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HeadSet says
Looks like the New York Times wants to clear the path for Kirsten Gillibrand.

Anyway, I agree with Kamala on this:

"Ms. Harris also championed state legislation under which parents whose children were found to be habitually truant in elementary school could be prosecuted, despite concerns that it would disproportionately affect low-income people of color."

Incredible they are worrying about the parents instead of the kid's future

I also agree with her on this.
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“I have some chiro friends. It's a great career if say, want a cigarette boat to play with in SF bay or want an ocean front condo in Mau

It has the highest rate of student loan defaults of any occupational category. The Tuition is the same as a medical school but it pays the same as a medical assistant only without benefits. Worse than a dead end career.
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If you actually read the article, it makes perfect sense. Traffic is a function of population or housing density and counties that are no growth don’t need the additional money as much as counties that are trying to solve the housing shortage.
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This is junk science
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It would be interesting to hear from anyone who is actually flying during shutdown.
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Why don’t police agencies invite people to voluntarily donate DNA samples which could be used to identify, clear, and connect, family members to crimes? I think many people would volunteer.
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Reading stuff like this really pisses me off
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Since there is no cost for land, these units could be built for a much lower price per unit
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This is where we need high speed trains.
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I propose renaming it after “John Belushi’ who single handedly saved the alfalfa fields of Barstow from being bombed by the Japanese in 1941.
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“They get paid more than most people in America, can’t be fired, have 3 month off, leave work early, have top benefits... yet still find things to bitch about.”

You’re talking about cops
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Town Marshall is also town bully
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Cop too busy getting ready to wrestle mountain lion to the ground with his bare hands to answer kids questions
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I am not concerned about my privacy on BART. I am concerned for my safety.
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How millionaires are making big money betting on the future
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Buy real estate in SF
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If you think the DMV is run no worse than any other California state agency then I assume you have not had any dealings with the California DMV
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Ten pound bass and MisterLearnToCode

Good points, each of you
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This will eventually connect to LA
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The real issue is zoning which severely limits density and instead encourages suburban sprawl.
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I agree the Tuff Shed ADU is a bargain.
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The escalators failed whenever it rained as they were never designed to be outdoors
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Actually it is supported by taxes and tolls and computers very much care.
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I rode BART everyday for twenty years. It was taken over by violent thus long before the Oscar Grant shooting.
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Communism is to socialism as chiropractic is to medicine
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What other ethnic group nationalism do you oppose?

All of them
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Ironic true, but if anyone related to me has committed a rape or a murder, I want them identified and held accountable
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Check out SENS
The Society to Engineer Negligable Senscence
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(From Press Release) – Today, Senator Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) Senate Bill 50 — the More HOMES Act (Housing, Opportunity, Mobility, Equity, and Stability) — cleared its first committee, the Senate Housing Committee, with a vote of 9-1. It will now head for a hearing in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee in the coming weeks. SB 50 creates new zoning standards for the construction of housing near job centers and public transportation, while protecting against the displacement of renters and vulnerable communities living in those areas. SB 50 eliminates hyper-low-density zoning near transit and job centers, thus legalizing small to mid-size apartment buildings and affordable housing in these locations so that more people can live near transit and near where they work. It also reduces or eliminates minimum parking requirements for new developments.

SB 50 will help relieve California’s acute housing shortage (currently a deficit of 3.5 million homes, equal to the housing deficits of the other 49 states combined), make housing more affordable, increase the supply of low-income housing, and reduce pressure to create more sprawl and build in wildfire zones. The bill will also reduce carbon emissions by allowing more people to live near transit and near where they work.
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We will see, hopefully soon. What kinds of age-related diseases might be potentially addressed with senolytics?

Well, if you believe a mouse can predict what happens in a human, it’s an amazing array of age-related diseases: everything from neurodegeneration to cancer, late-life cancer. So, I think if we’re correct, and the mouse models are correct, they’re going to be a huge array of age-related diseases: everything from the brain, to kidneys, to your joints, to your heart, et cetera.
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More states are now liscensing Dental Therapists who are like Physician Assistants and perform many of the simple routine procedures at a fraction of what dentists charge.
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Hey EBguy. It’s tabled. We just have too much on our plate to take on yet another project, and we may move.
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Ceffer says
zzyzzx says
Most dentist are crooks.

Well, the public wanted to open up the flood gates to health professionals from all over the world on the theory that it would make things cheaper. It just succeeded in making everything more expensive and lowering standards, because in overcrowded professions, everybody has to pay the same overhead with thinning profit margins.

The public got what it wanted, so welcome to third world ethics in medicine and dentistry. You aren't a patient or a client, you are just a conduit to whatever money faucet you represent

Actually it is extremely difficult for dentists from other countries to practice in the U.S. and not much easier for physicians from other countries to practice. The protectionism afforded physicians and dentists is in very sharp contrast to the complete lack of protection afforded U.S. workers by our trade agreements and one of the major criticisms of these trade agreements.
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