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Another day another friendly ally alienated.

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Patrick says "Talk about his positions!".

That's actually a major part of the problem. No one, not even Trump, seems to know what his positions are from hour to hour.

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"law enforcement" is the biggest government boondoggles?

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Have a safe and fun trip Patrick.

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For a religious position that embraces science, technology and the future

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and many many more

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"They shut down osteopathic schools...."

There are presently 34 osteopathic medical schools that graduate almost one third of the licensed practicing physicians in the U. S.

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The "Trump Market"has been very good for index investors but when there have been gains in the tech area, they are still significantly below what was projected for that sector and other sectors before the election.

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SF is offering free services to transgender folks, drawing people from all over the U.S. and costing SF taxpayers millions

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Great idea Patrick. I only wish I could put some money where my mouth is.

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"Experts discussed plans that BART has to work with Muni and the city to help homeless people find the help they need, and eventually find a better place to sleep. But they made it clear homeless people can’t just be thrown out of the station."

Who are the unnamed "experts"?

And who is on this Board of Directors and had never been to the Powell Street station before?

And who represents riders in all this?

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Ninety percent of all workers, public, private and self employed can and will be replaced by robots

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I actually just got home from another harrowing BART ride. The last car out of Civic Center to the Penninsula five PM. The car had been literally taken over by three teen age girls, one black and two mixed race or Somoan. They played there music so loud but offensive you could literally not hear the baby crying in a mothers arms as she was trying to comfort it. Of course they knew they would be able to do on BART at five o'clock week day rush hour without fear of being interrupted. Folks, we have always taken BART at our own risk. We are now taking it at our own peril. It hasn't just been handed over to the homeless but now it's been handed over to the thugs, as Muni was years ago. /p>

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Could this new online model of practice be described as "The Uberization of psychotherapy"?

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This is official policy now at the City & County of SF. Meanwhile SF is now offering free transgender surgery to all who ask and this has made SF the center of the transgender industry.

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I have commuted every day on BART for 20 years. I have never seen a BART police officer at a BART station or on a BART train although I frequently see SFPD officers at BART stations in SF. BART is actually designed to run without "drivers", who have only two jobs - open and close the doors, and announce the stations. Few announce the stations anymore. BART should replace its "drivers" with conductors who carry police radios.

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Once again I am proud of the University of Chicago. My brother and I were born at the University of Chicago hospital and always considered ourselves "Alumni".

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I was at People's Park and I agree. Build affordable housing.

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Our current national anthem is historically racist AND bad music. What about This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie. He was a communist and a lousy husband and father but the song is great!

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If Amazon even announces it is moving near the SF Bay Area, rents will begin to double.
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No, I don't. What does frost me however is when local politicians in an area which has a critical shortage of affordable housing seem to actually want to make it even worse.
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Sorry about the paywall. I believe the paywall can be overcome by accessing it via google news.

The main point is the need for more deregulation of housing construction industry in CA but it provides a number of excellent examples of why and how we have regulated affordable housing out of reach for most Californians.
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KimJongUn says
Between 54 and 83.

Who will do it for 54

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If we can repeal prohibition, we can repeal the second amendment.
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AND arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the leadership of the gangs ASAP
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Thanks. Since the hacking I can only edit if someone Comments.
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Very good information.
How many cops were killed accidentally by other cops?
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Ironically BART drivers do not actually drive the trains now. They basically just open and close the doors.
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It is ironic that while the Bay Area is the world capital of hi tech, it is not an especially good example of the successful adoption of it. Nevertheless the Bay Area is such a nice place to live and hi tech execs can afford to live wherever they want.
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Actually permitting ADUs does not require spending a dime of public money and directly benefits both house owners and tenants
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Why can't they be converted into MDs with a shortened 1-2 yr bridge program?

Many medical schools do waive basic sciences for PhDs in science.
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Actually I favor the elimination of the mortgage tax deduction but would accept any reduction as a step in the right direction.
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“ In the meantime, he argued, the United States shouldn’t only rely on sanctions and military hardware and help from traditional North Korean allies such as China and Russia. It should also wield “soft power” to undermine the Kim government from within, by funneling outside information—movies, TV shows, literature—into North Korea so that its people learn more about freedom, democracy, and human rights.”
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Very good idea.
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Alcohol solves all problems - temporaily

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