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Heraclitusstudent says
What do you think is easier for republicans, 1 month before the election?

Provided there are no new bombshells and Ford continues to offer absolutely no corroborating evidence, the Republicans know they will get wiped out by pissed off or apathetic Republicans in the Midterms if they fail to stand up to this smear job.

We've had it with sleazy Democrats trashing Bork, Thomas, Gonzalez, Alito and now Kavanaugh while extremist Democrats like Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayer sail through.

All they have to say is:

"We believe that Ford is sincere and believes something happened to her 37 years ago, but she did not provide a single shred of evidence supporting her claim other than her own testimony. In fact, all of Ford's witnesses (including her best friend) totally contradict her allegations. It is simply not fair to deny Kavanaugh this nomination based on un-supported and un-provable allegations."
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AntiOcasioCortez says

That is soo Clarence Thomas OLD SCHOOL Thinking, I am sorry to say.

As for the masses, they are too ill-informed and lacking in independent thinking skills to see nothing but "he's a rapist!" because "they told me on TV!".

But, I really, really hope I am wrong on this and you are proven absolutely correct, instead.

The difference with the Thomas hearing is that the Democrats had the majority in the Senate and ran the committee.

This time, all the Republicans need to do is convince a few wobbly Republicans like Collins and Murkowski.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Cry baby Kavaungh, what a great piece of performance art.

What a dick.

How dare a man be upset that he is accused of running rape gangs, losing his livelihood and having death threats against his family - right?
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HeadSet says
Big difference between using existing Senate rules to delay verses destroying a man's character with absolutely spurious accusations from long ago.

Yep - and any Democrat trying to make the comparison is a dishonest hack or totally retarded.

Only the Democrats personally savage judges like they did with Bork, Thomas, Gonzalez and now Kavanaugh.
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CBOEtrader says
No facts, just emotional outbursts. TDS is strong in this thread.

Beta males got to beta male.
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Patrick says
I agree, this is the most likely thing, and this is why the senate deserves no respect. They stand for nothing.

Normally - yes.

But this time no. Looks like the Republicans have all the votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

They didn't lie down and let the Democrats weaponize the MeToo movement to project the Democrat party's sexual abuse problems on a good man like Kavanaugh.
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bob2356 says
Still waiting for the trump commission on election fraud to name the names. When will that be out?

Still waiting for people like you go point to a statistically significant population of people who are super motivated to vote, but can't get their shit together to get basic ID.

Of all the shit to fret about, it boggles my mind how people continuously beat this drum.
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Aphroman says
I really don’t care either way, but i think what he’s suggesting is that most are reacting as if there’s 0% potential chnce that she is telling the truth, or even her version of the truth.

What's "her version of the truth"?
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I see Matt Damon took a break from covering for his sex abusing pals Harvey Weinstein, Ben/Casey Affleck and Kevin Spacey to project his community's pathological sex abuse on a Conservative like Kavanaugh..
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Now watch all the Democrats smear this woman as a partisan Republican stooge.

Only some women can be believed.....
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MockingbirdKiller says
...and so where is your post demanding that Ruth Bader Ginsburg resign from SCOTUS because of her bias as expressed in her public attacks on Trump?

That post IS coming, correct? There are no double standards when it comes to your 'positions', correct?

Don't hold your breath.

The political Left are so brazen in their monumental hypocrisy since they have the Media and the likes of Matt Damon and Hollywood guarding their back.
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Evan F. says
HeadSet says
Also, this assumes that CO2 causes global warming.

Dude. Dude.

Also assumes we want a colder planet instead of a warmer one.

If I had to choose, I would take a warmer planet any day of the week.

We may need to end up burning those magnesite bricks if the sun activity declines.
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Aphroman says
Maybe Kavanaugh should quit drinking if he doesn’t want people to remember him as an angry drunk who struggles to keep his composure

Maybe you should quit smoking shitty Mexican ditch weed if you don't want posters at Patnet to remember you as a tedious liberal dope that says basically the same stuff over and over again?
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CovfefeButDeadly says
I thought some of the questions were meh though. What kind of asshole thinks a child is better off in CPS vs a loving home, even if those parents are same sex.

A better question would be "If all things are equal in terms of income, housing and education, would a child be better off with heterosexual parents or homosexual parents?"

I think the answer is a no-brainer.

But I am sure some of Patnet's SJW's will struggle over it.
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Aphroman says
Looks like another alcoholic is #triggered. Sober up, there’s no need for personal attacks. Use that brain God gave you, brother Christian

I consume more weed than booze.

I just find you tedious and not at all clever.
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I see - some people think Geopolitics is like a high school popularity contest. Obama sure was popular and the world walked all over him for 8 years. Name a single major geopolitical goal Obama achieved for America with his "popularity". So glad we have adults back in charge.

I'm sure Trump is not too popular with the Canadians and Mexicans for making them capitulate and renegotiate NAFTA. Would it be better for America if we had a shittier trade deal but Mexico and Canada and Trump was more popular with them for leaving them alone?

Ditto with China. Would it be better for America if Trump didn't confront the Chinese on their trade deals to keep the Chinese people and leadership happy?

How about Europe? I am sure Trump is not popular in Europe as he brow-beat them to step up and spend more on NATO. Would it be better if Trump left them alone and was more popular?
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curious2 says

1) All things are never equal.
2) You omitted many variables, for example age and health, biology vs adoption (extended family, heritable traits), etc.

Yes - include every possible variable you can imagine.

If they are considered equal to a State Adoption board, who should they adopt a child to? A gay or hetero couple?

It's a no-brainer.
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curious2 says
BTW, another variable you omitted:

I said include every possible variable you can think of. But keep adding variables if you want. How about a non-binary, gender fluid, gay kid with a two gender-queer and 1 transitioning parent?

curious2 says
You would place a gay child with an unmarried hetero couple instead of a married gay couple

I think you just gave the game away.

I think it is preferable (in fact a no-brainer) that straight heterosexual couple is preferable to raising straight kids than gay parents. Just as you seem to imply that it is preferable for gay parents to adopt gay children.

And since the population of gay couples who are in longterm monogamous relationships that want to adopt children is tiny (probably less than 1%) I think it is preferable in most (not all) cases to adopt to heterosexual couples all else being equal.

All else being equal, children benefit by learning from, interacting and observing parents of opposite sexes. My Mom gave me valuable perspective and life lessons that my father was not as well equipped to do and vice versa. Alot of poor and minority children would be doing alot better if they had Dad's in their lives instead of just a Mom and some Aunties.

But in the bonkers SJW crazy world of 2018, this type of thinking is considered wrong or even hateful.
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What are you even arguing curious2?

All I said, that in most cases with all things being equal, a State adoption agency should adopt a straight kid to heterosexual couple instead of a gay couple. All things being equal, a child benefits having both a male and female authority figure in their lives.

But as I said in my original post, I figured some of Patnet's resident SJW Libs would struggle over this no-brainer concept.

You did not disappoint!
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So why don't NY AG investigate him?

And why didn't the IRS catch him all these years ago? I thought he was under an IRS audit during the election?
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Aphroman says
Is socal a Trump supporter? I thought he was bigtime GOPe guy who railed against Trump for years??

I didn't vote for him, but will enthusiastically pull the lever for him in 2020 if he runs again.
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Democrat "Science"!
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Heraclitusstudent says
Riight, because desalination plants create cheap water for the poor.

Water in SoCal is one of the cheapest commodities around. We could triple the price and still be fine. I pay less than $3/day for water and sewage treatment for a family of 5 (with mother-in-law) and I water my yard 3-4 times a week.

Besides - residential water use in California is only a tiny percentage of the overall water use. It's a joke that the moron Democrats in Sacramento make the tax payers burn out their yards while the vast majority of the water is used for environmental and agricultural purposes.

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WookieMan says
That's not cheap my friend. That's mucho expensive. And if you 3x's that $3/day would really fuck some people up. $270/mo at $9/day for water/sewer?

Three dollars a day for basically unlimited clean water (and sewage treatment) to live in a desert/Mediterranean climate where I have nice lush green grass and beautiful flowering Hibiscus trees all year round?

I don't have AC and barely run my gas furnace in the winter - so my utilities average out.

Alot of areas in the East Coast actually pay more for their water than I do despite them getting much more rain.

My point is that water is a solvable problem without FORCING us to turn our yards into shit Arizona rock gardens like the Democrats in Sacramento want us to do.
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Heraclitusstudent says
^ ^ ^ Whataboutism.

Nope - just pointing out the dishonest Progs staggering hypocrisy.
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Heraclitusstudent says
That Kavanaugh was a drunk and nasty frat boy in college shouldn't make him less likely to be confirmed.

"That Kavanaugh was a drunk....." - as if this is now a fact?

Seven FBI investigations and hundreds of Kavanaugh's friends and acquaintances say otherwise.

Who to believe??

How much of the Left's bullshit has been debunked now?

- Boofergate?
- DevilsTriangegate?
- FFFFFFgate?
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Ha ha! You can't find more Progish and Leftist cohort than Law Professors.

What's next? "10,00000,00000 Intersectional Non-binary Women's Studies Professors signed a letter"!
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Ford has been caught or possibly caught in three lies:

1. She hates Flying (disproven by her own history of abundant flying for pleasure)
2. She never coached a Polygraph (ex claims she coached her roommate for an FBI exam)
3. Why she has a second door (for her illegal apartment, not to have a "second exit")

And those are just the lies they were able to tease out with just a few questions in the hearing last week. Just imagine if they got their hands on her therapist notes or was questioned aggressively?

I saw an interview with a sex abuse prosecutor last night saying that she would put 5 year old children on the stand and ask them very difficult and painful questions to get to the truth because it is so important to not convict innocent people based on he say/she say allegations.

Yet Dr. Ford is handled with kid gloves.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Dems are gonna use this to say reps are anti-women and they need to be voted out.
I'm sure it was worth it for them.

Since when do the Dems not already do that? It's one of the main reasons why we have Trump.

If the dishonest Dems can savage a fucking Mormon boy-scout like Mitt Romney as being a racist and anti-woman (binders full of women) - who cares what they say anymore?
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Strategist says
Including hurricanes to punish us for not buying into the Climate Change religion. Fucking morons.

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Evan F. says
I don't see what badmouthing wind power has to do with this, if it ends up lowering people's electric bill while also cleaning up the air.

Sure - but recognize it is going to take a shit-ton more ugly windmills to put a dent in our energy needs.

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Isn't Mueller's report proving Russian Collusion ready yet? How about a preliminary report or update.

I suspect if there is any dirt on Trump, it will be leaked between now and the midterms.
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marcus says
I really do believe though that conservatives are the more dishonest of the two,

Right - who goes around accusing the other of "WANTING to kill" people if they believe we need to reform our un-affordable entitlements?

Who goes around accusing the other of "WANTING to kill" people if they don't believe all the doom and gloom predictions of Climate Change?

Who goes around accusing the other of being a racist or Nazi if they don't believe all the SJW nonsense of 380 different genders?

The Democrats are far more dishonest and are the aggressors in the political and cultural wars.
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krc says
This is actually what is preventing politicians/issue organizations from really talking to one another. If they are worried about being "called out" by the extremes of either base, no one is willing to compromise. It is ridiculous.

It's a one way street.

No extremist Republicans are going to DOX, shout down or boycott Republicans for talking or negotiating with Democrats.

The Media absolutely loved Republicans like McCain when they were seen working with Democrats and sticking it to Republicans.
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Just like the State Municipal pension crisis - there is no tax scheme or Bull Market that can ever pay this off.

We are going to have to cut back spending.

Government workers making 6 figure pensions will have to cough something up, and we are going to have to do some long overdue reform to our entitlement and welfare systems.

Expect the Democrats to fight against this government reform every step of the way. Republicans can no longer ignore it and will have to take on this unpleasant task head on.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
but it's not good to beat the man to death in the embassy. Should have kidnapped him to parts unknown and made it look like ISIS did it. Or better yet, Erdogan.

Well - it's cleaner and more responsible than Putin spreading radioactive poison all over Europe and London whacking his dissidents. Also more responsible than droning from 20,000 feet or rigging cars to explode where there can be collateral damage.

If someone told me 5 years ago that Saudi Arabia would have a young new ruler allowing women to drive, opening movie theaters, opening up relations with Israel


Tracking down and imprisoning or whacking Wahabbis around the world. I would never have believed it....

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