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Stripe should be recognized for setting an example of corporate responsibility
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All of the Democratic candidates for governor opposed SB827. Each of them owns one ore more houses and will personally gain financially from a continued housing shortage. That’s why I’m writing in Scott Weiners for Governor.
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I want a printer for my iPad. The printers Apple sells - HP products - do not get great reviews. Anyone have a recommendation?
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A book about Transhumanism just won a very prestigious award from The Welcome Trust

I just started reading it and it is very well written. The author is actually neutral about the subject but does a very good job of explaining it.
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Time for a moratorium on jobs until housing catches up.
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We should be so lucky. If rich people were leaving CA in droves, housing prices would be coming down. In fact rich people are moving into CA in droves and buying up CA severely limited housing supply and driving real estate prices to record highs. Prop 13 more than offsets CA income tax on the rich. People who are not rich are leaving CA not because of taxes or business regulationsbut because of the high cost of housing. Actually if increased taxes on the rich would drive rich people to leave CA, it would be a quick and easy way to solve our housing crisis and It would get widespread support.
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One month later PD still investigating incident which is on video.
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Exploration of transhumanism movement wins Wellcome book prize
Mark O’Connell’s To Be a Machine, about humanity’s attempts to conquer death through technology, wins £30,000 prize

Alison FloodMon 30 Apr 2018 13.59 EDT
Irish debut author Mark O’Connell has won the Wellcome book prize for his exploration of transhumanism, a movement that seeks to use technology to solve “the modest problem of death”, as O’Connell puts it.

To Be a Machine won the £30,000 award, which goes to the best work of fiction or non-fiction to “illuminate the many ways that health and medicine touch our lives”, at a ceremony in London on Monday night. O’Connell’s book saw off competition that included the Nigerian author Ayòbámi Adébáyò, nominated for Stay With Me, a novel about sickle cell disease, and Sigrid Rausing’s memoir about the impact of addiction on her family, Mayhem.

Chair of judges Edmund de Waal called To Be a Machine a “passionate, entertaining and cogent examination of those who would choose to live for ever”.

To Be a Machine sees the 38-year-old O’Connell meet with those working to conquer mortality through technology – from the self-proclaimed cyborgs who insert tech implants beneath their skin, to the developers trying to translate human minds into code. Exploring the beliefs and work of several high-profile transhumanists, including PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, inventor Elon Musk and Google’s head of engineering Ray Kurzweil, O’Connell also examines the philosophy and science behind the movement, as well as the opportunities and concerns it may create in the future.

“What are my chances, would you say, of living to 1,000?” the author asks gerontologist Aubrey de Grey. “I would say perhaps a little better than fifty-fifty,” de Grey replies. “It’s very much dependent on the level of funding.”

De Waal said: “Mark O’Connell brilliantly examines issues of technology and singularity. In doing so he brings into focus timely issues about mortality, what it might mean to be a machine and what it truly means to be human. It is also unequivocally readable, in that what it does is address hugely complicated areas of new science to do with AI and ethics, simultaneously. That’s very remarkable, to be able to traverse bits of cutting-edge scientific research and make something that is funny, engaged, cogent and lucid, all at the same time.”

O’Connell, a journalist, essayist and literary critic, “hasn’t got multiple PhDs in this area,” said de Waal. “What he does have, which is critical, is an absolutely ferocious, forensic, enquiring mind. He drills down into what people are saying and gets them to reveal all kinds of complicated and ambiguous aspects to do with their desires and their aspirations. He looks at scientific discoveries through the messiness of human desire. That’s really difficult to do.”

Previous winners of the Wellcome prize include Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and Marion Coutts’s The Iceberg.
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My own view, having only recently retired after working for years in The Tenderloin.

Although there is a police precinct in the Tenderloin there is virtually no police presence there and police response ranges from slow to never. The city seems to operate the Tenderloin as a safe place for thugs that would otherwise operate in “nice” parts of town. The real victims of this policy are the Latino families and Vietnamese business people who live and work there.
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In my experience, atheist fundamentalists like religious fundamentalists tend to be boring and boorish.
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The local pols would oppose it tooth and nail. This could only be done by an initiative
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More jobs mean higher rents and worse traffic for most of us. Spread the wealth. Send the jobs where where they need them and housing is affordable.
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More jobs are the number one cause of our problems. Create more housing not more jobs.
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No, it means that jobs should be moving to Detroit, not SF.
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California is being saved for the rich
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CFortWayne says
Companies moving in creating jobs and economy... what a curse it is. Have these people move to some third world country where their only choice is to grow turnips for a very poor

Companies moving in and creating higher rents and worse traffic
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Strategist says
FortWayne says
Companies moving in creating jobs and economy... what a curse it is. Have these people move to some third world country where their only choice is to grow turnips for a very poor living and see how quickly they'll rethink their "concerns".

Do they want jobs and prosperity, or not? They complain when jobs are scarce, they complain when jobs

Jobs are not scarce in Washington DC, or SF, or Seattle, etc etc. Jobs are scarce in Detroit, St. Louis, and the red states where affordable housing is also plentiful.
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“Share and spread the wealth” where they need and want it, not where they don’t.
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There are violent gangs in SF. They even control the major public transportation system. It has no bearing on tech jobs or rents
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“Good luck with that. There is so much toxic anti-AirB&B sentiment throughout CA. Just try getting away with it until your neighbors narc on you”

Actually an ADU can legally be used for any of these purposes.
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We are on a horse property with lots of space and panoramic views. Does anyone know:
1. How big can the ADU be?
2. If they allow 1200 sq ft, can I have 4 small units or 2 units?
3. Would tiny homes be most

Each city and county has some discretion regarding size etc. That information should be available on their website.
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This is really a great alternative for empty nesters who don’t want to move, or lose their prop 13 benefit. They can build an ADU, move in and then rent their old house!
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The value (cost) of the ADU will be added to the value of the property when it was first purchased (+ 2% a year).

I am personally opposed to prop 13.
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Short version it will have virtually no effect on your property taxes.
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Build an ADU, move into it, rent out main house
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“... slapping additional taxes on companies will drive some of them away, he added. High-tech companies like Apple are the lifeblood of California,” he said. “They provide so much income, employ thousands of citizens and residents, and bring people from around the world to our state.”

And they have made housing unaffordable, and traffic unbearable

This is a solution
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zzyzzx says
tovarichpeter says
And they have made housing unaffordable, and traffic unbearable

Right. Illegal immigrants are buying up all the residential real estate!
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Yeah all those illegal immigrants have made housing unaffordable in CA.
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Another reason we should impose a head tax on big tech

Most people in the Bay Area are losing from the tech boom which has made housing unaffordable and traffic unbearable. A tax on big tech here would send it to the Central Valley and other places in the country where housing is affordable and tech workers would not have to have two and three hour commutes. The money raised by a tax on tech could be used to build affordable housing and improve public transportation here.
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mell says
"The majority of the tech press won’t ask tougher questions of Zuckerberg or Musk; they’ll simply continue to fawn over the idols of the business world. Whatever they say must be true."

I don’t think Holmes can be compared to Zuckerberg, Musk or Jobs. They may have sometimes deceived but they each did produce a valuable product that rewarded their investors.

Holmes never told the truth, never produced a product, and her investors lost their investment.

Granted most journalists don’t ask probing questions of tech entrepreneurs but that is because they, like most of us, simply don’t understand technology.
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Actually most of the cost of building apartment buildings in the Bay Area is not land but zoning and height restrictions.
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Sacramento and local governments in CA also
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Tim Draper touted the Theranos fraud and personally mentored Elizabeth Holmes.
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RecentCost says
Pretty hilarious how the media couldn't stop

She even conned KQED
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Tenpoundbass says
Wait how much money did you raise for

Probably more than you have earned for many years, having lost many members of my family and many friends from cancer.
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America’s thin blue line along our border apparently does not regard Native Americans as people. That would require rendering aid and filing a police report.

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