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Like I've said before-

I don't care if it's fake news, I believe it anyway.
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mell says

A bit quick to jump to conclusions. Sounds like a lone delude ass. Nonetheless these people need to be dealt with as well mercilessly. Alt right to me is Shapiro and others. This guy is if confirmed a white supremacist follower. Pretty different.

This guy was all over the alt-right websites. He is the alt-right.

Own it.
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Tenpoundbass says

That is SO November 2016.
Nobody calls themselves AltRight that's a label the Liberal media calls a Trump supporter.
It's weak bullshit you'll have to do better than that. The Alt-Right has been exposed as LARP.

OK-whatever the hell they want to be called now, it was the right. Again.

Why can't a day go by without another violent act by the right?
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komputodo says
with all the STEM guys on this forum, can any explain how and when these things were supposed to detonate?

Pretty sure nobody on pat.net has been able to analyze the bombs.
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lostand confused says
Another day, another senseless mirders and democrats delight in the gruesome murder, death and carnage because ethey think they can somehow pin it on Trump. Dems are ghouls.

"delighting?" Dems are the ones who want to stop this nonsense.

Trump is the one encouraging and celebrating violence at his rallies.
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TrumpingTits says
How many people have died at the synagogue that Trump-hater shot up? 11 so far?

Way to go MSNBC!

Stupid libtards
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lostand confused says

Demsa re the ones having an orgasm right now

Example? Could you point to someone "having an orgasm"?
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MbS says
Tatupu and afroman for sure. Their glee is palpable. At the time the bodies of the victims are not even cold yet.

Good. Can you point me to any of Aphro or my posts that are gleeful?
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CBOEtrader says
Ex: Still waiting for Marcus to tell us why Trump is a liar.

I'm obviously not Marcus, but I've proven that Trump is a liar many, many times.

Here is the latest one from yesterday:


“Remember the New York Stock Exchange,” Trump said in Murphysboro, Illinois, saying former NYSE chairman Dick Grasso overcame huge obstacles to open the NYSE “the following day” after the city was devastated.

In fact, with Manhattan in lockdown after the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers, the NYSE and the Nasdaq exchanges were closed until Monday, September 17, the longest shutdown since 1933. When markets reopened, U.S. stocks suffered several days of steep losses.
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CBOEtrader says
Lol, this is your lie? Ok try explaining what exactly YOU think trump lied about.

It's not ME. It's Trump stating something that is factually incorrect.

The stock market did NOT open the next day. It was closed for almost a week. And he said it multiple times so it wasn't like he exaggerated or made a simple mistake. He knowingly lied to make a false point.
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CBOEtrader says
Play the actual video and let's hear what he was talking about. The trading community uses NEXT DAY synonymously with next trading day.

You are seeing ghosts, just as your masters have programmed you to do.

I played it and it is exactly as I stated it. I linked the article that lays out the context exactly.

What I see is a President that lies often. And a bunch of beta male sheeple who believe whatever their master tells them without ever questioning it.
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MegaForce says

I think your map needs some work. There's no way Cook County is red.
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Patrick says
The timing of these events right before the midterm elections is suspiciously convenient for the democrats.

The timing of the caravan was suspiciously convenient for the Republicans.
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MrMagic says
How so, the best case scenario is they get here by Thanksgiving at their current travel rate, no benefit to the midterms.

How many will you be inviting over to your house for Turkey dinner?

We're obviously talking about how these events play out politically. Trump obviously feels like the caravan is a great issue for him to exploit politically so it's suspicious that it started right leading up to mid-terms.
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Booger says

lol--why do Trump supporters fall for this stuff all the frickin time?

Somebody photoshopped a copule pictures and pretended CNN did it.
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Goran_K says
So why is he hanging out with DNC donors at fund raising events?

I doubt he was.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Did you miss this one? I sure did:


Amazing. MSM is quoted to prove that MSM doesn't cover a news story.
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Yes, another FALSE FLAG!!!


The deep state is having its revenge!
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Goran_K says

No he did not retweet any anti-Trump tweets but he did like several tweets from his lefty list of tweeters.

He didn’t even follow trump.

You don’t find that peculiar? The NPC media is saying he was a rabid lefty because he attended a rally but his social media says otherwise. Why the disconnect Marcus?

So what's your theory then?

He pretended to be a rabid Trump MAGA cultist, went to rallies, made videos, decked his car in propaganda for years. But forgot to mask his twitter account?
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Goran_K says

Can you prove he decked his car with trump stickers for years?

Yes, I've already posted an article where his former boss said she would only let him deliver food at night because she didn't want customers getting offended by the propaganda on his van.
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Goran_K says
What happened to Blasey Ford?

What about Roy Moore’s accusers?

WTF is going on here?

Did something happen to them?
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Goran_K says

Yes they basically vanished after dropping huge criminal accusations. Blasey Ford did so after collecting a cool million.

Like I said, WTF is going on.

Of course they did. What did you think they would do? Go on a World Tour?
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Goran_K says

But certain people of a certain politically leaning think that’s a-ok. The NPC culture is very real. It’s scary.

What's a-ok? Wtf are you talking about?
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Goran_K says
So the NYT Facebook account is totally true but his twitter account is false?

That’s a huge disconnect Marcus. Can you explain it?

There is no disconnect. There's nothing to explain.
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Goran_K says
Where did Blasey Ford go?

Same place everyone goes. Back into her life.

Where did you expect her to go?
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Goran_K says
Already explained. Read back.

Nope. Was never answered.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Funny, I don't remember CNN or MSNBC saying "Rabid Anti-Semitism in America: Hassidic Man Brutally Beaten by Middle Easterner" and making it top news.

Bad for the narrative.

Have you watched every story on MSNBC and CNN? Do you remember every one?

I imagine there is a lot you don't remember....
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Goran_K says
Exactly. Her disappearing was never explained. It makes no sense. These people just appear, claim incredible crimes, then disappear.

She didn't disappear.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

So, there's a hate crime in broad daylight and it's barely reported? Pretty odd, eh?

Was it barely reported?
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It was probably a false flag anyway. Did you check the guy's twitter account?
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lol @ all the Trump supporters celebrating already and cherry picking data to try to convince themselves that everything is OK.

I can't wait until next week.

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