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We are on a horse property with lots of space and panoramic views. Does anyone know:
1. How big can the ADU be?
2. If they allow 1200 sq ft, can I have 4 small units or 2 units?
3. Would tiny homes be most

Each city and county has some discretion regarding size etc. That information should be available on their website.
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This is really a great alternative for empty nesters who don’t want to move, or lose their prop 13 benefit. They can build an ADU, move in and then rent their old house!
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The value (cost) of the ADU will be added to the value of the property when it was first purchased (+ 2% a year).

I am personally opposed to prop 13.
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Short version it will have virtually no effect on your property taxes.
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Build an ADU, move into it, rent out main house
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“... slapping additional taxes on companies will drive some of them away, he added. High-tech companies like Apple are the lifeblood of California,” he said. “They provide so much income, employ thousands of citizens and residents, and bring people from around the world to our state.”

And they have made housing unaffordable, and traffic unbearable

This is a solution
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zzyzzx says
tovarichpeter says
And they have made housing unaffordable, and traffic unbearable

Right. Illegal immigrants are buying up all the residential real estate!
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Yeah all those illegal immigrants have made housing unaffordable in CA.
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Another reason we should impose a head tax on big tech

Most people in the Bay Area are losing from the tech boom which has made housing unaffordable and traffic unbearable. A tax on big tech here would send it to the Central Valley and other places in the country where housing is affordable and tech workers would not have to have two and three hour commutes. The money raised by a tax on tech could be used to build affordable housing and improve public transportation here.
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mell says
"The majority of the tech press won’t ask tougher questions of Zuckerberg or Musk; they’ll simply continue to fawn over the idols of the business world. Whatever they say must be true."

I don’t think Holmes can be compared to Zuckerberg, Musk or Jobs. They may have sometimes deceived but they each did produce a valuable product that rewarded their investors.

Holmes never told the truth, never produced a product, and her investors lost their investment.

Granted most journalists don’t ask probing questions of tech entrepreneurs but that is because they, like most of us, simply don’t understand technology.
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Actually most of the cost of building apartment buildings in the Bay Area is not land but zoning and height restrictions.
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Sacramento and local governments in CA also
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Tim Draper touted the Theranos fraud and personally mentored Elizabeth Holmes.
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RecentCost says
Pretty hilarious how the media couldn't stop

She even conned KQED
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Tenpoundbass says
Wait how much money did you raise for

Probably more than you have earned for many years, having lost many members of my family and many friends from cancer.
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America’s thin blue line along our border apparently does not regard Native Americans as people. That would require rendering aid and filing a police report.
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NIMBY is a major cause
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Happiest birthday ever Patrick, and many many more.
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Now we have a much better idea of what the Sheriff of Contra Costa County is hiding from the public.
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You don’t want to get sick in Texas

Nearly two-thirds of Texans say the state isn’t doing enough to help low-income adult residents get healthcare
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Central Valley I Five Corridor close to everything and affordable housing
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MrBark says
Sure they've relaxed the rules a bit, forcing cities to permit them. Still, building a properly permitted ADU to code with electricity, plumbing and HVAC is still going to cost you upwards of $150k in

Only if you don’t know what you are doing.
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TovBot, Still not seeing anything on Tuff Shed's website.
The bigger news about CA's ADU laws is a that "manufactured homes" are allowed as an accessory unit. Much simpler than trying to figure out how to legalize a Tuff Shed.

Tuff Sheds are already legal under the law, as well as manufactured homes.
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RafiMaas says
Only took me 2 and a half w/o an appointment. Got

WhichDMV do you work at?
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Construction is the least efficient industry in the world.
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EBGuy says
tovarichpeter says
Tuff Sheds are already legal under the law, as well as manufactured homes.

Most accessory structures under 120 sq.ft. are allowed without a building permit. Over that limit, though, and it gets more interesting as the Tough Sheds have no foundation. Manufactured homes are built to HUD standards, and, in general, you can't site them on a lot in most cities in

Tuff Shed will build with foundation.
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Ca needs 3.5 million more housing units
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This trade war is a class war
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To what extent is Mexico poor because it is Catholic?
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The mother did police “her own”
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10 doctors equal 7 billing clerks
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I agree with you about Point One but I do think the feds could weigh in on Points Two and Three.
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Good time to buy
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So you’re saying the solution to the housing shortage is to build more housing? Hmmmmm. Interesting idea.
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