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lostand confused says

Trump should not have said that , and now trying to spin it

Thanks L&C--there's at least one person who hasn't completely lost their minds in their Trump adoration. The level that some of the other posters on here go to try and defend the undefendable is astounding. Trump was right--he literally could kill someone and CIC, dodgerfan, et. al would come on here saying the guy had it coming. Followed by Nuttboxer posting that Hillary had 3 people killed so he'd rather vote for the guy who only killed one guy instead of the woman that killed 3.

lostand confused says

The bigotry, rabid hate of the MSM is showing.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon.

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Quigley says

Bottom line: are you going to vote for a proven disaster like Clinton because Trump said some mean things that hurt your feelings?

Aww, wee lamb!

Bottom line?? Are you kidding me? If I don't vote for Trump, it will because he is a blabbering idiot who probably couldn't name 10 countries in NATO if I gave him 7. He think it's OK to use nuclear weapons as a first resort. His tax plan is worse than Romney's was and is a blatant giveaway to the 1%. Sounds suspiciously like it was written by Heritage Foundation.

The bottom line is that Trump doesn't even want to be President and has said as much to his VP picks. It will be a Pence Presidency. Good luck with that.

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thunderlips11 says

You don't have to vote for Trump, you can abstain or vote for Jill Stein.

Trust me, it's not a wasted vote. If Stein gets 5% or more of the vote, you'll have transformed the democratic party.

Transforming the party into anti-vaxxers isn't my idea of progress.

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lostand confused says

Where is the media on this and the jihadi dad ? Barely a few mentions, meanwhile trump's gaffed gets center stage attention on all the cable shows. DEmented , soulless freaks.

What are you talking about? A guy got murdered in Washington DC. It got the usual amount of attention.

Conspiracy theories don't typically get a lot of mainstream media coverage because they are almost universally wrong and easily disproven.

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thunderlips11 says

Yeah, like in the countless Republican Debates with a field of 17 candidates. He really got creamed there

The general election is very different than the primary. The other candidates were afraid to hit Trump too hard and offend his supporters because they would need them in the future. Hillary has no such restriction.

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thunderlips11 says

Did it work?

Again-what worked in the primary won't work in the general. As Trump has found out over the last several weeks.

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zzyzzx says

And I still want to know what filthy third world country you are from.

You've become a real good troll. Following in CIC's footsteps I see.

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Ranina ranina says

Well, yes, conspiracy theories do get a lot of mainstream media coverage when it suits the MSM ideology...

The fact that you would call this a "conspiracy theory" just shows how far down the wacko road you are:

"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.

"But the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

There is only one way to interpret that quote. I thought Trumpeteers were all about common sense. Well, use some of that common sense on that quote.

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lostand confused says

Oh and the extensive coverage on the nYT about Trump's treatment on women-where all the vicitms featured came out in support of Trump-I mean come on. Then the mass coverage of Trump posing his publicist or some such 20+ years ago. Meanwhile an iranian scientist gets executed, allegedly due to Hilalry's email and nobody cares

Come on--Trump courts publicity. It cuts both ways---he gets lots of press and it helps his campaign, but bad press also comes with the territory. MSM is a business--they write what gets read. Iranian scientists aren't as interesting to most of the public as Trump's sexual harassment victims. Right or wrong-that's the way it is.

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turtledove says

Bullshit! When I heard him say it, I didn't hear a joke, at all. I only thought he meant that, gun owners, as a large group of people, could provide a large voting block if they worked together. You are out of your mind and determined to see a predetermined meaning in everything Trump says. That's your problem, not his.

tatupu70 says

But the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know

"Maybe there is? I don't know?" He's not sure if people can vote?

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Ironman says

No, there's two. The ones with common sense and DON'T take statements out of context, and people like YOU and YESYNOT and the MSM who suffer from MAJOR Trump Derangement Syndrome

OK, please put it in context then for us. Let's see how the context changes the interpretation.

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Here, I'll help you out CIC. This gives the context, right?

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Ironman says

What he said was fine. The issue comes up when retards like Tatty want to take ONE sentence out of context instead of listening to the multiple paragraphs of his complete statement.

OK, post the multiple paragraphs then. Prove me wrong by showing the context that I missed. (just kidding. I know you won't do that)

Ironman says

Trump came out later on Hannity and had to explain his statement in easy, 1st grade language so low information voters like Tatty, Roberta, Marcus and YesYNot can understand them.

It's called spin. And it fooled nobody except for the hard core Trumpeteers.

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Ironman says

The lamestream media cartel is FREAKING OUT that Donald Trump made a casual joke about Second Amendment unity during a campaign rally on Tuesday.

Wait a second. Now it's a casual joke?? I though it was "obvious" that he was simply telling gun owners to vote?? Which is it CIC?

And the MSM rightly distinguishes between idiots on twitter and someone running to be President of the most powerful country on Earth. To even make that comparison is ridiculous.

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Ironman says

What about all those Twitter posts. what do you "think" about them?

They're idiots.

Ironman says

Here's a 31 second video clip for you. Let's see if you can concentrate and comprehend for that period of time.

Yep. So which is it? A casual joke or a call to gun owner to vote?

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Ironman says

Here's "context" for you Tatty. I'll post this here too. It's 31 seconds, TWICE as long as your "context".

Great--so which is it then? A casual joke or a call for gun owners to vote?

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Ironman says

Is that what your buddy Nate Silver told you?

That's what this tells me:

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Ironman says

"simulating the election" of "possible outcomes"

That's all you need to know... you can make an algorithm do what ever you want, based on it's design.

Garbage in - garbage out.

How did Nate's "possible outcome" of Trump's nomination work out? Did he "simulate" that too?

wtf are you talking about. Those are the current state polling averages.

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Ironman says

What did the Trolling company that pays you tell you to say?

So, you're not sure then?

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FortWayne says

Democrats want to take rights away, you'd think that matters. But their voters don't care for having rights

Please don't try to articulate what Dem voters believe. You aren't capable.

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thunderlips11 says

Trump has grabbed the economic concerns and made them front and center. Free Trade Extremisists have been reduced to babbling incoherently because all the evidence shows it has gutted Middle America from Binghampton to Reading to Gary to Sacramento.

He's grabbed free trade, yes. But he's abandoned the working class in every other way economically. His tax plan is a middle finger to the working man.

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NuttBoxer says

What I did see in my old thread was a mortgage max of $1,800 a month. I just now started paying $1,850, so what that thread confirms is by renting I saved and increased my investment potential significantly for the past 6+ years.

That's not really true. You're not comparing apples to apples. The only way to compare is to look at the price of a home and the rent of the same home. And then compare those numbers.

Comparing your actual rent with your max approved mortgage payment makes no sense.

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lostand confused says

Except all his victims came out in defense of him . Hilalry's victim has been executed.

I'm not saying he's guilty, just that the sexual harassment scandal is much more interesting to the general public.

But, the Iranian scientist thing has been thoroughly debunked.

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Ironman says

No, I'm not sure which Trolling company pays you to shill for the Dems. Why don't you tell us.

Sure--as soon as you tell me what Trump did yesterday. Was it a casual joke? Or was he appealing to Gun owners to get out and vote?

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Ironman says

Here, feel free to finally read the transcript, you might learn something (I doubt it though)

That's nice. Was it a casual joke? Or was he appealing to gun owners to vote?

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Ironman says

A joke about what??

I don't know--you are the one that posted it.

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Did you forget??

Ironman says

Media Freaks When Donald Trump Jokes About the Second Amendment, Stays Silent When HIS Life Is Threatened.

The lamestream media cartel is FREAKING OUT that Donald Trump made a casual joke about Second Amendment unity during a campaign rally on Tuesday. Media elit-o-crats insisted that Trump was calling on Hillary Clinton to be assassinated if she’s elected so she can’t nominate anti-Second Amendment liberal justices to the Supreme Court.

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Ironman says

See, one of you TDS fanatics get it. Now please explain that to Tatty, he's just a bit slow.

OK--well, you need to tell the guy at then. He didn't get the memo either.

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thunderlips11 says

Sure, gunned down from behind in broad daylight with his wallet, phone, and watch on his body. Sounds like a typical robbery.

I know it's hard to keep the conspiracy theories straight, but I'm pretty sure the Iranian scientist wasn't shot in DC.

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Ironman says

How about vote for NONE of the establishment?

Good, so you've given up on Trump then? Because last I checked, the Heritage foundation was a huge part of the establishment and they are basically running Trump's fiscal policy.

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So, the theory is that Rich had incriminating material that he was going to take to the FBI? And that he was the DNC leak?

Why didn't he leak the incriminating material then? Especially since the FBI has already shown that they will quash any charges against HRC (at least, according to you guys). That doesn't make sense.

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Patrick says

t's also very troubling that there is absolutely zero about the possibility of his being the DNC leaker in the mainstream press.

Well, MSM requires things like sources, and does things like checking facts. Both of those tend to reduce the number of crackpot conspiracy theories that they can print.

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Ironman says

Can you please reference ANYWHERE where I said I was voting for him.

lol--are you not going to vote for him?

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Trump stopped being anti-establishment a long time ago-it's just too bad the Trumpeteers are too slow to realize it.

VP pick-- Mike Pence, establishment
Fiscal policy-- Heritage Foundation, establishment
H1Bs-- already walking back initial statements, establishment

How long until he starts walking back the trade stuff?

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Patrick says

Trump is mainly a reaction to the systematic destruction of the white working class by outsourcing all their jobs to China to benefit the elite.

That's the reality Trump voters care about.

I'm sure that's what you care about and Thunder too. But you guys are the exception.

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Ironman says

I was 100% right about real estate in my area

No you weren't. You told me not to buy and posted time after time saying I would lose money. Guess what--I made a bundle on my place.