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kt1652 says
Where we differ is the sense of urgency.
As far as the world's leading scientific body, 97% is close enough concensus for me. Anyone is free to hold and express a different opinion.

The 97% number has been widely debunked. More propaganda. But you choose to believe what you believe.....
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The whole thhhhhhhiiiicccckkkkk thing. Even on a Corgi, this looks stupid. I don’t get it. Women with the profile of a large guitar are not appealing to me.
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Really, this is mandatory for all males. Regular emptying of the balls = Prostate health.
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They will make a deal to keep Hilary and Team from going to jail when the nothingburger Mueller report is finished. Demo congress and Repub Senate will mean no one important goes down. A few sacrificial lambs from both teams, then back to business as usual. Doing nothing and getting paid for it.
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The surveillance state begins in the schools. Then it can be propagated to the home. Our jackbooted children will turn in their parents “for the good of the state.”

And these same people wonder why home schooling is gaining acceptance.
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“Our internal investigation showed no crime. “ Just like people shot by cops.
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I want a new party. I call it the "You've Gotta Be Shitting Me" party.
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Pelosi was raising the old "we need to see Trump's tax returns" straw man again. Sheesh. FOCUS! ON LEGISLATION! IT'S YOUR JOB!
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When I was at Annapolis most of our fancy sailboats were drug seizures. I think this is still allowed, right?
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The Space Shuttle has a risk of catastrophic failure of about 10% on every flight.
"A retrospective risk analysis by the Space Shuttle Safety and Mission Assurance Office finds that the first nine shuttle flights had a 1 in 9 chance of catastrophic failure — 10 times the risk of flights today."

NASA is asking for the new Commercial Crewed flights (SpaceX, ULA) to have a Loss of Crew Risk of 1 in 270.

But since no one can estimate the risk from space junk, they'll have to give everyone a waiver. March on, science.
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Gyrocopters have been around for a long time. They generally require forward motion to stay airborne. The Marine pic above is a true helicopter. Has a rear prop to balance torque.

Autonomous lifting vehicles will save lives in cities by beating traffic to get to the hospital. Load the gurney with a stable patient, vehicle lands itself at the nearest medical facility. After checking your coverage first, of course.
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d6rB says
Patrick says
They did in fact have an armed guard, but in Oakland, that just isn't enough:
They should post enough "gun-free zone" signs in Oakland. It will decrease gun violence.

Because when seconds matter, help is only minutes away.
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Coal may be down, but Natural gas is superabundant and cheap.
When wind stopped in TX, they built peaker combined cycle units that use a turbine that burns natural gas, and has a secondary recovery system to capture exhaust gas energy. 62% efficient compared to regular coal fired steam plants. But we're still boiling water to make electricity, for the most part. /sigh. The good news is more power capacity of different types make the grid more resilient. We need more of this for severe natural disasters, (severe solar flare, anyone?) but it's a start.

Back to coal: the Powder River Basin produces 40% of USA coal, and has at least 20 years of cheap coal left. It's all about economy - if energy prices go up, we will go back to coal.
  rocketjoe79   ignore (0)   2019 Feb 25, 10:31pm   ↑ like (3)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag's_iron_law_of_bureaucracy any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

Hence, the reason why the total percentage of administrators in Education has grown from 10% to over 50% since the 50's. Take your kids our of public school now. But make sure to research the schools you put them into: it will determine whether they become a snowflake or a productive citizen.
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Aliens - 1986
Stranger than Fiction - 2006
Forrest Gump - 1994
2001 A Space Odyssey -1968
Lawrence of Arabia - 1962
The Searchers - 1956
Fifth Element -1997
Blade Runner - 1982
Leon The Professional - 1994
The Maltese Falcon - 1941

But how can I leave out "The Wizard of Oz", "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars" and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"???
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WineHorror1 says
Army of darkness
Apocalypse now
True romance
Secret window
The godfather
Good fellas
Shawshank redemption

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OMG I left out Monty Python and the Holy Grail!!!

I have shamed my family.
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The objective: extract as many dollars from "treatments" as possible before death. This is megadollars from baby boomers for the next decade. Otherwise, you might have something left to give to your heirs, and that can't happen! Big Med/Big Pharma must have it all. It's income extraction on a grand scale.

The policy of assigning extra doctors to people in hospital to "review" cases" is one way to pad the billing. A completely unrelated doc stops by you bed (while you're sleeping or drugged up) "reviews" your file, maybe signs something to indicate they were actually present, and bills $1000. At least when you go to McDonalds, you get fries and a drink when they supersize you!
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Let me guess - Norway is so flush with Oil Money they can afford to completely subsidize EV's.

Quote from Article:
Buying a petrol or diesel car in Norway is expensive. A Honda CR-V starts at £21,000 new in the UK but there the bill begins at 486,900 kroner, or £46,000. Even taking into account higher consumer prices – one third more in Norway than here – the difference is significant. But while electric cars cost more to make and buy, since they escape all initial tax and VAT, their price is in line with fossil-fuel vehicles.

Erik Figenbaum, chief research engineer at Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics, said an imported VW e-Golf 36kWh cost £28,285 before taxes, far more than the petrol-fuelled Golf 1.2L at £19,867. After the Norwegian tax system has done its work, the figures look very different. The petrol version incurs £5,866 in registration tax, while VAT at 25% adds another £4,966, lifting the purchase price to a hefty £30,699. That makes the petrol car £2,414 dearer.

The electric version is also a lot cheaper to run, with annual charging costs averaging £264 against an average £1,293 on petrol. Electric cars are exempt from widespread road tolls, saving owners around £1,319 a year, and road-tax savings bring in another £267. Overall, an e-Golf is more than £3,000 a year cheaper to run, says Figenbaum. “The same situation is found in most vehicle classes with the exception of the smallest petrol cars, where registration tax is very low.”
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Outrage and fear - the currency of the mainstream media. Similar to FUD messaging practiced by large companies: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
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So should druggies and alcholics be instutionalized? Or only if they are "mentally ill"? And who decides who is mentally ill? What is the standard?

I've been indoctrinated with the idea that President Reagan "released all the mentally ill people onto the streets" but is this actually the case?
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If this is real, we need to fire all legislators (10-year ban on holding elected office) now and start over.
Your tax dollars at work. Forget money to fix roads, failing bridges, and put up dams to store water. Leaf blowers are far more important.
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How could Russia win against Europe when their defense spend is about 1/3 of France, Germany and Italy combined? Subs are rusting, Navy is 50 years old, Planes are ancient.
Short term, they would make gains. Long term, they run out of materiel and conscripts. This changes if nukes are involved, but that's a step no one wants to consider.
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Religious belief systems: they rely on faith about an invisible man in the sky who is all powerful, want's all your money and devotion, and promises riches AFTER you're dead. The greatest racket ever invented.

Imagine if aliens came to earth and we explained these religious beliefs to them: they would fall out of their chairs with laughter - or cry with sorrow at our primitive ways. Why do you think they haven't made first contact yet? We're still morons.
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These guys all had knee replacements in their thirties. Then the arthritis set in and they killed the pain with vodka. Dead by 50. But, hey, Russians.
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Ok that's a full ignore for KAk now. Bringing POTUS into a safety discussion. Really? bye!
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MisterLearnToCode says
And welcome to the Whacko Zone.

More and more defenses of Pedos, suggesting they're unfairly harmed for their orientation, combined with defending Partial Birth abortion.

There are no more paraphilias, like Gender Dysphoria, that can be claimed as valid oppression. Unlike transgenderism, pedophilia cannot be exercised without harming people unable to consent. We've already seen "Feeler" articles in the NYT, Slate/Salon, etc. trying to rehabilitate the social status of Pedos. It continues with a TedTalk.

Partial Birth abortions now openly defended by an alleged Moderate Governor. Talking about killing the baby so long as the cord is attached.

We are at pe...

Perhaps this is part of a larger strategy for religious and societal abuse of children: we can forgive Priests and Arabic pedophilia now, it's really ok. It wasn't their fault! Society made them go astray.

Disgusting in the extreme.
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MrMagic says
Tim Aurora says
Illegal immigration has been going down for last 11 years

Maybe the numbers per year, but the facts are, once they're here, they stay... and the taxpayers are on the hook for them, year after year, after year, after year...

You can thank Obama for that!

I love how Pew says "Unauthorized Immigrants" on their chart. Such pandering.
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It's the same regarding IQ testing. I keep reminding people that 49% are below average, but no one believes me....
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Ceffer says
willywonka says
Crotchless panties flashing assault. “Smithers, my scatter gun, quickly! This poor woman is being attacked by a hairy, rabid mongoose.”

"By Jove! This tweetie is a smothering face hugger! Hand me the tentacle clippers before it's too late!"

"Jeeves, load the elephant gun, explosive rounds, I daresay. This rogue beast can't be trifled with. Not a trophy hunt, after all, just putting down a feral beast. Waste of good ammo, really."
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With all the regulation keeping dumb people from killing themselves, I applaud the relentless, inventive nature of stupidity to keep finding ways to exit the gene pool.
Question: why do we keep saving these people from themselves? DNR should apply in cases of massive dumbass.
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No Inflation protection?
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Read the addendum chapter in Crichton's 2004 Novel "State of Fear" about the politicization of science (Eugenics, Forced Sterilization) in the 1930's. The book itself is a good read about the start of the AGW global warming hysteria. Since when did a novel come with a bibliography? Crichton did his work. That's when I became a "denier" - way before it was popular :)
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Wait - you're saying the president is responsible for the WEATHER?!? How absurd. May as well blame all previous presidents too, and the industrial revolution, Oh, Hell, let's just fix this and remove the human infestation now. The planet will be better off without us - oh, until the next ice age arrives. Bye!
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Dems are having a strategy meeting TODAY before anything is even released by the AG. They have to get their spin stories ready for the nothingburger announcement.

I'm sure they're also planning the next rounds of distractions ramping up to the election. Trump will likely win because the Dems don't have a platform of any kind that suits the majority of american voters. Or a candidate that represents the majority. Or even a plurality.
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Pro is to Con as Progress is to Congress
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Looks like she hasn't been getting much sleep - bags under the eyes.
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The captain will not be piloting cruise ships again, if the Board of Directors has one whit of intelligence. Weather and sea states are known 2-3 days in advance now, no reason EXCEPT MONEY, to push onward into known potential bad weather. Same thing happens to pilots, except much faster....
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Please, please let me get a sweet severance package, pretty please?
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Big old nothing burger. Mueller found no collusion, AG will not prosecute on any matter or obstruction. Time to move on. But, they won't because the media need eyeballs on ads. Continue the cycle of outrage, fear and division.

I'm just going to tune out any further mention of anything on this matter, because it's simply not worth my time. If only our congress-critters could do the same.....

I sincerely hope the Dems find that after the AG releases what he can, there will be little else to say. After a month or so of teeth gnashing and the Dems trying to bring up "other matters" we can get back to evaluating the candidates on their platforms for America. Ha! Good luck with that....
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