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dr6B says

lol this qualifies as best of! Winner
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Great song.
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HappyGilmore says
And as I tried to tell McGee--Republicans have lost suburban soccer Moms for a long time. Dems consistently won all types of suburban districts.

Typically, the party out of power wins in the midterms because the other party doesn't show up to vote. in 2018, Trump got his base out and they voted. But he has alienated so many former Republicans that they still lost. So there's no reason to think he'll do any better in 2020.

OK-had to come back to gloat. Happy out.

Hate to say this but you're mostly right here. It was white women who have increased their support for the Dems, otherwise this election would have been another disaster for the blue team. I doubt though that many are soccer moms as even suburbia hasn't been immune to the growing epidemic of lone childless post-wall cat-lady harpies who have ridden the cock carousel just one too many times and now need to express their bitterness by denying happily married women and white men their pursuit of happiness.
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It's simple the crazy cat ladies increased but they will naturally eliminate themselves from the gene pool eventually.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
I have relatives and friends in Phoenix. I’m beyond shocked that Sinema was even close.

I suspect pretty strong malfeasance. I can tell you that AZ isn’t nearly as close to the edge as Nevada. Truly the Democrat voters in Nevada are fools about to screw up the best things ever. No state income tax, very pro 2nd amendment gun laws, and a part time state legislature.

Why do the boobs flee a place that leftist politics have destroyed and bring it to a new place?

Because their old place has become too expensive and they enjoy spreading moral righteousness.
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Quigley says
Bets on if she will get through the primaries?

Odds on how many electoral votes she loses by to Trump?

Unless she activates all the elite's compound corruption power by those who still support her she will lose to some fringe socialist lunatic like occasion-bitchez. Bring the popcorn it will be fun to watch the dog eat dog show. No matter how dysfunctional the Reps are you can count on the Dems to one up them.
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Congrats. Note that she's somewhat in the middle on immigration, far to the right of the crazy lefty abolish ice dems. She has to since her state borders and she wouldn't be elected with a looney open borders stance.
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Friend got into the ER with a bug bite at the head and swelling, told them to give her prednisone. They refused and kept her 2 days in a shitty makeshift half-room with IV Abx to no avail til they just gave her the prednisone she asked for in the first place (she's a pharm.) and it went away within a day. The bill is over $30K+ when she could have been treated out-patient with a few hours of monitoring instead, probably for less than $1K total. The system is broken and shit like this needs to be actionable on by law.
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This is what Trump criticized and then got blasted by the usual suspects. The people living in fire danger areas would be helped much more by competent forest management as well as a mandate to build all houses as fire-proof as they can be. This was not a "global-warming" fire and everyone knows it, but many are dishonest about it.
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zzyzzx says
mell says
Friend got into the ER with a bug bite at the head and swelling, told them to give her prednisone. They refused and kept her 2 days in a shitty makeshift half-room with IV Abx to no avail til they just gave her the prednisone she asked for in the first place (she's a pharm.) and it went away within a day. The bill is over $30K+ when she could have been treated out-patient with a few hours of monitoring instead, probably for less than $1K total. The system is broken and shit like this needs to be actionable on by law.

And the reason they went to the ER instead of an urgent care place was?
Seriously, only go to the ER if you can speak Spanish and with no ID.

By that time the swelling was so bad that it could have potentially affected breathing if progressed towards throat area, eyes were almost shut and later completely swollen shut. It's a difficult call, but I def agree had they gone earlier and to urgent care the outcome would likely have been better and cheaper.
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I think she's right lol!
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Obummer was 10 times worse wrt ejecting the press and no transparency. Yet they crow about Accost-ya who acted like a royal dick. lol
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Great zir got me-too-ed! Fuck zir.

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Patrick says
"Felony Domestic Violence" consists of various possible crimes:

* not being the guy she really wanted, the one who never called back
* talking about her weight
* doing what she tells you to do (proof that you're easily controlled)

True but he campaigned for that crap. Some women acquaintances had a virtue signaling avenatti is hot meltdown on twatter and facetwat when he basically championed the believe!wommyn!rezist!trump! narrative and bathed in his new found popularity. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving asshole.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Goran_K says
Good. Fuck that queer asshole.

Your daily dose of right wing morality.

No he deserves every bit of it. Nothing to do with right wing. He's a sleaze ball who took advantage of pound me too and rezist orange man! to increase his popularity. Fuck this douche.
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Automan Empire says
Man I am sick of people who know fuck-all about California taking up this swaggering, "The libs don't know how to manage forests let's take them over!" bandwagon. So many laughable ideas being thrown out, and strongly held positions with literally no basis in reality.

What ACTIONABLE PLAN do critics have?

Controlled burns? What is that? We have a year round fire season, mister lives where it rains 55+ inches a year. Also, the fire in Ventura burned through an area that was burnt to a moonscape less than 10 years ago.

Firebreaks? I don't think you understand Santa Ana wind conditions. The fire jumped a 10 lane paved freeway in the aforementioned recent burn area. What kind of fire breaks are you proposing? How many, across whose property, and to what effect?

Increase logging to remove dead trees? AHA! Here we get to the CRUX of the issue. This is laying the groundwork for Republicans to open forest land to increased logging, THAT'S ALL! This is...

Any state that uses PG & E and relies on them wrt safety is by default mismanaged. Have you seen those power-lines and masts? They are and always have been pretty much 3rd world grade. There are many things where the US excels, this is not one of them. If you want some first world state-of-the-art power line and wildfire/forest management look no further than Western Europe. I'd like the US to arrive at some point in the 21st century and put all the last miles power-lines underground and run only the major power-line highways above ground and in non-forest/wildfire areas. PG & E stock should be at zero.
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Tim Aurora says
Patrick says
Religions tend to have a very accurate view of women through long experience. The story of women lying about assault to get back at some man is so incredibly old it's in the bible. Has probably happened a billion times.

Big stretch from "should be laws against women" ( I agree with that) to being a religious misogynist (disagree with that).

Most modern religions are not misogynist and balance man and woman pretty well. It's just that any step taken to give men equal rights back is decried as misogyny.
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Supplicating beta soyboys and misandrist fugly land whales = less sex.
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You could ride your bicycle or skateboard against a PG & E powermast and singlehandedly bring it down. For too long they abused their monopoly and only cared about their profits instead of improving their technology and making investments into infrastructure.
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HeadSet says
mell says
Supplicating beta soyboys and misandrist fugly land whales = less sex.

Even so, 18 year old boys throughout time have been so hormonal that if during a dry spell the only target is a fat chick, its "Thar she blows" harpoon at the ready. Hard to believe that has changed.

Low-T epidemic and increased fapping are also contributors.
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Gold Jerry!
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lostand confused says
Change in attitudes too,
" According to a November 2017 Economist/YouGov poll, 17 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 now believe that a man inviting a woman out for a drink “always” or “usually” constitutes sexual harassment. ("

I mean wow!!

Leftoid idiocy has consequences!
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Automan Empire says
I can't speak for PG&E because I live in Edison territory.

Another thing I didn't get to in the above post. ALL of these people declaring the electrical utility at fault and in need of takeover, when there is NO information about the start of these specific fires. The Ventura fire happened in a recent burn zone, so ALL of the poles are less than a decade old and up to recent standards. I spend a lot of time in the mountains and I can see the poles are well maintained and brush cleared from around their bases. One recent smaller fire in the Malibu area was sparked by a power pole, after A CAR HIT IT. Another years ago started near Sylmar after a large bird spread its wings across two wires and fell to the ground in flames. Edison is reporting a trip event in the area where one of the fires started and everyone is assigning blame. However, a fire near power lines sends aloft ionized particles that are highly conductive and can CAUSE an arc between perfectly designed an...

Mountainous and earthquaky terrain is no problem for underground lines in many European countries, some more active than CA such as Italy. Power-lines above ground are dangerous in many ways, but causing fires is the biggest issue.
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Gold Jerry!
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That's what I said in the other thread. Europe has been doing this forever. They made as much profit as possible with zero improvements. Now they may and should get sued. It's NOT globull warming, it's ineptitude and greed.
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Evan F. says
mell says
Most modern religions are not misogynist and balance man and woman pretty well.

Lol you're funny. Islam is just wonderful in it's approach to women. And how many female Catholic priests do you know?

Institutionalized religion is, and has been, one of the worst things humans ever inflicted upon themselves, and especially in the case of women.

You should know that even on the extremely diverse patnet forum it is commonly accepted that Islam is not a modern religion. Many Christian churches accept female priests, there's nothing radical about the Catholic church not doing it. There are many clubs and organization where - due to the nature of said org - only women are elected as leaders, so what? There's plenty of female clergy even in the Catholic church, doesn't mean they oppress women. Religion has done much harm, but I'd say net-net it has done much more good to women and men than atheist structures. There's a reason mankind thrived and survived even in times of plague and many other adverse factors that could not be conquered by science yet back then, look no further than religion. Without Christian missionaries in Africa, many many many more people would have died there. You really think without religious moral - and otherwise - guiding women (and men) would have thrived back then? Come on.
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Patrick says
Does anyone have one of the AQI sensors, like from ?

If so, please try this experiment for me:

* set up a box fan in the middle of the room where the sensor is
* drape a damp towel over the input side of the fan, so it gets sucked against the fan
(you may want the fan on low to keep the electrical load low, so the fan doesn't burn out)
* check the AQI with the fan on for an hour, and then again with the fan off for an hour

Personally, I think a damp towel against a fan definitely helped the air quality in my house, but it would be nice to have objective numbers.

Staying inside (keeping windows and doors mostly closed) when PM pollution is that high outside reduces exposure by 30%-70% without doing anything. People who are really worried or sensitive can just wear a mask all day, but it's not really necessary unless you have related health issues. Beijing has these conditions all year long.
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That's satire, right?
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Was driving yesterday and saw a dude full windows down in his car in the thick wildfire smog, leaning his arm out and smoking a fat cigarette or joint. lol today we salute you.
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So far no spike in ER calls, so not too bad. Masks are no substitute for staying mostly indoors.

Ceffer says
It's probably less harmful to smoke a pack a day of cigarettes than this shit in the air. Particulates aren't just burned wood, they are fungi, moss, mold, mushrooms, toadstools, lichens, protozoa crap, tree and brush parasites, pitch, and with buildings, an extra helping of asbestos, formalin, plasticizers, lead and metals.

Masks only help a bit, because the path of least resistance is still around the edges of the mask for inhalation, and nobody likes to wear a mask for any length of time.

Yes the masks may shield you from some of the PM2.5 but not the other shit. Fire is 45% contained now and it's expected to get a little better tomorrow. Think the worst is past us. Haven't noticed anything yet except for the smell of smoke. Thinking about working out in the Gym tomorrow again, can't go without a workout for too more than a day or two ;)
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HeadSet says
'An adult female openly masturbated in a county park, wiping her body fluids on a mower tractor which was being operated by a male county employee.

The the male employee said "Not again, mom!"

She was just protesting some rape conviction they didn't get somewhere for someone who metoo'ed someone else. It's not a crime when wommyn do it ;)
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Worked out hard today indoors though. It's back to 150 for PM2.5. Much better.
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Fuck the ACLU, we don't need no anti civil liberties union.
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Fuck HuffPo - nobody needs the new Pravda.
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HeadSet says
Tenpoundbass says
GMO sucks I miss bread that told in three days it's time to buy new bread by turning green. It tasted 10 times better than the Frankenwheat we eat now.

Do not confuse GMO with preservatives. Bread without preservatives gets hard, dry and stale pretty quickly. In France and other Euro countries, bread is baked daily and nobody wants it if it is more than just a few hours old. Even in America, it was not that long ago that "day old bread" used to be considered undesirable. There are still bakeries around, and even chain groceries, that have on-site bakeries and make some pretty good bread. And like Europe, that on-site bread will only last the day. Still hard to find a real high quality French bread, but plenty of places bake good Italian bread. Also good rye, pumpernickel, mountain, sourdough, and neo-Tuscan boule.

There's no commercial GMO wheat yet but Monsanto is pushing for it. GMOs are useless and dangerous even though studies thus far have been inconclusive. The problem is that the tail risk is way to high in case of an event because cross-pollination cannot be stopped once released, so proving that they have been safe so far is not the issue (although even that is debatable). We do not have scarcity of food, we have a distribution, infrastructure and government problem. We have too many overweight citizens and too much corruption in environmentally less fortunate countries. If modern western or asian civilization would violently take over the African countries you'd see everything blooming within a few decades, no doubt about it. The rich people in Africa are well-fed and overweight as well while their citizens starve. GMOs are being tested on 3rd world citizens under the guise of "better" or "more efficient" crops when everybody knows that the problem are the war-torn countries and their warlords. You don't have to be a leftoid to oppose GMOs. Genetical engineering to cure diseases is a far better use of resources and money than GMOs.
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Orange man baaad!
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FortWayneIndiana says
More fake news from the left that spends 24/7 just insulting and rediculing. And somehow with an innocent face says "why are we a divided nation". Well, it's you mother fuckers doing this shit on the left.

Lol now tuning in to the Clinton News Network for breaking news for NPCs: this just in! Orange man baad! Drumpf! Toomph! Baaaad! America baaad! Orange man baaad!
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Fronald toompf destroyed!
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It's even worse in Europe. Rapefugees get more money than retirees in German, drive pimp cars with laundered/drug money then they complain they didn't get the latest iPhone from the German government and then go on a rampage.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
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