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Yeah invite a bunch of millions of men who think marrying 4 wives is fine and dandy and a woman's testimony in court is worth half the man's testimony and what do you expect.

Feminazis vs Islamists-LOL!!
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Mika needs to be scared-Joe Scarborough seduced her at work while being the senior co-anchor? Isn't that considered rape by leftoids?
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I really hope Trump prevails. The leftoids will take us down the well worn path of Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, E Germany , former China. Thought free speech suppressed, ploice/intelligence weaponized, scary, scary world we live in.
We live in dangerous times, hopefully Trump can smash these power hungry un-American mad whackos.

I am sad that the leftoids think this is nothing-are they so stupid to think this won't happen to them once all dissent is crushed?/
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LOL-yeah right-liberals.
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errc says
Trumpcucks getting pounded up the ass. Seems as if they like it, not that there’s anything wrong with tha

Mirror, mirror on the wall. if the roles were reversed and Bush was spying on Obama campaign and passing info to McCain-just imagine the outrage. I have learnt soemthing-liberal outrage is based on who is doing what-not the what is being done. When will they wake up??
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errc says

Look pol pot tranny yum yum maga gaga googoo doo doo!!

You make my case. Mock history-but every place lefties take over it is the same-why would you wnat to repeat that nonsense. You have the FBI/DOJ -oh well thank God for Trump-hope we have enough sane folk who cna see beyond their party and ideology and see what this means. Else we risk following a well worn path.
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anon_8f378 says
A warrant was obtained on a person who was suspected of wrongdoing. Any competent campaign would never have hired someone with the skeletons that Page had. Or Manafort had. Or Flynn had. So, it was either extreme incompetence, or it was done on purpose. That's what we need to find out.

No a warrant was rejcted by the FISA court before. The FBI then used the bought and paid for memo from the Russians via the Clinton campaign to get he warrant now. The FBI knew the memo was paid for by the Clinton campaign and refused tot ell the judge . The FBI knew it as crap and still put it forth as hard evidence.

My main concern is not Trump. if this is how evil they are with Trump-just imagine the common man-what protection do we have? We do not have millions for a lawyer. I am actually becoming sympathetic to BLM-how many poor are thrown in jail under such fake practices. The FBI obviously feels so powerful and corrupt to do this to a Presidential campaign-imagine what they would do to a nobody? This has got to step and traditionally it was the left that made a fuss about this, but now they support it.They must remember they work for us-not the other way around-there needs to be mass arrests at he FBI and DOJ. Enough-but now leftisms support a brutal and corrupt admin-because it happens to be Obama.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

Trump campaign principles were subjects of interest by US intelligence and justice agencies and their surveillance programs years before Trump hired them.

No a waarant was rejected and then they gave the Clinton funded Russian memo-tada warrant was granted. FISA court was not advised that it was a bought and paid for memo by Clinton. That in itself should be a crime and Rosentien/Comey/McCabe all need to go to jail-no they start an independent council instead-wow and liberals are fine because it is trump.
I would be mad if trump did this to a dem too-this is not right and again what about the normal person-what kind of abuses are we subject to.
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anon_8f378 says
We don't know what evidence was brought before the FISA court because Nunes won't release it. Let's see the FISA warrant. Let's see what the court saw and then make a determination.

And are you implying that the FISA judges are not doing their jobs then?

Yes we do. The FISA judge was defrauded and gave a warrant on false premises.people need to go to jail. If this is the case for a Presidential candidate-God help the common man-who won't even know all this. Shame on the left-but hey this si their nature.
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HappyGilmore says
huh? Until the FISA request is made public, anyone is just guessing about the premises

Excuse me? Andrew McCabe testified under oath to Congress about the same. Are you saying the weasel committed perjury?
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Hutch says
No arguments here for getting rid of the patriot act, maybe we can all agree on that. Lets start writing our representatives.

Which is why I supported Obama the 1st time-instead the pig made it supernova and used it to spy on political opponents.
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Interesting. I was thinking it might settle at 22,000 or 23,000 but over a few months. In two days it shaved off 1.600+ points. Interesting.
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Lets see what happens tomorrow-I wonder how many are getting slaughtered with margin calls-after the 2000 crash, I swore never to use margin and be very risky. I have limped along when compared to the current market as I am mostly out, but lets see. Bond funds are going down too-so am out of that too!

If a lot of margin calls-we may have a long way down-it works both way.
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It has been a spectacular correction. i think it has a good chance of rebounding. There is simply too much momentum. But having said that this has come from a low of 6,000 I think? So who knows-if I knew I would be a billionaire!!!
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Tim Aurora says
And if we destroy them or let Russians destroy it

Then you must dislike Hillary, because she colluded wit the Russians and the AG and FBI .
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It is $6,000+ today -dropped 1 grand just today-wow!~
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I am really stunned by the dems response to this. Like they say the dem party left me.

I was anti free trade, anti NSA, anti spying -the dems just moved far right. They think govt spying on citizens and political opponents is a nothingburger, lover every free trade deal , I mean wtf???
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Yep, all the smart cookies are liquidating their shares in stock market Ponzi scheme to be ready to go all in when BTC hits the sweet spot @ $5K.

I wonder if anyone bought at 20k and is holding?!!
  lostand confused   ignore (0)   2018 Feb 6, 3:46am   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

It dropped a 1000 bucks yesterday. 6,300+ I think. What a plunge from 20k!
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HappyGilmore says
As a reminder, Dems typically vote against the Patriot Act, while Republicans typically vote for it.

Joey, joey, come on. Edward Snowden exposed republicans??
Cherry picked memo-oh I see facts are cherry picked? Ya know like the north pole being ice free?
And it is Nunes who is asking for transcripts from FISA warrant-the repubs have taken the mantle of freedom and the dems the mantle of Stalin.
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bob2356 says
Someone who has been espousing the hard right line for years here on patnet says the dem party left him behind. How does that work?

It works because I have said numerous times that I used to be on the left and voted for Obama the 1st time. My positions have not changed, but he dems have-but that is too much logic -I know for the left.
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Onvacation says
t's All Obama's Fault - whatever happens bad from here until 2020, it's all Obama's fault.

That was Obama's forumula-anything went wrong was Bush's fault. I don't see the DJT blaming Obama?
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bob2356 says
Let's see how this works, O took over at the depth of the second biggest financial crises in history mired in 2 totally screwed up wars that had been dragging on for 7 years. There wasn't any blame for Bush to be had?

T takes over after 8 years of steady growth and after spending a year of braying about how he made the economy better the downturn is O's fault.

Really? You seriously want to sell that load of steaming stuff?

Blah, blah, blah. Show me where trump is blaming Obama for this as dems mockingly claim??

Obozo the clown blamed Bush for a long , long time. All of Bush's shennnagins was exposed before eh took office-unlike the soviet style KGB shadow govt he ran and is coming to light now. Liberals, liberals.
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Wow Ford is at 10 bucks. I know auto sales is not doing that great- any other bad news?
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errc says
he Dow closed at 18,332.74 on Nov. 8, 2016, Election Day, which means there is 6,013 points to go before the Trump rally is gone.

Trump became president January 20, 2017.
Obama was president all through 2016

The market was at 20k when Trump took office.

Yeah- I missed out on massive gains. Moved to buy two rental units instead to diversify and not get in with so much spare cash at these highs. It has been going up for very long-but nobody knows what the high will be. I thought it wouldn't cross 20k but cross it did and went straight up. I did make decent profit before that, but lets see how this correction go-will it go back to lower 20s or lower or go to 30K?

if I knew I would be a billionaire.
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I was hoping they would repeal FATCA-but as usual they left individuals alone.
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Strategist says
After laughing hard, they will refer you to a mobile home in Barstow with a view of the garbage dump. That is the reality.

Hey barstow is not bad-it is dry heat!
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Liberals will call them racist.
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Liberals liberals, collude with Russia to try and subvert an election-blame Trump. Kiss women as greeting-blame Trump. LOL-can ya all ever be honest with traitor and rapist Clinton?
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anonymous says
Can the "right" to do the same with Dubya on any given number of things ?

YUp Trump criticized Dubya, the Iraq war in the primary no less and won.
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anonymous says
The right has Benghazi, the left has Gerrymandering which by the way is being rolled back.

Let's see how the elections play out down the road after the districts are redrawn up a bit more equitably

Oh please the elft never engaged in gerrymandering-come on now. The left has collusion with Russia-Hillary colluded with Russia-traitor.
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It is another 1,000 down today-interesting.
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Booger says
S&P 500 is down 10.15% from the high. Officially a correction

Yeah but these things we don't know-in hindsight it will be very clear-a pause or a massive leg down?
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This butch flushes a hamster down the toilet and is considering suing the airline-WTF.
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So if take my rooster to a plane and say it is my emotional support rooster-then they refuse to let me bring it on board-so I cook it and eat it, am I now entitled to millions of dollars from the airplane??
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For her to have the nerve to become the leader of the #me too movement-wtf??
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Tim Aurora says

Bunch of conspiracy theories. Russia did not want Hillary to be President
So you are a top Kremlin agent and know what Russia wants or a top bureaucrat high on the public trough-thinking us rubes will be dumb and believe any BS the likes of traitor Hillary feed us.
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That is one thing I am disappointed. I know deep state has thrown everything and the kitchen sink at trump-but he can start there-why do we need 22 intelligence agencies? Just put a 5 cent rule-every department cuts 5 cent for every dollar spent. That will bring in about 150 billion per year i think?
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Interesting, in my areas winter is slow, because nobody can move here then. But even here not selling that much. That would be interesting a massive drop in stocks and home prices-well home prices drops may be good.

But this is not CA.CA is just overpriced.

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