused someone else of adding ketchup to trigger your allergies-that is fake.

Admitting something you did-the thing that you accused someone else of doing-yeah you be a fake.
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What about sex robots??
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bob2356 says
So what if she wrote some stuff in after his writing?

Except she and the Allred lady claimed Moore WROTE IT.

As usual liberals. It has come to this-so what she forged stuff? Do you need two shovels to dig deeper?
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Patrick says
Agnosticism, on the other hand, is simply admitting that you don't know

Oh, I never knew I am an agnosticist!!!!!
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Them women should start wearing tents,stop driving and be under the will of men too?
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BayAreaObserver says
who has been credibly accused of sexually abusing underage girls, to win and keep the party’s slim Senate majority? Or would he be such an albatross, causing bitter intra-party schisms, that it’s actually better for Republicans if the Democrat, Doug Jones, wins?

Maybe it will bring some sense into the feminazi word-where Gloria allred reigns supreme. Maybe, just maybe the feminazi rape of men might take a pause. Maybe feminzais finally realize equality means they get a job and not liveoff alimony and child support. Enogh of liberal crap.

Proof, due process-nope lynch mobs is just fine. Just like democrats supported slavery and fought to keep it and the KKK were democrats-dems always wrong.
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What about admitting to putting ketchup on a hot dog that Roy Moore gave you? What if expert hot dog analysts agree that they hot dog came from Roy Moore?

Which is what Roy Moore is asking for. he has denied the claims and in the yearbook case he has consistently asked for Allred to release the yearbook to a third party independent analyst for analysis. Allred has consistently refused-now we know why.
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So can she sue for alimony in a divorce?
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It used to be kids take care of you. Even around me, I see a lot of adult kids do nothing and live off parents. Democrat lifestyle of blaming somebody else , always being outraged and believing you are in some great crusades has its consequences. Mundane things like getting jobs, dealing with bosses and the 9-5 grind must seem so beneath them.
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Doesn't he have a picture of the signature? Does he have an analyst who gives reason to doubt the claim?

Most handwriting experts have said they need the original to make an analysis. A copy on the interwebz would be false. Roy Moore's accuser and Gloria Allred lied and said the date and place were signe dby him-now she admits to forging that. Case closed.
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bob2356 says
Run and hide

Liberal logic. I have been saying the same thing, you throw some strange words -run hide, blah, blah, no logic, no argument-then run and hide and then emerge, say the same thing and then run and hide-LOL! You refuse to answer Gloria allred and Beverly nelson said Roy moore wrote those words. Then they now say she wrote those words. That is forgery -case closed.
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bob2356 says
Just answer the questions. or run and hide which you are very good at.

So you don't embarrass yourself further the term is tampering, not forgery. If moore wrote the note and she added to it that would be tampering. Which is exactly what moore said in his letter to hannity. "I believe tampering has occurred". Which means he admits he wrote it the note and signed it. Which is back to why is some 30 something year old creep is writing love notes in a high school girls yearbook. Care to not address that issue once again? Run and hide.

No it is a forgery. What you picked up some words at the old age center -runa dn hide, run and hide. par for the course.

This is a forgery. Gloria Allred and Beverly claimed that Moroe wrote those parts. Now they claim she wrote it. That is forgery-claiming that someone else wrote what you wrote is forgery-not tampering.

Here is wiki on forgery
Forgery is the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, statistics, or documents with the intent to deceive for the sake of altering the public perception, or to earn profit by selling the forged item
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bob2356 says

See the part that says unauthorized alterations. Moore got it, you didn't

Except Beverly Nelsona nd her Lawyer claimed and yes there is a tape of it that MOORE WROTE THOSE. That si not unauthorized alterations-THAT IS FORGERY.

A lawyer and Beverly claimed Moore wrote that-NOW THEY ADMIT SHE WROTE IT. I know in the irrational world of the liberal that makes sense. But the facts are Nelson and her lawyer Moore wrote those sections-they both claimed it on national television. Now they claim she wrote them.
That is forgery.

Unauthorized alterations is when you alter something -not when you add stuff and claim someone else wrote them-that is fraud/forgery.
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Hutch says
Your link to a YouTube video above but still does not work. Are you trying to hide something?

Yeah right. Must be a bug in patrick's code. You cna take the link and see it in youtube. It is also there in breitbart article I posted.
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lostand confused, why don't you just let us know what video you want us to watch? Why should multiple people run around trying to figure out what you are referring to?

I already provided the link. Here you go again. In the breitbart article , you have video and even which minute to click on to see nelson claiming it is roy's writing and allred too. It also has their statements. Now they claim he did not write those. If Moore wins, he owes Allred .
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The claim that Nelson admitted to forging the signature is clearly just as dishonest as Nelson's original claim, so let that reflect on those who make the claim.

The claim is Nelson and Gloria Allred said that Moore wrote those things. That is on video in the link I provided.
Internet exploded, Roy Moore denied -Nelson and Allred now admit she wrote those words-date and the DA and the location-which they claimed they did.
Now remember this is not something that was an ambush in court. Nelson had the document for a long time, Gloria allred verified it-Moore was a public figure with hundreds or thousands of signatures in the open-she could have easily reviewed and compared.
She did not and came out in the public domain and claimed those parts were done by Moore. Now they admit it was not Moore who wrote those, but it was Beverly Nelson who wrote that.

In addition Moore has asked for an independent expert to analyze-Gloria Allred and Beverly refuse to turn it over to an independent reviewer.

Those who still support these partisan hacks should reflect on how their belief systems hold them hostage and refuse to let them see the truth. Forgery has been established. This is not forgotten, this was a claim, parts of which they admit to forgery-the rest Moore is willing to let a third party do the analysis. Why is Gloria Allred/Beverly not agreeing to turn it over.
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Let's see 2018 may be fun. All we need is more politically correct hateful arrogant tax and spend lefties in power. Maybe we have to become a Venezuela before we come to our senses-it is not like the dems have any ideas to better the country-except unlimited immigration and violently crushing free speech.
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It is time for Trump to take the gloves off, fire Sessions and get someone in there that is competent. If things go the way they are, dems may flip the senate and Trump is stuck with the imbecile Sessions.
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I can't believe this is happening in America. The deep state has an insurance against the president. I think this whole special counsel is to hide the Hillary collusion with America.
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Of course!, FBI agents always write up murder plans for presidents in clear text to make sure there is a record that allows them to claim expenses for the time expended!

Jokes aside-this si a top FBI agent who discussed an insurance policy against trump with Andy-who is alleged to be Andrew McCabe. if true-scary times. This si their own words. The deputy director of the FBI discussing an insurance policy against the president with his top agents-this should scare any normal person-imagine what would happen toa normal person against the FBI.
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bob2356 says
Cryptic? WTF, it doesn't say anything. Oh yea, gateway pundit, as in paedophile pizza parlour and clinton hit squad. Time to buy more tin foil hat makers stock.

Par for the course.
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bob2356 says

You are absolutely correct, this junk is totally par for the course. What next, mueller was impregnated by aliens?

Wow-this is how nations fall. The top FBI agents were talking openly about an insurance policy against the President and you compare that to the aliens. Liberals-this is how support for Stalin and Pol Pot emerge. Then it becomes too late. If this is how the President is treated, now I am actually beginning to understand BLM. The poor shcmuck does not stand a chance. We are the nation with the highest imprisonment rate in the whole world.
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bob2356 says
I'm getting out of Vegas after a great 5 year run. Much better returns other places now. I cleaned up with the superpriority mess but now taxes are up, insurance is up, hoa's fees are up, the market is way up. It's time to move on.

Where are other areas. I am a bit risk averse as in I don't want to put in and buy 400-600k for a property.

Me currently bought a house, then bought two rental units -duplex. Run down but great structure and moderate neighborhood-no crime, but blue collar. Fixed it up and rented. Right now a moderate surplus after property manager and because of low carrying costs have a big margin in case of no tenants etc. Not expecting much appreciation here.

But I want to diversify and get into one or more units outside the midwest. I moved out of stocks a bit ago and don't want to get back at these levels. But real estate is also elevated.I would defnitely use property management and just build up equity slowly .

I am currently looking in Las vegas, Phoenix, Florida, Richmond, N Carolina. Will take some time to decide. Kinda like my original duplex, ok neighborhood, low cost, low crime, decent job base to support renters. It is a bit difficult if you don't live there though.
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Tim Aurora says
othing burger here. 70% of the America is anti trump with new folks joining every day.

If this is the straw that Trump folks are hanging on - he will not be saved.

This is not about Trump. This is the leadership of the FBI actively planning against an opposition candidate-and possibly colluding with Russia and waging a propaganda campaign.
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anon_b8d7d says
Cash flow is the average investors’ game. Appreciation is how you get rich, not a few bucks in your pocket a month.

In today's market are there many deals left that will appreciate? I know plenty of investors before 2006 that bought proeprties in Phoenix, Fl etc that went belly up and just walked away.
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How many blue haired cat ladies are going to be in this march?
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You bigots- no longer is it LGBT-it is now LGBTQ2. Even the prime Minister of Canada says so and he apologizes to them !!!!
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Maybe Bill Cinton's NAFTA and Obama's attempted TPP have something to do with it? Just maybe Trump's America first policies might be good?
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Yup, not only the false accuser and even the police and the last prosecutor who hid all this have to face punishment.
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White man, give me your money, you racist scum.