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Yeah I can see why Heartiste was driven out... he questioned narratives and provided factual counterpoint examples contrary to the bandwagon. Don't worry, there seems to be a growing number of people no longer giving a shit about being called names, not caring about a "career", having ceded enough. Hence the recent clampdown; ((((they))) should be scared, all those useless shits should start to worry about the growing realization e.g. "There are exactly 0 people whose full or part time job is enforcement of visitation rights of fathers."

Don't dreeaamm itt… beeee iiittttt!
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I generally like the proposal. But isn't it a bit antithetical to "left wing" positions? You are right though... no more words, action now. The sad part is donks have become such a fucking clown show that Trump is still the best option at this point despite his case of acute semited anal prolapse.
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maybe this is fake but I doubt it.
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We are reaching levels of clown world that should only have existed in theory!
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They aren't toast. It's apparent that their strategy is to vote-harvest and ballot stuff all the way to victory. Hence they don't give a shit about how bad their messaging is.
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Why do Republicans allow one cent of tax dollars going to illegals?
2 1/2 years & they did nothing to stop,they are in charge, socialism.
Not even a Rep/Con call in Congress to halt their handouts?

Very astute observation. Hint: they're on the same team, not on yours, not mine.
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OP pic whi-hile lifted drives me to fap fap fap. Correcto frens. Gays? Month-long parade for confusion of biological purpose (in clown world). ?Pride in a (mostly white) country?- baa-aa-aaa-dddddd!. Not even a day for USA, the tit to which you latch?! Well, while I personally take issue with the MIC, seriously L-friendos: why does this trigger you after we've already pumped (dumped) trillions on our own USA niggers and indios?
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I rather think, this is being done as a favor to Epstein. The swamp will do a shitty job on purpose, "take a dive" in the fight so-to-speak, so that he may avoid further prosecution. At least that's the my prediction based on past patterns. They are all on the same team, I think including Trump.
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IDGAF. Trump. Was. Not. Hillary. Having my skin be used as the greatest scapegoat of all time, pretty much my whole life, has not helped foster this so-called "empathy" that is being lamented.
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Nice find, thanks. Kind of reminds me of Scott Adams. A sample: "After realizing that the Red Pill is a bunch of misogynist crap, I’ve spit it back up and decided to develop my own style of Game that fits into the ideology of Feminism. I call it “Male Feminist Game.”
The most important thing to do when talking to a woman you fancy is to first apologize for being a man. If you’re white, affluent, attractive, intelligent, or any other oppressive social construct, then you should apologize for those too. Next you should mention that you were just reading the autobiography of the first queer Native American civil rights leader, once again apologizing for the fact that your ancestors manifest-destinyed the crap out of the Indians. When she brings up some stupid TV she’s watching, mention that it’s really great to see marginalized identities represented. You get the point. Just agree with her a lot.
You need to stop going to the gym, unless it’s to help her take pictures of herself for Instagram and Tinder. The only reason cis-het males lift weights is so that it’s easier to rape women, so you should make yourself into the least threatening thing imaginable.
The next step is to join her at lots of protests. Buy one of those pink vagina hats and wear a “This is what a Feminist looks like” T-shirt. No one will have the slightest idea that you’re a thirsty male who is hoping to use his ally status as a Trojan horse to get into some feminist’s bed.
With this method, she might let you see her naked since you’re “safe.” Just save that image to your spank bank. All heterosexual sex is rape, so you should stop having sex with women in general. The closest thing to sex that is allowed is to find a dominatrix or mommy dom. If you’re lucky, she might let you cum on the floor and lick it up. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to perform cunnilingus on her—this is the closest you’ll ever get to a real vagina."
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Sounds like you work in CA.
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Pretty clowny. God, whoever pushed that is a complete dipshit; they just happened to own part of a paper straw company.
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FortWayneIndiana says
that shit is coming back here too in Los Angeles, because of all the homeless.

If anyone gets it, they should sue the city for not containing the fucking epidemic. I swear Democrats are total pieces of shit out here, can't get shit done, just fuck everything up while virtue signaling to the idiots in order to get their money and votes.

I'm pretty sure it's Hep A, not C. Hep A contamination comes from not washing your hands of infected feces. Care to guess the demographic that best fits this description?
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Now there's a target of legit bourgeois pigs Antifas can target.
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Holy shit, a flock of KKKs just flew over my house!
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"Flash Mob". I'll add that to my normie-compatible roster of euphemisms.
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Yep. The possibility of a political solution ever dwindles.
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I call shotgun!
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LMAO now the Obamas and co fucked up Neetflix too.
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Yes. They're all on the same team, and we are not on it.
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I think they need to focus on the shipowners who brought them here.
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I bet you believe that owners should be responsible for their dog's actions, right?
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"Conservatives"- have conserved what, exactly? Oh yeah! I remember now... money to Israel.
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Who gives a damn. The more delusional they can make themselves about how it will be the better.
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BTW what "Republican" references were there in their trailer.
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?Something is already routing for votes? I wish they would do more for mental health services instead. Especially in today's divided society, and by that I mean families are no longer staying together and caring for another, I feel that people from weaker-bonded families fall through the cracks. Very inhumane. But hey, tacos!
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I see. Well then, my first comment stands. Actually, more movies like this should be made. Featuring superpowers etc. "Wax-my-balls Dilator, go! go! go!"
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Fortwaynemobile says
Left is not just racist, they are mentally insane.

And they have the right to keep & bear arms.
When they decide to invoke the 2nd Amendment Solution it won't be insane,it will be crazy Rep/Con bloody.
Not one Republican's delusional belief can do anything about it. Try & take the Left's firearms.

Feels like looking at a chiral image projection of myself. I bet... you would like to be left alone, like me. But fuckers won't leave you alone, at least indirectly. Tell us, where is your sore spot? I mean the biggest ones, Pareto style. I don't think I've seen it posted. Here, I'll give you one of mine in trade- debt on my behalf, esp children's behalf, to benefit government-connected.

So what is driving your dissatisfaction?
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Well, have you been to a Walmart during normal working hours, esp on EBT day? My experience has been squatemalens buying junk food with gibs… results may differ vs your gated enclave.
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I think what we need to do is require that all of those evil scary AR-15s and ammo get traded in for AR-10s and an equivalent number of rounds. Then the guns won't be so powerful because the numbers are lower.
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Oh no, don't make the leftists mad. I wouldn't want to break their streak of never moaning incessantly or violently attacked perceived opponents. I..., I better watch what I say, stay quiet... let them have their way with everything!
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LMAO I bet it was innocent but god damned that would be some funny lampoon.
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Yup. I am teaching young men to deal accordingly.
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LMAO detained by poobear for giving out facts. So now the Donks run China?
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Since when has that pesky piece of paper actually mattered, been enforced?

Trump...he... he was just tipsy on joo joo cum! Nothing to see here. In fact, listen here, cucks, if Trump needs to censor free speech to MAGA, then by golly we are gonna MAGA! If Trump needs to flood our skilled labor market to appease the masters at your expense, it is OK to replace you legally for MAGA! And, if we need to take out a trillion dollar loan on your children's head to MAGA the MIC and fat lazy nigllegals! Well then, we just need to MAGA! Do. Not. Question. Goy!

The sad part is the uniparty has this shit on lockdown now. It's now framed as Trump or batshit-racist-crazy-self-guilting-piece-of-shit. Still think Trump is better, but honestly he had better redeem bigtime.
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More code for "Fuck You White Male!"
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Mein peepee got a semi. Finally they maybe just maybe wake the fuck up. Is it too much to ask that they notice the puppet strings too?
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The top is me saying how much I respect and like Clarence Thomas
The bottom is me saying to NPCs how much I dislike niggers
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