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The beard can be like sandpaper when motorboating so many women prefer it clean shaven then.
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Great move. Love it. Best president ever so far.
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Told ya so. Books were "legally" cooked as much as possible for the recent "surprise profit" quarter. Let's wait for next q numbers.
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More "unnamed" and "unidentified" sources. lol
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The pessimistic view is that Trump will eventually have to give in as the anger of furloughed workers grow, despite the shutdown being the leftoids fault. The optimistic view is that Trump strikes a deal that involved higher taxes on the (mostly leftoid globalist) uber-wealthy maybe coupled with a small inconsequential amnesty - perhaps DACA light - and also maybe basic (minimal/catastrophical only) universal healthcare for everybody and outflank and outplay the reigning Dems, getting his border security.
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From a stock trading "investment" view TSLA was a big success, esp. for early adopters of its stock, no question. However the market gets more wrong then people tend to think, and as a company success has been modest. They cranked out pretty good cars, luxury EVs, but for a very high price and debt. Doubtful they can sustain, that's why the price is correcting now. Let's wait til next earnings.
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d6rB says
CBOEtrader says
You dont think bill Maher and others will hopefully start the final SJW backlash from the left?

I think some will try. I will be cheering and even voting for some of the dems if they publicly stand against the madness

I doubt it. If anyone on right would say anything remotely as racist as this, he would be (justifiably) dragged through mud, his colleagues would be guilty of being racist by association, and so on. For racists in Left, if their racism is directed towards Fucking White males, it all is fine and dandy.
I like listening to Maher occasionally, he seems rather intelligent and some jokes and interviews are amusing and interesting, and he does not dismiss everything that he disagrees with. But if he starts criticizing racists such as Ms. Malika Henderson, he will be kicked out of his show.

I'd happy to be wrong, and if there is a blue-collar supporting D who s...

You're probably right although sometimes we can hope that even leftoids or at least real old-school liberals can occasionally find their balls. Maher already had close run-ins with the SJW nutters and weaseled out successfully, but not without complying with a lot of their demands and backtracking some - but at least not all - of his criticism. He has a successful career as of now and if he starts seriously rebelling the only way he could sustain his lifestyle and salary would be to flip 180 and go work for the conservative media, doubt he's ready to do that. So Maher stays put.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Oops. Not only have they not "Seen the Evidence", meaning they're just repeating what some unspecified individual claimed without vetting it, but Buttfeed just got disowned by Mueller's office itself.

NPR ran that story KNOWING that it was uncorroborated - which makes @Patrick's point that NPR has gone so deep down the toilet that it should be completely defunded.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
1960-2016 Question Authority
2016- Questioning Authority is Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic and Xenophobic.

lol agreed
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Put a pussyhat on and ramble incoherently.
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Two scoops of dragon energy right there!
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BayArea says
Are you guys suggesting that if France had a zero tolerance immigration policy against Muslims, the riots against fuel costs and taxation would not be taking place?

If they had zero rapefugee immigration they would not need to raise taxes in the first place.
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Patrick says
I was just talking to a French guy who told me that the whole yellow vest protest thing in Paris is really about Macron's lying to get elected. He apparently promised to both reduce their "social security" taxes (the French version) and to maintain retirement benefits, but after getting elected, he reversed course on both of those promises.

So people are pretty pissed at him.

Globalist shill bought and paid for.
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I'm happy the Dems rejected the proposal. Trump had to strategically do it and it was a good move but I don't want to reward criminal behavior with amnesty. Go back in line, kid or not.
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The leftoids are completely losing it. Never go full retard.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
WineHorror1 says
FortWayneIndiana says
All woman version of it was boring shit.

You actually watched it? Your mistake.

i watched it too. I should sue Leslie Jones for the two hours I lost watching that pile of garbage.

Would never watch such crap but by proxy I caught a glimpse of black panther at a house movie night and it was utter garbage. I mean give me Denzel Washington or Sidney Poitier or Morgan Freeman anytime over this shite.
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Gender: female.
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kt1652 says
Get real. You need a Ph.d for so simple a question?
Facebook and selfies.
kt1652 says
Get real. You need a Ph.d for so simple a question?
Facebook and selfies.

Yeah. 80% womyn 20% soyboys. Pareto principle always works.
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theoakman says
I'm not quite sure how I would respond to a Native American guy banging a drum and chanting in my face.

1-2 punch combo.
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This is only going to get worse, but in reality it's better as the prices adjust to their intrinsic values and affordability. Look for another 20%-25% haircut in prices. Soon we will be down 40%-50% from peak prices. And that's a good thing.
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Asking prices down 12%. But the offers accepted are often 10%-30% below asking. It's not unusual for a "motivated" seller to sell a house listed for 1.5MM for just above 1MM whereas at the peak they sold over asking price. That's here in the bay area, other parts of the country where prices have not bubbled as much will obviously hold more steadily, but this is already around a 25%-40% decline on average for the final sale price from the peak.
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Patrick says
People who really need food should be given food, not money.

Totally agree, however the problem is that this is more expensive in terms of bureaucracy. Unless they let volunteer programs, people who are doing a social/volunteer year or other lower paid workers handle the distribution of food it will go to government workers who will be extremely expensive in selecting and distributing food, not to mention the corruption wrt who they buy food from and at what prices.
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True that's how she rolls.
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Like two scoops said even worse the leftoid media introduced Orwell's facecrime like it's 1984. Batshit crazy. Never go full retard.
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RC2006 says
If I didn't get my house at bottom my family would have moved years ago. Wife and I still plan to leave once kids are older, but who knows this subject comes up so much maybe sooner, our friends that have already jumped ship seem to have a happier lives and their children are doing well. This place is a rat race, and the rats just keep piling up.

fully agreed - beautiful nature, good for single life work hard party hard fuck hard, but once you're ready to settle you gotta get out of this toxic leftoid-infused rat-race. There are places in CA you can move to as well but you won't escape they high taxes that way, just partially the rat race and some of the batshit crazy bay area "politics".
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This morning in SF a big guy - not a pansy - in his suit on his way to work was knocked out cold in a swift surprise move from behind followed by a hard punch in the face with a knuckle-ring by some coked out criminal asshole thug. While his blood was running onto Market Street the cops/ambulance took some time to arrive and only a private security guard stood by. Leave this shithole to the leftoids but if you come down here with your family you better be armed and ready to shoot. Unless you bring in a Giuliani style cleansing MAGA Trump government this city is done. And remember: being White and a productive member of society is OK! ;)
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LEFTOIDS 2018: Kids are off-limits as targets following the Parkland-Shooting!
LEFTOIDS 2019: No kid is off-limits - expel smirking MAGA hat kids!
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Ceffer says
mell says
While his blood was running onto Market Street the cops/ambulance took some time to arrive and only a private security guard stood by.

I remember reading on Quora about ' Leaving SF'. One guy said he waited a little too long because he was thinking about it then was KO'd by a homeless stick up creep, who crushed his cheekbone, and partially, permanently blinded him in one eye. Of course, he left.

Wow. I can tell you in 20 years things have gotten progressively (pun intended) worse. Better years were 2000-2007.
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Most web projects and smaller server side projects and prototypes run JS. Most serious dependable bigger web and non-web projects and cluster or streaming solutions run Java or Scala (on the JVM). Most embedded stuff runs C/C++. Most MS stuff C#. There is no single ruling language or framework anymore.
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Blue says
mell says
Most web projects and smaller server side projects and prototypes run JS. Most serious dependable bigger web and non-web projects and cluster or streaming solutions run Java or Scala (on the JVM). Most embedded stuff runs C/C++. Most MS stuff C#. There is no single ruling language or framework anymore.

So you disagree with OP "#1: JavaScript"

No, JS is number 1 now. But it's not suitable for large projects or projects that need to be extremely dependable. Much of the JS projects use such projects coded in other languages when they make calls to caches, clusters, servers etc. Node.js itself is growing old, be interesting to see what comes next.

Heraclitusstudent says
RC2006 says
My 12yo started messing with java 4 years ago now he uses it for making mods and little games

If a 8 yrs old can do it (even a very smart one), what is the future of that skill?
Study AI and things that are not so simple.

Being a Java or Scala pro requires many years of experience, the fact that kids can program small projects against it actually speaks for the language itself. Java will be around for another 20+ years (same goes for C#,C++,C), it's not going anywhere. Meanwhile Kotlin is like an enhanced version of Java, or you can always use Scala for rock-solid JVM projects.
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Goran_K says
That kid had every right to punch Nathan Phillips 5 remaining teeth out of his mouth after Phillips started banging the drum right in his face.

Agreed I would not have hesitated. There is an invisible cage of private space in martial arts that you protect and you strike if somebody violates it after you gave them a warning because otherwise they are so close that they could take you out first.
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It's def good to see fake news gone.
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Patrick says
I was saddened to hear that node is now officially afflicted with multiple threads.

Huge mistake! Yuge! Single-threading is node's greatest virtue. Multithreading is a nightmare everywhere it is used. Impossible to debug.

If you have to do things in parallel, use multiple processes on multiple cores. Keep them out of each other's memory space.

Makes fast shared data caches tough though. Modern multi-core processors are made for multi-threading and have fast local L1 caches.
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Economic data is still strong.
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I've followed sites with data last year that only showed the global average per day and the skew compared to the same day a year ago or some average since the recordings. After a quick search I currently can't find any for 2019 and all returned search results are opinion pieces / sites about globull warming. Maybe someone can point me to raw data. Thanks.
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Build the wall now.
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I'll support Schultz to keep the Dems and extreme leftoids away.
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Noticed that when Obummer was prez CNN fake news would have close to 100% positive pump stories on their premarket trading landing site. Since Trump is prez they are almost 100% dire warnings despite the market and economy doing pretty well.
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Kakistocracy says
mell says
Economic data is still strong.

The automakers, steel makers, retail, real estate etc. may not be in agreement with your assessment.

RE is overvalued.
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Dude seriously - there are plenty of assholes on Wall Street exploiting loop holes and trading on inside info, bailouts etc. But to compare this to a dictator who has his starving and protesting people brutally murdered by gun squads - after successfully turning a rich into a poor country via Socialism (TM) - is just plain asinine.
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Granted Bolton is a war hawk but that's why he has been somewhat disgruntled so far under Trump who doesn't go to war like the Dems and neocons.
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Nice! Still doesn't beat Fucking in Austria though ;)
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d6rB says
kt1652 says
Right. Worked so well with Saddam, Iraq is a modern peaceful nation now.

Is US sending troops to Venezuela? Did we send troops to Iraq? Is there a difference between two approaches?

Even with sending troops, how did it work out with Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan? Why did it work there and not in Iraq?

There is yuge difference. Saddam actually had a thriving country going on with enough wealth for everyone and empowered women. Plus he controlled the religious extremists quite well. As long as you weren't his political enemy you did well. Venezuela on the other hand has been transformed into a starving shit hole via Socialism (TM) and now the starving population is fired at.
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Manbearpig! Manbearpig!
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Heraclitusstudent says
BayArea says
What is the trigger or event or sequencing that will turn sales declines into pricing declines?

Maybe you are confusing the causality: sales go down... because prices go up.
And as the market becomes more exclusive to the rich, prices can go on increasing. Doesn't matter if the rest population is either leaving or living in the streets.

The only moderation would be from building more.

Not necessarily. Usually few sales will skew the median upwards as the rich are always willing to buy (they don't need to time the market). Overall price action has been down for regular houses.
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Stop blathering opinion pieces. Just post the global daily temperatures. Opinions are unnecessary just the data suffices. While 2018 was the 4th or 5th hottest year (downward trend) I bet January will not even record within the top 5. Yes it may still be a very warm year but the trend has been down the past years solidly defying the hockeystick curve. If you can find and link a site that has the daily raw global data for 2019 that would be a solid start of a data driven discussion. TIA
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NPC13547833 new incoming instructions: Brazil man baaad! Rezist brazil man!

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It's usually either or, all fuglies or all hotties throughout HR/hiring. Cause women can only get along within their sexual market value perimeter. Hotties are also usually easier to work with (exceptions prove the rule).
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Automan Empire says
Ah, the Republican two-buttons straw dilemma meme again. How about these labels for the buttons? "Judge actions 40 years ago by the norms and values of 40 years ago" or "Judge actions 40 years ago by the norms and values of today and punish like a recent offence"

Just like in the case of Kavenaugh, the person's long term track record and current behavior becomes important when judging character in the present.

I don't even know this guy and haven't yet read up on the current scandal. I just hate this type of political discourse that is so trendy.

I agree with the gist of your post but you're making a point against the leftoids and Dems. They were the ones who came up with the process of desperately finding a youtube video of you as a baby were you may or may not be striking the Hitler pose and then pounce on it like no tomorrow, decrying you as rays cyst, misogynist and whatever other -isms there are. Now they are eating their own crow. They started a dangerous Orwellian trend and now everybody is scrambling to contain the damage and find a way to reverse it which won't be easy.
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HeadSet says
The secret is that the DNC runs like the old East German Stasi (secret police) did.

They keep elaborate files on everyone and selectively use the info when it is most politically convenient.

I wonder who the actual members of that Poliburo are.

There's never a true persistent circle so that anyone can be back stabbed at any time and the beast runs itself. Orwell's ingsoc would be today's Democratic party.
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SunnyvaleCA says
Regardless of the weather and sea level, the most important thing about climate change is get away from the crazies on the left. High taxes, mass unnecessary immigration, and onerous laws are far more destructive to your retirement than a few degrees temperature change.

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Diversity (TM)
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d6rB says

Lol good one.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Quigley says
The more they take over the D party, the less popular it will be with white people, conservatives, and the working class.
Consider whether Democrats can win without any of those people.
I’m thinking not without massive fraud like they did to win the House in 2018.

The problem is that white women are easily the dumbest species on the planet. So many will vote against their own interests.

Word. Although they are not that dumb considering they are advancing feminism (tm) in their favor. Even though it ultimately doesn't make them happy. Takes a while to figure out.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Goran_K says
Almost 80% approval on both of the DNC's biggest puppet networks.

I have to find that old thread done by a British Group on American groupings. Basically, about 75-80% of Americans are moderate. Only 12% are SJWs, but since they control the Media/Hollywood/Entertainment, they seem like they represent "America".

They're as out of touch as Amanda Marcotte:

They high-fived themselves. They danced. They rolled their eyes at the pussy-grabbing executive. They threw major shade. Most importantly, Abrams laid out the positive Democratic agenda.

Let’s hear it for the Democratic women!— Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) February 6, 2019

lol how can one be that out of touch, Trump clearly pwned that moment when the womyn celebrated the changes that happened during his presidency so far.
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Agreed. In fact big corporations - not only wealthy individuals - are leaving CA in droves. Charles Schwab, McKesson just to name a few big ones. CA is fucked an cucked, the leftoids destroyed it.
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HeadSet says
mell says
Agreed. In fact big corporations - not only wealthy individuals - are leaving CA in droves. Charles Schwab, McKesson just to name a few big ones. CA is fucked an cucked, the leftoids destroyed it.

Think Apple and Google will ever leave?

They may be the last if they ever leave because the SV leftoid censorship culture worships their enablers and thus they can get away with anything, for that they gladly pay a little extra for their employees. The free internet died around the time the dot com bubble burst at the beginning of this millenium.

Kakistocracy says
mell says
CA is fucked an cucked, the leftoids destroyed it.

Good thing the Patron Saint of the GOP and the Governator had no hand in the demise.

Schwarzenegger was better than his crony predecessor Davis who is a criminal but overall the terminator has been cucked over the years and is pretty much a neocon somewhere between the nutty left and the Trump Republicans. A regular mainstream GOP guy won't fix the CA mess, they need a Giuliani style intervention by now.
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rdm says
Goran_K says
definitely not true with Trump

I think the opposite, there probably will be polling on this that is % of watchers who voted for Trump. I know many Trump opponents, particularly women that didn't watch. They literally can't stand to listen to him, myself I just find him repetitive, small minded and boring

That's fine but he's not really there to entertain you with high-flying exciting convos, but to get a job done. And he's so far getting more done than Boosh and Obummer in both their tenures.
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So what's bad about it? Nothing. The NK people at least deserve a healthy economy on which heels eventually Democracy may come. The Dems have nothing to counter except for perpetual wars and importing hostile rapefugees.
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So she may have not expressed herself in the best way but hardly objectable content. The left just wants to oppress all straight white male Christians, now that is objectable.
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I approve! If you come to a foreign country that hosts you then you eat their food or go back home! Once in a while the West can learn a thing or two from China.
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d6rB says
mell says
If you come to a foreign country that hosts you

In this case, Muslims are the native inhabitants of Xinjiang, after Chinese armies killed off original Djungar (sp?) Buddhists in 18th century.

True but everyone was the original inhabitant somewhere sometime. History, migration and wars changed earth to what it is today since we have been embarking on the longest period of relative world peace. So no use dwelling on the past.
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d6rB says
mell says
So no use dwelling on the past.

Agreed - if we start digging up past, then when do we stop?

Good question. But I eat whatever the fck they serve me where ever I live or go on vacation. Only item I ever had hard time with was pigeon feet. You eat what is customary. And I still finished the pigeon feet.
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Never go full retard.
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Yeah it's derived from Warhammer 40k.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
curious2 says
Personally, I feel frustrated that the popular obsession with CO2 distracts from more important forms of pollution.

Distraction is not the worst of it: sometimes prioritizing lowering CO2 leads to increase of other, more dangerous kind of pollution. Best example: push for diesel passenger cars which lead to increase of carcinogenic emissions in European cities. But diesels do produce less CO2, so fuck that poor saps who got lung cancer.

Actually some European countries have been cracking down on Diesels lately. However a diesel does not produce carcinogens with the exception of fine dust/particles - the actual damage is very controversially debated and nobody knows if the current output by cars is even dangerous - and a modern diesel with a state of the art fine particle filter does not emit those particles. A diesel is much more fuel efficient (I don't care about CO2 emissions either) and the real Diesel polluters are big freight ships / tankers. Also many regular engines with direct injection emit as much fine particle dust as a diesel engine. There has been a witch hunt on Diesels and it would be sad to see this successful technology go. However there should be a requirement that all Diesels must be equipped with modern fine particle filter. But as long as the ships and tankers are out there don't even bother regulating cars too much (except for in smog zones/days maybe where no cars - regardless of engine type - should drive).
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Obummer's sons strike again.
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Onvacation says
I heard some pundit say, " why isn't their corn mania". Like tulips, more pot can easily be grown than can ever be smoked.

I suspect prices will continue to fall as long as anyone can grow a couple plants without the threat of police raiding with m16's locked and loaded and flash bang pins pulled.

Agreed - there will be few players that will make money and appreciate bigly but the rest will falter due to overproduction and falling prices - consolidation ahead. There was a time to buy pot stocks but it likely passed.
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MisterLearnToCode says
AD says
The greatest example is with the divorce and family courts cynically acting like women are the victims and we still live in the 1950's.

The 50s were woke. I have to find it, but I read an article featuring a MALE (imagine that) Family Court Judge bemoaning, back in the 50s before No Fault, how women would desperately invent bullshit to say they needed a divorce on the grounds of cruelty : "He only let me have 2 Lace Dollies for my Easy Chair, not 6 for all the Chairs! We have the money, but he is being cruel, talking about investing in the stock market. He has a pension! And he won't replace the refrigerator that's only 5 years old, but it's not frost-free!"

The poor judge had to sit through hours of that everyday, women getting hysterical over nothing and crying and wailing at him and insisting that trivial bullshit was a pattern of cruelty, trying to get a divorce.

Divorce should be very hard to do, only if proven physical or emotional abuse (need recordings etc.) or without such a cause the divorcer should get nothing. They are free to move on but not to milk the other party. No-fault divorce needs to be repealed.
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d6rB says
Booger says
Only women, transgenders are allowed in GW debate tournament

And some people here talk about how Fucking White Males are the ultimate raycists/sexists/bigots...

“Women and anyone who does not identify as cis male will be welcome to compete, and registration is no questions asked,” Cryer told Campus Reform.

LOL well then have Harry Ballz and his bro buddies identify as Loretta and register - it's no questions asked right? For fucks sake the left has become so fucking stupid that no amount of swearing can make up for it. This is darker comedy than Monty Python ever was - what are they thinking now that they parodies have become reality? lol
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You're all right and wrong. The problem is the system itself. Medicare and any other SS system is a ponzi scheme, so yes the people who enacted it should be held responsible. Every year you should only allowed to distribute what you took in, private insurances make a profit on top of it, but that is not strictly necessary for a government run program. Of course administration must be cheap and sparse enough to cost less than the appreciation of the paid in funds, whatever they are invested in. With the Federal Reserve and the medical sector engaging in rampant inflation (= ponzi scheme) it will be hard for any such system to keep up. The problem is while the millenials often have a terrible attitude and just want to vote for free stuff they already have been fucked over by the debt which is nothing but a future promise to pay by work delivered by the next generations. So everybody says fuck you and you may get socialism as a result and everybody loses.
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CBOEtrader says
Thank God for Trump's executive dept taking care of business.

HRC would be the type to let this shit happen for political points.

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d6rB says
Kakistocracy says
Sandy Hook, Columbine etc. ?

TBF I think all of those were on some kind of psychotropic medications, and we do not hear about that in MSM. Perhaps Big Pharma can be blamed for these shootings, and also for buying off MSM and politicians so this information does not get out. We keep arguing if the guy wore swastika or red star on the diapers, while pharma rakes in $$$$$$$

Agreed. SSRIs are pure evil. It's fcking disingenuous by the leftoids though to take all those loser kids of which none ever wrote anything coming even half way close to a political or religious manifesto and scream "fcuking white rightwing terrorism" while ignoring the clearly spelled out political manifestos and letters every time there's an islamic terrorist attack anywhere in the world. Pathetic.
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Whatever - I am critical of Israel often enough (though Israeli Jews are hardly ever the problem, it's the western ones that vote against the Western world's interest of self-preservation and promote deranged SJWs) as well and agree that it does not automatically equate to anti-semitism. But Ilhan Omar is a piece of shit and should not be defended. She was the one of the sole two votes AGAINST a bill that now allows insurance companies to deny life insurance payout for acts of terrorism, which would thwart the common practice for the terror orgs to pay for life insurance so that the families of their "recruits" are set. Fuck this POS and send her back to a country without women's rights. People voting for a terrorist sympathizer like this pos must be truly deranged.
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The infighting in the leftoids has just begun. The nutso Marxist fraction is making the old guard nervous
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CBOEtrader says
RafiMaas says
CBOEtrader says
after widespread FISA abuses against Trump

What is Trump doing to get rid of the Patriot Act?

Excellent question.


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