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Strategist says

That's a great idea. There is someone for everyone. Look at that face. What kind of a woman could love that face?

This one:


The key is that the far left and the far right are the same and not different. They are extremists with the same personality and the same hate for a present which convinces them of their own flaws. This is why Hitler ordered that any Communist who changed sides to the Nazis was to be accepted immediately and without question as one of their own.

The opposite of the extremist of either kind is the gentle skeptic who doesn't get all that worked up about anything.

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The second dead kid is not useful for increasing Islamic immigration. What else is there to say?

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jazz_music says

Unhinged on the Alt Right are making up lies too such as about BLM and antifa as if those anarchistic little groups had some kind of command structure that is capable of mounting some overarching conspiracy to make some changes.

You mean the main stream media building up an enemy like the Nazis and KKK as if those little groups had some kind of command structure that is capable of mounting some overarching conspiracy to make some changes.

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I agree Trump is somewhat dangerous, but he's not nearly as dangerous as a one-sided ideology that tolerates no dissent at all and has nearly complete economic control over all corporations and all media.

We live in an ideological echo chamber, whose masters are currently on a hysterical witch hunt, looking for unbelievers to punish. Witness the email from Uber today.

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Rew says

There is zero place in mainstream America for for this thought and speech. They need to be forced back underground.

@Rew So certain thought and speech deserves to be suppressed by violence?

And you're the judge of which thought and speech deserves to be suppressed by violence? If not you, who?

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Nearly all, yes.

Corporations toe the PC line out of fear of negative publicity. For example, they are not going to publicly question the wisdom of gay marriage, but may publicly support it. They are kept in line by fear of journalists, and journalists are almost all on the left. For example, only 7% of journalists are Republicans:

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Equality of opportunity is a good thing. We should all have the same rights, and the ability to succeed or fail on our own merits.

Equality of outcome is a bad thing, because it happens only at the point of a gun.

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joeyjojojunior says

Corporations are in the business of making money. Their job is to appeal to as many potential customers as possible and everything they do is with that in mind. Negative publicity is definitely a factor, yes. But to imply they are tools of the left is utterly ridiculous.

Corporations pretty much universally oppose the ENTIRE economic agenda of liberals.

You brought up a good point, but put the emphasis on the wrong word. It should be like this:

Corporations pretty much universally oppose the entire ECONOMIC agenda of liberals.

Corporations almost universally support the SOCIAL agenda of liberals because that agenda:

1. does not interfere with their profits (for example, gay marriage)
2. helps divide us all so that we fight each other based on the ridiculous divisions and do not fight unlimited corporate power over government

So corporations are indeed tools of the left in terms of the left's social agenda.

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WookieMan says

If you glamorize it and every news outlet shows video of this guy running on the field it will just create more of theses dumb asses that think they'll get their 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately running onto a football field is pretty trivial. Interviewing a Nazi or KKK member on your main channel, morning news program it just outright lunacy. It's pretty clear that those in the media have straight up been lobotomized and are going full retard at this point.

Yes, exactly. You could have 10,000 perfectly reasonable demonstrators, and one wacko Nazi in the crowd, and who are they going to interview?

It's not necessarily full retard. It seems more like an explicit policy to slander anyone who questions the PC Koran by always insisting that the worst guy in the crowd represents the whole crowd.

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joeyjojojunior says

I'd argue corporations are in favor of the social agenda that will lead to the highest sales.

Sales is one aspect, but a huge additional aspect is corporate control of government, arguably a larger factor than sales in corporate profitability.

If the corporations can keep us asking the wrong questions by dividing us with left-right crap, then they don't have to worry about the answer. They retain control of the government.

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Couple of reasons:

1. TV journalists lack ethics
2. controversy is good for ratings, making Nazis and extreme Muslims especially good for ratings
3. advertisers don't suffer any loss of revenue for being on TV shows that interview Nazis and extreme Muslims

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It's certainly a much better response than baseball bats, which simply inflames tensions.

But wouldn't it be even better for each side to try to really understand the other side, and what exactly is driving them? Is that possible?

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iwog says

YesYNot says

FYI, those clowns were from Charlotte, NC in 2012, and the idea came from a German town in 2011.

Amazing that Antifa is still there in the background. At least they don't appear to be clubing anyone yet.

LOL, yes amazing that the picture contradicts itself so well and yet was still used.

Mixed message, to say the least.

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Because the Fins are oppressive colonial invaders, you know.

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WineHorror says

There were fine people on both sides. Not everyone there was a neo Nazi. This is the great media propaganda you need to shield yourself from. Think a little.

Thank you.

joeyjojojunior says

Trump is pretty much alone in his musings that there were great people among the neo Nazis.

Boo. You can do better than simply conflating everyone there with the Nazis. Weak.

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Lol, that's perfect!

The article continues to misrepresent him though:

"Damore, the author of the controversial anti-diversity memo" -> Wrong, Damore is actually for diversity, reporter should read the document: "I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity, and I think we should strive for more."

"Damore wrote a 10-page memo claiming the gender gap in tech is a due to biological differences between men and women" -> Misrepresentation, Damore actually said "may in part explain", so again, the reporter should read the document.

Damore even wrote about exactly this kind of misrepresentation:

Psychological safety is built on mutual respect and acceptance, but unfortunately our culture of shaming and misrepresentation is disrespectful and unaccepting of anyone outside its echo chamber.

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Strategist says

You want to love the people who want to take off your head? Count me out.

It's not the people in themselves that are the problem, it's their belief that they should chop off your head because you have rejected Islam.

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Ironworker says

rip off by brokers charging $20.3 on buy side when the stock value is 17.9 or so.

Can you guys explain this? Thank you. Like I said I'm kind of newbe buying single stocks. Complete dummie.

First thing is that there are "market makers" who always get the cut between bid and ask prices. You can't avoid that. They are part of the exchanges.

But it's actually illegal for your own broker to buy stock lower and then sell it to you at a higher price. That's called "front running".

When you buy, one way is to do a "market order" which means "buy at whatever the price is now". That will get executed immediately, but won't get you the best price.

The better way, IMHO, is to do a "limit order" which means "buy at this price or lower, or don't buy". That may be slower to execute, but you will get the price you asked or the trade won't happen.
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The problem, imho, is that Democrats have abandoned their job of representing workers, with the result that the very richest have run away with all the productivity gains:

Identity politics is the scourge that they used to distract us and divide us so we don't ask who ran away with the ball.

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drBu says

Perhaps if Mosadegh was not overthrown, Iran would be a reasonably democratic country.

By comparison to despotic Saudi Arabia, Iran actually is a reasonably democratic country. They have elections, not really free because Islam may not be questioned, but there is some democracy there:

That we support Saudi Arabia at all is comically hypocritical, and weakens the credibility of the United States. We say one thing ("We love democracy!") but do another (We support the least democratic and least tolerant regime on earth wholeheartedly, and sell them weapons.)

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President Trump issued an executive pardon Friday to Joe Arpaio, the controversial former Arizona sheriff who was a hero to the right and a national nemesis of Latinos, immigration advocates and civil rights groups.Arpaio, 85, was convicted in July of criminal contempt for violating a federal court order to stop racially profiling Latinos. He was scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 5 and faced a maximum of six months in jail.Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now 85 years old, and after more than 50 years of admirable service to our nation, he is

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Tenpoundbass says

Patrick says

Are you sure Roku boxes can host your own content easily? I just don't see it in the descriptions of the box:

No I'm describing a new concept. Of personal web content streaming. Your input to websites are stored. And all social media and website references to it, reference a pointer to the memory stream rather than kept in databases on their server. Data is retrieved by a IP address and a GUID.

This is purely hypothetical as an alternative to what we have now with SJW gatekeepers.

Yes, I agree that this would be great. So would people host them at home? Most internet providers discourage home hosting via limited upstream bandwidth and constantly changing IP addresses (dhcp).

just_passing_through says

Patnet should have a warrant canary.

Tell me about this. So if I ever got served with a warrant, something would change on the site?

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Donald Trump is wrong. Rigging an election is almost impossible. This is how hard it would be to pull off widespread voter fraud.

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Ani Sanikian was a respected nurse at Kaiser Permanente Fresno and an outspoken advocate for patient care.

In 2014, she was elected by Kaiser nurses to an in-house committee that monitored nursing workload and presented concerns about patient safety to management. But when management ignored the nurses’ complaints, Sanikian had to regularly challenge Lily Tang, the director of nursing practices at Kaiser.

Their complaints came to a head in March 2015 when Sanikian and other committee members marched to the office of Tang’s boss, Lynn Campama, and gave her a signed petition regarding the lack of response to concerns about patient safety.

Two month later, Kaiser, upon Tang’s recommendation, fired Sanikian on trumped-up charges, according to Fresno attorneys Mick Marderosian and Heather Cohen, who represents Sanikian in her wrongful termination trial in Fresno County Superior Court that began Wednesday.

Sanikian has sued the The Permanente Medical Group, a multibillion-dollar corporation of physicians who provide services to more than 11 million Kaiser Permanente members nationwide, including in Northern and Central California. Sanikian is seeking damages for wrongful termination, retaliation and defamation.
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Patrick says
I took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on EBAY any more) and peeled the NRA sticker off my front window. I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-*** Neighborhood Watch. I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard. Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you CAN Buy on EBAY) and ran it up the flag pole.

Wow, I thought you were kidding, but it seems to be true:
Not only can you not buy confederate flags from Ebay, but Sears, Walmart, and K-Mart are also banning them.

This seems very wrong to me. No matter what you think about the confederacy, when the entire oligopoly is suppressing freedom of expression, it's very scary.
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marcus says

I listen to it every day on the way to work and not only do I not hear any identity politics, I also hear coverage of Trump that sounds neutral.

There are none so deaf...

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I never said Trump is a great human being, only that Trump is the sole representative in government who is at least saying the right things about the concerns of labor.

That makes him our Labor Party. The Republicans really didn't want him. He's definitely not a Democrat either, and least not a new style identity-politics Democrat.

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Could be just salesmanship. I'm not entirely sure how much he really intends to do, or can get done given the opposition, even within his own party.

What I am entirely sure about is that the opposition (Democrats and the media) have become utterly unhinged and care about nothing except getting back at Trump because of his taunts:

A Washington Post/Abc News poll published July 19 found that 52 percent of Americans don’t believe the Democratic party stands for anything beyond opposing Trump. Even 42 percent of nonwhite voters agree that Trump-bashing is all the party is focused on.

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Even NPR pointed out that Trump is screwed if he visits, taking away scarce police resources, and screwed if he doesn't.

No win. I think he's done great with this emergency overall. Definitely paying attention from the start.
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Lol, yes, probably an unintended consequence of a Republican pro-megabusiness policy.

The media megabusinesses are all definitely controlled by Democrats these days.
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I love Kunstler, many brilliant and scathing insights:

It wasn’t until more than a week after Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans in 2005 that the full extent of the damage was recognized and so it will go with the hot mess where Houston used to be. Mostly, it is inconceivable that the business activity which made Houston the nation’s fourth largest city and, according to Chris Martenson, equal to the 10th largest economy in the world, will ever return to what it was before August 26, 2017.

The major activity there has been the refining and distribution of oil products, and no activity is more central to the functioning of the US economy. So the public and our currently clueless leaders across the political spectrum, plus a legacy news media lost in the carnival of race and gender freak shows, is about to discover the dynamic relationship between energy and an industrial economy.

The pivot in this relationship is banking, which enables the conversion of oil’s raw power into everything else that goes on in a so-called advanced economy.

From his Patreon page

I used to make more of my annual income off of college lectures. You may have noticed that the rising hysteria on campus against threatening ideas, and the clamor for “safe spaces,” etc., has made it difficult for controversialists such as myself to speak to college audiences. I have no bookings for 2016.
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And here's another one:

On Tuesday evening, Google sent a conservative website an ultimatum: remove one of your articles, or lose the ability to make ad revenue on your website. The website was strong-armed into removing the content, and then warned that the page was "just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website."


Trejo argued that the article Google specified "contained no offensive content." Rather, it "was merely distinguishing the many differences between the alt-right and literal Nazis."

The Liberty Conservative writer suggested that the article was singled out because it was written by former Liberty Conservative contributor James Allsup. Allsup was involved in the "Unite the Right" riot (which Trejo described as a "rally-turned-riot") in Charlottesville, Va. Trejo said the article was targeted because "it was authored by a man deemed to be an 'unperson' by the corporate elite."
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Cui bono? Who benefits?

The oligarchy benefits from depressed wages and from the terrorism excuse to increase surveillance of the workers. This surveillance "for our own good" is actually looking for any threat to the oligarchy.

To question the wisdom of mass immigration of unskilled Mexicans and outright murderous Muslims inevitably results in public shaming as racist. And since the oligarchy has absolute control over the legacy media, there is no possibility to widely present the valid case for protecting American wages and American lives.

The election of Trump was proof of a chink in the armor of the oligarchy, so they have to fight the legitimacy of his points about labor and terror with everything they've got. But their droning accusations of racism and Russia have simply desensitized the public and perhaps made very large numbers suspicious of the media agenda.

So what will happen next? I'm not sure.
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So Trump should have anticipated the hurricane and within his time in office have relocated the people and oil industry away from Houston?

I'm sure that would have been no problem, given all the support he has in the press and Congress.
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bob2356 says
Trump will do whatever the big corporate political donors want done on illegal immigration.

Lol, then you should be very happy that we have Trump and not Hillary. Hillary took 150 times as much in big corporate donations:

bob2356 says
The problem with illegals could be solved immediately if people started going to jail for hiring illegals.

We are in total agreement there. Jail and not fines. Fines are easily paid by the rich, just a cost of doing business.
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marcus says
The biggest question is why are some people so ready to be moved by irrelevant noise from the extremes of the other political side, as an excuse to NOT talk about issues that matter. Instead of talking about global warming, energy, corporate income taxes or debating what our countries foreign policy should be,

Maybe the goal of the media is actually to divide us all with stupid partisan shit precisely so that we do not talk about issues that really matter.

I would not put it past the oligarchy to have this agenda, and the means to carry it out.
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WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday ordered an end to the Obama-era executive action that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation and called on Congress to replace the policy with legislation before it fully expires on March 5, 2018.

The government will no longer accept new applications from undocumented immigrants to shield them from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, administration officials announced Tuesday. But officials said about 800,000 current beneficiaries of the program will not be immediately affected by what they called an “orderly wind down” of former President Barack Obama’s policy.

Yes, seems to be true, but doesn't immediately affect that rather large number of children and teens whose parents broke the law with impunity to bring them here.

That's more than the entire population of San Francisco.

If you want proof that any particular policy is favoring business owners and fucking over ordinary citizens, you simply need to check whether the US Chamber of Commerce supports that policy. And they do indeed support DACA as a way to keep wages down for the poorest US citizens via competition from illegals:
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jazz_music says
Why? Because a sophisticated cadre of the ultra-rich have been on a 30 plus year campaign to buy government. Think tanks, corporate “free” speech, Democratic complicity, and a bought and paid for media has resulted in a gerrymandered map, a stacked Supreme Court and elections in which money trumps the wishes of the people, and routinely puts the will of a tiny rich minority over those of the majority.

We agree on this @jazz_music

But what is the right defense against a system which is so thoroughly corrupted by money?

Ibn Khaldun described how societies die exactly the way we are dying now, through division (loss of group identity as Americans above all else) and plutocracy:

By the 14th century the great Tunisian Islamic philosopher of history, Ibn Khaldun, described societies gaining prosperity through “group feeling,” only to lose it within about 120 years as the ruling dynasty succumbed to self-indulgence and greed – paving the way for their land to be conquered from without or taken over from within.
To recover, we would have to completely dump identity politics first of all, but given that the mainstream press is all about identity politics, we're probably doomed as a country. The ultra-rich will continue to divide us by race, gender, etc so that we have no effective unified way of opposing them.

Every article about race is one less article about, say, why the richest pay only 20% tax on billions "earned" by sitting on their asses, while people with real skills pay 40%. (top marginal rates on cap gains vs income from work)
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Trump is actually trying to benefit US citizens by making it clear that we actually do have a border and will enforce its existence.

Wages for the lowest paid US citizens will go up, not down, if the wall gets built.
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errc says
Do you support raising the minimum wage?

Wouldn't that be a simpler way to raise the pay of lowest paid American Workers?

No, illegal immigrants are illegal, so minimum wage just discourages picking Americans. Employers will refuse to employ US citizens and quietly choose cheaper illegals instead.