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And his son may carry on the legacy, but not like Soros. He's a tough old bastard.
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HappyGilmore says
You should be asking what's happening in NC-9. The only place in the country where ACTUAL voter fraud took place.

And it was Republicans, of course. Like it always is.

Closing polling locations. Purging voter rolls. Calling voters to tell them the wrong polling date/times. All Republican tactics.

The horrendous crime of Dems is wanting every vote to be counted. Oh, the HORROR!!

Oh, please, spare me. Are you saying Joe Kennedy didn't spray money throughout the south buying votes to get John F. Elected?
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Good thing we don’t live in a democracy!
Mansplaining: Our form of government is a federal republic with representative democracy. That’s a big difference. True democracy would be Mob Rule. This is the technical reason why Mrs. Clinton didn’t get elected.

Our forefathers thought long and hard and created the worlds’ longest running “democracy” through careful crafting of the system. Changing the system is tough, but not impossible, if there is political will. Current detractors would like to make urban areas more influential, but I like how we have an urban/rural split. So many states have a fairly low pop density, and would be overrun with silly policies and rules from city dwellers. We have a strong libertarian streak in the USA, supported by the constitution.
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What would the +800K social services employees in CA do for a living?!? THE HORRORS!!!! Seriously, this is an industry of make-work jobs that would easily put California in the Green financially.

Never gonna happen. Refer to Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy.
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Can't the Governor's office simply make an offer not to prosecute for cause, in return for resignation? I think her lawyer has been talking to vested liberal interests, giving her really bad advice. She might go to jail, but the "cause" will live on!!!
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I'm in the NorCal foothills, in a planned, gated, area. Bought my house 4 years ago for almost exactly $200/sq.ft. Last week the house next to mine sold for $315/sq.ft.
Same essential square footage, wildly different layout. I was gobsmacked it sold for full asking price. My guess is that some bay area folks cashed out for a retirement place with amenities. Sheesh. Good for me, I guess, my home value just went up dramatically.
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Trump spent over $100 million on his marketing for his election. Most of that was with social media, and Facebook was the biggest spend. The entire spend by this "russian" team was on the order of $6000. How could they possibly have an impact?
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On one facepalm, this is how our future leaders of the world are spending their time.
On the other palm, wildly hilarious. The guy is totally deadpan serious. Well done.
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I still find it hard to believe we are, even at nuke plants, still boiling water to make electricity. /sigh. Efficiencies of what, 40%??
Magnetohydrodynamics was a thing back in the day - direct plasma to electricity. But the materials tech still can't handle the temps easily.

And where's my "Mr. Fusion"?

It's always just 10-20 years away....
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It's all about OUTRAGE. Media wants everyone to be in an "outrage" all the time to keep eyeballs on ads. Churn the conflict.
I just joined Twitter, and it's already exhausting. I'll be opting out soon.

I really don't know how kids keep up with the constant demand for attention the social media apps demand. No wonder they're depressed!
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If the crew actually knows what they are doing, they are working the problem until the last second.
Then, "Ah, shit."
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Booger, why now are you dragging up material from 2010? I don't dispute the findings, but the post seems trollish.
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Amazing case.
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Well, one does get a 9%+ State income tax relief from California living in Vegas. Plus that crap SDI tax of $250 bucks a month I pay. I already have Disability insurance but I have to pay California's anyway. Can't opt out.
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The Middle East is the Global military industrial complex weapons proving ground. Where else can Corporations test weapons under live fire conditions? It's a revolving door o' death. US and European consumers buy Mideast oil, the Middle East gives the money back to corporations for weapons. Oil comes out, Money goes in, weapons get bought, death ensues. Run out of weapons, pump more oil.

This is why the Kashoggi murder goes unpunished. We can't penalize the entities who keep the revolving door open.

Change my mind.
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I think the time for Tesla has passed. Way too overspeculated. I'm actually more interested in SpaceX, but only the rich can invest in non-public companies. Musk will probably start a new company to sell internet access as he get's his ~12000 satellites up. 5-7 years, tops. I think Comcast, Dish Network and other rural internet providers will be toast - unless they make a deal to license his network.
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Total German WW2 Tank production was pretty low, just shy of 50,000. Russian production was at least double.
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Where did they find such good looking Asian women with such awesome boobs? I'm guessing they are Korean, not Chinese or Japanese.
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Ceffer says
Read an article in Scientific American. Author had to break out in a completely non-sequitur paean to diversity, and how much it has improved his science and insights. i thought WTF, they even have the scientists so cowed that they have to inject this libby editorial propaganda crap into an article that is supposed to be about knowledge and proof, not politics?

I had to stop subscribing to SA several years ago. Complete liberal rag now. Disgusting.
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This is why Ford got out of the standard 4-door business. Trucks are more profitable.
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Read "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. Fiction, from 2004, but with an extensive bibliography to support. This book broke many of my assumptions about the validity of climate science, and exposed bad science as well. The Addendum chapter on the Politicization of Science (eugenics) is a must read. You didn't get this in school.

My problem is not with saving the planet. Everyone wants to "save the planet", as do I. But to say that humans are primary cause of global warming is BS. When you can't separate hyperbole from fact, it's religion. Religion is the cause of a lot of human suffering.

Agenda of the World Climate Order:
The only solution to global warming is to "remove the human infestation!" Of course, a select few of us will remain behind as stewards of the planet, because we really care. The rest of you fuckers can die.
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I read most of the article: doesn't surprise me at all. My own daughter was subjected to such madness in college and grad school, and her worldview is harshly colored by it. I cannot make any impersonation of language (Asian, Indian, basically any non-white culture) in jest , around her, I'm labeled "racist." If I do an English or French accent, it's ok though. She doesn't even recognize her own programmed responses. Makes me mad and sad at what constitutes "higher education" nowadays.
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georgeliberte says

Works-Grant's son, Tony Jones, was shot and wounded in February 2012 by Oakland police investigating a holdup - a crime he was later convicted of committing. Jones received a $125,000 settlement from the city as a result of the shooting.

So the guy commits a crime, gets shot in the process and then is rewarded with $125K for it? What kind of fucked-up shit is this?

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NorCal. 30 years+.
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I have a young friend in College about to finish her 2nd year. She's going to go to UA in Huntsville finish her last two years in Chemical Engineering! She needs advanced math to actually DO STUFF IN THE REAL WORLD, like building processes to MAKE THINGS PEOPLE USE. Thank goodness someone is willing do the hard work, and then GET PAID, for their investment. BTW, she's working 30 hrs a week and has not taken out one student loan yet. /salute

We don't need people apologizing because some folks aren't cut out to do hard math science, math and engineering. We will need lots of super-techs to help build things and make things work. We need people with tech degrees and Skilled Craftspeople. My brother was a former marine with Electronics training, who then worked with the folks at General Atomics to make prototype fusion machines, making $160k a year. He was a guy who would look at the design proposed by the physicist and say "yeah, that's not gonna work, but if we can do it this way..." Never had a day of college in his life, yet, still "smarter" than the guy who could do the math. The military, thank goodness, still doesn't care too much about color - if you score well on standardized tests, show aptitude, and work hard, you can go anywhere.
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I remember a ST:TNG episode where Riker mentions "we no longer exploit animals for food." Or words to that effect.

The day is coming faster than we thought....
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The amount will be about $630k.
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Patrick says
Tim Aurora says
WaPo is not a mouthpiece and gives equal time to both sides

That is pretty funny, so incredibly removed from the reality of what the WaPo actually publishes.

WaPo is nothing but another mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. That's why is so amazing that they gave any time at all to letting someone praise Trump's actions.

Bezos owns the Washington Post. Haven't they become more conservative since he bought them?

Will his wife get half in the divorce?
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But the women must be believed?!? But there is a conservative woman who is nominated?!? DOES NOT COMPUTE!

I harken back to Spock and Kirk on Mudd's Planet of the androids. Feed them enough illogical statements, and they shut down, burn up or go crazy. Such a nomination will send the SWJ cabal into apoplexy.
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The new tech is apparently gong to track your phone position in real-time, and used phased arrays to send signals directly. This will require millions of antennae in cities. Will the signal strength be significant enough to be dangerous? I have radio waves (AM and FM) around me constantly, but I don't think they are detrimental.

So, no big deal. If it's just city folk getting brain cancer and going crazy, how will we know?
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I do have other income sources, but the thing I'm most concerned about is the pension being whittled down over time by inflation. If we have a bout of 6% inflation for, say, ten years, I'm screwed. This happened between 1972 and 1983 (yes, I'm cherry picking a very bad stretch of inflation). I'd like to be more inflation proof - and the fixed pension provides no recourse. Even if i put this into a 401K money market, I could make 2% and not lose money so fast.

So I'm leaning toward lump sum rollover. And let my son (the finance wiz) take over.

Thanks to all for your input, it's been very valuable. I'm calling Vanguard tomorrow :)
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I've been against the "California high-speed rail" since inception. It's a complete porkfest boondoggle. It's slower than most other high speed rail that have been operating since the 80's like the TGV in France and Japan. It doesn't serve any major population centers, so the utility is suspect. But the $18B we are spending is the "best evar!!" Not.

I agree, let's let Mr. Musk get this problem done as well. He's halfway there already. Chicago and I believe Maryland have already committted to shortlines drilled by The Boring Company. It's too late to stop the insane California juggernaut, but other, less insane, states will do better.

Air is a costly way to deliver goods. The energy required to lift the plane to the stratosphere and overcome drag at 550 mph is simply much higher than efficient surface vehicles. Fast, though. Blimps might be better but they have other disadvantages. Slow rail is extremely efficient, but requires trucks for the last few miles. Trucks have become ascendant since laying down new track or pipelines is tough - all the existing pathways are taken, and no political will to put them in places where they're really needed. People fight against every new pipeline, even though the USA is criscrossed by thousands of miles of pipeworks. Progress never comes perfectly cleanly.
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Air and it's evil cousin Dihydrogen Monoxide.
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The staff at Der Spiegel wouldn't believe their own staffer at first, because this guy made the company a ton of money peddling pure fiction. The narratives fit the desired audience perfectly. Why wouldn't the perpetrator write more? His masters requested more - until he was caught, that is. Then they were "shocked, I say, shocked!"
We need to forget about this guy and put the man who exposed him up for an award. He's the hero here. He fought against internal disbelief until the weight of evidence was overwhelming, and the perp confessed.
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(To be read in PIRATE VOICE)

Ahoy, Matey! T'was a hard nor'easter out of the so'west! There we were, heeled over about eight-noine degrees. Yar, I took a stroll down the hull and inspected the keel fer barnacles.

To learn how to talk like a pirate:

It's done like a 1950's corporate training video. Hilarious.
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MrMagic says
Ginsburg is spotted for the first time since surgery, She's rolled out in a wheelchair to a waiting car and barely can transfer into it without assistance.

Ever try moving with a broken rib? Even breathing hurts.
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As a general rule, I skip over posts that are only video. I find the spoken word and video content to be inferior to the written word in terms of sheer data transfer to my human brain. I can read and understand much faster than people can speak, so reading is more efficient.

Graphical data is great if properly prepared. See Tufte's Book "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information."
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Note how the thick baked shell of the roll keeps in all the awesome meat juices. Subway Roll doesn't cut it. Too wimpy.

Your choices for cheesesteak: Onions Y/N. Peppers: spicy, mild or none. Cheese Y/N if yes, then 1. Cheese Wiz (say: wit wiz) or 2. Provolone or (secret menu) 3. Smoked Provolone! Pat's in Philly is a good place to get the true Cheesesteak.
You do see some regional variations, of course.

And then you have your Broccoli Rabe with Sausage grinder, and meatball subs and ....I do love some things from the east coast!!
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Rin says
theoakman says
Pat's in Philly is good, but there is a place called Steve's Prince of Steaks that blows away everything IMO

Philly is not a safe place to hang out in.

You need to find a place which isn't a generic sandwich shop, which makes a good Cheesesteak.

rocketjoe79 says
1. Cheese Wiz (say: wit wiz)

No, wiz wit is very heavy and sits like a rock in the stomach. Sure, it's got that instant gratification thing (since it meshes with all the greases) but for good cheese, American is still the best choice unless you want the Pizza Steak where Provolone is imperative for that taste combo with 'Roni & Marinara.

Here's a pretty descent one, only a couple of 'burbs outside of Boston. And you won't get mugged on the way to picking up your sandwich.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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