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Who the fuck pays $40/month for YouTube????
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Who is making you use Skype?
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I would blame starving Ethiopians before I would blame a US president.
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d6rB says
I hope Ethiopians take Boeing to cleaners since ultimately Boeing is responsible for releasing something that is not safe to fly

Honestly, I have my doubts that people in shithole countries can fly an airplane even if it has good autopilot.
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Quigley says
They actually are to blame and will be the ones to get sued,

Sued for how much? Doesn't an Ethoipan life have zero or negative value on the open market?
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They should take down the tower, and some of the surrounding once so these people get on cell phone service.
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It's OK to talk about wanting to retire in Caligulan splendor. Other than that, I would not quote this website at work.
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Ceffer says
If they visit your grave and put flowers there for a couple of years, you are probably in the lucky minority.

Yeah, when we were on Long Island last time, there was no mention of even visiting gravesites. My parents intend to be buried near their retirement home, which is nowhere near any family.
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just_dregalicious says
Even the total price before 'Market Adjust' is bull shit. I can't read it all but you can see the destination charge. That's a BS fee they put there to knock the price you pay up. Another common one is a fee for it sitting on their lot. Don't ever pay any of that shiite.

I think the intent was to show the $20000 "market adjustment" bullshit. Otherwise yeah, I would have loved to see the whole window sticker with detailed pricing and in high res so that I could read it.
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