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ThreeBays says
Average trend in healthcare cost increases before Obamacare was 6.7%, and after was 4.2%. That adds up to about $2400 saving per person per year.

2018 spending is projected to be a 5.3% increase.

I don't think all of the pain of Obamacare of losing doctors, losing reasonable plans with reasonable deductibles and dicking around with a broken website (not to mention Democrats losing over 1,000 elected seats nationally) was worth shaving 1.4% of growth............considering that wage growth is higher.
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LeonDurham says
Except for in every other healthcare system in the world.

But but but Iceland and their 300,000 white people! They can do it! Why can't America!!!

Figure out why government subsidies have fucked up housing and education costs so much in the US............then we can trust the government to not fuck up healthcare even more than they already have.

Of course that just means giving the government even MOAR power to force price controls on the private sector to fix the mess the Government created with its subsidies.
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LeonDurham says
Does the entire civilized world consist of Iceland?

No - but much of the "civilized world" you point to are tiny European white-bread countries whose population is smaller than the county I live in in California.

Demographics matter if you want a very generous welfare system.
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marcus says
I honestly don't get it. You don't think there is racism in Mexico towards the poorest, often darker skinned (descended more from more indigenous and less from European) Mexicans? Or for that matter that those same people aren't less likely to have their voter ID ?

I honestly don't get it. Do you and other Liberals really think there is a statistically significant population of Americans who are so poor and so incapable of getting a basic ID that we have to pervert all of our election laws into a primitive banana-republic situation?

You do the poor no favors of making laws that encourages them to continue to live off the grid with no ID.
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marcus says
Wtf ? I would rather see money spend on preventing election fraud - through hacking than the BS distraction that voter ID is.

Paper ballots and voter ID solves a bunch of this. You can't hack paper ballots that easily, and there will always be a written copy to double check voting tallies.
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There is more sexual abuse in US Public Schools (total and per capita) than in the Catholic Church. If only the priests had Public Sector Union protection like our teachers do, we would barely hear about sex abuse in the churches.

*A Crisis As Millions Of Students Abused By Teachers*

"According to Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, 275 U.S. teachers have been accused of abuse since Jan. 1. And that's only those who've been accused. By comparison, the Catholic League estimates seven credible sexual abuse cases each year for 40,000 priests."
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Strategist says
Sexual abuse by the clergy is kept under wraps by the Church. Those numbers have no credibility. The Church prides itself in preaching morals, yet cannot impart morals to the child molesting priests and those in the Church who cover up. The hypocrisy is laughable.

All I am saying is that the Catholic Church is not unique in this sad state of affairs. We trust the government to take care of our kids in their care for at least 12 years of their lives. And there is more than enough evidence of schools covering up abuse and unions protecting predator teachers who not only don't see jail, but get to keep their pay and pensions. There are powerful unions and politicians that have every incentive to cover up teacher abuse.

The Catholic Church has faced a reckoning over this sickening abuse for nearly 2 decades and have paid out Billions in settlements. They deserve every bit of opprobrium, but I don't think the Church is unique in having some bad apples and a massive bureaucracy trying to cover it up.
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SilversSurfer says
Yet he doesn't know you don't need an id to go shopping. That's by definition out of touch.

Out of touch is to believe the majority of the people pay cash when they go shopping and don't use credit or debit cards requiring ID or PINs.

Out of touch is to believe that ANYONE can function in a modern 1st world county without ID.
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Aphroman says
So do you want to donate your time to laying block, or donate money to fund the necessary supplies?

How about the State of California not blacklisting contractors who work on government projects?

*California bill punishing border wall builders may violate Constitution*
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Democrats living in their fantasy world thinking you don't need a photo-ID to function in society? I guess that works for the beta-males SJWrs that never leave their parent's basement?

Every day the Democrats and the Media are showing normal people how absolutely retarded they are and yet they still wonder how we have Trump.
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SilversSurfer says
Honestly when is the last time you have been ask to show an ID to use a Credit card at a Grocery Store when not being alcohol or cigarettes?

Yesterday - in San Diego buying some electronics.
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Leon - I believe the analysis showing $2 trillion in savings assumes that the health industry remains static and that all doctors will happily take roughly a 30-40% cut to accept Medicare level payments.

I think it is obvious that we will see many doctors leave the practice and the shortage of healthcare providers will have a big impact on costs, wait times and quality of care.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Tell me you've never had a cashier ask for your ID when using a card.

All the Democrats have to do to win back the House this year is to not act crazy.

But they can't stop being crazy.

- NO ID's
- Open borders
- Sanctuary Cities
- Tranny's in bathrooms
- Abolishing ICE
- Threatening Republicans at restaurants and their homes
- Russians under every rock
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LeonDurham says
Can you show something to back that up?

I didn't realize this was in dispute.

*More Doctors Steer Clear of Medicare*

Where will doctors go if the Government takes over the whole system?
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HowdyThere says
But what really amazes me are the attempts to defend it, to make it somehow true.

What amazes me is how some people fail to see the simple TRUISM Trump was obviously pointing out - that you need a freaking ID to participate in virtually everything in the 21st century.

But by all means, die on this hill. Add "NO ID" to the long list of Liberal crazy platforms this midterm election.
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HowdyThere says
"“You know, if you go out and you want to function in society, you need a picture on a card, you need ID. ..."

Libs - "but but but not all grocery stores!!"
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Also think of all the threats and physical intimidation the Public Sector Unions inflict on their political opponents. Every time the teachers strike, they inflict a lot of pain on normal families who are struggling to get to their jobs and pay taxes to pay these teacher's salaries and pensions.
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jazz_music says
ANTIFA is not connected to any party or organization.

ANTIFA itself is void of organization and structure.

Can you provide any examples of Antifa protesting or beating the shit out of any Left Wing groups like they do Conservative groups all over the country?
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jazz_music says
teachers are worth it.

Cheaper wages are what conservative values are really all about. They always have been.

The unions won a level of decency for 1950's and 1960's America not seen since.

I'm talking about Public Sector Unions.

The teachers in California make good money on average. Kindergarten teachers at my kid's schools make over $80K and have massive pensions. These are often young women in their 30's.

Public Sector Unions were not in place in the 1950's/60's like they are now where we are seeing more and more cities facing bankruptcy.

How about we focus on the "level of decency" for the millions and millions of people living in cities that are going into bankruptcy due to the Public Sector's lavish compensation and benefits?
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jazz_music says
This cause and effect relationship is highly debatable

No it's not. More than anything else, the pension liabilities are sinking cities, taking more and more general fund money away from vital services and infrastructure, and cities are cutting back on services and raising taxes. My rich school district cut out bus services a few years ago because they couldn't afford it and pay for teachers.

jazz_music says
This remaining union is something to build on. It remains standing.

There never should have been unions in the Public Sector to begin with. It is an obvious corruption feedback loop that even FDR and George Meany were against unions in the Public Sector as the tax payer has no seat at the negotiation table.
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marcus says
But if it comes to that, I will always blame TRump and you asshole Brietbrt, Fox News, talk radio followers for being so dishonest with yourselves.

I didn't vote for Trump and agree with alot of Liberals who complain about Trump's personal life and his rhetoric.

All the Liberals had to do win me over and not vote for a Republican is not be crazy. But Left has gone so far extreme it is seriously debating Socialism and total open borders when they can find some time between debating the total number of genders we are forced to recognize.

Democrat politicians and their water carriers: MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Vice News, Vox, Bill Maher, The View, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Comedy Central.........have gone bat-shit insane and spent the last 1.5 years dividing our country over alot of fake shit - giving the Russians more than they could have ever hoped for.

So now I find myself WANTING to defend Trump against these Liberal retards and am more motivated than ever to vote in the midterms and Trump in 2020.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
But not Corporations, Academia, or the Press.

Nor do they control the union protected Bureaucracy.

Progs have burrowed into all levels of our government Bureaucracy and still have massive power and influence over our lives.

Our politicians are up for re-election every 2, 4 or 6 years. But the Bureaucracy lives on for decades.
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Aphroman says
right i'm sure you can offer up a whole list of laws progressives have rallied onto the books that are adversely effecting our lives, lol

For real? All the Progs do is pass rules and laws micro-managing and adversely effecting our lives. That is their very reason for existence.

How about we start with the pension crisis Progs and their union masters have inflicted on numerous cities throughout the country causing bankruptcy, crumbling cities, high crime, high taxes and misery?

Banning Straws?
Banning Plastic Bags?
Mandating low flow Shower heads?
Ripping down historical statues?
Banning books?
Forcing schools to let men into women's bathrooms?
Destroying businesses if they refuse to participate in gay weddings?
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Don't do it! I can't imagine going back to the Bay Area after getting to San Diego county.
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NuttBoxer says
One daughter in 4th grade. I think she will be in a private school before the end of the year regardless if we move or not. I feel like if I continue to send her to public school I'm telling her it's ok to waste your time, the natural conclusion of which is a dead end job where you do the same thing. Public schools are fucked.

I think you said you live in the South Bay area. Have you looked at San Marcos? I live in south Carlsbad, but our school district got re-zoned to San Marcos and most of their elementary schools are top notch now. The H.S. just got a brand new renovation and ranks very high as well.

I've been up in North County for nearly 8 years now and it is a good mix of high earners and working class people. Not crazy uber rich like the Bay Area and certainly none of the poverty and dysfunction you see up there too. Both Vista and San Marcos have a reasonable cost of living.
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I certainly agree with item 5 and 6. When I first moved to San Jose from the Midwest in 1995 I really struggled to meet anyone who was not in the tech business and not bragging about their stock options and six figure salary (over 20 years ago!).

I met more life long friends and "normal" people in San Diego in the first month I moved here than I did in the Bay Area over 3 years.
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NuttBoxer says
I'm actually a little burnt out on cities, considering a move out east, if north, maybe Ramona. Guessing the schools out there would be better as well, just for the simple fact that the student to teacher ratio is lower. The only reason Bay Area crossed my mind is a possible fast track to my career.

There is alot of open space in North County. Tons of hiking trails, hills, mountains and miles and miles of uncrowded beaches. Great people and community too. I feel so claustrophobic when I drive around San Diego now.

I lived in PB for 13 years and had no idea how much better North County was for families and schools. Moving up here was the best decision we ever made.
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Geesh - he goes through all that, only to be executed by the fucking Communists after the war.

The international Left in our media and academia have done an incredible job white-washing the massive human rights abuses of the USSR IMO.
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NuttBoxer says
Everyone knows Monsanto is bad, and had this coming for a long, long time. Why are you fighting for them like they're your family or something? It just comes across as sick, heartless, and creepy.

Dude - you do realize that millions (billions?) of people are alive today thanks to the miracle of Monsanto products making farming so much more efficient using less water, less herbicides, less pesticides, less labor and fuel to de-weed fields. Glysophate is the most widely used herbicide on the planet being used for decades. Where are all the cancer cases? Even if it did cause cancer to people that chose to swim or drink the product, I think the lives saved far outweighs the damage.

Don't forget this scandal from last year where information was withheld from the World Health Organization that debunked the cancer claims made by some scientists.
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Heraclitusstudent says
There is nothing wrong with a technicality that sends the right person in prison.
Cf Al Capone.

A process that let Hillary and all her flunkies off the hook after taking hammers to subpoenaed celll phones and bleach bit to servers?

That process?
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This is the hill the Progs want to die on?

All the Progs have to do is not be crazy and they can't even manage that.
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bob2356 says
I had unisex bathrooms in my grade school in the 1960's. Each classroom had a bathroom that both the boys and girls used. The horror. That was in Virginia for christ sakes. Didn't see any epidemic happen. Did I miss it? What diseases are gender specific potential epidemics that aren't being spread now because of separated bathrooms?

Great - lets spend billions and billions of dollars we don't have from the education budget creating unisex bathrooms in every classroom so we can accommodate .01% of the population that is mentally confused about their gender. Tear down all those large bathrooms with urinals and re-plumb every public building.

THIS is the most urgent problem facing America.
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SilversSurfer says
Who said anything about remodeling. The OP was about new schools that were built.

My kids' school in California spent money to build some unisex bathrooms. My rich school district doesn't have enough money for school bus services or to even keep the school library open 5 days a week, but they could find money to redo some bathrooms?

Thankfully Betsy Devos rescinded the Obama era guidance instructing schools to allow children to use the bathrooms of their choice. Otherwise more and more financially struggling schools would have to once again put leftist politics in front of education.
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P N Dr Lo R says
What passes for "education" is over funded by 50% when you consider the layers of bureaucracy and paper pushing.

It costs alot of money to pay for all the administrators and counselors pushing SJW nonsense on our children.
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bob2356 says
WTF, the story went on forever. Long after the election. What is the definition of suddenly?

Sure it did.
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Patrick says
I also bet they re-elect him.

Of course the morons in New York will vote for him. The morons in California would vote for him too.

Had Cuomo been a Republican making that statement, every major media organization would be sticking microphones in the faces of Republican candidates up for election this year and demanding that they address or denounce Cuomo's statements.
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Nope, more like dominating commercial satellite launch business:


The dude is eccentric and pops off on Twitter. But what Musk has already achieved with SpaceX is astronomical. In about a decade, he has achieved more than NASA, China and Russia in terms of getting costs down for flights to low earth orbit.

Many of the Musk haters are SJW Libs who are pissed that he doesn't tow the line like the rest of the Tech Biz Libs.
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Evan F. says
Lol where the hell are you getting this? Pretty much everyone who buys a Model S is someone who acknowledges that climate change is real, and they're willing to pay a premium to do something about it, in addition to feeling smug about it.

Not all. Some are buying the Tesla because it is an awesomely fast car. And Musk is not your run of the mill unthinking Liberal like we see all over Silicon Valley.

"Elon Musk Donates Big Money to Republicans"

Here is some of the SJW hate I am talking about:

"Elon Musk Follows Zero Women on Twitter"
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BayArea says
I think it’s becoming clear to people that we’ve hit the peak and it makes sense for many to cash in, move, and live happily ever after with financial freedom.

I think so too. There are lots of for sale signs springing up in the last month in my neighborhood in Carlsbad as well. Prices are definitely softening.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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