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And cited his prior employment as a U.S. Attorney in an attempt to intimidate a victim of the scam from seeking legal redress which is a basis for disbarment which you would have learned if you had actually read the article.
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And Maine will exempt your student loans fron state income tax.
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So a person could write to any of these places and see which one offered the best deal to relate, just like Amazon.
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Tribalism is so 1950s
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Actually they died because PG&E sparked two fires.
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Doesn’t this guy qualify as a “bad hombre”
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Who said it was supposed to be "impenetrable"? It's

And like all fucking CHP offices that are equipped with a fucking security camera, and house armed fucking CHP officers, the fucking door is left unlocked. Me thinks you are fucking stupid
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I never go anywhere that allows bears to just walk right in. At least they should have to have a photo ID.

What is a fix it ticket? Is it the same thing as fixing a ticket. And you do that at the CHP?
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So. You’re saying the bear was trying to get a fix it ticket signed offf?
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How is that more “bear able”.
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NuttBoxer says
Playing God.. what could possibly go wrong

So did God actually speak with you about this, or do you speak for God in scientific matters?
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Between this and the As new stadium plans I could almost become an As fan again.
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So you’re saying prenatal medicine is against Gods law.

What about vaccination? Organ transplants? Flying machines?
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This is the list of state agencies in Mississippi. It’s not much different than California

And California has the highest paid and highest pensioned police and fire fighters in the world.
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Why I am sometimes a social democrat and sometimes a libertarian
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Who would think it’s that simple.
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And in this case, getting someone framed for a crime doesn't even involve planting a glove or a few drops of blood. It's as easy as database theft, which BTW, happens all across corporate America, and then, one can sequence

Can you give us an example of when this has actually happened, in real life, not in your imagination.
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No it’s stupid rate payers who don’t recognize when they are being scammed by a multi billion dollar corporation and its union employees. Republic is starting this in Richmond and then plans to expand it to Central Contra Costa. It is an illegal rate increase pure and simple and the link between the city council members and Republic.
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If this fee were legitimate then alleged violators would receive evidence of their “contamination” violation, and there would be an appeal process. In fact this program has been implemented without public notice, is based entirely on the judgement and the word of Republic employees who benefit financially from the program. Alleged “violatorscontamination” is being claimed much less provided with evidence of a violation and there is no appeal process which would of course expose the whole thing is a sham and just an unjustified and unapproved rate increase. Why is the Richmond city council silent about this. What is the link between Republic and Richmond city council members.
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Why should you have to call and speak to an employee of Republic to find out what you are being charged for? What about evidence e.g. photo. Why no right of appeal. Does the city contract with Republic allow them to arbitrarily impose additional charges on customers whenever and however it pleases and prohibit those who are assessed these extra charges from protesting or Complaint? Even the city does not have that right so how can it award it to private profit making company? Who agreed to that contract.
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Just what we need... more people living in the Bay Area. More pollution, more congestion, more of everything I don't want. How about a stop to mass immigration and H1Bs instead

So why don’t you move to the country?
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Alcohol is made in jails and prisons. Drugs have to be brought in, usually by staff
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Still waiting for Approval from City of Pleasant Hill. It can take up to 90 days as our design is original. Thank you for asking.
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The TV station apparently#embarrassed the DA into acting.
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And this is a problem why?

Prisons and jails are funded by taxpayers to protect society, not to enrich staff.
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And what about the thousands of other inmates who are using but not overdosing and who are funding this little side business by prison guards who already earn more than six figures and retire early on “stress”.
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Best idea ever.

A friend of mine just posted a great idea on Facebook to get rid of of all the junk you want to get rid of but which might subject you to a fine by the recycle police. Just put it all in AMAZON boxes, retake the boxes and then leave them on your front porch. In most neighborhoods he says this is guaranteed to work.
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There is a chance they overdose too. Thus solving the prison overcrowding "crisis".

Prison overcrowding will be solved by “chance”? Explain
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Apparently a great many are not “cleaning”.
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That job is one of the safest and softest jobs in law enforcement and it comes with a stress related early retirement at the end. When was the last time you saw a BART cop in a BART station or on a BART train, in harms way, with BART riders.
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LOL And uncles
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“The truth is that nationalism gave us a lot of world peace”

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“Also, 1m Jews were expelled from all over the middle east 1938-1960. It was the first act of free Algeria and Iraq btw.“

In 1948 actually as a result of the first Israeli/Palestinian war, and not btw from every Arab country e.g. Iraq and Iran.
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Unfortunately it’s still kind of hard to build tall buildings in most back yards in the Bay Area
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He may have intended to dissuade others from doing the same.
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“Why are you dredging up a 9 year old story that was headline front page LA Times news in 2009?”

If you had actually read the post you would know that this case was actually tried in 2012 and is still the subject of several ongoing investigations

Let me explain the importance of this case to you. Science and technology have not only greatly improved the detection of crime, innocence and identification but have also made it much more difficult to conceal police incompetence and malfeasance. This is a huge benefit for taxpayers.
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“How is this news?”

You would have to read the first paragraph to find that out.
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The top picture looks a bit like Stephanie Lazarus.

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