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Liberal alpha males do not exist anymore because modern day liberalism encourages people to seek out being a victim. Are we seriously trying to argue here that some guys are weak and lack confidence and others are not the complete opposite? I remember when I started lifting weights when I was 21. I went from a scrawny 147 to a more solid 165. I got a lot more attention immediately from girls.
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is that a dude or a chick behind him?
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Now if they could just conquer those police "no go" areas they've developed over the years.
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Havana Cuba?
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The funny thing is, Trump has never targeted a single race. He says he wants to shut the border down and force them to immigrate legally. Meanwhile, plenty of Democrats openly proclaim White people to be the biggest problem in the country.
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My guess is, it's the insurance company that doesn't want you to know. I was billed $8 last week for my son's trip to the ER. What I know, from doing medical billing, is that the ER would accept $400 for full payment. Insurance companies want you to think you are liable for a 5 figure bill any moment to scare you into buying coverage.

Generally speaking, most individuals just never bother even paying those bills if they are uninsured. They get sent to collection and settle out of court for 10 cents on the dollar. The collection agency keeps half. So basically, 5% of the bill should be your starting point for negotiating a full payment in cas.
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We know someone who lives in Canada that loads up on round up every time he visits. Apparently, it's banned there.
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I love how liberals oppose infrastructure now
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longs are unethical, they typically spread false rumors and endless optimism to pump a stock up and sell
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This whole idea is completely based on fictitious assumptions
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The time it would take for sea level to move that far inland is orders of magnitude slower than the time it takes to build a big city from scratch. You act like Miami will be abandoned in 50 years.
  theoakman   ignore (0)   2019 Jun 19, 1:49pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag we have a time equivalent to all of recorded history to adapt with science?
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the fact that all the online sites have run pro Kamala Harris stories almost immediately after the debate, I'd say she's definitely the chosen one
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and my tomato plants have never looked better
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Blacks of the past invented their own music that white's couldn't come close to playing either. Motown, Jazz, 70s Funk, and 80s/90s hip hop. I would say that in the 2000s, hip hop degenerated into such crap that whites were able to produce the same nonsense.
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Beat the second best performing 401k option available over the past 3 years by almost 5%. I hit almost 19% return over the past 3 years to hit the best option available to myself. God that feels good..
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LMFO, the one dude who puts him in the choke hold bounces as soon as he could. Wonder why.
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They feel like you just ate a napkin. I can't imagine any fucking environmentalist actually enjoying it. I was at Cava and asked for a water cup. They give me a big ol plastic cup with a paper straw. Why not paper cup plastic straw? Wouldn't that save the environment more?
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jazz_music says
Store invasions like this have happened before as far back as 50 years ago when I was in high school. The kids were mostly middle class and white.

Kids in buses ESPECIALLY after a sporting event. If they are allowed to exit uncontrolled and there is a store, the kids will do an invasion just like this. Some of the kids might just want to buy a soda and candy and they wind up caught up in the middle of the crazy kids.

Some retailers keep their stores tightly controlled when they are aware bus loads of kids will stop by.

Experience helps.

Show us one link or old news story of this ever happening. The dumbest thing white people do after a sporting event is get drunk and flip cars.
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WillPowers says
A New way to get to work:

He should put on a green goblin costume
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I'm allergic to eggplant. It makes my lips get itchy and puffy. But I fucking love eggplant and eat it at least once a week.
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Just did vacation in DC, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach. Would like to stop at Baltimore harbor, but I don't want to drive through gunfire for a few blocks on the way there. So I skipped it.
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I was in a restaurant in Princeton, which is lib central. The girl who was 17 was complaining so everyone could hear about how Trump got elected. This went on for a whole hour. When it came time for her to order dessert, she declared her "gluten allergy" to the waitress.
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marcus says
marcus says
So, is it official ?

People that have or claim to have food allergies are liberal snowflakes ? Who knew ?

Yes, only liberals have a fictitional gluten intolerance.
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Anyone that argues in favor of this should be required to walk 4 miles through Baltimore with their children and see how it works out. You have a better chance of walking through an African Safari unscathed.
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Idiot should have stayed in the car and fighting an old man is despicable. But the old man is an idiot too waving him forward.
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I watched the video of the two girls running away through the store. Wtf...drop your fucking bag and monster energy drink and haul ass. They were trotting slower than a 3 year old in tee ball.
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You can travel through he entire midwest and not get assaulted. I doubt you make it 10 blocks into Baltimore before you are either assaulted or robbed as a white person.
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holy crap...49 seconds and you get that much gold. There's a 2 hour unedited clip on youtube. I'll have to get my popcorn.
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Apparently, they just deleted the whole meeting off youtube. In the words of a socialist "they don't gotta burn the books they just remove em".
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Here was a highlight of the shitfest

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I have a PhD in Physical Chemistry. 99% of scientists have no business or background to even frame an opinion on global warming.
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marcus says
theoakman says
99% of scientists have no business or background to even frame an opinion on global warming

Common sense should take one far enough.

1) Accept the greenhouse effect as being a legitimate possible or even probable effect of increasing greehouse gases, with CO2's impact being significant (based in large part on what experts who have done the science say)

2) Not knowing for sure how much of the upward trend is an effect of increasing greehouse gases but knowing that the link to solar activity shows far less correlation correlation.

3) concluding that the probability is high enough (but not close to certain) that increasing co2 is a significant causal factor of GW, to make coordinated world wide efforts to move away from fossil fuels in an expedited but reasonable time frame.

You teach math right? What's your opinion on signal to noise with respect to the temperature data on climate change?
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marcus says
theoakman says
You teach math right? What's your opinion on signal to noise with respect to the temperature data on climate change?

Yes, math, but not accounting or data collection. The only Math involved is simple arithmetic, although I guess statistics/probability is involved in understanding how averages relate to "noise."

MY assumption is that being the 21st century, the sheer volume of data points is such that the averages should be meaningful. I got in a prolonged argument with someone a while back about whether averages can be more accurate and to a higher precision than individual data values. He made a confused argument about something he copied off the internet about experimental procedures and sig figs. I couldn't prove in an argument here, and it's not easy to prove whats extremely obvious to me. That is that temperature data readings should distribute around actual values in...

I'm not questioning the validity of the raw data we have in recent decades. The data is noisy because the temperature fluctuates up and down. Given those fluctations, you cannot statistically make the arguments that many scientists are making because it doesn't hold up to well established standards in statistical analysis. In fact, there is a movement now to get those standards lowered so they can make more assumptions not just in climate change, but in many other fields. The idea of an "accelerating" temperature rise is not statistically valid as of now given the current data. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen.
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It's not even on the front page of yahoo news. Everyone also knows, Friday is the best time for bad news to come.
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There was a curb your enthusiasm episode on this. Very funny. I don't like the practice because I usually leave 20 percent. I get it because a lot of people are cheap and have no morals but it rubs honest people the wrong way.
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What always amazed me was.that the useless individuals always got paid higher than some.of.the.most talented workers.
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The reality is 99.99% of scientists have never even taken a single science course related to the matter that would qualify them to have a valid opinion on the matter. I have a lot of experience in quantum mechanical calculations of individual molecules. The sad reality is, you can take a molecule as small as 4 atoms and the models don't quantitatively result in what you would hope. Qualitatively, they work really well.

I've also done some work on molecular dynamics simulations. PIcture a nanoscopic box of water....maybe 100 molecules bouncing around in the liquid phase. The models, which are all based on rock solid physics still are incredibly inaccurate. Moreover, a detailed calculation could take months via supercomputer.

Now...let's apply that complexity to a planet, not of 10 molecules, but of a mass of 5.97 x 10^24 kg worth of molecules. A large percentage of that mass sits below the Earth's surface...where we have sparse data on what goes on down there. Trying to even come up with any mathematical model that would be accurate to predict things decades or centuries out is completely ludicrous from a complexity standpoint. There is no solution to a three body problem...yet we can predict what the gazillions of molecules on the Earth will collectively do? This is why the 12 year threshold that people keep talking about is laughable. Even if you did have any sort of viable model...the idea that it would be this precise is laughable from a statistical analysis standpoint.
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