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Who wants peas and corn for breakfast? Ugh!
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Just assume EVERYTHING on your devices is compromised. Period. Forever.
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I can't even think about this - the helo pilots who dropped concrete to entomb the reactor were all dead the moment they flew over from rad poisoning. But they kept flying anyway. There were many heroes among the dead.
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mostly_reader says
Has there ever been a case sealed where the perp was Republican?

Ignoring HEYYOU's usual tantrum fits, there is a good question here.
Were there other school shooting cases sealed in the past?
Do they have anything in common? This may be relevant.
Anybody knows?

Possibly because one is a minor?
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Patrick says

Proper justice would have been to burn the perp alive, just like his victim. I'm all about an "eye for an eye." This would eliminate all the wasteful administrative procedures to allow this cretin to even be considered for release into the general public. But the people who adjudicate the crime are too squeamish to administer proper punishment, or are hamstrung by PC laws and lawyers.

Brute force is the only remedy for crimes for people from brutal tribal cultures. Mercy is not part of the equation. We expect immigrants to act according to our social mores, but they do not. They carry on with their own cultural values unless forced to assimilate.

Immigration without assimilation is invasion.
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75% of the population won't get the Soylent Green reference - well played....
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100% video and audio recording of all work interactions will soon be mandatory. It's not just women - some trans (or other affectation) person with a chip on their shoulder will be offended, and you'll be in a kangaroo court defending yourself. Insurance companies will be selling "managers insurance" to offset the inevitable lawsuits. Your company won't protect you: they are part of the #Metoo #mustbebelieved coalition.
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Hotels at negotiated rate of $150 per night x 30 per day = 4500 a month. Free breakfast, free room upkeep, some have free booze most evenings, etc. The suite hotels will shop for you and stock your refrig.

$180k/year = $15k per month, so your housing cost is about 1/3 of income. Fairly typical?
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WaPo is peddling this narrative? They must assume Joe Six-pack doesn't realize this would take a 2/3 majority for a constitutional amendment. Chances of this happening are nil.
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I think these "danger" narratives are shilling pieces by folks with globalist issues.

Everyone says tariffs are "dangerous" but in the longer run, this should be good for American jobs, and America in general. Farmers will plant foods they can sell for higher prices, makers will add people to make more things and revenues stay in America. Wages are already rising, and should continue to do so in a tight labor market. There may be slightly higher prices on some goods, but this will sort itself out eventually. Since Trump looks like a good bet to win the next election. Companies should be figuring these policies will be in place for the next six years. These policies will continue to spur investment and growth. The rest of the world can suck it, as far as I'm concerned. They have been bleeding us for decades and should learn how to defend themselves and grow their economies without the USA suffering.

Some cite cars as an example of how prices will go up, but new car sales are in the tank after years of price increases. My buddy just bought a new KIA and got $6000 off the price, and max upgrades from the base model. MSRP has no meaning anymore in the new car industry.

Even old Abe Lincoln thought it was better to buy a shirt made in America, by American workers, even if at a slightly higher price, than elsewhere.
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RafiMaas says

Please stop attributing Hilary's Narrative to Trump! I'm getting triggered!!!
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50 Shots, no hits? Are these guys Stormtroopers?
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I refi'd my VA loan twice to get 3.375%. I sorely doubt I'll ever better that deal.
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My property taxes at least go to my local county to keeps roads safe, firefighters on the job and police fighting local crime. My Federal taxes? They pay for absurdities like "Head Start" and "no child left behind."
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Yep, I'm guessing he's getting paid to shill like Al Gore got paid.

Fact check: The interweb says his net worth is about $6.5 million. I read most of his wikipedia page - no doubt he's a hard worker. But he's firmly on the AGW side of the fence - and getting shriller as time goes on.

When Science becomes a Faith-based Religion, people literally die.
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Yelp is for kids. Trip Advisor is for adults.
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OccasionalCortex says
Japan can be both weird and totally awesome at the same time.

Any country that has vending machines selling used women's panties is simply alien to other cultures. There are other notable alien things about Japanese cultures, but we gaijin will never truly understand. And yet, I too am fascinated.
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That Metric system quote - classic!!!

We are moving every day closer to adopting the metric system - inch by inch.
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Wait - what - Ramen noodle hair? On JFK? I don't get it at all.....
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Quigley says
If you’re not an investing whiz, and it’s a 401k you’re talking about, just keep it in blue chips and let it ride. That is, unless you’re about ready to retire and plan to withdraw the money within the next year.

I am planning to retire next year. I'll take my pension as a lump sum and roll it into a 401K. Personal Capital, Vanguard and Fisher are all over me to get my money.

My insurance guy was telling me about the killing he's making selling annuities. He sold himself one (and pocketed the bonus for himself.) That's a sure bet I never want to consider them!!
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I believe Trump has staved off the inevitable for a while. However, USA growth in the long run should increase if his tarrif/renegotiated trade deal policies hold. Companies will pass on price increases and invest in USA manufacturing. It will take years, but Trump probably has six more, so companies should take note.

/rant on
Screw globalism. USA is still the world's bellwether economy, and I'll be dammed if the world is going to be Chinese speaking in 2100. We can stunt China's further growth now by reinvesting at home. Every penny spent buying stuff in China fuels their economy, a socialist, totalitarian state that works on groupthink, surveillance and control. Do we want them to become more of an economic power? I think not. We need to shut them down just like Reagan did to the Soviets. The future of over a billion people is at stake. We owe it to the Chinese people. And to Americans who were fed globalist bullhockey for eight years.
/rant off
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Polls - so accurate, I'll be placing huge bets on them. NOT!!
The large betting houses have it down:

Odds To Win The 2020 United States Presidential Election
Name Odds
Donald Trump EVEN
Joe Biden +425
Bernie Sanders +750
Pete Buttigieg +1100
Kamala Harris +1200
Andrew Yang +2000
Elizabeth Warren +2200
Tulsi Gabbard +3300
Beto O’Rourke +3500
Amy Klobuchar +7000
Cory Booker +7000
Mike Pence +8000
Kirsten Gillibrand +10000
Nikki Haley +10000
John Hickenlooper +10000
John Kasich +10000
Julian Castro +10000
Howard Schultz +10000
Andrew Cuomo +15000
Ted Cruz +15000
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This is just WillyWonka trolling us. Really?
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Scott Adams (Dilbert Author) has a good podcast discussing the Iran Drone shoot-down issues a few days ago: Scroll down to episode 573. This is the only podcast I have ever listened to. Scott presents generally well reasoned arguments. Mostly he makes me THINK, rather than accept the pablum fed to the masses via mainstream media. Enjoy.
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More reason not to watch ANY media, except for pure entertainment. If I don't watch, I'm not getting fake news. All I need to know are what are the actual results of policies, regulation, etc. All the rest is gum-flapping noise.

This has got to scare the beejeezus out of News Media. Everything can be faked. People will just stop watching - no ad revenue - death ensues.
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This chart is just like the charts about the world "running out of oil" and so on. Every time we think we have run out, Oil companies go explore and find more. As long as oil/gas are cheaper, cheaper wins.

This investment in wind simply isn't economic - Spain spends $150k per year to support every wind job that pays $70k. Who is paying the difference?

Texas overtook Cali in total installed wind base a few years ago. But Texas discovered the wind dies - sometimes right in the middle of the day, when AC demands are highest. So they built a ton of combined cycle "peaker" powerplants that run on natural gas that can fire up in less than 30 minutes to meet demand. And, boy, do we have plenty of natural gas. Cheap wins again.
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The True ruling class - Lawyers - have now instructed her in proper indoctrination speech. The masses will forget this ever happened.
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I'm ugly and short! I want reparation from all tall and beautiful people, because they are measurably more successful and financially well off. They have wronged me, and my family lineage, for generations! In fact, we are owed reparations from the beginning of homo sapiens sapiens. Plus interest.
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How are stupid people going to kill themselves now? Google maps has the answer!

With any luck, these "shortcuts" will restore some natural culling of the human herd. Autodrive cars may save too many dumb people though, so it's a wash.
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Demolition Man: "Every restaurant is Taco Bell!!"
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I still use Google - Chrome is required by my employer. Never Facebook, tho. It's like having a high maintenance girlfriend. Whiny and takes up too much time.
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This was also treated well on Penn and Tellers show "Bullshit!" Season 2 episode 5. Available on Amazon prime and other places.
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This could be solved with tech. Automated vending machines for everything. If you're caught breaking a machine, that's a property damage crime, with pictures so the perp is photographed.

So when the losses begin to exceed the cost of convenience, automation will ensue.
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HeadSet says
But when the Republican tax cuts lowered the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent, it had the unintended effect of lowering the potential benefits of the tax credits.

So? All California ha to do is raise the State tax rate, then give a State tax credit for investing in low income housing.
Pass a law fining the employers of illegals and watch lots of affordable housing open up.

Wait - there ISN'T a law to fine Employers of illegals? Oh, wait, I forgot I live in the Socialist Republic of Commiefornia. #facepalm

Love this state and this country. I just hate the government, and most people living in large cities. Oh, and just about every college too. /sigh
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HeadSet says
Funny how the AGW disciples rarely support actual effective measures such as limiting 3rd world immigration and imports from high polluting manufacturers.

Why aren't DiCaprio, Gore and the other flakes "net zero" on all their properties?

I think AL gore installed a wind turbine in addition to the solar on his property - of course, well outside the cost range for someone not getting paid by George Soros to shill AGW.
Lessee, Gore goes into the 2000 election with net worth at $1.7 million, now is worth over $200mm. He "made some good investment choices." Yeah right. We was awarded for being a good lapdog.
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Just change that to "any large media company" and it's true universally!
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And Mueller will have to live with that legacy in his mind the rest of his life.

Scott Adams blog on Mueller (#608 ) posits that everyone who believed that Trump was guilty for the last three years will have to come to grips with the fact that they were duped. Adams actually says "insane for three years." But what is a good liberal supposed to think when your world view is fueled by media you are supposed to trust and believe?

I hope this wakes up some folks to the realization that no media can be trusted. Believe what facts you can find, and make your own conclusions.
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"He's a prick. But he is open and honest about it."

Annnnnd that's why I don't watch his show, and never will.
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So this, by logical association, means that breast feeding children is also sexual assault. Except it's on both Child and Mother!

Case 1: MOTHER FORCES ENTIRE BREAST DOWN CHILD'S THROAT!! Child Protective services has moved the child into protective custody pending legal action against the "alleged" mother.

Case 2: CHILD ASSAULTS MOTHER BY GROPING AND ENGULFING ENTIRE BREAST BY MOUTH!! Child is currently being held in Juvenile Lockup pending charges of trauma and assault by the Mother.

Film at 11!!
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Diversity does not equal quality of life.
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