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Any minute
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She and Europe should do the trade deals they want and act as sovereign nations like the U.S. That being said the title is a lie, Trump is actually quite popular with the Germans favoring independence, strong borders and patriotism. And they are growing. Not the first time the Spiegel lied.
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Any minute now
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Love Gregorian chants.
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Well GW could hurry the fuck up. It's been freezing here on the west coast coldest spring evah, howling cold winds like in winter time in mid May. Someone please post the al gore freezing with icicles meme.
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Automan Empire says
Jazmina sounds exactly like I imagine the board members of a petty and oppressive HOA.

Republicans need to either quit claiming to be the party of individual liberty or quit popping up in our living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom stalls to moralize/criminalize our most private behaviors.

Seriously, the FUCK, Republicans?

Individual liberty ends when the liberty and safety of many others is sacrificed for the individual liberty of one, in fact letting this go unchecked net-net infringes on liberty. I'm sure Moms and Dads around the globe are thrilled about the prospect of male drug users in their daughters bathroom, sauna, locker room etc.
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Patrick says
Jazmin is an immigrant from Nicaragua.

Does that rank higher or lower than trans on the identity-politics virtue scale?

Was wondering the same. But GOP membership automatically invokes Godwin's law and makes you a Nazi.
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someone else says
We cannot be certain of the politically correct reaction until we know the value of each of the parties according to the identity-politics virtue scale!

Are Muslims higher or lower in inherent identity-politics virtue than transgenders?

Lol place your bets les jeux sont fait!
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WarrenTheApe says
TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
This must end.

It already has. When a NATO crisis hits (say, Russia invades Lithuania) and the US just puts in the bare minimum instead of carrying the full load like the Eurofreeloaders expect's it to, this will become very apparent.

Don't think this will happen. They should use their army though to protect their borders from rapefugees.
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May 20 and cold AF on the west coast. Must be "climate change" ;)
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komputodo says
Feux Follets says
Do we have the right to believe whatever we want to believe?


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HeadSet says
The best approach to pollution, resource depletion , and adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is to limit population size in first world countries. A person in a first world country uses 100x the resources as a person in the third world.

I don't think this is true if you consider that 3rd world countries still burn forests to make land for cattle etc. Also they reproduce much more. Some 1st world countries have declining populations, many if you subtract 3rd world immigrants.
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HeadSet says
I don't think this is true if you consider that 3rd world countries still burn forests to make land for cattle etc.

To continually burn forests means you have to let the forests grow back. Compare that to first world water use (showers, dishwashers, clothes washers, lawn, car wash), burning of hydrocarbons (gasoline, electrical generation, heating homes, air travel) and trash generation (unused food, paper, bottles, packaging) and you will see that indeed the ration is 100 to one. Keep in mind that we may not burn forests, but we sure clear a few to keep building homes, strip malls, factories and related sprawl that comes with increasing population.

I'm skeptical wrt 100:1 but either way we are nations of consumers and wasters, so we should continue making progress. Although the landfills have been steadily receding, so I think waste has gone down. Eventually though it is a population problem and as mentioned most western nations are only growing due to 3rd world immigration. Def. slowing immigration will help. Unused food is indeed a great embarrassment but you know well that - due to stupid policies - many people and more-so businesses are forced to throw the tons of unused food we generate everyday away because that one homeless person getting sick from spoilage will sue the business out of existence. Nevermind that the chances of spoiled food from an individual or business are far less than those from a thrash-can.
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Looking at the stock price it is likely that many short, mid and long-term holders have gotten shafted by its decline. The goal of a public company is not only to employ people and run a profitable business, but also to maximize profit for its shareholders, so that was likely a necessary step. Otherwise nobody would invest in companies anymore.
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justme says
>>Otherwise nobody would invest in companies anymore.

Let's be honest: Buying company shares in the stock market does not constitute investing in a company. You are investing in future value increases of the shares, and not in the company. The company gets zero benefit from your stock purchase.

And the main point remains: No benefit to jobs from the Trump tax cut.

That totally depends. Many development stage / emerging companies cannot survive without their investors, big and small. UE has been at an all time low under DT so far so I would call this an anecdotal evidence only with no statistical significance. I do know that hiring has ramped up again in the SF bay area since the tax cuts. One can of course debate whether many of those new startups should be in business in the first place but that's not for us to decide. But my point was that shareholders of HD have likely been losing money the past year(s), so this action may be warranted if the cash is there. It's a binding contract to maximize SH value.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Get your abortions now?

Kill your offspring now! Fucking sick. This makes MAGA even more important ;)
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Why not? At least it's optional, the left usually raises taxes which must be paid under threats of jail/violence. This is a better version of financing projects.
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HowdyThere says
Goran_K says
justme says
Buying company shares in the stock market does not constitute investing in a company. You are investing in future value increases of the shares, and not in the company. The company gets zero benefit from your stock purchase.

This is totally, completely, and fundamentally wrong.

The company doesn't receive the money unless it's an IPO. Please explain justme's error.

What happens with larger floats is that the stock is shorted and naked shorted more causing the share price to decline, With a tighter float the share price usually goes higher and gives the company better stability and price to dilute should they need it. Unless you're a bellwether with smashing earnings for years it is not good to let the float grow too large. In addition sometimes the company buys back preferred stocks or warrants eliminating overhang. Plus it makes LT holders happier, esp. if they had considerable losses and now may reconsider selling the stock. Also the company retains better control over the majority of shares which is important in case of hostile take-overs which may harm employees. It's not black-and-white thing but in general I understand that reasoning and buybacks are always debatable. Some buybacks are better than others.
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You find a better offer - if your ideas are that good that should not be a problem - while working as long as needed, then you go to your bosses boss and make the situation clear. You either get a good raise and a new boss who doesn't steal ideas from you or you start a new exciting and usually better paid job where chances are good that the new boss won't steal your ideas from you.
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Goran_K says
This is headed by guys like Rand Paul, Laura Ebke, Justin Amash, etc. These people are more foundational constitutional politicians as opposed to guys like Paul Ryan, Mccain, and Romney.

I supported Rand Paul but it was clear he isn't going to win. As explained many times, Libertarians are especially vulnerable to leftoid venom of bullshit spewed all over them since they tend to be more docile when attacked, similar to mainstream Recucklicans, but with much better constitutional policies. Trump is neither mainstream Republican nor Libertarian nor right-wing religious Republican, you can't put him in a bucket, but he runs tight game and gives zero fucks about his political career - coming from a highly profitable private enterprise - which is the secret of his success. He like no other can put a mirror in front of the leftoids and mainstream Republicans, can agree and amplify (since he is not a politician so it doesn't put him in a bad light) in light of corruption allegations and put his yuge fingers into their wounds, right where they are vulnerable: they are all politicians who essentially have done nothing to curb higher taxes and immigration while lining their own pockets and (a specialty of the left) alienating and vilifying the common man, no matter what spin they put out on the floor.

HowdyThere says
Goran, what policies of Bernie Sander or Elizabeth Warren do you consider to be radical collectivism?

I'd start with their stances on taxes and immigration as well as discrimination against straight white males in the spirit of collectivism. Well for Warren that backfired since she won't do genetic testing which will show she is as white as whitey whiteman.
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HowdyThere says
mell, everything you said basically assumes that a stock purchase = higher prices. But shares change hands at lower prices, basically flat or going up. I'm not seeing evidence that one shareholder replacing another shareholder in any way helps the company.

I didn't read the full terms admittedly, but usually the company retires stock they bought back, that means the outstanding shares and float will be reduced which almost always leads to a higher pps due to less supply. I agree that this is not the bets deal for workers as management can enrich themselves if they are major owners.
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I'd like to add that the Republicans have done similar assholery such as the failed war on drugs incarcerating people sometimes needlessly. However with free speech and being treated as equal people can advocate for a change in such laws while they can live without smoking a joint at work place or in public places, but they cannot live with the thought/speech police surveilling every word they say and discriminating against them for what they cannot change. That is why I think the modern left is losing, their policies are far more dangerous and people have started realizing that.
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It's not a surprise 2003 is around that time when greenspan/bernanke et al fully started inflating the bubble and artificially depressing rates. Nothing inflates better than local goods/assets.
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That's a reasonable course of action suggested by scoops. If leftoids can't stop assaulting people that disagree with them a load of self-defense brass is an appropriate follow-up measure. How would you respond to assholes continuously assaulting you and your family, blatantly disregarding their right of free speech and endangering their lives? I know how I would.
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Imagine the political views were reversed and a defenseless leftoid woman would be assaulted and (sexually) harassed aka fuck that bitch. The calls for DA involvement and hate crime prosecution by the left would be massive and under Obummer fast and furious Eric placeholder would already be investigating. What else can Lahren do except for arming herself and making it clear she's not deer free to be hunted?
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It's time to stop this leftoid shit. I 100% disagree with many people, famous or not, in the leftist cesspool of the SF bay area, but I leave them alone when they are going out with their family, I don't assault them, dox them, or throw water at them. They are entitled to their views and my respect for the 1st amendment trumps (pun intended) any ill feelings. Some are personally decent people and become friends over time even though we heavily disagree on some/many political issues. If you can't behave in a democracy you should leave this country.
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Goran_K says
It’s nationalism and that’s why he was elected. I have no doubt Trump loves America.

Thats exactly it. Even if he wasn't winning so much the mere display of nationalism and the authenticity of loving your country will make people vote for you in any western nations these days, where hating your own country and praising 3rd world mass-immigration of rapefugees violating your common people (those that can't afford security and posh hoods) and depleting your countries resources has become somehow the modus operandi by the ruling elite.
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justme says
MS-13 came into existence because of the actions of Republican US presidents in Latin America (El Salvador in particular) in 1980s. It was the usual story, the US deep state felt the need to destroy the countries off Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua in order to save said countries from communism. Thanks, saint Reagan! Thatnks, poppy Bush!

Something to think about when right-wingers attempt to rewrite history and blame anyone Democratic for MS-13.

What does that have to do with killing innocent kids for initiation? You can make that argument when the US military demands that their trainees kill a random innocent person from another country outside of war to pass the practical test and earn their soldiers badge - which is never.
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HowdyThere says
Ugh. Trades can be at higher value, a lower value or break even. The act of stocks changing hands is neutral.

I think you have a problem with the concept of retiring shares. They are not in any investors hands anymore after the buyback and can't be sold, thus reducing the float which has a positive effect on the share price. It's like they were never issued. That is, if they are indeed retired which is usually the case with buybacks.
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LeonDurham says
I think you're grasping at straws now. Is "knowing what people are willing to pay for your stock" really the benefit that Goran was claiming here?

It was explained many times. The company pps goes up on purchases giving it more liquidity and more money should they need to raise, it also benefits employee RSU and options plans who will make more money and will be more likely to stay. The premise that a stock purchase does not benefit the company is fundamentally wrong.
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Any minute now.
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Quigley says
They’re barely even beating the GOP with adoption of the pro-cannibis platform!

Certainly not the Libertarians who have been light years ahead!
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Goran_K says
LeonDurham says
All the data and graphs show it. There has been no change to the overall trends in place since 2010. If anything, job growth is slowing. GDP growth is slowing. The tax cut did nothing to improve those.

Like I said, SHOW me. Don't just claim it. SHOW me.

Like sudden 40bln tax surplus oops ;)
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FortWayne says
Democrats endorse all the vices:

- drug abuse
- homosexuality
- abortions
- homelessness
- joblessness
- anti white racism
- and general irresponsibility

quite a list of achievements there.

It should be regulated independently down at the state and municipal level. Freedom of association is the best. It should simply not be forbidden federally and left up to the states etc.
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FortWayne says
If it was up to the states, we'd have Jim Crow laws in the south, and anti white laws in CA.

A good point but there is a difference between regulating substances for all vs discriminating by race gender etc. The former applies to all. But when in doubt it is better to err on the side of states rights and freedom of association.
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RafiMaas says
mell says

Like sudden 40bln tax surplus oops ;)

Didn't Apple repatriate a shit load of $? How much did they end up paying in a 1 time payment to the IRS. Was is $38 billion? Oh yeah that's right it was $38 billion I wonder if any other companies took advantage of that loop hole.

Pretty sure many did, but it's better to have that money accounted for in the US. It's a global economy, low corporate taxes wins business.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
We're so FUCKED!

We're so FUCKED!




But you like it, just admit it. More face and M134 hellfire.
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Patrick says
This morning, the two Democratic state reps from the area, Anna Eshoo and Joe Simitian, both opposed the recall.

It was a headline in the local paper in the cafe this morning, but I can't find it online.

Anyhow, they are correct to oppose it. We want to have an actual judicial system, and not a lynch mob.

So does Lofgren (D) - they all of course mentioned how these "crimes need to be punished more" to pacifyy the SJW feminazi harpies but at least they are opposing the recall - gotta give em credit for it.
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Any minute

The Housing Trap
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