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Strategist says
Americans love gas guzzlers. All the more reason to go electric. When that happens I won't be surprised to see people driving electric tanks down the freeways.

I'm seriously thinking about leasing a Chevy Bolt at the end of the month when my lease is up on my current car.

If money was no issue, I'd get a Tesla in a heartbeat. But the Chevy Bolt is a nice compromise with great performance (200HP and 266lf of torque). I test drove it last week and it is super quick and FUN to drive. I have a 50 mile roundtrip commute and a garage at my house where I can charge it every night. My wife's minivan is used for roadtrips and hauling more people an stuff around.

I get a car allowance for work and am not supposed to keep cars beyond 5 years or 70,000 miles so I lease. When you factor in the gas savings my lease is going to be around $260/month. I am not driving an EV for environmental reasons, but rather it is more fun and quick and cheaper to drive than the other cars I am considering.

Thy new Hyundai Kona EV looks really good too, but I don't think it will be out in time when I need to get a new car at the end of the year.

Really exciting times in the EV world. It only makes sense that more and more cars are going to go this route. They are getting easier and cheaper to build and they are just much faster and more efficient than gas motors. I don't think we will need any government subsidies in a few years. They will just be cheaper.

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P N Dr Lo R says
The first time I saw this name I thought it was a joke on the Volt! Can't think of a more unflattering model description.

Yeah - the name is about as bad as the "Spark". What will they come up with next? The Jolt? The Sizzle? The Crackle?

I'm not crazy for the styling and the interior of the Bolt, but it is a good sacrifice to have so much horsepower and torque! Perfect for me in SoCal with all of the hills in my neighborhood and freeway driving.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
These cars could go further if they threw out all the unnecessary shit like doors.

They (at least the Bolt) already skimped on many items like shitty seats, hard plastic interior and no sun roof to make up for the battery weight.

Definitely a bit of a sacrifice for some of creature comforts for all of the power.
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Strategist says
Don't forget to apply for:

Cool - thanks man. I didn't know about the additional SDG&E rebate.

What are you driving?
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d6rB says
I'd suggest throwing out brakes. Just put your foot forward and press your boot on concrete.

I heard the brakes last forever since most people use the regeneration to slow the car down.
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APHAman says
@socal2 go with the Hyundai! We love our Genesis. The Koreans know how to look at what everyone else is doing, and replicate it while also improving on it. Hyundai has come a long way.

I hear you. I'm on my second Hyundai Sonata a love it. I was looking at the Turbo Sonata or GT Volkswagen Passat before my co-worker started lobbying me on going the EV route.

I'd prefer the Hyundai Kona EV if they can get them in the next few months and are willing to extend my current lease. I talked with the Hyundai dealer near my office in San Diego yesterday and he said no one knows when they will get them and expects most of the LA and OC dealers will get them before they get down to San Diego - so it could be 6 months.

Since I am leasing, I figure I can't go wrong with a Bolt and that the technology and price will be that much better in 3 years when I am ready for my next car.
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Strategist says
The benefits of hybrids and e-cars is stunning. The lack of information people have on them is shocking.

Agreed - I didn't even consider EV's until last week, wrongly assuming that it was Tesla or nothing - and was shocked to see how far they have come in the last couple years with the lower cost models.
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WookieMan says
I agree electric cars are the future, but saying brake jobs are a significant difference is not helping the argument.

It's not just brakes, it is no oil changes ($150/year?). No transmission maintenance or flushes.....just tire rotation I think.

I live on top of a hill and it's hell on my brakes. My wife is worse driving the big heavy Honda Odyssey up and down our hills.

WookieMan says
I assume in CA or NY or heavily populated East Coast states, the charging network is more robust (but not comparable to gas). Not so much in the midwest. You can also pull into a gas station anywhere without even thinking about it with a gasser, but with a straight EV you have to account for charging stations if you're doing any above average driving.

If I had to rely on outside charging networks or needed a car for long road trips, I wouldn't be getting one right now. I just need a commuter for my daily 50 mile roundtrip and tooling around my town on the weekends and can charge it in my garage at night. I can also hook up a charger at the office if I need it.
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Strategist says
Need more straight EV manufacturers to challenge the market. Tesla is fine, but need more to create legit competition.

Agreed. But I was surprised at how many of the big traditional automakers have EV options now.

I understand that it is easier and cheaper to build EV's than traditional combustion engines. The only bottleneck and high cost are the batteries.

I think the next 3-5 years will be pretty exciting as they continue to get the tech down.
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ThreeBays says
Did libruls melt the glaciers?

Who melted the glaciers in the Midwest that became the Great Lakes?

There was a mile of ice where I was born 10,000 years ago.
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Yeah - but do we KNOW what caused the glaciers to melt 10,000 years ago when there wasn't all the man-made CO2 gas in the atmosphere?

Stick with me here, could it possibly be that maybe the Sun activity has a pretty substantial impact on our climate along with CO2?

Could it also be that major geological events like major volcanoes and asteroid impacts also have a substantial impact on our climate?

What is the ideal temperature for the planet? I personally prefer a warmer/greener planet than a colder/brown one.
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Heraclitusstudent says
- The sun certainly affects the climate, but doesn't explain the current GW.

Well - the glacier melt 10,000 years ago proves without a doubt that climate can change (drastically) without major human activity or burning carbon.

Seems pretty important to me that we get a handle on why this occurred.

I don't deny the climate changes and that man-made activity burning carbon is having some impact. I just question how much of an impact and if "drastically transforming our societies to confront climate change" as some folks at the UN proposed last week is worth all of the pain it would entail.

Heraclitusstudent says
- And volcanoes? Yeah they can block the sun. No significant volcano explosion lately.

Perhaps a reason why we not seeing declining temperatures like climate scientists predicted back in the 1970's?

Heraclitusstudent says
- And ideal temperature: that's a secondary question after we all agree that human created warming.

This seems pretty important to me too. What if we determine that warmer temperatures provides greater benefits to humanity than all the forecasted negatives of a warmer planet?
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You forgot C.

C = "AGW is happening and we are not certain if man-made CO2 is a bigger culprit then sun activity and other natural phenomenon"
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"If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy,"

Which party is constantly crying over Federalism and the Electoral College?

Which party resorts to protests and thuggish union intimidation when they can't win at the ballot box?
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ThreeBays says
It sounds like you don't get out in the world and get your news from liars. Obama was very respected in the world, and Trump is a laughing stock.

I do not doubt that "the World" doesn't care for Trump. But can you name one thing the US got for the "respect" that was given to Obama?

We basically saw the entire fucking world blow up under Obama's watch.

- Russia invaded Ukraine.
- ISIS took over a huge chunk of the Middle East
- ISIS attacks all over Europe
- Biggest refugee crisis since WWII
- Syria routinely used chemical weapons
- Russia and Iran were emboldened and put lots of troops in Syria creating even more conflict and genocide
- North Korea routinely tested nukes and fired missiles over Japan
- China building up military bases on man-made islands and harassing US ships and planes
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TrumpingTits says
Because the CA SCOTUS will strike it down as unconstitutional, that's why.

The California Supreme Court is ruling on a bunch of pension cases this month.

There is real hope that they might finally gut the stupid "California Rule" which basically enshrines pensions in our Constitution and the reason why we haven't reformed pensions years ago.

Right now, when a City goes bankrupt (often due to pensions) - the City can raise taxes, reduce services (more pot holes, less teachers, closing libraries etc.) and shaft the bond holders. But the government worker's compensation and pensions are totally protected while everyone else living in the City suffers with shittier but more expensive government services.

How is that fair?

Marcus might argue that government workers engaged in a contract and that can't be broken. But what about the hundreds of millions of tax payers who are seeing their taxes go up while government services are going down? Where is our contract to not be raped by shitty government?
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marcus says
It's not fair. But then underfunding the pension funds in the first place is also not fair.

I don't think underfunding is is the main problem in California. The main problem started with Gray Davis retroactively offering the super generous Police and Firefighter pension system to the rest of the State and Local employees and CALPERS telling the politicians that they could do this without increasing contributions. I'm in the infrastructure business and my clients at Public Works lament that so much of the general fund is diverted to prop up Calpers and other pension funds. That is why California has some of the shittiest infrastructure despite high taxes and revenue.

marcus says
Is breaking promises, and ruining the lives of people that spent their lives working in service jobs really the solution ?

I don't think anyone is advocating taking away pensions and "ruining lives".

At worst, you might lose 10-20% - and you will still have a much more generous LIFETIME retirement than the majority in the Private Sector.

If we don't figure out a way to get a handle on these pensions with some much needed reforms, expect to see more Cities go bankrupt and folks lose the majority of their pension like the people at "LA Works" and Loyalton.
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marcus says
Actually a lot of pension reform progress was made under Brown. Not that more isn't needed.

I do give Brown some props for finally waking up on this issue. He looks halfway sane compared to the unions and Commies that have super majorities in Sacramento.

Too bad it took Brown his final 2 years of political life to work up the bravery to take on this issue.
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marcus says
You might only be aware of the recent coming to a head of a couple issues in the California supreme court. You don't see the progress much, from the other reforms becasue both calpers, and calstrs have lowered their assumptions about returns. But contributions to the funds have gone way up, and many of the the tricks for spiking or using accumulated vacation days have ended.

Getting rid of the pension spiking gimmicks like "air-time" was the lowest hanging fruit. I think the unions overplayed their hand fighting for that benefit as it has come back to bite them and opened up the whole "California Rule" issue putting the rest of the pension benefits in question.

Contributions have gone up now that CALPERS/CSLSTRS has reduced the discount rate to something more reasonable (it's still too high IMO) and the majority of the increased contributions are coming from the tax payers as Cities are diverting more and more of their General Fund money to keep up with their minimum pension contributions.

Again, we need EVERYONE chipping in so Cities don't go bankrupt during the next recession. If tax payers have to accept higher taxes and reduced government services to fund these pensions, it is not unreasonable or unfair to expect the government workers to do their part too..........and there is more to do.
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marcus says
Isn't the job market a market ? And why aren't you a cop or a teacher if it's such an awesome deal ?

Had I known then what I know now - I would have been a fireman and be a few years away from a lavish six figure pension for life.

I think most people realize that gravy train is over and that no one entering the Public Sector today will see those types of benefits.

The question is how much will the people in the system now have to cough up to keep the system from imploding. If the public sector and unions were smart, they would compromise now while they still can before this shit blows up on them during the next recession where they risk losing much more.
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marcus says
As I've said many times, police or teachers pensions are simply a form of compensation. If it was all paid in the form of salary, you wouldn't have this complaint.

Yes we would - because the pay would be more transparent. Many people don't even understand how the pensions compensation works and don't realize how generous it is.

I look up the kindergarten teachers in my school district and see young women in their 30's making $80K a year with a pension. That is great compensation for a kindergarten teacher, even for California, not to mention the lifetime pension benefit.
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marcus says
But police, or public school teacher is far less of a sweet deal.


Fire fighting is the biggest racket. Outside of wildfires, the US doesn't have a fraction of the structure fires we had 50 years ago due to better building codes, sprinklers and fire alarms. Fire fighters have to justify their existence, so that is why you see a big ladder truck responding to normal paramedic calls. Can't tell you how many times I've seen a huge fire truck outside the old folks home near my house.

When I was in highschool I got arrested for a fake ID and had to do 100 hours community service. I ended up working at the fire station a bunch of hours on my Christmas/Spring break cleaning the trucks and their bathrooms. It was like a frat house with a big TV, nice kitchen and a bunch of dudes having fun and planning on the big dinner they were going to make that night. All the bathroom stalls had a stack of porn 3 feet high!
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marcus says
IF only people were thinking more about getting private sector wages up, rather than having public sector wages lowered then I might believe the idiots really were in favor of MAGA.

It is hard to get wages up when taxes are so high to fund the government.

I work for a Private engineering firm who has Public Sector contracts and deal with the insane Prevailing Wage requirement all of the time. We pay our workers a very good wage, with great health benefits, but when Prevailing Wage kicks in, I am paying high school educated field workers nearly $100K.

Prevailing Wage is a union scheme to prevent Cities from subcontracting work out to the Private sector. And this is one of the main reasons why California (and much of the nation's) infrastructure is in such bad shape. More and more infrastructure money in the General Fund is being diverted to pensions.
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I picked up a Chevy Bolt yesterday. I got the Premier trim with a 3 year lease with nothing down for $484/month. The leasing company gets the $7,500 federal rebate and works it into the monthly lease. I still qualify for the $2,500 California state rebate and get the carpool lane sticker. I just changed my SDG&E plan for the EV plan that charges me only $.09/kWh between 12:00 and 6:00AM. By my math, I am saving just over $100/month if I leased a comparable sedan with a V6 or turbo engine factoring in my monthly fuel charges.

So far it is totally beating my expectations. I knew it was quick and fast on the few test drives I did this past month. But once I got it on some familiar roads in my neighborhood with all of the's been a total blast. I love rocketing up the hills and then using the regenerative braking (including the steering wheel regen brake paddle) coming down the hills and watching my mile range increase. I've only touched the brake pedal a few times. The one pedal driving is super addicting.
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HeadSet says
How do they charge their car at an apartment complex?

If you are in a northern state like Minnesota, the apartment complex parking lots already have a standard electric socket at each parking spot meant for block heaters.

110v or 220v? The former are practically useless for EV charging (speaking from experience).

Yeah - even my 220v socket in my garage is only rated at 30 amps, so I can't get the full "Level 2" charging that charges the entire Bolt battery in 9 hours since it requires 32 amps. The best I can do is 12 hours which is perfectly fine for my daily commute.

Honestly, can't imagine trying to live with an EV car if I didn't have the ability to charge at home. Too much of a hassle trying to find chargers IMO.
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Booger says
That isn't going to be able to get you out of the driveway.

No kidding.

I've been plugged into my 110v socket with the standard cable that comes for the car for the last 1 hour and only added about 5 miles of range. It would take 45 hours to charge the whole car at that rate. The charger that comes with the Bolt (and Volt) is also rated for 220V for the European market, so all you have to do is plug in a 220v adapter plug and that doubles the charge rate so I could get about 100 miles charged overnight which is all I need to keep the car topped off every 2 days with my daily 50 mile commute.

I will ultimately buy a Level 2 charger, but think I will be able to get buy for a while with the stock charger and the 220v conversion cable.
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Booger says
Awesome! However I am curious as to why not a Volt.

The Bolt has more horsepower and seemed peppier driving around compared to the Volt (200hp and 266lbs of torque). The Bolt can do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and the Volt is 7.5. Also the Bolt feels more grounded and sticks to the road with the heavy battery in the floor. It's like driving an electric go cart - really fun with the one pedal driving.
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Booger says
Good answer, but I was expecting something more along the lines of it's a second car type of thing.

It is a second car. It's my main car for the work commute and my wife drives a Honda Odyssey which we use for longer trips.
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Strategist says
Something is off here. A level 2 charger will charge between 20 and 20 miles per hour for an all electric car.

This is the charging table for the Bolt:

- DCFC (50kW): 90mi/30m or 160mi/h
- DCFC (25kW): 45mi/30m or 90mi/h
- DCFC (12.5kW): 22.5mi/30m 45mi/h
- 220V@32A (7.04kW): 25mi/h or 8h31m-------(This is the advertised 9 hour full charge with a Level 2 charger at 32 amps)
- 220V@24A (5.06kW): 18mi/h or 12h------------(If I buy a Level 2 charger, this is the best I can do because I only have a 30 amp circuit and will charge at 24 amps)
- 220V@16A (3.52kW): 12.5mi/h or 17h
- 220V@12A (2.88kW): 11.42mi/h or 20h50m-----------(I will get this charge when I get my 220 to 120 adapter cord and plug into the stock charger that comes with the car)
- 120V@12A (1.44kW): 5.7mi/h or 41h40m ------------(This plug comes with the car and is what I am currently using, enough to keep me topped off)
- 120V@8A (0.960kW): 3.8mi/h or 62h30m
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E-man says
I love the regen so I only charge to 80-90%.

I've only driven about 100 miles in the Bolt and i can't get enough of the regen. Such a better way to drive. Especially with hills (which I have plenty of). The Bolt will come to a complete stop even coming down a steep hill. I picked up 4 additional miles driving 5 miles out of my neighborhood down to the freeway!

I went surfing this morning and took my wife's minivan and it felt so weird (and wrong) to coast and have to hit the brakes at traffic lights. I can't believe how quick I am getting used to one pedal driving.
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marcus says
Patrick says
Lol, the way that Democrats cannot admit there are easily distinguishable races both visually and genetically, or exactly two sexes like everyone's two parents, or that the two sexes have distinct thought patterns?

I don't personally know any democrats that question any of those things.


How about the Liberal belief that a 3rd trimester baby is nothing but "a clump of cells" and deserves no legal protections from being ripped limb from limb for the mother's convenience?
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Tim Aurora says
These are social issues being clumped in as scientific issues. Let us refrain from muddying the waters

Huh? I thought biology is a hard science?

If Conservatives are going to be called "anti-Science" for having some skepticism over the human impact and worse case scenarios predicted from Climate models.

Then I think it is fair to call out Liberals who think a viable human fetus is nothing more than a tumor and can be destroyed for convenience.
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Tim Aurora says
Heck, as long as it is not racial or stupid ( read the wall)

I believe border patrol just had to use tear gas on a crowd of refugees storming the fence in San Diego again this week.

I believe a big wall would be more effective and more humane than using tear gas on crowds storming our borders.

Of all the stupid and "non-scientific" arguments Liberals make - claiming that building a better border wall would be ineffective (let alone racist) has to rank up there as the dumbest.
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The cheapest electric BMW - i3 - costs $44,500 and is a fucking shitbox compared to the cheapest $44K Model3. Heck, it's not in the same fucking zipcode and it's fucking obvious to everyone.

I think even the Chevy Bolt is better than the i3.

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It is my understanding that the battery is the most expensive part of the EV car. It is also the biggest bottleneck in terms of supply chain.

If Musk gets his battery giga-factory going as planned, I'd think Tesla will have a massive advantage compared to the other big auto-makers for the next several years.
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North San Diego County.
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I use this site for San Diego. It uploads rain totals hourly.

It has some Northern California rain data too.
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NuttBoxer says
South San Diego County, closest to the border so far. Looking to change jobs soon and may move to North San Diego County, or Phoenix.

Getting tired of all that sewage in the Tijuana river? That problem will never be fixed.
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Shocker - the young and stupid...........are young and stupid.

The young and stupid are a big constituency for the Democrat party. Unfortunately for Democrats, many (not all) grow up and get less stupid.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Instead of dictating like Trump the will probably negotiate and settle for less.

Huh? Aren't they going on strike causing pain and suffering to hundreds of thousands of families (mostly poor families) in LA?

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