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This is just the tip of the iceberg
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And SF residents should be afraid
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Very good point Bayarea but the Moving Van index this time supports the other piece.

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The Caroline Severance Manor is a housing project located beside and behind the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles. The Caroline Severance Manor offers 85-units of affordable housing for singles and families and subterranean parking for residents and for First Church. The Caroline Severance School, located in the ground floor of the eighth street building opened in 2016 and houses a low and no-cost preschool operated by the YMCA. The developer of the project, Mercy Housing, owns and manages the residences. First Church owns the school and the portion of the parking reserved for church use. After 99 years (2111) ownership of the entire building and the property will revert to First Church.
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Booger says
When was going to the ER free?

My mistake. Thank you for the correction.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Credentialism at work. Of course, those arborists will hire illegals to do the hard work and pocket the difference, while California threatens any who cooperate with Federal Law with

Very good point. The real gardening/landscaping work in CA is done by non-English speakers while the English speakers get a landscape contractor/arborist license.
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So are the projects in China
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Unfortunately many cities in CA and particularly in the Bay Area disagree with you.
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Did you check BART Dunkin Donuts?”

There are reserved parking spaces for BART police, at the South San Francisco BART station, directly across from Starbucks. They are almost always occupied. In 20 years I never saw a BART police officer in the South City BART station. When I found myself in the middle of a gang fight in the South City BART parking garage, and called 911, the South City PD responded immediately although I could see an unoccupied BART police car parked in front of the station 100 yards away.
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And then there is the revenue lost by giving families of BART employees free passes
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“radical” only in that goes to the root of the problem which is CA shortage of housing and transportation.
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The Lake Merit station is the HQ of BART police. Obviously the crooks and thugs are not afraid of the BART police. Nor should they be.
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Patrick says
I was actually beaten several times by nuns when I was in 3rd grade. Had my head smacked into a cinderblock wall, and little fingers whacked with a yardstick on a desk, leaving a string of bruises.

My crimes were touching the wall while lined up waiting for the bathroom, and that the nun had lost her watch and couldn't find it. I was guilty on the first count, not knowing we were not to lean against the wall. The second one never made sense at all. I saw other kids kicked or pushed out of their chairs.

A friend once told me that if nuns were allowed to have sex, they would not be nearly as violent

And then there were these Irish “brides of Christ” who personified evil
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I first learned about Theranos from KQED. Michael Krasny did an interview with Elizabeth Holmes that was essentially an uncritical promotional piece. It was later repeated. I was very enthusiastic but when I then s/w my son, who is a biotech researcher, he pointed out many red flags and was amazed anyone took Holmes or Theranos seriously.
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I don’t always agree with Peter Thiel but he is absolutely spot on about this.
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Dental Therapists could make dental care in U.S affordable
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The University of Colorado seems to have a wide tolerance for this sort of idiocy.

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Those “one hour” flights from Oakland almost never leave within two hours of the scheduled time, actually require you to check in two hours before leaving and pack people into seats like sardines in a can.
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Actually I bought this stock because my son is a vp of the company. They were purchased by Merck in Dec and I did make some money but they now appear to be frozen at 26.95. I honestly can’t say what the future price will be.
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Scott Wiener for Governor
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Interesting how many people posted on Facebook that they were leaving social media who are still posting on Facebook
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I disagree with the writer on Single Payer. I think it is highly desirable.
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And who served two tours in Afghanistan defending the U.S. against terrorists.
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We certainly need fewer drug arrests in the U.S. The War on Drugs is a giant failure and a giant boondoggle.
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Exactly why CA housing crisis should not be managed at the local level.
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Patrick says
Kind of interesting that the article never clearly mentions the core of the bill, namely that state law would override local regulation and force the granting of permission to develop high-rise housing near public transit.

I think that's a good idea overall. There are just too many towns in the Bay Area in particular which disallow

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Peter Thiel “Most Silicon Valley start-up money goes to urban slumlords”
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My brother, who spent 45 years with HUD, thought Patrick’s book The Housing Trap, was brilliant.
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Why I plan to write-in Scott Wiener’s name in the June Democratic primary. He is the only person in either party who is actually doing something to solve the CA housing crisis
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This is just what we need. A politician who is “obsessed” with solving the housing shortage
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Where is Gavin Newsom on this issue.
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NIMBY Sierra Club
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In other words, neither political party, and none of the candidates for governor really cares about solving the CA housing shortage which is our number one problem. I am going to write-in Scott Weiners name for governor.

The Housing Trap
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