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We will see, hopefully soon. What kinds of age-related diseases might be potentially addressed with senolytics?

Well, if you believe a mouse can predict what happens in a human, it’s an amazing array of age-related diseases: everything from neurodegeneration to cancer, late-life cancer. So, I think if we’re correct, and the mouse models are correct, they’re going to be a huge array of age-related diseases: everything from the brain, to kidneys, to your joints, to your heart, et cetera.
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More states are now liscensing Dental Therapists who are like Physician Assistants and perform many of the simple routine procedures at a fraction of what dentists charge.
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Hey EBguy. It’s tabled. We just have too much on our plate to take on yet another project, and we may move.
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Ceffer says
zzyzzx says
Most dentist are crooks.

Well, the public wanted to open up the flood gates to health professionals from all over the world on the theory that it would make things cheaper. It just succeeded in making everything more expensive and lowering standards, because in overcrowded professions, everybody has to pay the same overhead with thinning profit margins.

The public got what it wanted, so welcome to third world ethics in medicine and dentistry. You aren't a patient or a client, you are just a conduit to whatever money faucet you represent

Actually it is extremely difficult for dentists from other countries to practice in the U.S. and not much easier for physicians from other countries to practice. The protectionism afforded physicians and dentists is in very sharp contrast to the complete lack of protection afforded U.S. workers by our trade agreements and one of the major criticisms of these trade agreements.
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I think churches should pay property taxes, which are state and local.
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Public universities have a responsibility to advise students of the loan default rates of various majors e.g. psychology versus computer science. Students are being conned into borrowing money to pay for economically worthless degrees.
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I’m always amazed at the so-called “libertarians” who are opposed to allowing individual property owners build apartment buildings in their neighborhood. So much for property rights!
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In California not only are churches allowed to avoid paying property taxes but so are millions of homeowners under prop 13. Prop 13 also allows millions of Californians to vote for property tax increases that they will never have to pay.
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AG and Contra Costa Sheriff covering up major scandal
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This is not about government health care. This is about corruption and incompetence at the California Department of Corrections.
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Most Dems think this election is about Donald Trump, not Anita Hill.
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Vape-In at Pleasant Hill city council meeting tonight to support keeping library open
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Nobody says
How can we have two officers getting injured with no arrest?

VERY good point
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My brother, who was a liberal and was with HUD in Los Angeles for 45 years, would have endorsed this article.
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LA Times says California’s extreme housing crisis requires extreme measures
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As they already take photographs and fingerprints. What’s the difference?
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Instead of guessing you might want to read the article.
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So how about a website that would allow us to voluntarily donate our DNA to be used just for the purpose of identifying criminal, exonerating innocent people convicted of crimes, and missing persons.
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Deputy will now seek disability retirement
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It sounds like being stopped by the police is a fairly regular occurrence in your life.
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The American Suburbs, where most Sierra Club members live, is our biggest threat to environment
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