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bob2356 says
FFS what's the difference between AK/MS/NV/NM/WY/KY and IL?

Most of those "Red States" have Democrat mayors running their bigger cities with the pension crisis. The terrible 80+ year governance of Chicago is destroying the finances of the entire State.
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edvard says
Trump has had jack shit to do with the economy. The economy was already doing well before he became president. That people still think the president has anything to do with it is laughable.

Since you say the President (including Obama) has no impact on the great economy, you must be crediting the Republican Congress - right? The Republicans have been in the majority at the Federal level for nearly 4 years..........along with all those Republicans who dominate the State Legislatures and Governorships.

Also, Obama had no problem constantly blaming the bad economy and bad foreign policy that occurred on his watch on his predecessor Bush.
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bob2356 says
ROFLOL. Those are states with a state employee unfunded mandate problem, not city employee within the state problem. Want to try again? Welcome to fact free america, demagogue are us. .

Yes - and where do most public employees live and work?

At least in Kentucky, the Republican Governor and legislators are trying to fix the problem.

While public sector unions and their Democrat politician toadies just want to keep raising taxes to feed the beast.
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Obama brought unemployment from around 10% down to 4.7% or so.

I thought that was due to the Republican Congress under Obama?
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Feux Follets says
'Radical changes are needed if all people are to live well within the limits of the planet.

'These include moving beyond the pursuit of economic growth in wealthy nations, shifting rapidly from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and significantly reducing inequality.

Yeah - no thanks!
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Feux Follets says
Nothing like leaving the world a worse place for our having been in it now is there ?

Not me - I've spent nearly a quarter century working in the water industry trying to ensure water optimization, efficiency and keeping sewage out of our bodies of water.

North America is cleaner and healthier now than it was 50 years ago despite a much larger population and more consumerism.

What have you done?
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Feux Follets says
Does everything on this forum have to be dragged down to the lowest common denominator and then turned into a political shit storm ?

Fair enough - does every environmental solution demanded by the doom and gloomers require "radical change" and reduction in economic growth and complete overhaul of our economies (to combat income inequality)? I am surprised the author didn't also throw in racism and gender issues into the mix too!

Just like all the failed Marxist policies in the dust bin of history, it is very difficult to curb natural human development without alot of pain and suffering.

I guarantee you that policies enacted by the Greens (if they could get away with it) will be much more damaging to the development of the human species in the very short term than anything climate change can throw at us.
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Heraclitusstudent says
You know policies like creating national parks, banning DDT, having a required gas mileage for cars....
Marxists! Dust bin of history!

You know that banning DDT is probably one of the worst examples of environmental reform you could bring up? Tens (hundreds?) of millions of Africans died needlessly to malaria due to foolish worldwide ban of DDT thanks to Rachel Carson's book.

Even the World Health Organization realized the mistake and reversed the ban 10 years ago.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Marxists! Dust bin of history!

Yes - dustbin of history. You know all those great Marxist environmental programs like collectivization of farming?

How did that work out for the Kulaks?

How about the North Koreans?
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Heraclitusstudent says
Or do you mean all government programs are inherently Marxists?

No - just the government programs that tell me I can't have a "good life" if I don't "radically" change the way I live, reduce economic growth and embrace redistribution.
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Feux Follets says
"They are against European democracy," declares Gilles Kepel. "They would rather build citadels of jihad within Europe out of which to reach out not only to the young, deprived people of Muslim descent who live in European suburbs, but also to reach out to what is happening in the Middle East. And this is the major battle."

Remember when the Bush administration was routinely mocked for saying the same thing.........15+ years ago?

They really do "hate us for our freedoms".
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bob2356 says
You really have your history confused. Bush said secular Iraq was a terrorist threat and extremist salafi/wahabbi (the guys who took down the WTC) KSA was our ally.

Nope. He was talking about radical Islamists like Al Qaeda. People like you mocked him back then, and now are trying to revise history. Here is a video, long before the Iraq war.

bob2356 says
Read Black Flags or Directorate S to find out how horrifingly ignorant and arrogent things really were in the bush adminstration as we marched off to war. The people who were actually experts got ignored and/or pushed out because they didn't have the message that bush/cheney/rumsvelt wanted to hear.

I read the non-partisan Pulitzer Prize winning "Looming Tower" soon after 9/11 by Lawrence Wright. I'd argue that it is the bible in terms of documenting the rise of Wahabbi and Salafist Islam. The Bush Administration was well versed in what was what.
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Not great - but al-Sadr ran as the more moderate Shia coalition against Iranian influence compared to the more radical al-Amiri.
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Those alive today who support Bush/Reps must not have died based on a LIE.

ISIS monkey said what? Why do Leftists (and infowar righties) insist on aping Islamist propaganda when it is so easy to check?
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I don't know - but assume this is part of a deal to get China on board to sort out North Korea. If true, I think it is a pretty low price to pay.
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edvard says
So you're going to drag that shit out? For about the 11th billionth time, the Democratic party of 100 years ago bears absolutely no resemblance to what it is today.

Not 100 years ago. Barely 50 years ago. Bill Clinton was praising Fulbright not too long ago.

And what have Democrats accomplished for African Americans in that time other than destroying the black family (nearly 80% born to single mothers) and a lifetime of government dependency, poverty and crime?
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edvard says
But at the end of the day all you're trying to do ( and failing ) is to somehow detract from your party's shitty behavior.

Huh? Once the Republicans took over the South, the South became less racist. That's shitty behavior?

Democrats to their ever loving shame try to paper over their own racist history and somehow try to make the South's embrace of integration and civil rights as a pox on Republicans.
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edvard says
And yet here we have you, another genius bringing up the distant past in a lame, limp-dick attempt to draw attention away from the GOP of TODAY, which took the mantle away from the old Democratic party.

Funny - all I see is you projecting the sins and racism of your party on Republicans.
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marcus says
Funny, the way many of us see it: the moment the democratic party became less tolerant of racism

When exactly did the Democrat party become "less tolerant" of racism?
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marcus says
Yes, Wallace was a southern democrat, but northern democrats were challenging the southern democrats.

Glad that some northern Democrats finally got on the right side of history. Took long enough.

Before JFK was president, we had a Republican president (Eisenhower) activating the freaking national guard down in Bill Clinton's state to force desegregation at schools.

Just so glad to see southerners shed their past racist and Democratic political views and become Republicans.
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bob2356 says
So was this the bush adminstration that made the laughably absurd claim that hussein, the most secular leader in the islamic word and a shia,

Huh? Saddam Hussein was a Sunni. Do you not recall the attempted genocide of the Shia and Marsh Arabs during the 1990's? How about the Iran/Iraq war?

Many of Saddam's senior Baathist military leaders ended up becoming high ranking members of ISIS.

Besides, it's a myth that the Sunnis and Shia's can't get along if they are fighting against a bigger enemy like the West. Right now Iran's Shias are backing Hamas Sunnis against Israel, despite the Palestinians supporting Saddam and the Sunnis during the Iraq/Iran war.

We also learned last year after Trump ordered the release of the captured Bin Laden documents that Iran was helping Al Qaeda and ISIS. No wonder Obama kept these classified as he was desperate for his Iran deal.
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Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds.

The cock-sure moral authority the smugly Progs' think they have is frightening. We need to keep these types of people as far away from power as possible.
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edvard says
Scratch a Trump supporter and a traitor bleeds.

Keep it up.

We need MOAR Prog screeching calling everyone who isn't keen on higher taxes, more government and more illegal immigrants as TRAITORS! RACISTS! NAZIS! FASCISTS!

Let your freak flags fly high and proudly!
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edvard says
Same to you buddy, especially seeing as how today in the news 2,000 pages were released showing that Trump Jr and Trump's campaign met with Russian lawyers to get dirt on Hillary, clearly another example of how Trump used a foreign power to affect the outcome of the election.

Ha ha! Have you even read the reporting on this yet?

It's a huge nothing burger and another nail in the stupid Collusion allegations. Why else do you think the Republicans would have released it to the public?

Basically, we have Hillary's friends and donors working through Fusion GPS asking for a meeting with Trump. They meet with Trump Jr and some lawyers talking about the Majinksy Act and one of the Russians claims they have dirt on Hillary. When Trump Jr. asks for proof, the lady says she doesn't have any and Trump Jr. immediately loses interest.

Crime of the century!
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mell says
whereas the left has this sure built-in moral authority to freely assault people that don't think like them and somehow think it's condoned by the government, and that needs to be curbed by any means necessary.

This is really the crux of the issue regarding our country's political polarization.

Many people on the Right think the Left are good people and we all want the same things (economic prosperity, peace, clean environment etc.) but we just have different paths to get to these common goals.

Whereas, I believe many people on the Left (at least the very vocal ideologues) think the people on the Right are evil and racists. At best the Right are just unthinking dupes to the Koch Bros or big Oil or the NRA. Everyone on the Right is a fucking cartoon villain for simple minded Liberals.

So it makes it really hard to find common ground when Liberals feel morally justified in not only hating the Right, but even cheating or using violence to get back power.

Most of the 19th and 20th century violent revolutions (including the bloody French revolution) were driven by like-minded Lefties who thought they had morality on their side.
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edvard says
"I believe many people on the Left (at least the very vocal ideologues) think the people on the Right are evil and racists. "

Perhaps if the right didn't insist on acting like racists, bigots and more or less shitheads they wouldn't think that way...

I rest my case.

So why are you even here? Do you think you are going to change anyone's mind on anything when you are constantly screeching and calling them RAAAACISTS and EEVIL?

You only cause people to dig in their heals and making a reluctant non Trump voting Californian like me to want to vote for Trump and Republicans twice in the upcoming elections.
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Quigley says
The lie is too big for any of the Democrats to admit to now, so they are just going down on that ship.

The ideologue Left are amazing at being liars. When they have all of the media, Hollywood and Academia helping them pull their weight, they can pull off the greatest lies like whitewashing the Democrat's deplorable history of supporting racists and making the Republicans the bad guys for finally beating the racism out of Southern Democrats. Or in this case, the Democrats successfully duping lots of morons in America to think that Russians and Putin would really want a pro-military, pro-oil and nationalistic Trump as President as opposed to Hillary and the open-border Nancy-boy socialists.

Just watch, in another 30 years or so when Progs finally get wise with science and look back in horror at their support for abortion on demand - they will proclaim that Republicans were always the party of Planned Parenthood.
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Quigley says
edvard says
Nothing that any of you Trump supporters say is worth shit. You are traitors and traitors in my book are subhuman.

Finally we get down to the core of Leftist belief: Everyone who doesn’t agree with me is subhuman and a traitor! And we kill traitors and subhumans.

Like I said - scratch a Liberal and a Fascist bleeds. And Libs wonder why so many Conservatives want to keep their guns!

This dude can't be real.........totally oblivious that is is coming off as a walking/talking parody of the Totalitarian Left's instincts we are criticizing on this thread.
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edvard says
I cannot believe you just wrote that and the sentence before it.

Didn't you just call some people "subhuman" a few minutes ago?

I don't think you have any moral authority to criticize ANYONE's hyperbole.
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Aphroman says
When was the last time you visited the south

I go to northern Alabama a few times every year for work. My wife is from Atlanta too.
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One hundred million a year to fund Al Shabab!

Remember this the next time a Democrat demands MOAR of our money with higher taxes.
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edvard says
It would be a mistake for those of you still supporting trump to ignore the levels of anger the rest of us- the 60% of the country-

How could we ignore it? The "resistance" has been having a temper tantrum for the last 1.5 years constantly screeching about traitors, racists, Russians and porn stars. We are not ignoring, we are mocking you at this point.

And based on the recent polls showing Trump's popularity increasing and the Democrat lead in the generic ballot shrinking to within the margin of error - I think it is about time that the Democrats and their media enablers do some soul searching and try and find out why their brand is not selling despite having near monopolistic control over our news and information.
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I just think it is funny and illustrative how the Koch Bros who are the pro-immigrant, pro-marijuana, pro-gay marriage, pro-prison reform and anti-Trump are so vilified by the insane Left.

It tells me that the majority of the Left are absolute morons who know fuck-all about anything other than their talking points they get from Facebook and MSNBC, or they are total dishonest hacks who will lie, cheat and vilify anyone to gain power.

Probably a bit of both.
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David Koch is sort of a libertarian. As such, his views on social issues are more in line with Democrats than Republicans. His economic agenda is more in line with the traditional Republican platform than Democratic one,

I know. They are squishy moderate Republicans at worst. So why have the Democrats painted them as the devil incarnate for all these years, even turning down millions in grants to help build hospitals and fund colleges? Totally unhinged.

Many people (including many Republicans) wonder how we got Trump. When the Democrats and the media demonize even the most squishy moderates like Romney and McCain as being beyond the pale, it should be no surprise that many Conservatives are saying "fuck it - let's give someone like Trump a try."
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LeonDurham says
Dems aren't pro illegal immigration.

Uh - yes they are.

What's all this sanctuary city nonsense sprouting up all over the US in liberal cities and states?
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Perhaps Dem's are watching what they do, and not what they say and coming to the conlusion that the Koch's are not their friends. Seems perfectly logical to me.

Not saying that have to be friends. Just curious at the burning white hot hatred the Progs have for the Kochs for all these years. Granted Trump has diverted alot of the Prog's hatred away from the Kochs.
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bob2356 says
The koch bro's are crony capitalist hypocrites who only believe in private profits and public loss..

Which can be said for most of the Democrat and Republican congress.

The emo-Libs make everything so personal. They can't just accept that some people have policy differences in how we govern our societies. Progs need to whip up burning hatred for anyone that doesn't fall in line.
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Like Pavlov's dogs. The unthinking Democrats can be "conditioned" to support the worst things on earth if Trump is against it.

Anyway, great example of the total corruption of our Media totally taking Trump's comment about MS-13 and claiming he said that about all immigrants. Does that mean Democrats think all Hispanics are violent gang members?

Any weapon at hand I suppose? The Democrats and their media lackeys got to throw as much shit against the wall hoping something (anything) will stick.
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edvard says
Stop blaming the media for simply repeating whatever the dumb president says or does. Its not their fault that the president has the maturity level of a 3rd grader and constantly makes himself look like a blithering fool.

It's not our fault that the Media and Democrats are total dishonest hacks? Got it!

The most charitable explanation is that the Media and Democrats are so ignorant and have no attention span that they couldn't listen to a 90 second soundbite for the entire context?

This is not even remotely a close call in terms of being confused on what he said.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
What we do see, again, is Millennials' votes are exhibiting similar trends to other generations, declining support for liberals as they age.

I told Edvard earlier this week that is pretty dumb relying on the Young and Stupid as a major voting block. As you point out, many of the Young and Stupid grow up and get a clue.

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