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Tornadoes are not a new weather phenomenon. Instead of building houses out of sticks, we should be building them out of better materials that don't have the bad characteristics of wood.

I built an ICF home with a full basement about 2 years ago and I do not worry about it too much. The only vulnerable parts would be the windows which can't be 100% hardened to 100 mph+ wind driven missiles. I figure that keeping the beds away from the windows will eliminate most of the risk of a fatal hit at night when I am unable to take shelter in the basement.

The house did not cost that much more than a stick built house. Aside from the thicker door jams and wider window seats, you can't readily tell what it is.

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Bap33 says

m a fan of CNG for engines. I run a 120 mega watt generator with an inline 6 GM on CNG and it works great.

I can assure you that this is wrong. If this were correct, you would have a machine that is 1/8 as powerful as the power plant that I work at. One mega watt of electricity will power about 1000 homes.

Bap33 says

you know what, I may be wrong about that, I have a stand by generator for a three motor pump station, each motor is 300 horse, 3 phase, running with a VFD system, and I honestly am not real sure what the wattage is ... for some reason the 120 sounds right, but maybe the "mega" part is wrong?? not an electric guy, sorry if I got it wrong. Not intentionally messing that one up. lol

came back to edit, I think I should be saying KW not mega ... that sound closer? lol

1 horse power is about 750 watts. 300 horse power is about 225 KW.

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APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says

Guns are fine as long as you can't conceal them. Forty gauge shotgun, sure, every house hold ought to have two for each family member. Crossing guard gets pissy, tries to tyrannize the tots, BLAM!, cut in fucking two. Freedom reigns.

I have never heard of a 40 gauge shotgun. The smallest that I have seen is a 410.

If you really want to cut the crossing guard in two, why not use a rusty machete?

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I am surprised that APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich is ignored so much. Half of the fun of reading this blog are his posts about the coming cannibal anarchy. Hell I enjoy reading his posts.

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I wanted to build one but I could not sell it to the wife. This is pretty much disaster proof and efficient.

It is simple to build:

1) Build a tension ring

2) Put the form on the ring

3) Inflate the form

4) Spray the foam in

5) Hang the rebar

6) Spray in the shotcrete

7) Finish the home how you like

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How do you shoot women and children?

Skip to 1:30 for the Punch line.

You could probably use similar advice for shooting at old people from a helicopter. You just don't lead them so much.

APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says

Oxygen bottle hits net you an extra 100 points if they make a flame plume.

You Would have to use tracers for this to work. If you could get incendiary rounds, it would probably look like fireworks on the forth of July. You would however have to pay the ATF a $200 stamp tax for each incendiary round. I guess you could repeal that part of the NFA legislation with the same legislation that repeals Obama care and get around the $200.

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gbenson says

Had been debating making my own thread, but this one seems appropriate for the question.

I have a legitimate question for our right leaning friends on patnet.

In the past 20 years, what legislation (at the national level) has been initiated, supported, and passed by Republicans that exclusively benefits the poor or middle class (the 98%), with no tangible benefit to the top 2%?

I have asked a number of righties I know this question and it utterly perplexed them or they just grasp for an answer like 'tax cuts', at which point I have to re-explain the thrust of the question to them.

Google didn't seem forthcoming with an answer either.

You just don't understand that one day I can be rich. On some payday in the future after using half of my paycheck to buy scratch offs, Mega Millions, and Powerball tickets, I will enjoy the privilege of benefiting from these tax cuts after winning big.

You just have to believe that someday you will be rich too!

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Melmakian says

n direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act? You sur

This Act does not apply to the Marines or Navy.

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everything says

0% staffed by robots but they'll get used to

I would trust a robot more than a low wage earning human to make my food. I doubt a robot is going to squirt some hydraulic fluid into my burger before he/she wraps it up.

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Dan8267 says

Basically, there are two paths that work. You can enter a parasitic field (lawyer, financial industry, politician, etc.) or you can enter a field that requires physical presence and/or is restricted by law/licensing to a certain number of entries per year like doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, nuclear technician, etc..

Nuclear Technicians are not hard to find. The Licensed Operators however take years of training in a license class before they are ready to take a NRC Exam. They then have even more training afterwards for their normal day to day job. It took me just under 4 years to obtain a license after I was hired.

These Operator Licenses are site specific meaning that they can't be used at another plant and they are not easy to obtain. I tend to think that this keeps wages low because I can't use to operate another plant for more pay. That plant would still have to pay me for two to three years while I am getting another license and it is not cheap.

I agree with the idea of the mythical shortage of STEM degree holders. I earned a BS in Nuclear Engineering and there is very little out there in this field. When I was in school, I thought that nukes would make a big come back. How wrong I was!

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Rin says

Pardon the pun, but nuclear engineering was the 1st STEM field to get nuked during the 80s. From what my dad's friends had said, the blast radius was nearly 100% of nuke grads, who didn't do the navy program (& thus, served on a carrier/sub). For other STEMs, the tides came & went with each tech/business fad.

Yes. I graduated from school in 2004. According to an ABET paper there were only 202 graduates that year across the USA. Most of the people in the utilities are growing older each day and will be replaced.

The reason I studied Nuclear Engineering is because I thought at the time that it was poised to make a big comeback. I was wrong. It is ok because I simply became an operator and make more money than an engineer. The drawback is that I work shift work. I am now just a blue collar worker with a federally issued license.

I still have hopes of Nuclear Power making a big comeback with the next generation reactors. If we had not cancelled the IFR design, we would have a better designed reactor that would have plenty of fuel available to use (spent fuel from the current generation).

Nukes still make about 20% of the electricity in the country and are not going away just yet. The great thing about nukes is that the fuel costs are very low and they can be even lower with the newer designs. The natural gas craze is going to crush some utilities that decided to build lots of these gas units. Most nukes operate on 18 or 24 month fuel cycles. The plant that I work at has been online at nearly 100% output for about the last year and won't shut down until next spring.

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Weird video. Why would the producers of this video have American Soldiers running around with Yugoslavian SKS rifles instead of M1 Garands?

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Dan8267 says

thenuttyneutron says

Weird video. Why would the producers of this video have American Soldiers running around with Yugoslavian SKS rifles instead of M1 Garands?

That's what you find weird about the Mormons? Not what would a Jew from the Iron Age be doing in the Americas?

You are right about the weird factor. I am still trying to connect the battle field scene and young men choking the bishop to internet porn.

If they have a video about internet porn addicting young men to masturbation, where is the video about "daddy's little princess" going to BYU and finding three men to get air tight as soon as possible after all those years of repression at home?

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I guess driving a moped will be my only affordable option soon.

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This only solves half of the problem. Like petroleum based fuels, H2 is just a method of storing and transferring large amounts of energy. Instead of using ancient sun light from gasoline, you would need to generate the energy to make the H2. You would need to bring many nuke plants online for the energy input to make a H2 fueled economy work. The Integral Fast Reactor design would be a good starting point.

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I am not convinced that the women having kids with loser males will matter in the long term. There really are no corrective forces now for this tragic setup. This may not be the case in the future. The people that have a fewer kids but invest heavily in them may actually win out in the end because they will have the skill sets for thriving in a tough environment when those corrective forces return.

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H2 probably is the future but it will use the proven Internal Combustion Engine technology that everyone is currently using with gasoline. The problem is not in the storage of H2. The main problem is finding the energy inputs that will make the H2 cheap enough to use as a fuel.

Like gasoline, H2 is just an energy storing material that releases it's energy content by burning it with the air.

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So I am wondering what to think about all of this. There seems to be a battle between deflation and inflation with no clear winner.

The whole credit system was backstopped by the Fed but the money created by the Federal Reserve never really hit the main street. Will this money ever get out and wreck our currency or will deflation still win out and destroy those people who leveraged themselves up?

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I think that the picture in the story is of an American freeway. The pickup truck in the picture is why I think it is an American freeway (common here).

This picture was probably taken by a European news agency and thus the source.


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The gun that you seek all depends on the situation that you want to protect against. You should consider several things before deciding on what to buy. One big selling point for me is the caliber that you buy. Stay away from the esoteric calibers and stick to the more popular rounds. i.e. buy something in a NATO size 7.62x51 or .308 vs a 5.7 x28 or a .45 ACP vs a .40 S&W.

If you want long range precision, a .308 (7.62x51) bolt action rifle with an accurate scope would be perfect. The Ruger Gun Scout Rifle is fairly cheap, has a Mauser style action for reliable feeding, detachable box magazine, accurate aperture sights (big plus), and mount points for scope rings if you decide to attach a scope.

If you want to defend your home on the inside, a nice reliable over-under 20 gauge shot gun would be good. If you are a big guy that can handle it, buy a 12 gauge. Pump actions can also be good as long as can reliably cycle the action (no short stroking)

For close in Urban Style stuff you would probably like a carbine with a heavy bullet. An old Tommie gun in the .45 ACP would work quite well. You can also buy some cheap Hi-point carbines with 10 round magazines fairly cheaply.

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I think that Trump is a psychopathic egocentric political arsonist running for the nomination of a corrupt party that can only be cleansed and sterilized with fire. He showed up to the RNC with a political Molotov cocktail in one hand, a zippo lighter in the other, unzipped his pants in front of the party leaders and said get "get on your knees bitches and suck me off until I grow bored of the amusement of watching you blow me!"

I love it! He will be a disaster in the White house but if you are one of the many economically marginalized people in the USA, you won't care! The NASCAR fans of the RNC don't show up to the races to watch cars go around in a big oval over and over. They show up to hopefully catch a big crash that fills the air with burning chunks of rubber and flying metal shrapnel. Trump is the perfect guy to give them what they all want. He has taken to the track but decided to turn right and drive against the flow of everyone else. It is only a matter of time before we witness a crash that we all want to see.

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Yes. Hope and Change that we can all believe in. Maybe the white trash of America will grab their torches, rifles, pitchforks and protest in Cleveland this summer while the RNC is having their convention. We can encourage them and give them recipes for long pork delicacies!

Important note: It is 100% legal to open carry in Ohio and state law preempts all laws that attempt to regulate the 2nd Amendment by local governments. You don't need a license or permission to exercise this right.

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Ceffer says

The candidate of CANNIBAL BARBECUE, at any rate!

That is why they need the torches. They have to have a way of getting the BBQ pits going!

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One sure fire method for Trump to win the RNC nomination is to have a cohort of bonobo apes follow him up to the debate stage where they hurl shit at the audience and engage depraved sexual acts with Cruz and Rubio.

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DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says

It's obvious Trumpfuck wants to ass rape MARCO MARCO THE HOWLING BOTTOM FROM TALLY . . .

Now don't go thinking of crazy ideas like this! The only way the Donald will unleash his pent up primal sexual urges and fuck Marco in the ass is for Marco to parrot Trump by dropping his pants and showing Trump that he is clean shaven everywhere. Everyone know this because it has been proven by science!

Now the question then becomes, is Marco a clean shaven guy? If he is, it would be quite a stomach turning sight to see Marco sodomized by Trump and witness Trump clean his junk in Marco's mouth at the end.

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People are just pissed off and we will elect anyone not in the party establishment. The party leaderships have pushed too far and now the blow back is about to begin.

One very positive and constructive outcome to all of this would be the formation of a moderate third party that will gather the silent majority in the middle from the broken parties that we have now. The new party's platform would contain language like "you respect my rights to own guns and I will respect your rights to abortions." It would be a simple truce on the divisive elements of our political system. The new party instead would focus on the common problems like taxes and spending.

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rando says

didn't know that. i wonder if ohio has more or fewer shootings because of it.

I am not sure what the stats would be.

I forgot to include this link in the reply that I made earlier today.

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I heard that the Meeting between Yellen and Obama was all about setting up a meeting between the Banksters, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton to hash out who will be the next POTUS.

It is all about seeing which candidate would be best qualified to satisfy the sexual desires of the bankster cartel during the next president's term. Hillary so far is ahead in the contest because she can take a dick in her ass, mouth and pussy all at the same time. Poor Ted Cruz is soliciting offers from the world's best gender reassignment specialist to gain parity. He has already promised to tattoo tits on his back to please a bankster regardless of the position he has assumed and be prettier than Hillary.

Trump will never stand a chance in this contest!

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They should just block the "straight" material and allow all the gay and shemale material to be viewed.

The rednecks will go wild with rage when their only option to rub one out is viewing a shemale get jack hammered. Their usual and prefered step daughter material will have to wait until the law is repealed.

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I don't understand why anyone would even venture close enough to sniff Hillary's face. I guess if you like the smell of Santorum, you might like her face's odor.

I can't help but believe that Hillary sticks her face in smelly mixtures of bankster cum, her own shit, and Astroglide after a good scat-sex session. The banksters tip better when she sucks it up with her mouth and swallows at the end.

Those banksters are a sick bunch of fucks are they not?

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He howls like a bonobo ape beating their chest as they bust-a-nut. I can only imagine that Nero would blush many shades of pink if he were alive today and saw the sick demented cocaine driven sex acts that the Kleptocracy is enjoying at the top of their Ivory Trump Towers.

I can't imagine Trump saying anything different than what he says now. All he has to do is utter racial slurs to the red necks about colored people raping their white children and their future grandchildren being mixed breed humans to drive them to madness. It drives them into a homicidal rage every time! I bet a colored person gets lynched every time Trump hollers "immigrant" while a knuckle dragging red neck white cracker earns their tear drop tattoo.

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DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says


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Comment 2

What is the tear drop tattoo all about?

I've seen one or two on news report photography.

The tear drop tattoo is FREEDOM! It is the highest award for valor that a red neck leader can bestow upon their faithful subjects for eliminating colored people in the name of righteousness. This is all because you know, somewhere in the bible it says that it is a sacrament to kill people that are different than you. In some parts of the south it can be used as an affirmative defense at trial. These trials usually ends with the prosecuting attorney and his team being ganged raped violently by the bailiffs in the judge's chambers for the amusement of the onlooking judge and defendant.

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Because Bernie Sanders pounded my pussy so hard in the NY primary, I developed uterine cancer and will soon die a painful agonizing death with my Affordable Health Care insurance. I must therefor drop out of the race. I felt the Bern and it is not good for me or the Banksters. My advice to the banksters, spread your checks and smear Astroglide on your sphincters to reduce the intensity of the pain. This pain will be more tolerable than rope burn.

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I think it is a shame that we can't have those annoying Amazon ads on! If this site were an Amazon Associate, we could also sell useless shit to other people on the internet. Imagine the lost profit potentials because Amazon management are assholes!

Imagine the market for Long Pork and Face cookbooks. I bet AF and I could publish such a book and it would fetch a pretty penny! The secret is to use lots of garlic and wild onions to hide that distinct smell of seared flesh. What would be the going rate for 10 lbs of shit stuffed in a 5 lb bag and marketed as fertilizer? I bet that would sell out faster than the rate at which I could fill up the bags up.

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Now if someone pulls out a 1911 and puts of few .45 ACP rounds though the brains of this menacing and threatening robot, I would applaud them.

Part of me wonders if knocking it over on its side and then taking a baseball bat to it Michael Bolton style is in the cards for the anti gun Californian? How many of these things would have to be destroyed before the retailer gave up on them?

Forget Pokemon Go. We should make a Robotocide Geo Tagging game out of destroying these robots in the most creative ways possible and posting it online. Bonus points goes to the man that uses a flail.

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BayArea says

Most engines don't require these and it is more important that you change the oil at regular intervals with conventional motor oil of the appropriate spec called out by the owner's manual.

Pure FUD. The only way to determine if the oil needs to be changed is by pulling a sample and analyzing it. Most people won't go that far and just change the oil well before the oil has broken down or been depleted of the additives.

If you really wanted to run an engine for a long time and avoid engine wear, you really need a bypass filter that can filter out the sub-micron particles and keep the added chemicals in spec. Oil becomes depleted of the additives long before the actual breaks down. The only way to know if the chemicals are depleted is to analyze the oil. Car companies just pick a mileage number that will cover most driving habits. Why do you think Subaru went from a 7.5k interval to a 6k interval the next year?

I put about 700 miles on my car a week (2010 Subaru Impreza) but I have extended the oil change interval to 10k by using Mobil 1's top grade synthetic and Mobil 1 filter. The only problem with doing this is that extending out the oil changes and letting the sump get depleted from normal oil loss past the piston rings usually does not end well. One of the only negatives about the flat 4 is that it burns oil faster than any other engine design that I have owned. I have to add a quart every 3 k miles to keep the sump at the high mark.

The real basis for the short interval changes are normal oil losses (people too lazy or stupid to check the oil level at the gas station) or the additives are out of spec low.

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just any guy says

Buy the 5 quart container of Mobil 1 for $25 at Walmart.

I could not agree more! I would add that changing the oil yourself is also a good idea. I doubt even the factory trained techs at the dealerships follow the manuals. Buy a Craftsman torque wrench, the Toyota oil filter tool, and single use crush gaskets (if the car uses it) and you can get the change time down to 10 minutes of actual work. The old oil can be put in the oil canister that you the new oil came in and turned in to recycle.

I will add that of all the heads that I have pulled off an engine, the engines that used synthetic oils always seemed to have the original holning marks still visible in the cylinders. Synthetic is far superior to conventional oils and the tests consistently show this.

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Blurtman says

The mutineers were then brought into the centre, and the proceedings of the general Court-Martial was read.

Please tell me they sold tickets and had scantly dressed sex slaves sell cheap beer to the spectators! If they did not, they missed out on one hell of a tax revenue stream.

Hell why stop there! I am sure they could make a killing by putting on hourly camel shows and selling tickets to goat "petting" side shows.

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CL says

My question is, is there a "better" time of year to put your contributions in, a la "buy low, sell high"? "Sell in May", would seem to indicate that the 2nd quarter might be a good time to be "buying" via contributions.

You are better off buying stocks when the full moon is going into a Lunar Eclipse as the moon crosses Sagittarius A.

For added returns on top of your "ok gains", you would need to get a few virgins to sacrifice on the alter of your local bank for the sole purpose of pleasing the sky wizards. Make sure you collect the blood of the sacrifice victims and bath in it 14 days later when the new moon arrives. Your profits would easily double!

That my friend is the only logical way of timing today's stock market.

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I am wondering if the department violated an unwritten policy to obfuscate and cover for the deputy's crime. There is going to be hell to pay when the thin blue line turns on the law enforcement officer that investigated this incident. What is the use of abusing your power with impunity if there is no guarantee that you will get protection when your ass is on the line.

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I should get a fake ID and go fuck all the lonely women out there. They want cock at least once a month and this is at the best time to reproduce and it not cost me anything more than a dinner and a box of cheap wine.

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"Fuck a lot of women. Not just one woman. A lot of women!"

Why did I not have such sage advise from my grandfathers?

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Ceffer says

All women have to do to reproduce is roll over and bite the sheets. Nobody has to worry about their evolutionary future. On the other hand, Men.....???

They just have to do all the work of raising them and for that I thank them.

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Can't they just borrow more money at a negative interest rate from the ECB and not lend it out? Magic money..... they pay you to take on loans that you never intend to repay.

Violating the laws of finance is easy if you just ignore it.

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Bilirubin treatment? Bilirubin is a toxic compound made from the break down of hemoglobin. A light source in the range of 450 nm to 500 nm is used to photoisomerize Bilirubin so it can be excreted from the body and maintain the Bilirubin concentrations at safe levels?

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What restraint! This guy is practically Saint Monica. Obama would have shot the director of the National Parks Service in the face for failing to stop the media from defaming the image of THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY!

Why shoot him in the face? A gut shot would be more painful.

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zzyzzx says

I also like the Ruger Scout rifles.

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BayArea says

Thanks for the input.

I shot a Mini-14 (223) last weekend which is technically a carbine. Also got to shoot an AR15. Both were great, i shot much better with the AR15.

I own a few Ruger products but I will never own a Mini-14. The earlier model's rifling rates were too slow to properly stabilize the heavier grain .223 Remington rounds. The Mini-14 was designed for the lighter loads in the 45 grain size. Keep in mind too that some older guns chambered in the .223 are not designed to safely handle the 5.56x45 loads. The 5.56x45 produces higher pressures and can damage older .223 firearms. I doubt you will see that problem today because everything new that I see in the .223/5.56x45 caliber are designed to use either round.

I agree with you on the AR-15. The modular design opens up so many options. The AR-15 is the gun world's open source standard. I also like that the standard iron sights are optimized for having a "good" zero from 25 yards to 300 yards without making any elevation adjustments. You can also put different sized uppers on the receivers to fire many different calibers. I have seen 9mm, .45 ACP, 300 blackout, .22 LR, .50 Beowulf, and .450 Bushmaster all fired from the same gun just by swapping the uppers. As an added bonus, you can use a standard 5.56x45 magazine to hold the 300 Blackout, .450 Bushmaster and .50 Beowulf calibers. I have seen a .50 BMG bolt action upper that will fit any standard AR-15 lower. Good luck coming up with the money to feed it. The guy said .

I am "old school" when it comes to handguns. My preferred handgun is the 1911.

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BayArea says

Thanks for the input, open source lingo for the AR, I like that!

thenuttyneutron says

My preferred handgun is the 1911.

Why is this?

The 1911 is a semi-auto pistol designed by John Browning and was used by the US military from 1911 until 1986. My grandfather flew the A-20 in WW2 and this was his sidearm. He always spoke fondly of it. It is chambered in .45 ACP, which is a caliber with a proven track record. I have also seen .380 versions.

The reason I use it is simple.... it works. It has been out for over a century and there are many parts available for it. I love the single action operation, the ease of trigger pull and how well it is balanced to allow for fast follow up shots. There are many manufactures of it as well. You can get the cheap Rock Island version for about $450 used or go with the Kimber for a lot more. Like the AR-15, this gun is also "open source".

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Why not hand him a large garbage bag with a hose connected to the bleed air of the engines and toss him in the cargo hold? He can stick his head in the bag and still fly to Louisville; just not in the seat that he paid for.

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While I agree with the choice of the 7.62x39 caliber (my favorite), you could have bought a much better gun for just a little bit more money. The CMMG Mutant is an AR platform chambered in 7.62x39 that accepts any standard AK magazine (even drums) with all the ergonomic benefits of the AR platform. It is also built to eat steel case ammo. The metallurgy of the barrel is also superior. They use a case hardening process where they use a molten salt containing lots of carbon and nitrogen to form a very hard layer around the entire barrel of the rifle to a depth of a few microns. They call it salt bath nitriding. This case hardened exterior is extremely tough and hard. You could run many rounds through it an never see any wear.

Along with the top notch barrel, they designed this platform to accept basic AR-15 parts like triggers, and butt stocks. The bolt carrier of this rifle is also a great innovation. Instead of milling out a 5.56x45 bolt to accept the 7.62x39 case, they started with an AR-10 bolt (7.62x51), cut the bolt carrier down by a few inches, and made a custom lower and upper. The bolt carrier group is not as large as the AR-10 but a lot beefier than the AR-15.

It comes with a nice free floating hand guard that is either Keymod or Mlok depending on your preference. On my Mutant I have a simple QD Sling swivel mounting point and a set of Mbus Pro Iron sights. The Mbus Pro sights are awesome because they have a M1 style aperture sight system with both elevation and windage adjustments on the rear sight and elevation adjustments on the front sight. The sight radius of my Mutant Rifle is 21" which is 1" longer than an AR-15 A2 setup.

I took the rifle to an Appleseed event over the weekend and was getting quarter sized groups from a seated position at 25 meters. I can usually keep it to about 3 MOA at 100 yards in the prone position. I have shot it with limited success at 500 yards. The round is just not designed for the extreme ranges that a full powered rifle round like the .308 or .30-06 will give you. I was however able to adjust the rear sight to raise the elevation by 12 MOA to mortar the rounds in (7.62x39 has about a 63 inch drop at 500 yards) and was getting about 50% hits on a 24" steel plate at 500 yards.

I don't like the AK platform for rifle calibers. My opinion changes if you use the AK platform in a shotgun because that is where the AK platform shines. The AK sights just plain suck and adding aftermarket sights with a long sight radius is just not an option with the dust cover design. The "looseness" of the gun that makes it so reliable also reduces the precision of the rounds.

The only thing that I don't like about the Mutant is the lack of a bolt hold open device. This is not an oversight of CMMG because the AK was never designed with a bolt hold open feature and there is no way to make one work with the standard AK magazine. You would have to trade off the many options of AK magazines for a more expensive magazine redesign in order to get this feature. The fact that I can buy 40 rounds of steel cased TulAmmo for $10 at Walmart makes me think that CMMG made the right choice.

Disclaimer I am not a CMMG employee nor do I have a financial interest in their company. I just happen to like this brand a lot after seeing, buying and, using many of their innovative products over the last few years. Their dedicated .22 LR uppers and .22 LR conversion kits for the AR-15 has been some of the best money that I have spend on firearms. They just announced their new Guard rifle which is an AR platform chambered in the .45 ACP (accepts Glock 21 magazines). I was puzzled at first expecting it to be another one of those direct blowback designs with a 5 lb bolt. To my delight and a pleasant surprise, they figured out a way to make a delayed blowback system that allows them to use a much lighter bolt.

CMMG Mutant

The Muzzle brake on the end really reduces the recoil based on my comparison to how a Yugoslavian SKS feels. The guys off to your sides on the firing line however may not like the concussive muzzle blasts that are being directed at them.

Goran_K says

A nice bolt action custom build probably. I want to get into long distance target shooting.

Take a look at the Ruger Scout Rifles. They come in a 7.62x51 (.308) or 5.56x45 (.223) flavor. The Scout rifle has a Mauser style bolt, detachable box magazine, iron sights, and the ability to mount a standard optic over the bolt or a scout scope forward of the receiver. The other alternatives would be a M1 Garand, M1A, or a standard AR-15 A2 with a 20" barrel.

You should also go attend an Appleseed to learn the skills and techniques for shooting a rifle at long ranges. Their metric for success is shooting at 4 MOA or better using nothing but your self, a USGI web sling, and the rifle.

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Straw Man says

thenuttyneutron says


Did you make Rifleman score?

Yes. I scored a 210 (minimum score for Rifleman) last year, and a 212 last Winter with a Ruger 10/22. The Ruger 10/22 is has some Techsights on it and I used CCI Minimag ammo (40 grain). I also scored a 211 last weekend with a RRA NM A2 AR-15. I shot 55 grain American Eagle bulk ammo.

I am signed up for a KD (Known Distance) event in June. I plan to use my RRA NM rifle and American Eagle 62 grain M855 bulk ammo for this event.

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Keep the links up in a forum topic and post some pictures of brutal beastiality action between a fat ugly homosexual man and a horse all around the web link.
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Unkillable? A few well placed high altitude nuclear detonations will easily kill it.

Too dramatic? Open the fucking breakers to the electric lines feeding power to these bit coin factories.
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I took a job that was in Lisle, IL back in 2015. I never relocated my family to Illinois nor did I establish residency there. I simply lived out of a hotel during the week and commuted home to Ohio on weekends. I started working in DFW at the start of the new year and I am so glad to be filling out my last Illinois 1040-R tax form.

This state is horrible and has little redeeming qualities. I will never support a Federal Bailout for this state that is too fucking stupid to govern themselves. How about this idea? If they go bankrupt and go into receivership to the Federal Government, they become a territory of the USA and lose ALL representation in Washington DC. No senators, no representatives and no ability to become a state for many years. If they want to become a state again, they would have to pay back all monies used to bail them out.
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WookieMan says
Unfortunately morons looking for double digit returns that likely won't get paid back. Probably CALPERS? Is that the correct acronym for what I think it is that I'm trying to make a bad joke about?

Brilliant idea! Just have the insolvent states buy each other's debt. They could do this by kiting checks between themselves for a few years. Think of it as a massive circle that ends where all the participants simultaneously pivot to the left and insert their penis into the ass of the state next to them. State sanctioned sodomy at it's finest!
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WookieMan says
I'm on board with the sarcasm, hence my comment. But let's all be honest here, isn't this what is actually going on? Again, I dig the comment, but when does this not become funny anymore? For me in IL the chickens are coming home to roost. I literally have a contingency plan to move out of this state. I'm not kidding at all. Why should I need to do this? Oh wait, borrowing $100B will fix this.

I feel empathy for you but Illinois is not my problem. You need to get the hell out of Illinois and make it someone else's problem. This may require you to sell your house at a huge discount. Just don't wait too long because many other people like you are going to be doing the same thing. Hell you may not be able to give the house away when the massive exodus is at its peak.

Look at states like Ohio that have low property taxes and a moderate income tax. Retired people with smaller incomes pay little income tax and this benefits older people.
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Why is Ohio your least favorite state? I think that it is a very good state to live in.

My income tax is reasonable ~5%. My property taxes are low at about $2600 per year for a house that cost me $300 k to build. The sales tax is about 6%.

Ohio is also a state that respects civil rights.

The only thing that sucks are the winters. The summers however more than make up for it.
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lostand confused says
OH is not bad-just the toll roads are a killer.

The only toll road that I am aware of is the Ohio Turnpike. It was cheap to use as well with an EZ pass. Chicago has toll roads all over the place. I commuted between Ohio and Chicago for a few years and there is only one complaint from me about Ohio. They enforce the speed limits so you had better not get caught speeding.

I just moved back to the DFW area and it reminds me of Shitcago. I think Dallas is just the "Chicago" of Texas. Dallas is also in trouble with pensions. Thus is why I plan to live in Tarrant County.
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WookieMan says
I can't even imagine the tv, radio, phone calls, etc

I don't mind these ads. I get bored with the drug commercials and the political attack ads are a welcome distraction from the usual shit on TV.
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This one made me laugh. A guy cuts the barrel of his AR-15 in half in protest to these rifles being in the hands of civilians. He violated the NFA by creating an illegal SBR (short barrel rifle) on video and then posted it online. Illegal manufacture of a SBR without paying the stamp tax of $200 and getting ATF approval carries a minimum 10 year prison sentence.
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What are the rules on engagement going to be during this brief chat?
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Goran_K says
bob2356 says

Oh I get it Citizens have AR-15 = Government can't massacre Citizens lack AR-15 = Government can massacre. Hell of a gun that AR-15 being able to stop tanks and artillary if the government wanted to really massacre the citizens.

To that I say...

I love that picture of the peasant with the Yugoslavian SKS. That gun shoots the 7.62x39 and it is more accurate/precise than the AK pattern rifles.
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AR-15 is considered a modern sporting rifle and does not meet the definition of an assault rifle because it does not have a select fire capability.

There are some AR-15s that were legally registered as machine guns with the ATF prior to the 1986 deadline. An auto-sear could be added to the AR-15 to allow it to be an automatic rifle. The auto-sear simply kept the hammer from falling until the bolt was fully in battery with the trigger being pulled. This is no longer possible legally for a civilian to do. You can however apply for the machine gun stamp and buy a pre-ban registered receiver.
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Sniper says
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
AR-15 does not belong to any of the above categories - it's best described as a sporting rifle or "civilian rifle".

Yep. It is mainly a sporting rifle, it just looks scary.

The AR15 fires a 223 caliber bullet, actually is approximately the same weight as a 22LR, just traveling at higher speed.

The .223 is in the middle. If a nut case was really serious about killing, there are a bunch more larger and more powerful rounds to fire, which are the ones hunters use. Hardly anyone hunts with a .223, not powerful enough. It's used for getting rid of varmints on the farm.

The 300 AAC "Blackout" is one of my favorite calibers. I own three different uppers for my AR-15s in this caliber. The standard AR-15 magazine can be used to feed the 300 AAC.

The .223 is indeed a varmint round but it is also specifically made to be extremely lethal by tumbling violently when it gets into something denser than air. This is one of the reasons that the military adopted this civilian varmint round to be used in their new infantry rifle. The original M-16 A1 models had a 1 in 12" twist rate that was barely enough to stabilize the bullets in hot humid air. These same rounds would keyhole at 100 yards in dense arctic air. This is why you now see 1 in 7" or 1 in 8" twist rates being standard. The faster twist also allows much heavier rounds to be stabilized.

This tumbling is sensitive to speed. Once the bullet slows to about 2,600 fps, it will not tumble and tear apart. The shorter 14.5" barrels of the M-4 reduces the range that these bullets are able to tumble. The same can be said for the AR-15 with a 16" barrel.

This may be why we are hearing about survivors of these mass shootings being hit multiple times with an AR-15. Had they been hit with a M193 (55 grain 5.56x45) out of an AR-15 using a 20" barrel with a slower 1 in 12" twist rate, I doubt anyone would survive a single hit to the center of mass.

If you want to reduce damage of these guns, the DNC should push to repeal the NFA SBR provisions and then run a huge brain washing campaign showing people fighting zombies with SBR AR-15s while laughing and smiling at the "dead" zombies. The DNC would easily get the support of the RNC in removing the SBR provisions and this would save me $200 for the tax stamp that I plan on applying for soon.
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RafiMaas says
Sniper says
The AR15 fires a 223 caliber bullet, actually is approximately the same weight as a 22LR, just traveling at higher speed.

I'm a bit confused, it sounds like you are saying that if someone shot up a school with a 22 they would be able to cause the same amount of casualties as someone with an AR-15.

Guess what, I'm not buying it.

I bet a .22 LR could be as lethal as the .223 with the right setup and situation. Simply pull the .22 bullets from the cases of a CCI Stinger and replace them with tracer bullets or white phosphorous with a lead jacket. At close ranges, these bullets would be able to penetrate into a person and burn for a bit in the victim.

The .223 and 5.56x45 use a 0.224" caliber bullet design. The .22 LR is a 0.222" caliber design. This is where the similarities end. While I don't reload .22 LR, I have dissected the caliber and it holds about 4 grains of powder. I put about 28 grains of CFE 223 in my 5.56x45 reloads.

The hottest .22 LR has about 4 grains of a fast burning powder. Average speed of a .22 LR Stinger is 1600 fps. The .223 is about 3,200 fps from a 20" barrel and is double the velocity. Since KE goes up as the square of velocity, the .223 55 grain load is a bit more than 4 times as powerful as the hottest .22 LR.
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HeadSet says
While I don't reload .22 LR

If you can find a way to reload a rim-fire cartridge like a .22, I'll take my hat off to you. Not saying it can't be done, but I will be impressed.

It is possible to reload a .22 lr but it is not easy or worth my time.

I reload .223, 300 aac, .308, .30-06, and .45 acp. Most of my .223 cases are converted into 300 aac cases with a chop saw and then running it through my resizing die. I have a ton of different .308" caliber bullets because they are used in three of my reloaded calibers.

I have heard of people reusing .22 lr brass to make a jacket for a home made .224" bullet for use in a .223.
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I have fired both the 44 Magnum in a revolver and a Henry Big Boy classic. This cartridge pairs very well with a long gun. I highly recommend the .45 ACP over a 44 Magnum when it comes to handguns but I would take the 44 Magnum over the .45 ACP in a carbine.

Ears? If your ears are bothering you, you may not have picked out the best hearing protection. Find foam ear plugs with a 33 db reduction rating. You can use those less effective muffs with the plugs and get an even better db reduction. If you can move to a NFA friendly state, a suppressor would help a lot with the ear safety.

Another safety tip, keep your hands away from the sides of the cylinder, Revolvers spray tons of burning gases out the side where the cylinder lines up with the barrel. You appear to be holding it correctly in the video so this comment is simply a reminder.
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joshuatrio says
Author's just made because they aren't open on Sunday.

The only day I don't like Chick Fil-a is on Sundays.
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Sniper says
They were so distraught and upset it wasn't a AR15, but a shotgun. I guess in their depressed state, they just combined the two together to make their own version.

The MSM does not care about facts. Semi-auto shotguns do exist but they are no where near as reliable as a pump action. Maybe the MSM is gunning for this?

These Saiga shotguns are still around but they can no longer be imported into the USA and thus command a very high price if you can find one for sale. You used to be able to get them in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and 410 gauge until they were banned from import by the Obama administration. The imported guns were sold in a "sporting" configuration which means no pistol grip and the fire control group was pushed back and had a Rube-Goldberg mechanism that connected the trigger to the hammer release.

There were domestic firearms parts manufacturers in the USA that made conversion kits that comply with the 922r rules to restore these shotguns to the correct configuration. These kits moved the fire control groups forward to the correct receiver holes, installed a pistol grip, and allowed for the use of an adjustable stock. If you were handy with a hand held drill, you could drill out the rivets and remove all of the garbage added to make it a "sporting" configuration.

The only problem with this gun is that it does not like to run on low brass ammunition without a lot of gun smithing. The gun requires a lot of tuning to the gas system, and lapping work to the bolt to polish it up in order to reduce the internal friction.

The Saiga shotgun is nothing more than a modified AK-47 patterned firearm that shoots shotgun shells.
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This is one of the reasons that I love Ohio so much and wish that I did not have to move back to Texas. Ohio also recognizes the rights of free people to legally open carry without a permission slip (conceal carry). Ohio law preempts any local gun laws meaning that you can walk in the down town areas of major cities with an AR-15 strapped to your back and the city can do nothing about it.

Texas completely sucks in this regard because they do not recognize gun rights for people choosing to open carry. Shortly after moving there I ran into a guy trying to sign people up for a CC class that he was running while browsing guns at Cabelas. When I mentioned open carry, he got all defensive and stated that he does not support open carry. WTF! You either support gun rights or you don't. I can make a compelling argument that open carry is better safety wise.

I wish that I were single and 10 years younger because I would love to go out on a date with a woman like this.
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Strategist says
real purpose of the QE was to prevent a depression. It worked.

Negative. It was to assign losers in the games of economics at a later date rather than the banking system. The system is too full of bad debt that will never be paid back. The bad debt is still there and has not gone away. It will have to be written off at some point in the future which means someone is going to get fucked.
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lostand confused says
It is sad, such beauty. I was recently talking to a liberal woman who supported illegal immigration and was saying trump was heartless. I changed the subject to career etc and she started to complain about how difficult it was to egt good paying jobs, there was no job security anymore.

I was going to bring it up, but then I realized if her own brain cannot connect the two-then why bother? How can you not connect the two??

You should have asked about the car insurance rates. I recently moved from Ohio to Texas. My car insurance rates trippled. I looked into it and found out that the major cause of it was the large numbers of uninsured drivers, many illegally here.

You also have to look at the collective resources such as roads, water, and schools. All of these are being strained as the number of people using them goes up.

The leftist have gone crazy and are on a suicide mission.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
WineHorror1 says
AF - I seriously believe you should consult a mental health professional. Do it soon.

I did and the shrink killed himself!

Then I shit on the corpse's twitching face!

And gave the good news to the wife!


The shrink must have also been a part time realator.
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Strategist says
o fucking Socialists, duh.

Ohio is better in regards to taxes than Texas. Ohio has a Low income tax and very low property taxs. I grew up in the DFW area and left 20 years ago. I spent the last 13 years living in Ohio. If I had the same house here as I did in Ohio, my property taxes would be 5x higher. Ohh well. I have to go to where the jobs are.

Texas is also awesome because of the respect of my gun freedoms. I am getting sick and tired of seeing California plates here because I know that they fucked up their state and are now here to fuck up my state.
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You want a close air support plane that is cheap and effective?

This plane is made out of common off the shelf components used on other common jets. The Army should get these and train their warrant officers on how to fly them.
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Dan8267 says
We should make guns illegal and then prevent anyone who touches a gun from ever voting again. After all, if guns are illegal then all gun owners are, by definition, criminal scum. We should also do the same for people who go to church. Making things illegal to prevent people from voting is fun, isn't it?

The right to keep and bear arms is a protected right. There is no such right for people to use drugs other than alcohol. While I agree that the war on drugs is stupid, I also believe in upholding the rule of law. The people in prison for drugs simply chose to not follow the law.

Had the FBI simply upheld the rule of law, Clinton would have been going to trial for her crimes about mishandling classified materials during the 2016 elections. Intent to break the law is not required to get a conviction. Had she been on trial fighting a conviction, Bernie would have beaten Trump. The DNC beat themselves.

Now the DNC gets to watch the balance of the power swing more to the RNC in the 2018 elections while Trump nominates more judges. If Ginsburg decides to retire or she dies, Trump will push through another conservative onto the SCOTUS. I welcome this because it will hopefully safe guard the current status of the 2nd Amendment. I would like to see all state gun control declared unconstitutional but this is a long shot and just keeping what I have may be the best that I can hope for.

I have the feeling of Schadenfreude when I see the DNC. They are more fucked up now than 2 years ago. They will likely implode into several different parties. TDS makes it even more entertaining. It shows just how stupid and childish people can get over stupid shit.
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BlueSardine says
When did sunbathing ISIS wives qualify for protection?
thenuttyneutron says
The right to keep and bear arms is a protected right.

Why are you introducing a straw man argument here?

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