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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Yes, the right wing narrative is boohoo victimhood for Trump voters being called racist.

If that's your story and you're sticking to it, I can understand that you aren't going to be open to a more neutral and nuanced view.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Of you think the minority should rule over the majority, you're not interested in Democracy.

Well, I am opposed to ignorant fear mongering. I think you know that I don't care for identity politics.
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Ceffer says
There's no irony that NOT being anti-white and anti-white-male in particular is ALWAYS racist.

I'm a white male and I'm certainly not anti white male, nor am I racist. I openly tell SJW colleagues that I think identity politics is ruining the democratic party.

What's really going on is that it scares you that there are even a few people out there with those beliefs. I get it. I find the whole white supremacy reaction to Trump as being much worse than just anti-productive.

But what does that have to do with whether the authors analysis is good ?

marcus says
The authors cite three main reasons for Trump's victory: ‘fractured ranks’ within the Republican Party that impeded party leaders from coalescing behind any candidate; outsized media coverage of Trump that made him appear to be the front-runner even when coverage focused on scandals; and ‘racialized economics,’ in which racial attitudes ‘shaped the way voters understood economic outcomes.’ . . . A cogent, well-documented analysis of the 2016 election." (Kirkus)
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Racists ALWAYS hate being called out on it.

Agree or disagree 2 scoops ?

OH wait, you're of the opinion that in no way is Trump racist and that he wanted to firmly disassociate himself from racists before the election ? He felt that if it was going to take getting the racist vote to win, he didn't want to be President.

Right ?
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I have no idea what your talking about. Sounds like a TPB comment.
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Patrick says
Lol, do you not read, listen to, or watch the news, ever?

Please try a web search for "all trump voters are racist" and look how many results show up, especially in the mainstream media.

I did that. Only one that made that claim, some guest on a CNN show said that one time.

For some reason Patrick, you're very sensitive on this, but I have to tell you it doesn't happen hardly ever. I stand by my claim that pretty much nobody ever says that. What happens is that people say racism was a big factor, or a deciding factor, which is obvious to neutral and honest folks.

This was at the top on the search you asked me to do. Yes, I use google.

IT makes no such generalized claim.

Which means everybody ALWAYS hate being called a racist whether they deserve it or not.

Fair enough. I'll also grant you that if a Trump supporter is not racist all or only is slightly above average in their racism as a white person, it's quite understandable to resent feeling that they are being grouped with outright racist assholes who did in fact vote for Trump becasue of the racist factor.

But those that deny the existence of those racists that they don't want to be grouped with, end up sounding like they might be one of them.

Better to admit there are a lot of racists that back Trump and to disassociate yourself from them.

If you can't admit they are there, what the hell am I supposed to conclude ?
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CovfefeButDeadly says
I would think that most truly racist people would LOVE it being pointed out

Only the most extreme Nazi type, that wants to create a white ethnostate. If you think one has to be a white supremacist to that degree to be a racist, then you're right.

No, actually most racists tend very much to deny their racism.
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marcus says
Better to admit there are a lot of racists that back Trump and to disassociate yourself from them.

If you can't admit they are there, what the hell am I supposed to conclude ?

Sorry if this triggered you CBOE. You could have just said, "good point."
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Patrick says
If so, like Morgan Freeman says we should simply ignore race and stop talking about it.

I would like that.

Would that mean no more posts about black crime statistics or about how diversity is actually a bad thing ?

Remember the arguments about whether Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin or not ? It was interesting the way that opinions fell on that in this forum. To me race shouldn't have been a factor in that discussion, it was cut and dried. Zimmerman caused a young man's death, for no good reason. Period. The details of what happened were mostly based on Zimmerman's story. But what we know is that if Zimmerman had followed instructions Martin would be alive.

Had it been a cop stopping him it probably wouldn't have happened. Although we have a problem with loose trigger fingers on some cowardly cops in this country too.
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Quigley says
marcus says
I've never heard anyone generalize that all Trump voters are racist.

Hah! You’ve done that yourself!

That's a lie, but I'm not surprised. Like Trump, lies are like oxygen to many Trump supporters. They just can't live without their lies.

Speaking of lies.

marcus says
Zimmerman caused a young man's death, for no good reason.

Except that young man laid his hands on Zim first. For no good reason.

We don't know that. All we know for sure is that Zimmerman came up on Martin in the dark of night, and according to Zimmerman demanded that he wait for the police. We don't know what happened and have absolutely zero reason to believe Zimmerman's story. He was instructed to wait and not to pursue. We know with 100% certainty that if it was murder, Zimmerman would have a story like this. IT's second degree murder at least. If his story is true, that's his problem for coming up on Martin in the first place armed and ready to kill.

This is the guy whose story you believe. I'm sure race has nothing to do with you finding this psycho asshole credible. Something like 10 public recorded incidents since the Martin killing showing how unhinged he is.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
I highly suspect you will not respond to the posting by Curious. I would if someone disparaged me in that manner. Of course, its not disparaging if its factually true.

I have him on ignore, but I saw it (sort of - didn't read the whole thing). He's obsessed with me.

IF you think that what I say sounds that unreasoned as he says, I'm not going to get in an infinite argument defending my point of view. Feel free to take issue to something specific I say, if you want a response.

I didn't read his nonsense very closely, but I saw he said something like I'm just upset becasue I failed at trading. Wtf ?

I feel sorry for the guy. He has a lot of hate towards me, becasue of times I corrected him in the past. In my view he's possibly most emotionally dysfunctional person on His posts about me are almost 100% lies. I'm not going to go back and look at it. I saw several lies and the sad comment about my being upset becasue I failed at trading. (by the way - it's true I'm not a floor trader since 1993 which I guess is the basis of that comment).

Honestly, I just feel sorry for the guy at this point. I hope he gets much needed help.
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Fortwaynemobile says
fuck the private sector employees who can barely afford taxes.

Public sector employees can't afford taxes any more than private sector employees, and they usually make less.

Arguing for public sector compensation to be lowered is exactly what the oligarchs want you to argue.. Because then after = they lower our pay, they can cut private sector pay more too. It's a race to the bottom. Funny you guys are always accusing liberal of being envious of the rich. Sounds like projection.

mell says
Facts don't lie

Yes right. BY your reasoning, if he had ever done any type of criminal behavior, as a teen, then he deserved to have a seriously emotionally challenged drug addict come up on him and instigate a fight and then kill him.

Speaking of facts. You clearly have never perused the facts on Zimmermean. Now that guy fits the description of a thug.

MY theory is that Zimmerman's neighborhood watch role was a cover for his burglery activities to cover his coke (or what ever his speedy drug of choice was). Killing Martin was a way for him to direct attention away from himself for the crimes he had committed.
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I wonder why ?
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I don't know whether there are more male geniuses than female or not, maybe so, but I would be embarrassed to show the graph of male versus female intelligence, as if it represented quality data and analysis.

Patrick says
Finally, consider intelligence:
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I guess criticizing her for the kind of first lady she was just doesn't have the same kind of social media punch and humor as questioning whether she might be a dude.

I'll be the first to admit that I honestly don't get it. I don't get why it's funny. And I think it's hurtful.

It's as if Trump supporters will never stop wanting to earn that deplorable label .

joshuatrio says
I'm trying to pose a rational argument (as crazy as it might sound) here, about the possibility of Michelle Obama being a man

Yeah, okay.

this meme is a classless prank by people who are as mature as an 8th grader.

I guess that's about as well as it's going to be explained. Although 8th might be a little high. And I still think I'm on to something about some right wingers being not just bullies, but also bad winners. They had just won the election with Trump when this was posted. And it was probably a repost of something Josh got on social media.

Think about that. The timing that is. Trump's election was about ignorance, fear and hate
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Strategist says
He is the only President who keeps his promises, and the only President who is achieving amazing success.

That's a lot to get out of nothing more than the fact that you voted for him.
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I agree about there being two genders. And I certainly think it's problematic for children to be making sex change decisions. There is research showing that it's often a phase (or mental illness if you prefer) and that by the age of 19 or twenty, they would change their mind and stick with their original gender.

I'm guessing that probably well over 95% of people would go along with calling the kid "he" or "him" in this situation, regardless of whether they thought the kid had made a wise choice, or whether they approve in general with this trend. I think the teacher screwed up in taking such a strong (passive aggressive) stand. As if his approval (or not) of the kids decision, or his ego should be involved, in whether he says "he" or not ?

But, at the same time, I like the fact that the kids at the school protested the firing. And that should give some of you an idea that there are a lot of very reasonable children out there these days. Maybe more than you think.
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Third, Mueller has found evidence that Trump was compromised by a hostile foreign power during the election. In his plea deal, Cohen revealed that Trump had repeatedly lied to voters about the then-candidate’s financial ties Russia. While Trump claimed during the campaign to have no business dealings with Russia, he was negotiating a wildly lucrative business deal not simply with Russian businessmen, but also involving with the Kremlin itself. Trump’s team even reportedly tried to bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin by offering him a $50 million penthouse.

Worse, Russia not only knew that Trump was lying, but when investigators first started looking into this deal, the Kremlin helped Trump cover up what really happened. That made Trump doubly compromised: first, because he was eager to get the financial payout and second because Russia had evidence he was lying to the American people—evidence they could have held over Trump by threatening to reveal at any time.

Since the president’s embarrassing performance at the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin—when he kowtowed to a foreign adversary rather than stand up for American interests—there has been open speculation about what leverage the Kremlin has over him. Now we know at least part of the picture, raising the specter of what other information Putin has, and how he is using it to influence Trump’s policy decisions.

Fourth, we know that Trump has engaged in an increasingly brazen attempt to cover up his actions: installing a political crony to head the Department of Justice by potentially illegal means in an effort to shut down the investigation; using his former campaign chairman and convicted criminal Paul Manafort to find out information about Mueller’s investigation; and even appearing to offer Manafort a pardon if he helps him obstruct the Russia probe. These may be components of an obstruction of justice case, but they also provide strongly circumstantial data points as to how serious Trump himself views the allegations of collusion being levelled against him.

  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Dec 8, 8:26am   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

We'll see. I'm not saying there will be a conviction of Trump for a crime, while he's still President. But grounds for impeachment are certainly there. I sort of hope they don't. But the grounds are there.

I can imagine a Trump resignation, followed by Trump trying to build his right wing media empire - which is what he wanted to do in the first place, when he fully expected (and wanted) to lose in 2016. Perhaps a deal in which he resigns in exchange for not having to go to prison ?
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Tenpoundbass says
Or is everything Trump is "accused" of fine as long as Your side doing it?

OH so that's going to be what you're going with ?

"Obama and the Clintons were just as bad, if not worse. Remember how Hillary caused Benghazi, and she had her own email accounts for some of her emails ? How dare you libtards think that just because everything about Trump screams dirtbag on nearly a daily basis, that it compares to all of the made up stuff about Hillary that Brietbart and FOx have programmed me with ! Lock her up damn it !"

Okay. That's about what I expected from TPB. Is that what the rest of you are going to say too ? "It's just how politicians are." ?
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People that are offended by those things are like unicorns. Some believe they exist, but nobody actually has ever met one.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Dec 9, 9:02am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I won't like some of the policy directions he takes us. . And some things will be worse than Trump. For example, less chance of him pulling off a health care miracle, than Trump.

But at least he won't be the daily embarrassment that Trump has been and we may be able to change the trajectory a little away from abject idiocracy.
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mell says
people and businesses etc. were harassed and this is how the backlash started.

No, the backlash, if you want to call it that, was some assholish right wing commentators that knew they could trigger a lot of the low intelligence audience for Rush, Hannity et al.

(and no, I'm not saying you guys are all low intelligence)

But the next thing you know, even the average intelligence right wingers think there is actually a pc police dictating this stuff. Errc, is right, it's mostly business, but also good will that drives it.

It has to be up there in the pantheon of all time biggest non-issues that right wingers have made into an issue, supporting their "us versus them" narrative. Sadly they've actually gotten some mileage out of it, with their base.

It's little more than a very in your face way of saying, remember folks we're the good guys, and we're on Jesus' side.

AS if saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays is some sort of noble and generous Christian act. Knock yourself out right wingers.
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Sunnyvale94087 says
another "Trump is finished" opinion-piece from the WaPo

All but the most right wing news sites are going to be running variations of this story, in some cases in the form of "opinion pieces" becasue we don't know all of what Mueller knows yet, and becasue we don't know how it will unfold. If speculation is involved, of course it needs to be an opinion piece. But these opinion pieces often quote people with relevant expertise.

"Prosecutors Effectively Accuse Trump of Defrauding Voters. What Does It Mean?
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Patrick says
The U.S. Just Became a Net Oil Exporter for the First Time in 75 Years

Thanks Obama !
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Thank goodness that the conservative side of scotus got us the ruling that Corporations are people.

I'm sure they didn't do it becasue they wanted corruption. They did it becasue of fear, and with the idea that corporations would somehow protect the people from the commie liberals.

Patrick says
"people's lobby"

Interesting idea. But two problems. First it might cause campaign costs to spiral ever higher. Two, it would be almost impossible to have them not be aligned with one party or the other. Which is the method used to divide and conquer.

An example: Climate change. Can you imagine how much better we would be doing with this issue, if it hadn't been attached to Al Gore and the evil liberals ? Once an isue is attached to a party some of the wealthy and powerful "people" such as Brietbart, Fox or CNN go to work tearing it down, so that roughly half the people will not approve. Having climate change attached to the left was actually good for the Koch brothers, and the other entrenched fossil fuel players. Incredibly good.

That's why we can't get a good health care solution or financial regulations. Bipartisanism can not exist at this point unless we are under attack.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Dec 9, 5:12pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I don't claim to have the answer. Maybe we should look at history ? WE used to solve big problems better. But that was before peoples fears were so incredibly trumped up.

Maybe your idea could work if those lobbyist for the people organizations were very purposely non-partisan. But then what happens when they choose to fight for an issue - that surely one party of the other is more aligned with ? I guess it's okay. We're bound to learn how to deal with propaganda better, in the social media and twitter age. (not necessarily talking about filters or censoring).

I think probably the most important piece would be some kind of serious campaign finance reform. Perhaps combined with caps on how much a corporation can spend on buying politicians. But these are too vague to be answers. I really don't know. We're pretty well screwed as things are now. Way too polarized, mostly over bullshit.

That's why I like the IDW. Real deep (long form) conversations between cool people on both sides of the spectrum (or both side of the intelligent middle really).
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Patrick says
Got links?

Not to IDW solving this problem.

But here's a good short one.

Of course a far left person would consider this next one "alt right."

How about Sam Harris and Peterson at their debate ? This is sort of like a much better articulated and intelligent version of the debate I used to have on here with Dan. Petersons position is very close mine.
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By the way, if you go back 40 or 50 years, you find Christmas was mostly celebrated on Christmas day, and perhaps Christmas eve. Even then, cards often said happy holidays becasue of New Years and Hanukkah, and becasue the extended version was "the holidays." People would put up decorations in advance of Christmas, for parties and gatherings. But it's not like it was Christmas on Dec 20th.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Dec 9, 7:47pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

That was interesting food for thought. He often hits the target right on. I think a lot of people thought the internet would change the phenomenon he refers to ( although I never heard it broken down so well).. There are rumblings on the youtube for example that it could. How are the powers that be going to challenge that ?

jazz_music says
Some years ago, for example, I did some work in mathematical linguistics and automata theory, and occasionally gave invited lectures at mathematics or engineering colloquia. No one would have dreamed of challenging my credentials to speak on these topics -- which were zero, as everyone knew; that would have been laughable. The participants were concerned with what I had to say, not my right to say it. But when I speak, say, about international affairs, I'm constantly challenged to present the credentials that authorize me to enter this august arena, in the United States, at least -- elsewhere not. It's a fair generalization, I think, that the more a discipline has intellectual substance, the less it has to protect itself from scrutiny, by means of a guild structure.
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mell says
but the leftoids have long abandoned live and let live and become more than annoying to the regular people.

This is nonsensical (and dishonest) propaganda in my view. Can you give meaningful examples ?

"oh well, there was that one time, when that one guy argued against saying Merry Christmas."


mell says
abandoned live and let live

Seems to me that's what you are doing, to people that would prefer to keep religion out of it (not me by the way - I'm neutral on this - but I can see who the assholes are) . Who is the one that's not practicing live and let live ???

Actually you aren't even denying live and let live. You're just peddling anti-left propaganda.
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Ceffer says
I love that a lot of LibbyFucks thought she was serious.

Didn't Patrick think she was serious ?

Patrick says
The difference is that Titania is a leftist fundamentalist, an fanatic in the leftist religion.
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Strategist says

I have no idea WTF you or Chomsky is talking about. Must be a secret Commie thing.

You would have to read it with an open mind. IT's actually something that over 95% of people would agree with if they took the time to read it.

Don't blame others for your intellectual laziness.
  marcus   ignore (4)   2018 Dec 9, 8:30pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Yeah, that's a totally bullshit sturdy if I ever heard of one.

Moral of the story ? Bored 14 year olds can spot a stupid study and stupid questions a mile away. PRobably 50% were thinking wtf, seriously ? And having some fun with it. Or they were thinking "whatever."

IF a 13 year old boy doesn't picture himself nearly as masculine as he would like, then maybe he says others see him as feminine. Keep in mind, maybe his voice hasn't even changed yet.

Total and complete nonsense.

Goran_K says
UCLA used to be a credible institution of higher learning.

Yeah, but the SJW leftists have made many inroads. I mean, it is California after all. They don't want to be outdone by east coast schools.
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Strategist says
Marcus, crap is crap no matter how you read it. The fact is Islam is a loser, communism is a loser, as are socialism, royalty, dictatorship.

Do you think Chomsky is saying communism or Islam or dictatorships are winners ? Wtf ? You can't even read a few intelligent thoughts without reading all kinds of ideology in to it ?

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