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There is coherent Red Pill explanation for this: women want men who will not put up with their bullshit.

1. Western men always run in fear from the misrepresentation and shaming tactics used by feminists. So it's really western men that should be forced to wear the pussy hats.
2. These squishy Western manlets who will do as feminists tell them are extremely repulsive to all women sexually.
3. Desperate women looking for "real men" are very turned on by Muslims who will beat and perhaps kill them. The important thing is that Muslim men absolutely will not obey feminists or any other woman, ever.
4. Feminists lobby for the mass importation of Muslim men in the hopes that Muslim men will either kill and replace their own men, or cause their own men to finally stop being obedient lapdogs.

zzyzzx says
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This has actually been publicly known for a long time:

Public access to the mortality file is currently restricted by a gag order, but the facts cited in the Santa Clara complaint are corroborated by statistics in a 1996 article in the scientific journal Epidemiology, "Brain Tumors Among Electronics Industry Workers." The file is a substantially complete (99 percent) database of all U.S. IBM workers of five or more years who died between 1975 and 1989; the records were constructed from death certificates obtained by IBM "for administrative purposes"; and the cause of death in 149 of the total 10,331 cases was primary brain cancer. (The article never specifically identifies the subject company, but a footnote identifies IBM as the funder of the research, and the mortality statistics are identical to those included in the complaint.)

That's quite a lot of brain cancer, about 2.5 times that of the general population, without factoring in biases for gender and age. More significantly, what this study found was an upward slope in brain cancer deaths among male electronics workers as duration of employment lengthened.

One of those little inconvenient truths that realtors always seem to skip when selling used houses around here.
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drB6 says
+100000000 to the gay trolls in picture

they managed to troll both UK police and Muslims at the same time while being 1000% politically correct.

If this is not photoshop, it puts police in extremely difficult position

The could have done a step better by talking about Mohammed instead of Allah.

In practice, Muslims actually worship Mohammed above all else, and get most upset at the slightest criticism of him. Allah, not so much.
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It seems to be another example of the left turning against itself and attacking one of their own, out of frustration with their inability to defeat democracy.

No matter what anyone says about Facebook or Russia, about half of the country actually did want and vote for Trump, but that fact is always ignored in articles about "manipulation" of the election.
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Feux Follets says
Trump supporters should be rounded up and sent to Korea along with their NRA thought controllers

I used to make the same assumptions, that there must be some "thought control" involved in getting people to support Trump or the NRA, but not anymore.

There are real and substantial issues that Trump merely tapped into. He didn't invent the issues, like the wholesale export of all our manufacturing to China, and the wholesale import of obedient slave labor willing to work for illegally low wages, and the resulting impoverishment of the entire middle of the country.

Same with the NRA. There are real issues behind the desire for guns that I urge you to consider. The coastal elite proves its contempt for the actual working people over and over daily, with its bogus charges of "racism", which are almost entirely projection of their own racism. I'm certain that they would round up and gas vast numbers of poor white people if they could get away with it. Guns are the in their way, which is why they hate public ownership of guns. If the Jews had had guns in WWII, the Holocaust would not have happened.
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Seems like it was self-defense, at least at first, since the group that got run over were trying to steal his car.

Good comment:
The good news is...the nameless, genderless, self identifying human being was apprehended by the racist police...No white privileged males were involved in this incident.
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Trump is after Amazon again:

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The WaPo rationalizations used to justify hate for Trump are fun, because they are so desperate, transparent, and fact-free.

To really defeat Trump is pretty simple:

* drop the identity politics completely - we are all just American citizens
* show some empathy for the people of all races affected by the export of US manufacturing and import of illegal slave labor
* build the wall, and jail all employers of illegals

I'd say that with just those three points, Democrats can potentially win. But hating on Trump only digs the Democrats a deeper hole for themselves.
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errc says
Why on Earth would you pick November 3rd as the start date for the chart?

If you want to make an honest point about Trump, shouldn’t you start it at market closing on his inauguration day?

Because expectations matter.
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He has some good points, but his "uncrossable line number 1", which allows absolutely zero criticism of the barbarism inherent in Islam, should be a non-starter for everyone who cares about freedom of speech. I'm sure he also supports death for any Muslim who attempts to renounce Islam. So no freedom of religion either.

Goldberg could have pressed him a bit more on obvious lies, such as that "everyone on earth can choose their own religion".

Remember that ISIS uses Saudi textbooks because their ideologies are identical.

Lol about "What is this Wahhabism you speak of?"

MbS: First of all, this Wahhabism—please define it for us. We’re not familiar with it. We don’t know about it.

Goldberg: What do you mean you don’t know about it?

MbS: What is Wahhabism?

Goldberg: You’re the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. You know what Wahhabism is.

MbS: No one can define this Wahhabism.
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CBOEtrader says
The leftist who think white supremacists are at the core of trumps support

If they can blame Trump's election on "racism" then they can feel good about themselves.

If they see that Trump's election is actually a result of the mass export of jobs and mass import of illegals, and the fact that no one really liked Hillary, even on her own side, then they cannot feel good about themselves.

So they take the easy way out instead of feeling bad, which is natural.
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CBOEtrader says
This is the exact attitude the average german had towards gypsies and jews in Weimar Germany. The left today = Nazis of the 1930's.

I do think there is a scary point to be made in that the blame of all white people for "racism" is blame-by-genetics, exactly as it was for the Jews.

This is a typical first step in each genocide. De-humanization of a whole class of people just by their accident of birth.
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Terminal skin eating diseases have a higher approval rating Trump.

That's just not true.

Trump is quite popular with about half of the country, generally the half that suffered from the effects of globalization.
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Remember all the polls that showed Trump had no chance at all of winning?

Why do we even listen to pollsters anymore? Their integrity is around that of realtors.

Hillary Clinton has a 90 per cent chance of winning, polls show

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This is true.

Not saying Trump is an angel, but the ridiculous levels of personal hatred for him remind me a lot of this forum and how people get obsessed with personalities instead of the points the person is making.

Maybe it's just an inherent part of human nature, like shitting, and nothing can be done about it.
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I'm glad Trump has noticed that he is actually commander in chief and can do stuff like that.

The US is literally being invaded by people causing harm to US citizens, daily, and the army has the right and obligation to stop it.
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The era of proven control over our elections ended with the election of Trump.

Now our handlers don't know what to do. The public was disobedient and refused to vote for the "right" candidate.

So now we hear crazy stories about Russia and racism, when actually it was just mistreatment of the working class by an arrogant elite all along.

The answer is easy: stop shitting on the poorest American citizens. Stop exporting their jobs and importing illegal slave labor.

When our poor have enough to live, everyone will be better off.
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From what I understand, the flow was entirely in one direction: from Christian to Muslim. Some Armenians became Muslims by force, or to escape persecution. During the Armenian genocide, many Armenian girls were sold to Turkish families.

But I've never heard of anyone "becoming" Armenian. I like the Armenians, but I don't think they would accept any outsiders as one of them.
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It's an outrage! Hillary paid good money to be president, and Trump got it for half-price!
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Leftist media is still very angry at Facebook for proving the Russia story was fraudulent. Another attack on Facebook from the NY Times:
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If you’re here illegally, why are you being granted a driver's license at all? You should be granted a one-way ticket home, pronto.

Sure, employers who are undercutting the wages of the poorest US citizens absolutely love illegal immigrants. Amazingly, liberals who think they are for illegals out of humanitarians reasons are themselves a humanitarian disaster for the our own poor.

Black people in particular, being generally poor, suffer the most from competition with illegals.

Pro-illegal = anti-black

"According to a former consultant to the bakery, MSI paid the black workers $14 an hour, versus the $10 an hour the Mexican workers were making through Labor Network."

So Trump did something very good for black people in Chicago by having ICE raid the Cloverhill Bakery. 800 illegals left at $10 per hour, and were replace with local black US citizens at $14 per hour.

An extra $4 may not be much to you, but it's very significant to the people who got these jobs back from illegals.
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FortWayne says
To me it is depress to see how liberals are destroying our beautiful state.

Yes, it's kind of depressing to see how San Francisco is, given the spectacular setting.

But how can we fix it? We need to find the right psychology to get through to people who are voting for harmful things. Attacking them will definitely not help. We need to show we are all really on the same side somehow.
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Trump is doing the right thing for working class Americans.

Now if he would only jail the employers of illegals, that would really fix the problem.
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@confused2 I did not see anywhere that Trump posted "several videos and pictures violently, physically assaulting the press".

Got a link?
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Sniper says
Six people are in critical condition and dozens more are injured after the vehicle was driven at high speed towards families outside a traditional German restaurant in the university town, 300 miles west of Berlin.

Terrified diners watched as the driver shot and killed himself inside the vehicle. Police say they are not looking for any other suspects and 'expect the danger is over'.

It is not yet known if the incident is terror related

Not sure if it's terror related? When the guy deliberately drove into the crowd the way many Muslims have done, and then shot himself?

Gosh, I think it might be terror related.

As for the danger being over, no way. When you import a million Muslims, the danger is just beginning and will go on for decades at least. Islam clearly instructs its followers to kill those who do not submit. At least the terrorists are very honest about what they are doing. It's the politicians and the press who are being dishonest.
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RafiMaas says
Patrick says
Got a link?

Lol, to call that comic "several videos and pictures violently, physically assaulting the press" is pretty funny.

So that video is incitement to violence but a bloody severed head of Trump is not?

Seems like highly selective displeasure at wildly differing levels of seriousness.

Comic metaphor => violence!
Severed head of Trump => (tacit approval of serious political violence)
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Is this the first car attack by a non Muslim?

A novelty.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
I don't think anybody mentioned Facebook bending over backwards for the Obama Camp, who also used a quiz to gain access to data on thousands upon thousands of users. For which Obama was praised as being Tech Savvy in the Media.

Yes, I think their hypocrisy is going to bite them on the ass later because it just so damn obvious.

Prediction: Trump will win again in 2020, but by a much larger margin, exactly because the public can clearly see that the press and the Democrats (same thing) have no interest in helping working class people, while Trump is taking active measures to stop the export of jobs and inflow of illegals.
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It's truly amazing how the article in the original post is only about what is "wrong" with Trump voters, and not about what is wrong about exporting jobs and importing illegals.

Why does the article not consider economic reality as the main factor motivating people to vote for Trump?

Is it because then the author would have to consider that perhaps Trump has some legitimate points?
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Goran_K says
Trump is fighting a battle for Americans, Globalist like Obama fought to make America weaker.

Yes, this is the essence of the situation.

Trump seriously seems to be the greatest president we have had in decades. Other presidents were fucking us over by agreeing to wildly lopsided trade deals.
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lostand confused says
Trump colluded with Russia.

Still absolutely zero evidence for that accusation. And it's been well over a year.

It's just a self-comforting fairy tale that the press just repeated over and over until the head of Facebook advertising blew them out of the water by refuting their lies with facts. That's why Facebook is in trouble now. Not because of privacy, but because Facebook proved that the press was lying all along about Russia, and continues to lie.

The press can simply not be trusted to tell anything close to the truth anymore. It's sad.
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It's interesting to me how contradictory the press and most Democrats are.

On the one hand, they demand that Trump use force to stop the Syrian government from using chemical weapons on its own people.

On the other hand, they demand that Trump not use force because that's "just more war."

Their only consistency is hate for Trump no matter what he does. They should just admit that.
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Germany should require that all Muslim immigrant women be indoctrinated in feminism.

That will destroy their fertility just like it did to the native Germans.
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Interesting dilemma for the Germans.

On the one hand, they forbid all criticism of Islam, but on the other, they are sensitive about anti-semitism.

But what if Islam is inherently anti-semitic? Do they protect Islam's reputation, or the lives of Jews?

The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (the Boxthorn tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews. (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim)
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Jarrar wrote an opinion piece called "Why I Can't Stand White Belly-Dancers", published in Salon in 2014. In this piece, Jarrar said she felt that white women who take part in the art of bellydance are engaging in cultural appropriation and "brown face."[4] Her commentary was widely criticized; UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh stated ironically "Maybe telling people that they can’t work in some field because they have the wrong color or ancestry would be … rats, I don’t know what to call it. If only there were an adjective that could be used to mean 'telling people that they mustn’t do something, because of their race or ethnic origin'".
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SFace says
Its damn if you buy and damn if you rent.

This generally true in the Bay Area. Venture capital transfers vast sums from their investors to local landlords via programmer salaries. But buying is no better, and often worse, for the same reason.

lostand confused says
Here is this decent house in Detroit, MI for 8,500 bucks -5 bedroom 2 bath!
Does need TLC, windows-, back taxes etc-but can find plenty of these homes there?

Have you been to Detroit? The house may look nice, but the danger is extreme. There is pervasive and violent anti-white racism which makes it a bad idea for white people to visit there, much less move there. The few white people in Detroit are generally Lebanese (both Christians and Muslims) who came from a literal war zone and so are not all that freaked out by gunfire and beatings. Here is about as positive a spin as you can put on it:
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drB6 says
Poland has its share of drunk, aggressive E. European idiocy, especially in smaller towns, or after football

Those football (soccer) idiots actually have great value in a society. I changed my mind about them after reading about the English soccer lout who literally beat an attacking Muslim terrorist with a chair and nearly lost his life:

A football fan reportedly yelled “F**k you, I’m Millwall” as he single-handedly took on the three knife-wielding London terror attackers armed with nothing more than his fists.

Roy Larner has already been hailed a hero, with a petition launched for him to be awarded the George Cross medal for his actions in the Black and Blue steakhouse on Saturday night.

In fighting back, the 47-year-old Millwall fan gave dozens of others who were in the Borough Market restaurant the chance to escape.

Note that even the site reporting on his resistance to Muslim terrorists refuses to call Muslim terrorists Muslims, but instead uses "terror attackers" who just happen to be shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "This is for Islam."

So while Millwall is known to have the most violent fans, such people do have a useful function and we should be more appreciative of them.
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“But of course, we are all called racist now, and the word is actually meaningless.

“It’s just a way of changing the subject. When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is ‘hmm, you actually have a point, and I don’t know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot we’ll both forget how enlightened your comment was’.”

The Housing Trap
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