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This trade war is a class war
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To what extent is Mexico poor because it is Catholic?
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The mother did police “her own”
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10 doctors equal 7 billing clerks
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I agree with you about Point One but I do think the feds could weigh in on Points Two and Three.
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Good time to buy
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So you’re saying the solution to the housing shortage is to build more housing? Hmmmmm. Interesting idea.
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Can you win against crooked cop? Chain~Flex Feature~hp-centerpiece-chain~misconduct-320am~~3~no-art~curated~curatedpage
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Yeah, those dumb “lay readers” at PhysOrg
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It’s about time BART did something about this
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And almost none of the politicians, federal, state or local, are addressing it.
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Concord has already had 12 years to approve this housing and still doesn’t even have a specific plan. One council member is worried too many people may live near the BART.
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The Roman Catholic Church is collapsing also and it is not generally considered “liberal”.
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I find this actually quite reassuring.
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Heritage oak tree falls in Pleasant HIll -- who is responsible?
4 hours ago Bay Area KGO 13
WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Audra Cudd says that while she was denied permission to trim the 350-year-old heritage oak tree, the city now says the damage is her responsibility.

Almost unbelievable
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BayArea says
Oh goodie

What we need is more housing

Which is what this proposal is.
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Any major rhat ends with “studies” is probably bogus.
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Ceffer says
Ledgers and transactions and their informations evolving into a permanent, unmodifiable, secure penis captivus clustered relationship accessible by the parties through mutual consent with modifiable ledgers distributed in multiple copies in nodes, eliminating the boat anchor of archaic, slow, centralized third parties to oversee the

Thanks. Now I completely understand.
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This could greatly speed up scientific progress
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N.Y. Attorney General Is Investigating Potential Cover-Up of Sex Abuse in Catholic Dioceses
Sept. 6, 2018

The New York State attorney general, Barbara Underwood, has launched an investigation into whether Roman Catholic institutions covered up allegations of sexual abuse of minors.Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times
The New York State attorney general’s office has started a civil investigation into whether dioceses and other Roman Catholic institutions covered-up allegations of sexual abuse of minors within New York.

All eight Roman Catholic dioceses in the state have been subpoenaed, a person familiar with the investigation said on Thursday.

The announcement by the attorney general, Barbara Underwood, comes several weeks after an explosive Pennsylvania grand jury report detailed the abuse of more than 1,000 children by hundreds of priests over decades.

Ms. Underwood’s office also said its criminal division was seeking to partner with local district attorneys to investigate these matters and, if warranted, prosecute any individuals who have committed criminal offenses that fall within the applicable statutes of limitations.

“The Pennsylvania grand jury report shined a light on incredibly disturbing and depraved acts by Catholic clergy, assisted by a culture of secrecy and cover ups in the dioceses. Victims in New York deserve to be heard as well — and we are going to do everything in our power to bring them the justice they deserve,” Ms. Underwood said in a statement.

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“For the first time since 2010, it’s now easier to build wealth over an eight-year period by renting a home and investing in stocks and bonds, rather than by buying and accumulating equity, according to a national rent-versus-buy index of 23 cities produced by Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University faculty. That’s because home prices are high and rising mortgage rates are adding to the cost of homeownership.”
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Good time to BUY Tesla
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This is exactly what BART needs, in BART stations and on BART trains.
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Didn’t John McEnroe make a career of this sort of thing?
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I actually worked at this corner for many years. There is a great Vietnamese sandwich shop around the corner.

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