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justme says
Come to think of it, is it possible that many current societal ills are caused by anti-depressant medications? People, young and old, are dissatisfied with their lives. They take antidepressants to feel better, but does the medication also make many of them completely uncritical of themselves and their own actions? I could see this could lead to blaming everyone else for what is wrong, and then lead to rage and mass murder. It may also have the (milder) effect of people having a very high opinion of themselves and treat other people with little regard. Sort of a sociopathic effect caused by anti-depressants. And it does not just apply to men, in fact from what I see women have never been less critical of themselves than in current society.

How common is it to take anti-depressants? I personally know only one person that will admit to it, and he said he has since gotten off the meds but that it was difficult to quit. That's all the details I know. He seemed a bit hyper in 2016 -2...

This is already proven, not even a hypothesis anymore. SSRIs are known to cause homocidal and suicidal thoughts, esp. so with younger patients (< 25). If you know any of your friends taking them you can see that they initially take away the edge when heavily medicated but in the process cause heavy imbalances and eventually they lose their effectiveness and increase the condition, leading to manic depressive, homocidal and suicidal behavior. Yes you can observer that effect in women as well - while by nature less deadly - equally verbally and physically violent. Many of them do take these and they also make a good excuse for their shortcomings. If you have affected friends do not let them take SSRIs or let them get addicted to them.
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errc says
mell says
The problem has nothing to do with either party. MJ use is generally deemed safe, however SSRIs evoke homicidal and suicidal thoughts. Nobody on SSRis or derivatives should be allowed to purchase a gun. Their choice.

MJ use is generally deemed safe, yes, but how on Earth can you honestly try and say “the problem has nothing to do with either party” when it’s fucking Republicans and their mental midget approach to governance where they must first ask Allah what he thinks? Come the fuck on

Did you even read the article?

The argument stands that the US always had that many guns but only recently there is an increase in shootings, coinciding with the increase of use of SSRIs. Most perps were on them at some point. So where's the fault of the Repubs here? I don't think the MJ discussion and this one are linked. Yeah they should and will give up their opposition to MJ. Many on the right already started endorsing it long ago. The rest will follow. Don't see a religious problem here.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The fact that men who think they are women can't breastfeed is the Human Rights issue of our time.

Dumbass Rustbelter Scum, millions of them, should die of opiate addiction and despair so we can help the .03% of the transpopulation.

Monty Python exactly forecasted that in life of Brian. Amazing clairvoyance. The dude complains about his right to be a woman and have breasts and kids. Now it's reality. Stranger than fiction lol.
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Who gives a shit. If he wanted to highlight that the nurses are doing a great job even in the face of great tragedy why not. No need for fake mourners. Everybody knows already DT is not the king of tactfulness. Not relevant no bad intentions here.
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LeonDurham says
And the verdict is in:
It was a legal termination.

Fake news. Damore never suggested inferiority. Next.
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Strategist says
Tenpoundbass says

I hope they succeed.

Why? This is the nuclear family unit. I surely hope the left is defeated. Doesn't mean I go to church every Sunday but I have no problem with the nuclear family. It's essential for the well being of any country.
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Strategist says
mell says
Why? This is the nuclear family unit. I surely hope the left is defeated. Doesn't mean I go to church every Sunday but I have no problem with the nuclear family. It's essential for the well being of any country.

Here's what I mean. Churches should be built and paid for by those who want to use it. Why make everyone pay for them through tax write offs?

Sure those write offs are debatable. However Christian church has done more good than bad hands down for society.
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HeadSet says
the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes

At the level of a graduate engineer, no one will obtain the ability unless he/she has interest. That is, only an interested person would be motivated to put in the hours of study and practice needed to become an engineer. Far fewer women than men, even women of superior intellect, are attracted to STEM. Nothing to do with "inferiority."

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Economically Germany is still doing extremely well. The rapefugee fallout is another topic.
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Tim Aurora says
Patrick says
It is ironic that the Democrats, historically the party of the workers, have become without any doubt a tool of the elite to maintain their own righteous but wobbly sense of self-worth and that the Democrats, historically the party of the elite, now represent the working poor.

Could be. Bernie is more socialist as compared to Hillary. But chances of Bernie getting elected over Trump was not good. And the center wants the country to be more capitalistic as compared to socialist.

Also, education is the new currency to be at the top of the world. You can either let China or Germany take the lead or use our education system propel us to the top. While our primary educations leaves much to be desired , American universities are still considered elite and attract the best. No need to snark at them.

Thing is it's not that hard to reignite a nationalistic left looking out for the workers of its country. All it would take is one common sense charismatic emerging politician who also appeals to the heartland. Yet nobody in sight. Ditch identity politics, focus on real problems such as illegal immigration, taxes, healthcare etc.
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Quigley says
bob2356 says
How many less illegals are here than when trump took office?

How would you determine this? They aren’t exactly checking in. Maybe you missed the bit about them being “illegal.”

Exactly. At least someone is tackling it finally.
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Nailed it.
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P N Dr Lo R says
"In 2016, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting divorced, Jolie actually said it never crossed her that mind her son “Mad” would need a father."

All she had to do was ask Murphy Brown.

"In many instances, women are divorcing perfectly good husbands in their search for what they believe will be a better match—which is a natural outgrowth of no-fault divorce"

As 2020 approaches, it will be interesting to see how the number of observances of 50 year anniversaries of marriages consummated in 1970 compares with those of 1960 or 1955. I expect there will be many 60 and even 65 year celebrations of those lucky enough to still be alive in their late 80's and early 90's, but many fewer 50th anniversaries of those a decade younger from the year no-fault divorce was founded in addition to the counter cultural practice of shacking up instead of marriage took root in our society. Divorce exploded in the 1970's and the rest is history.

It's not just that, but the initial opinion piece came pretty close. These days kids grow up with the built-in assumption that every wrong will be righted. Any detected case of "bullying" - which is pretty often just kids being kids making fun of other kids without filters - immediately prompts a mandatory mea culpa plus full TV circuit with Dr. Phil if not lawsuits in some cases. Now, once the kids grow to become adults and interact with other near adults there are no "regulators" anymore and they suddenly may be on the receiving end of assholishness without somebody forcing the perpetrator to "rectify" their actions. Yes, in a free speech country you have the right to be an asshole and yes, life is not fair and never will be and more often than not you need to make lemonade out of lemons. That's a small price to pay to live free from Tyranny. Now these kids have never been told by anybody that life sucks sometimes and that you have to suck it up, that's part of being a man moreso than a woman. Fuck, there are people who have accidents or get sick and all your "injustice" is somebody made fun of you and now you need to get even with an AR-15 because no father figure in your life ever told you that you need to man up and suck it up. Just keep taking those SSRIs and have single mommy tell you you're the best. No more questions your honor.
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georgeliberte says

That's right but it wasn't much fun for them, they did it for the money. In fact it was very unhealthy to strain the colon like this and many died early due to that hobby, practice, profession or what you may call it.
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CBOEtrader says
anon_30423 says
I mean really, what else can we do?

Stop feminizing education. Stop telling boys they are toxic. Stop telling white people they are racist. Stop feeding brain pills to kids too young to drink a beer. Stop pretending that being a single mother is a good idea. Defend schools w armed guards, better doors, cameras, etc... Stop conversing with the "you are either with us or against us" self-righteous attitude. Stop using child victims as political pawns.

... finally, throw out all semblance of PC culture, and actually discuss the problem.

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someone else says
Trump is the best Democratic president we've had in decades.

Nice quote! That will drive some cognitive dissonance forced by logic into the resisters and make their heads explode lol
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anon_9f75b says
Patrick says
Gosh, I wonder if declining unionisation, globalisation, and immigration

In my opinion, immigration is by far the least of these three in terms of causation. But the first two are huge.

I believe globalization was inevitable, that is if you want to advocate for free and open global capitalism. That is if you want to say that what's good for us is good for the world. It was probably the biggest cause. As for the decimation of unions and pensions, that was an anti-labor movement that started in the seventies, but kicked in overtime under Reagan.

Since Clinton, we've been getting hosed by both sides, but still far worse from the right than the left. Even now. Again, my opinion. But it's easy to back this up with tons of evidence.

No immigration is the most important factor and the numbers are clear, esp. low-skilled and illegal immigration. Taking away simple worker's jobs and depressing wages. And it has been mostly perpetrated by the left though also by many cucked and/or bought for mainstream Repubs.
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NuttBoxer says
I think their salmon is all farmed. I always buy wild caught, that stuff is too close to GMO for me.

They do have both and it is likely not related to the farming method, but wild is def better wrt nutritional value and less contaminated.
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anon_30051 says
mell says
No immigration is the most important factor and the numbers are clear, esp. low-skilled and illegal immigration.

I can't see any logic in this. Say we don't have undocumented workers to pick crops, be your childs nanny, or do the landscaping at your condo. So we all pay more for those things, and some people step up and do those jobs for higher pay.

How does that affect the pay of an entry level job for a college graduate ? Or an ambitous high school graduate for that matter ? I honestly can not begin to see it..

People claiming this are the same people that would liketo see government workers payed less. Not seeing that this is a huge part of the labor market that you are advocating lower pay for. That kind of thinking is what destroys salaries. PRivate sector can pay less if the public sector does. This is simple logic. The labor market is a market.

No the logic is totally sound, illegal and unskilled - even some skilled - legal immigration destroys salaries. They should pay more because those who pay for these services have more money. You think a big poor family in the US has a nanny?? They have family members take turns instead. And government workers should be paid less as they most often provide no value for society. Leave military, police and teachers out and you're left with the bureaucrats living off of taxpayer money collecting fat salaries and big pensions. The left has fostered and enabled those people and that's why most of those people are leftists, they marched through the institutions to become the taxpayer dry-sucking globalist shills they are today. The graph in the OP doesn't lie.
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anon_9f75b says
To suggest that George Soros funds SJWs is worse than saying the Koch brothers fund right wing fascists.

No, it's exactly what Soros does. The eastern European governments are coming after him. The Koch brothers do not fund fascist, but mainly libertarian ideas. No need to make up things.
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30k before any significant correction unless there is a big economical downturn which is currently not in sight. Rates will keep rising slowly.
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Malcolm says
Quigley says
There’s just no reason to cry havoc, which means there’s no reason for a sustained drop.

Do any of you actually understand how to put a value on a stock based on earnings and other fundamentals?

Yeah, but the P/E ratios vary widely depending on the economic cycle. Currently we haven't left the boom cycle yet, which was about to end but got unexpectedly prolonged by Trump's election.
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Malcolm says
2. An end to private health insurance, move to an HMO model like Kaiser.

Private insurance has no bearing on the rest. Let those who want to have private insurance have it. The real problem is that HMOs and/or the government are not necessarily cheaper, often more expensive wrt the care they deliver. Kaiser is relatively well run though so they can work. No reason to ban PPOs and private insurances for those who can afford and want it.
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Sniper says
FortWayne says
Here's your typical government employee. Does minimum, avoids any work, waiting for their extravagant pension to kick in so they don't have to do any work even.

Yep, and they'll let this guy "retire" with his full pension, even though he allowed 17 kids to be slaughtered on his watch.

Welcome to Liberal America!

Have to agree with this. It can be a tough job but you signed up for it with all its perks and responsibilities, and the union protects this guy? Also it changes the lamestream media's story quite dramatically yet they are ignoring it again. KD rages here:
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
mell says
Have to agree with this. It can be a tough job but you signed up for it with all its perks and responsibilities, and the union protects this guy? Also it changes the lamestream media's story quite dramatically yet they are ignoring it again. KD rages here:

I see both sides, one that he was cowardly but two, when there have been multiple LEOs responding (UVa, Columbine), they've often lollygagged outside the building(s) for much longer than 4 minutes during an active shooting.

I don't want the Sheriff to throw this guy under the bus and get himself and his department off scot free, and there's a reason not to charge into a building with an active shooter and you don't know where he is or even what he looks like, on the other hand this was a time-critical situation.

Agreed, but that's why they're right now protecting him so that he can not turn on them. Wrt active situation, after he made the appropriate calls for backup he should have gone in, being the only one armed, no matter whether it had already come to an end or not.
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Damning evidence for failed leftoid policies.
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errc says
mell says
Damning evidence for failed leftoid policies.

You have any evidence for any successful Right Wing policies?

Wrt to this topic the conservative approach is more successful. There are ample failures on the right as well like the war on drugs. But that's because personal responsibility is always the most successful policy, be it welfare or drugs.
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Occams razor - they're simply too far away even for advanced travel.
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errc says
mell says
errc says
mell says
Damning evidence for failed leftoid policies.

You have any evidence for any successful Right Wing policies?

Wrt to this topic the conservative approach is more successful. There are ample failures on the right as well like the war on drugs. But that's because personal responsibility is always the most successful policy, be it welfare or drugs.

Everyone knows that the Conservative War on Drugs is the biggest failure in the history of failures.

So why, with right wingers having absolute control over the government, are #MAGA folk not putting any pressure on them to right this obvious wrong?

A lot of the MAGA crowd are right-wing and believe in the war on drugs, they are not Libertarian wrt this. Keep in mind that the Dem administrations haven't achieved much in ending the war on drugs either and they had ample time to do so during their reigns. The answer is that they feared for their incumbent seats as this is naturally a dicey topic for families, loaded with fears and concerns that would need to be addressed. Lawmakers even want to take one of the most successful painkillers from the market or severely restrict it just because patients aren't responsible and get addicted to it. One of the biggest dragons to slay for politicians is the war on drugs with lots of money and corruption involved interested to keep it going.
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Ceffer says
Do you really want a guy whose main job is intimidating children with his pot belly flinging lead around a combat zone full of children, especially with a hand gun? Not to mention the sheer confusion of the situation.

I spend time in an area where firecracker assholes are common. The firecrackers sound like gunfire, and you can reliably seldom tell where they are coming from. If they were live rounds, and you went by sound, you probably would wind up in the wrong spot and the damage would have been done somewhere else, anyway.

Unless this guy had a clear line of sight at an obvious shooter by accident, it was probably better for everybody that he just stay out of the way and let the rest of the goons handle it.

Yeah but then he wasn't fit for the job and shouldn't have been in this job in the first place. Get a thoroughly trained guy without potbelly, pay a little extra - it's worth it.
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WookieMan says
Anyone notice the rate of increase in the white mothers having kids out of wedlock in the graphic? Appears to be growing quicker than blacks, especially since 1995. Didn't dig into the data, but looks like it was around 5% in '65 and is now around 30%. I don't know what it means, but it's interesting. While the black percentage overall is unacceptable, the problem seems to have leveled off I guess. Hopefully white chicks can put the brakes on this trend.

Direct consequence of the influence of feminism and cultural-marxism. Detrimental to society, that's why whites have done worse than black in recent years wrt changes in age of death, substance/SSRI abuse etc.
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That freedom/liberty argument is bs. You can have all these measures and still have a free society. You don't need to go to the nightclub or airport or school if you don't like metal detectors and armed guards. Just stay on your ranch and homeschool your kids with or without guns, up to you. Nobody has the right to go to a nightclub or school/university and at the same time be as free as they want to be. I'd rather see free speech and metal detectors / security guards on Universities than no security and free speech restrictions. Batshit crazy leftoid world today where snowflakes have to be protected from "offensive speech" but a shooter can just go in and take out a whole gun-free zone because leftism.
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Feux Follets says
If this gun thing for your own safety is such a rip roaring good thing for school children etc. - then why are there 5 Places Hypocritical Republicans Ban Guns for Their Own Personal Safety ?

1. The White House

Along with making Mexico pay billions for a wall it opposed and never taking a golfing vacation, Trump promised on the campaign trail to legislate a future in which guns could legally be brought into every kindergarten classroom and nursery. “My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day,” Trump told supporters in Vermont in 2016. “There’s no more gun-free zones.”

While it’s true no president could unilaterally scrap federal law, it’s also true that Trump’s complicit Republican Congress would probably greenlight any pro-gun horrorshow he could dream up. Yet, in the year since he took office, Trump has not spoken out once—even via his digital bullhorn at Twitter—against the anti-freedom gun ban at the White House. What better way for this president to sign...

Again, you can ban guns for the visitors except for armed guards. Yes, it restricts freedom for the visitors, but you don't need to visit the WH or Mar-a-lago if you don't like it. Done, Next.
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Feux Follets says
mell says
Done, Next.

Not done - if this country has been reduced to having armed security at every venue, private and public school, university, church, shopping center, what have you - and the public accepts it because "nothing can be done about the problem" - we are no better than any Third World Nation in addition to slowly and surely losing just a bit more freedom each and every day "because nothing can be done about the problem" instead of demanding that heads roll in the streets (literally if necessary) to get something done about the problem.

As long as you don't address the root causes of those problems, or accept to live with the casualties and more freedom (which is viable as well) these are your only choices. To pretend that gun control will change these numbers significantly is disingenuous and robbing people of freedoms on their personal properties, far worse than a control at the airport or nightclub. Next.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The root cause is the moral panic that destroyed the huge Mental Health Network we used to have to house and care for the Mentally Ill.

That there are people today who haven't figured out that most homeless are seriously mentally ill and cannot be relied upon to dose themselves, even if we give them free meds, except with alcoholic and drugs. And mere drugs aren't the end all of treatment, and that whatever cocktail of drugs initially prescribed is seldom the correct one. "Stay a few weeks and Release" is not the answer. Nor are slumlord half-way homes.

Lobotomies are no longer done, Schizophrenia mostly has Genetic Origin, and Nurse Ratched is a fictional character. Re-Open Kings Park and repeal the Lanterman-Petris-Short
in California and other State Laws Modelled on that terrible mistake.

Schizophrenia isn't "Bad social dynamics in the Family" it's genetic, aggravated by certain situations such as severe infant fevers. That idea is from a book that came ...

Right into the bulls eye. Plus kids are treated like snowflakes without rough fatherly influence, everybody is a winner - until the day comes where nobody protects them from assholes, bosses, gold-diggers etc. Then they are on their own and every setback is of course society's fault in their eyes. Time go on SSRIs and then take revenge when those don't work anymore. We don't have any crazy people anymore by decree, Autism (esp. severe) is celebrated! YAY autism, because having no empathy for others and being an emotionless psychopath is AWESOM-O. Look how great it worked with Marissa Mayer as a boss taking away WFH parental care options while building herself a gigantic crib at work! It's a feature, not a bug! Everyone is great and doesn't need judgemental assholes.. until they go on a rampage, then it's the weapon of choice's fault! Good job.
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Feux Follets says
mell says
I'd rather see free speech and metal detectors / security guards on Universities than no security and free speech restrictions

“I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag.”

Me too. How is guarding public venues more unconstitutional than taking away the basic rights to own guns? It isn't.
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Feux Follets says
mell says
How is guarding public venues more unconstitutional than taking away the basic rights to own guns?

Your right to bear arms may interfere with my right to live in a country free from armed security at every turn of the corner, but please - do so answer the question.

"Accept the casualties, live in a police state with armed guards at every turn and have more freedom" ?

I'm pressed for time right now but I can check back later. Hopping from foot to foot in anticipation of this one.

Clearly taking away guns from people everywhere is the bigger intrusion. It is not at every turn of the corner, just at mass gatherings which unfortunately are targets. I don't mind walking through security in public buildings, why do you mind? As long as I can have privacy in my home and remote nature it's all good.
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DryMap says
mell says
Clearly taking away guns from people everywhere is the bigger intrusion.

I have lived in or visited for prolonged periods of time (months) many countries - Canada, EU (both west and east), Japan. Among all these countries, the US is the least safe and people have the least personal freedoms. Taking away your guns is your least problem.

Actually I have lived in the EU as well and your observation seems quite biased. Wrt free speech the US beats the EU hands down where you can get prosecuted for free speech quite easily, same for Canada. Also safety in the US depends heavily on the state, city and hood, same for Europe. No difference really,
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FP says
One only needs to check the size of the prizon population and the number of police killings to know which country is a police country. And unsafe.

One of the main reasons for high incarceration rates are the drug laws. Surely if you measure freedom in the freedom to imbibe (esp. publicly) in drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, MJ etc.) or drive with an open can of beer in your cup-holder then the US - a nation founded by puritans - is certainly more restrictive. This is going to change significantly though as MJ becomes legal and we will see incarceration rates go down.