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Why haven't we seen the MSM blazing the headline: "Racist black thugs harass white Catholic student group?" That is indisputably documented.
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Corn on the cob last night?
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They'll still have to pay those loans.
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Can you check my prostate while you're back there?
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If she makes it, her campaign will not necessarily be about her, but about that racist Trump. She'll get the black vote, no question. Spanish Indians - have to look at Obama's turnout. Probably a good chunk, especially after the ads about racist anti-immigrant Trump. Maybe not as many Cubans. Of course, the liberal and SJW vote. Progressives? Depends on Trump's exposition of her record. They may sit like they did with Hillary. But they aren't voting for Trump.
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HeadSet says
Wonder when Hillary herself will announce. Maybe Hillary is looking at K as a running mate.
She'll be a behind the scenes connector and advisor, and will hold off running in exchange for massive infusions of cash into the Clinton Foundation
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Harris brings in da blacks and women and Wall Street. Formidable. Biden less so with da blacks. Probably close with women. And as strong with Wall Street. Probably better with Spanish Indians.
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What's the range on those things? Hmmmm...
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Those blonde headed neo-Nazis are genetically bred to comprise the reformed Waffen Corps.

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First they took Injun Joe’s land. Then, they blasted Cher’s Half-Breed at him. The final indignity was when they broke into the Florida State tomahawk chop song.
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Say it loud! I am a bit black, and proud!

Fuck whitey! (Insert husband joke).
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Show us your goop chutes!

Speramus per naturale eius debent!
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Parkinson's, afraid so. Also Susan Collins.

The power is intoxicating, and they won't step down willingly.
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The working classes are not like the noble persons of color, whose naivete about the ways of Western civilization must mean knowledge of a better way. So we must replace these working class slugs with these native visionaries, who will make the despised civilizations of Western oppressors into something natural and marvelous.
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If you aren't planning on sticking around long term, an ARM can make sense. For those who can pay it off in full, as in 2 above, it's not a bad idea. But for those who are using it to stretch a purchase, with no ability to pay off the loan in 5-7 years, in a rising interest rate environment, could be trouble. In a falling interest rate environment, a rolling loan gathers no moss.
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Before Western civilization, this chunky Indian may have bettered his circumstances, perhaps as a heart removal specialist. it is the white man's fault he has to resort to crime.
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And the women all were beautiful
And the men stood straight and strong
They offered life in sacrifice
So that others could go on.
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Name any rap song by a dog (besides Snoop).
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Eric Holder says
If only had we e-verified his ass....

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Brick house.
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Colored people are no less racist (nor noble) than folks categorized as non-colored, or white, given that these categories are very floppy, and that there are no standards for these labels. But colored folks are given more latitude to engage in behavior that would be considered racist if engaged by a non-colored person. It is the oppressed peepoes put.

Why are there Hispanics today? Because the Indians had a comparatively primitive culture and state of technology development compared to the Spaniards. Also, The Indians inability to advance comparatively meant they had less experienced immune systems as a race, and were felled by diseases faced by the Europeans in their ancient immunological history.

Was that the Spaniards' fault? Hardly. Keep pace with your competitors, or you will be conquered and your existence and roots buried in a make believe ethnic category to hide survivors' shame.

Why did the North American Indians get whooped? Same reasons. But they don't prefer to be called Anglic or Frankic. And African Americans don't claim to be mullato. Even if 0% black, they will identify as black.

God help non-colored persons who try to found The Race, the White Congressional Caucus, or the White Entertainment Network. It's the minority put, you white, privileged motherfuckers.
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It's not so much The Wall that Dems hate. It's:

1. The ability to thwart Trump's standing with The Wall backing supporters.
2. The Dems currying favor with their Spanish Indian base, who can vote in the USA, even if illegal aliens.
3. Disgust with the crude, unpolished outsider who is not following the status quo, as they all have to do.
4. Disgust with the overtly heterosexual male president, who actually likes to bang hot women and is proud of it.
5. Trump's utter lack of apology for being white.

It's a hater's wet dream to compare Trump to Nixon. The times and context are not even remotely similar. During Nixon's time, you had a lot of liberal future elites protesting an unpopular war and dabbling in a revolutionary fantasy while on their way to becoming captains of industry and members of the wealthy professional class. This time around, you have a working class decimated by these same goons.

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d6rB says
Hope Asians succeed with their lawsuit and affirmative discrimination is tossed out of the window.
Agree, but what will likely happen is they will allow more Asians in, but continue to discriminate against whites.
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Epic “God Emperor Trump” Float Featured In Italy’s ‘Carnevale Di Viareggio’ Parade
Here are a few interesting observations about the insanely-detailed float:

Much of the float’s costume was most likely inspired by the popular tabletop game Warhammer 40K (see Emperor of Mankind)
Trump is wearing a Roman-type laurel wreath crown
On his right shoulder pauldron can be seen what appears to be the head of Julius Caesar, a hammer and sickle and a skull
His right hand is gripping a sword. The hilt features a round sun-like object with a triangle in the middle (all-seeing eye?) There are also Twitter bird logos “flying” around the hilt’s guard. The blade has the inscription “DAZI VOSTRI” which is Italian for “Your Duties”
The chest piece and left pauldron features an eagle with its wings spread, along with a Lovecraftian-style coat of arms
Trump’s left hand has five metal claws instead of fingers
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I listen to Prager when driving around. Pretty sensible dude.
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Green Leaf New Deal.

You know she is a serious toker.

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Fuck the test. Just make the claim. What, you question my family heritage??? YOU FUCKING RACIST!!!!!!

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Back of the bus, you!
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Mitch will hand out some Cookies and Cream and Sour Diesel joints so everyone can get on the same level as Occasional-Cortex in order to review the bill.

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Here's more free shit. Can I stay?
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MisterLearnToCode says
However, Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986
Howard Fucking University !?!?? Jesus, she is half Indian, I thought she was smart.
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Also joining the lawsuit - the Canadian marijuana industry, Netflix, and Frito-Lay, Inc.
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I don't think we should raise taxes to pay for it. Just add the debt to the pile, and light it all up. Then start over.
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There is nothing real about any of this.
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Nun Fuck! Nun Fuck! Nun Fuck! ......
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Fuck SS! Let it run dry. Arm every retiree and let nature take its course.
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Doesn't matter if it actually happened. It’s a desperate cry for help by this victim of historical racism, likely traumatized by watching those Catholic high school thugs abuse that poor Indian war hero on the Mall in DC.
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Kill the white debils!
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New from ABC: 7 jihadi brides for 7 terrorists.
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Your parents warned you about doing too much acid and mushrooms. Now it all comes home to roost.
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This is a post whatever you like site. Attempts to limit posts, aside from personal attacks, would seem to act against this. Folks who demand to control posts on their thread are the problem, IMHO.
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Hand it over, you fucks!
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Patrick says
A 2% tax on wealth can replace a 35% tax on income.
But what about double taxation? You've worked hard, lived frugally, saved, paid income taxes, only to be taxed again?
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ThreeBays says
Boomers should embrace real Nordic capitalism:

Ättestupa (Swedish for kin/clan precipice) is the mythical practice of senicide during Nordic prehistoric times, where elderly people are said to have thrown themselves, or were thrown, to their deaths. According to legend, this was done when old people were unable to support themselves or assist in a household. Though there are many places in the Nordic countries that are said to have been used as ättestupa, it is now thought that the notion of ättestupa is a persistent myth.
Death panels for boomers. Problem solved. May I see your party affiliation, old man?
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Viewed through your white privelege eyes, this might appear to be a crime, but consider this as forcible reparations.
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Booger says
It’s inevitable comrade.It’s the people’s wealth.

Which side you gonna be on, when the revolution comes?
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Everyone will be on an equal footing. The wealthy will conform or be sent to re-education camps. The CIA and FBI will be combined with an armed and shoot-to-kill IRS. None will have more. Noone will have less. Government moloko milk bars will replace outlawed coffee shops. The Party will protect us and provide for our needs.
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His confusion of Huey Lewis with Huey Newton when announcing his possible running mate was a regrettable but understandable gaffe. Won’t help with the black vote but could bring in a chunk of the soft rock listener market.

Decent campaign song.

“Tougher than diamonds, whips like cream
Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream
Make a bad one good, mmm make a wrong right
Power of love will keep you home at night

Don't need money, don't take fame
Don't need no credit card to ride this train
It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes
But it might just save your life
That's the power of love
That's the power of love”
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The Annointing.
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An unabashed attack on the pro-facist dog whistle folks. A shameless end-around attempt on groundless but empowering victimhood. Large amounts of money threatened. Get rid of it!!!!
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Drat! Twelve years of grad school down the drain.
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The boomers won WWII. Well, they could have. They were sired from the greatest generation spunk.
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When Michelle does Barack like a dog, is that homosexuality?
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His plan for Scarborough’s wig is truly demented.
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Why aren’t these little freeloaders working!
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Putin has promised Trump the right to fuck any woman in Russia. Outing this agreement would be embarassing to both leaders
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Hernán Cortés Airport with a statue of Cortés impaling an Indian welcoming all at the entrance.
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What, being homeless is too good for them? They can always ahower in the school’s locker room and scrounge food in the cafeteria trash.
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They can wait out their parents, or speed things along with propylene glycol tea.

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