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FortWayneIndiana says
Media cycle went on rants against Kayne, called him n word among other things.

Source please. That makes no fucking sense. Nice try though.
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Or possibly some people that feel certain that political correctness will be programmed in to AI are programming in the opposite, to make a point.
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I didn't read the article. But the headlines I saw on reddit, made it sound as if actual bias against women had occurred (as opposed to simply finding a higher number of competant en than woman for programming jobs).
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I would think that noticing a pattern of say bringing up women's groups in a resume as a negative, would not necessarily be a negative.
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Goran_K says
The same exact party

It doesn't get any stupider than this.

The democrats were the racist party in the south as recently as the 1960s. But the last of those folks converted to republican in the Reagan years, becasue of effective dog whistle courting done from 1960 till the 80s and after.

This is accepted fact in the reality based world.
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Senate: Democrats gain one seat - not getting control

House: Democrats gain 39 seats
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No comment, but becasue of reading that, I saw this story.

Execution is to good for that evil SOB. Wtf ?
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Tenpoundbass says
Get Liberalism and Socialism out of our schools. Vet the TEACHERS!

Teachers are vetted, pretty damn hard.

The teachers I see are all what you would see as very normal socially. Sure they vote democrat, but that's becasue democrats support public education issues, and educators.

You assume the changes you see are due to teachers ? Nope. Kids do it themselves. When my generation grew our hair long or experimented with drugs, it wasn't because of the teachers. It was in spite of the teachers.

Social media does far more to spread all the niche little subcultures, everything from gamers to anime, and trans or otherwise weird sexuality, or whatever other weird thing kids are in to.

Teachers might be guilty of strongly advocating tolerance and that kids are kind to and respectful of each other. But that's a good thing, even if it does sometimes, to some extent allow deviant narcissism or other less than desirable behaviors, that is behaviors that would not flourish in a more fascist setting. This a pitfall of having a lot of freedom.

BE careful before you argue for taking our freedom away.
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It's a prediction. Something I can point to after the election, and of course it's hopeful.

I'll bet you the democrats gain more than 26. Sure, $500

Actually, I think I'd prefer to keep it down to $100. This is pretty aggressive on my part. And I'm not going any higher, becasue I said more than 26, that's 27 or more. A damn good offer. I haven't checked what book makers are saying, but I'm sure you couldn't get that. But I could probably get what you offered, or better from a bookie.
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Don't strain yourself.
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Antarctic ice melting faster than ever, studies show

Yes. Literally all the smart people are in on the conspiracy. Whimpy crybabies, think that jeopardizing the future of civilization isn't fun. Pussies !
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Trump isn't going to go down without a fight. He figures that he needs the old peoples vote, so he's talking about how democrats are going to take their medicare away.

Hey, why should politicians be subtle about their lies. It's about getting the votes.

Now he's working on his racist base in the south. He needs them to all vote too.
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All the nonsense about 1.5 degrees being significant or "a point of no return" or tipping point of 2 or 4 degrees that might soon already be "baked" in.

Liberals are so gullible. YOu have to be really NOT stupid (or possibly even intelligent) to fall for all that paranoia. One of these days or maybe years they're going to be proven wrong, and us idiots (who know that big oil and coal are right), will WIN again. Yippeeeee!
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Quigley says
We can live without koombayaa socialism

It's interesting. Things have been moving to the right for decades on this mantra. We now have way too much debt, and republicans just increased it by doing an unneeded tax cut that goes mostly to the rich and corporation (to the rich indirectly). I get it. If democrats ever gain power, their hand will be tied.

Meanwhile we don't properly maintain infrastructure, and there are huge liabilities (that I guess you want to default on), and you're still worried about Kumbaya socialism ?

The ironic thing is, I'm not for real socialism or communism, but the policies of the right wing in this country are likely to cause a failure so extreme and dramatic that the result will be exactly what you fear. Either that or some other form (fascist perhaps?) of total government takeover of everything.

What is it you want ? Police state and shanty towns for the majority ? WE certainly are no longer a democracy, long before it gets to that.
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Onvacation says
thoroughly disproven

Yeah,... it's the government money for research that makes all the climate science experts agree (and lie !!) ,.... yeah,.....that's what it is. (said in the voice of Tommy FLannagan - the pathological liar)

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You should capitalize on you're knowledge. The market will pay you 4 to 1 on a bet that republicans take the house. I could be off, maybe you can only get 3 to 1, but 4 to 1 reflects the current polls (or bs propaganda as you call it).

No guts no glory.

Why not put some money where your mouth is ?
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That is if you actually believe your nonsensical ramblings.
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It seems like if you had real confidence in Trump, you would be defending Climate change denial, or perhaps explaining why deficits only matter when democrats are in power.

Instead you're going to make a silly generalization or at least imply another generalization about liberals, based on what some extremist left winger children do. That is kids with extremist identity politics views that don't even represent 10% of democratic voters.

Don't get me wrong. I get it. All of your arguments in favor of Trump are hollow. Where is his health care plan ? Where's his wall ? H's going to take credit for a continuation of the expansion that started 8 or 9 years ago, but he won't talk about the debt increase he was willing to take on in growth times to make it happen.

I'm talking real policies here, not what the flakiest right wing racists are saying to an interviewer at a wallmart in Arkansas.

Are Trumps deportation numbers up to Obama levels yet ?

You all were sold a bunch of hogwash. Shame on you for being so gullible. And for letting him appeal to your darkest angels.
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Of course not. I also can't find a liberal that would post a thread as stupid as this one.
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CBOEtrader says
We are still awaiting your hogwash example. (I hear Washpo has a few thousand for you.)

Actually Wapo has a few thousand examples for anyone to prove aren't lies.

Guess what ? Nobody has even tried. Because all reality based people know what a lie looks like. Only total flakes want to say, "well actually, truth is relativite" or "oh, lying out his ass is just his style, we all know that," or "all politicians lie, same old same old." Yeah okay. That just makes you a lying piece of shit.

In that other thread did you ever respond with some true things Trump said from his editorial ? Perhaps you thought that his statement that liberals with their "medicare for all," are actually trying to take seniors medicare benefits away, was true ?

I didn't think so.
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Goran_K says
marcus says
Of course not. I also can't find a liberal that would post a thread as stupid as this one.

It hurts doesn’t it. It’s okay man. Sometimes the truth is like that.

Wow you got a lot of likes from the dimbulb club.

Look let's get real for a minute. There is a huge part of the country that are relatively moderate. Presumably you and I are both part of that group. But we have disagreements. WE could discuss those. But instead what ?

You want to associate me and my beliefs and opinions with people that I don't respect at all, that represent the far left.

I guess maybe it's some sort of payback for the decades of humiliation you've experienced for being associated you with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Brietbart Alex Jones, TPB, and all the other morons that represent the right wing as we know it ?

The only difference, is that I denounce SJWs, and disassociate myself from that kind of politics. Where as all those listed actually represent you, and the people giving you those likes.

You have reason to be ashamed of your politics, that is, if you are honest.

I don't
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CBOEtrader says
Prove to us you are better or admit you cant make a case for trump being a liar.

You look at that list, or you look at that recent op-ed of Trumps, and you see no lies. THat makes you a bigger liar than Trump, becasue Trump is aware that he's a complete and constant bullshitter.

Here, from that op-ed.

In practice, the Democratic Party’s so-called Medicare for All would really be Medicare for None," Trump wrote. "Under the Democrats' plan, today’s Medicare would be forced to die."

Tapper on Sunday interviewed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a proponent of Medicare for all who has been harshly critical of Trump’s op-ed.

“He said we are going to weaken Medicare coverage for the elderly. That is an outrageous lie,” Sanders told Tapper. “We expand coverage to include dental care, vision care and hearing aids.”

When I hear you claim that WaPos list of Trump lies is propaganda, basically asserting that you have absolutely no idea what a fact is, I can only feel sorry for you. THere are millions of right wingers, that are even less intelligent than you, who will say the lies are small, or that the lies are politics, "all politicians lie." But no you say "let's discuss," challenging me ? I don't engage, becasue facts are facts. And if we get in to analyzing anyone of Trumps lies, it plays in to Trumps strategy of overwhelming us with his bullshit.

Most single individual lies, are no worse than the worst lies other politicians tell. But with Trump it's all you get. 24/7.

What the fuck, you guys harp on "you didn't build that" (out of context), or "you can keep your doctor." Trump lies more than both of those combined on a typical day before breakfast. It's too much to keep track of.
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CBOEtrader says
Anything else you need clarified?

I don't believe that you believe your own bullshit.

One, the flow to and from medicare relating to Obamacare are far more complicated than what you implied with your empty assertion.

But it's irrelevant, becasue those talking about medicare for all, are talking about something completely from the ACA with it's mandate. Medicare for all would increase the medicare tax rate, and everyone would be on medicare.

Obviously, if we were even to consider it. OR I should say, when we finally implement is, it will probably have supplemental policies provided as traditional insurance.

Wouldn't be easier for once in your life to admit it was a total lie designed to get the republican senior vote out in even higher numbers than usual ? TRy to slavage some small amount of self respect, and admit it. I guarantee most of the other dimbulbs would.
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CBOEtrader says
I have pointed out where Bernie is lying to you. Medicare as we know it will absolutely be pillaged in favor of Medicare for all.

You made a ridiculous assertion based on nothing. Please point me to a thoughtful analysis of this topic done by a serious (AND HONEST) source.

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Patrick says
One possible solution is to let everyone buy in to Medicare, at any age.

I don't see how that makes any sense.

For medicare for all to work you need everyone signed up. Only then can you easily cover pre-existing conditions. Yes, it means we all subsidize that part of it.

Mind you, there should be supplemental policies.

THe problem with the idea of optional medicare, is that it doesn't address the preexisting isue at all. Unless we're just going to have the tax payer (I should say - basically the middle class tax payer), subsidize it.

Young people would have no incentive to pay in (any more than their payment for retirement age medicare that we all pay), if preexisting conditions are covered no strings. If they get sick, they would buy medicare, only then. The whole point of a medicare for all is that we all pay in, and that there is one powerful "payer" that could keep prices in check.
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marcus says
The whole point of a medicare for all is that we all pay in

But we wouldn't pay for health insurance (except possibly the supplemental), and our employers could pay us for our medicare instead of what they pay for now, along with a supplemental policy, and it would still be cheaper - especially in the long run.
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OP said "national"

Sometimes when we say "state" we mean nation state. But in this case state means for example, California or Arizona.
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Strategist says
Better solutions please.

You didn't understand. WE would all pay in to it through taxes and that would cost less than insurance does now.

I brought up employers becasue it begs the question, "why would we want such a system of higher taxes, if our employer pays for it now ?" And also to deal with the transition to such a system going from a system where our employer pays for our H.I, to one where we pay much more than now into medicare taxes ?

LEt's just say there are a lot of possible good answers for that. One would simply be to be paid more - but it's hard to count on that happening. Better to have a way where the employers in some way essentially cover that increased tax cost, and possibly the supplemental ins cost as well.

Yes, self employed are left out. But they, like the employers, still get a better deal than now.

Strategist says

Obviously the amount paid is tied at least somewhat to income. A reason why many plutocrats will never buy in to it.
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CBOEtrader says
Let's review: Medicare benefits have already been sacrificed to help finance Obamacare. Fact.

Actually no, and I did answer you above with this.

marcus says
One, the flow to and from medicare relating to Obamacare are far more complicated than what you implied with your empty assertion.

As for the cuts, they come from eliminating a massive subsidy to private insurers and gradually reducing the rate of growth in payments to some providers. These changes, while not catastrophic for Medicare, are important. Under the ACA, the federal government will substantially reduce the amount it spends funding Medicare Advantage, which is privately administered insurance offered to Medicare beneficiaries. About one-quarter of Medicare recipients are enrolled in private Medicare Advantage. In theory, these plans are supposed to manage health care spending better than fee-for-service Medicare. But they don’t actually save the federal government any money. They cost, per patient, 14% more than traditional Medicare. (See Figure 3 of this fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation. And see here for more.) The ACA eliminates this subsidy and pegs Medicare Advantage payments to quality metrics.

The second bunch of money that gets cut from Medicare under Obamacare comes from providers. Hospitals, home health agencies and others will see Medicare payments grow more slowly than they have in the past.

Medicare benefits will not change – in theory. However, providers who get paid less from Medicare in the future may be less inclined to accept Medicare patients, thereby reducing access. The frequently criticized Independent Payment Advisory Board, created by the ACA, could cut provider payments even more to keep the growth in Medicare spending under a benchmark. If Medicare per capita spending grows faster than a rate pegged to inflation and later GDP, IPAB will be empowered to recommend provider payment cuts. If Congress can’t find alternative ways to keep Medicare spending growth under the inflation or GDP benchmark, the IPAB recommendations will automatically go into effect. This too could reduce access. Bonus Medicare Advantage benefits – like free gym memberships – may go away.
In exchange for these kinds of reductions in Medicare spending, funding for the program was bolstered in other ways by the ACA. Preventive care is now covered at 100% for Medicare beneficiaries and a gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage will slowly close under the law. Some Medicare beneficiaries, primarily wealthy Americans, will pay higher Medicare premiums and taxes under the ACA.

The idea, however, that the Affordable Care Act struck a dangerous blow to Medicare that will change the program in fundamental ways is untrue. Under the new law, Medicare will remain a wildly popular, public single-payer health insurance system that provides comprehensive coverage to millions of Americans.

As I said, the details are more complicated, and for such problems there are always solutions. No offense intended, but your assertions are political spin, and downright silly. . EVen if you were correct, and there weren't another side to it (which there is - just read), there is no reason it couldn't be fixed.

If you want to consider the ultimate SIMPLE FACT , and forgive me if it's too simple or too obvious, but Medicare already covers a huge percentage of our health care, that is when people over 65 are dying from heart disease, Cancer, or any one of the other myriad ways that every person eventually dies. This has to be way more than 70% of all "major medical" type health care spending. The kind we need insurance for.

It's a no brainer, to anyone with any sense, that our current insurance system for people under 65, is vastly inefficient and downright stupid compared to just having medicare cover whatever the other (I don't know the number is it 15% ? ) small fraction of all major medical expenditures. Yes, it would mean a large increase in medicare taxes, and a great reduction (to zero) in what many pay for shitty health care plans that don't cover everything, and that bankrupt people when they get really sick.
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doik says
You guys are acting like you're in a cult. Has politics become a cult? This is not good for our country.

It didn't used to be this bad.

This forum should now be called Or perhaps

Half the threads and comments are right wingers stroking themselves, and eachother.
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CBOEtrader says
You have gotten to the point where you believe the propgandized lies, this is a dangerous time for our country

MY belief, and that of so many reality based people is that you have described exactly what you suffer from. Although, apparently you have been "at this point" for quite some time.

CBOEtrader says
this is a dangerous time for our country

Yes it is. Donald Trump is President.

CBOEtrader says
Medicare as we know it dying in favor of a medicare for all is NOT a lie.

Let me get this straight. A policy that doesn't exist yet, that is, a policy that could come to exist and be structured in an infinite number of different ways, negotiated by congress, can not be done in a way that doesn't damage another policy, even though a huge and powerful and growing interest group (old people) that votes, is deeply moved to politically support the well being of the latter policy.

This could just be the stupidest assertion of a supposed fact that I've ever heard on
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Yes, cost is the question. But at least you presumably get that the cost doesn't have to take from existing medicare. IT could even be structured to enhance medicare for the elderly.

But of course cost matters. The new medicare taxes added would have to be significantly less than the major medical part of the health insurance we now pay for.

Economies of scale baby ! And everyone is paying in. So of course the cost is less.
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CBOEtrader says
Medicare - for - all implies everyone is paying into it. You said this yourself multiple times.

Seniors have already paid into medicare. Why should they risk a good system for them which is already paid for?

This is stupid and makes no sense. You might be right. Just as republicans didn't like Al Gore's idea, of a "lock box" for social security. If you give republicans a chance to fuck over the elderly, by spending their medicare, just to prove that single payer doesn't work, they would. Hell, they could probably get some big tax cuts out of the deal with the consequences blamed on the libruls.

But it's insanely stupid to think that the moneys brought in for medicare for people under 65, HAVE TO be commingled, and also have to be insufficient, therefore causing stealing from medicare. This makes no sense, even if you were right about the ACA doing that, which you aren't. You clearly didn't read through the balanced last link a gave.

But I will say this, I understand your instincts, but think a better analogy would be the way we keep lowering taxes, and then we are going to say we can't afford "entitlements" such as SS and medicare.

Maybe you're right. Medicare for all might just end up being another way for republicans to fuck over the democrats and the people, and say "I told you so" with their tax cuts and (at all costs democrats never get to do anything) ensuring a more solid rule by the corporations and the plutocracy.

Although unfortunately that also means the end of humanity. Oh, well. We had a good run.
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MegaForce says

538 Starts To Cover Its Ass (As Predicted By Many On PatNet)

THey have a strange way of doing it. Less than a week ago, they said republicans have a one in five chance of keeping control of the house.

Now they have it at one in six.

Doesn't seem like back peddling or hedging or ass covering to me. They do serious analysis. They can't predict the degree to which the fix is in with the vote counting software, but they do a damn good job analyzing the polls. THey look at all the different serious pollster data.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Oct 18, 6:28am   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

I think we should have total freedom to say whatever we want on the internet.

But also everyone should know that if you say the wrong thing you might disappear in the middle of the night.

Journalists that report the people disappearing also might disappear in the middle of the night.

Everyone will know, but nobody will talk about it. Especially, they won't talk about it in the internet.

That's when we will have perfect free speech - the kind the future Donald Trumps of the U.S. will insist on. The kind of free speech the right wing SCOTUS will protect.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Oct 18, 6:34am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

fake News ? Government sponsored propaganda ?

We aint seen nothing yet, if this passes.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Oct 18, 7:06am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Fuck you bob. Just becasue you can't relate to my fear of a future fascist America, that's no reason to be even more of a prick than usual.
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What if every election cycle everything was really nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa, even more than now, with both sides relishing which side was selling the most fun and compelling pizza gate type story ?

Could it be good for the economy ? PErhaps fake news could be an entire sector, Good for those humanities people that can't get a job in engineering or manging the robots ?
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Aphroman says
What’s the value in Free Speech if the only thing you use it for is to create noise?

Yeah. What we need in our politics and our media (and this forum) is a lower signal to noise ratio.

bob2356 says

That doesn't mean the only thing I can post is trump sucks nyaa nyaa. on every thread

Again. Fuck you bob.

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