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Fed leaked news to insider bond traders
By Patrick   #fed  #bonds   5 comments, latest 16 hours ago:
FortWayne says That's so despicable how well orchestrated this stuff is with the Fed.

Another school kid gets lucky
By zzyzzx   49 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Strategist says New Renter says Strategist says You are forgetting something. The dude came back to life after 3 days. So his grieving, whack job followers said but the fact is he disappeared just after...

The Echo Bubble in Housing Is About to Pop
By Patrick   #housing   139 comments, latest 17 hours ago:
Reality says bob2356 says Government regulations enforced by the force of violence is the reason why the playing field is not level; e.g. someone can sell a decades old drug for $750/pill today when manufacturing...

Trump was right, once gain
By Blurtman   7 comments, latest 4 days ago:
bob2356 says Rew says Trump said sorority girls mixed up in drug dealing might be murdered by fellow students? That's what buttman heard so it must be true. I don't remember it. Perhaps he could...

Charlie Rose: Imbecile or Corporate Stooge?
By Blurtman   14 comments, latest 5 days ago:
Blurtman says thunderlips11 says "Need to glue this thing" "Biden is willing."

Realtor flashes boobs during flight
By zzyzzx   13 comments, latest 13 hours ago:
Patrick says another article with more pics:

New Orwellian term about to destroy speech forever
By iwog   #politics   18 comments, latest 6 minutes ago:
iwog says Unfortunately I find my self unhappy allies with right-wing media since those dimwits are the only ones pissed off about liberal feminism enough to give it proper coverage. Anyway here's what happens when...

Pennsylvania Man Fired For Farting Too Much At Work
By zzyzzx   10 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Ceffer says They should have just lit him up and used him to sear the meat.

God's roflhao
By HEY YOU   #religion   13 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says It's symbolic you Constitional hacks can understand that kaincha?

Trump Vows Lower Tax Rates, Revised Trade Agreements. Deep Spending Cuts
By BayAreaObserver   #politics   22 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Tenpoundbass says All Trumps plan has to do to work is lower taxes.

Racist, fat Whoopi
By Blurtman   3 comments, latest 6 days ago:
Ironman says Every time I hear her name, this is the first thing that flashes into my mind... * * That sound kinda matches what comes out of her mouth!

Mexican politician-euthanize the homeless
By lostand confused   2 comments, latest 4 days ago:
thunderlips11 says And while we're at it, have the cops get rid of those "Pesky Kids". And blame it on drug dealers.

Each Morning That I Awaken I Give Thanks
By ohomen171   3 comments, latest 4 days ago:
Ceffer says Now you went and did it. I'm all happy now.

Joe Biden, financial industry stooge
By Blurtman   #politics   4 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
mmmarvel says

Nassau County DAs office forbids Prosecutors from having handguns (even at home
By Ironman   #politics   2 comments, latest 5 days ago:
zzyzzx says If handguns are banned, are shotguns and assault rifles OK?

Obozo to argue that all of our hard drives are for the gubmnts keeping
By lostand confused   14 comments, latest 4 days ago:
Dan8267 says landtof says socialists would rather wipe their ass with it. You mean socialists like our men and women in uniform, who are literally paid with socialized spending? Yeah, the marines, the army, and...

Food Stamp Growth Outpaces Illinois Job Creation 5-4 During Recovery
By indigenous   17 comments, latest 5 days ago:
indigenous says tatupu70 says OK--so how would you have responded to Hitler's aggressions and Pearl Harbor getting bombed? Regarding the prior, by muzzling Churchill so that he does not bomb Germany before Germany bombed England....

Hard core cardio releases cannabinoids
By dublin hillz   9 comments, latest 4 days ago:
Ceffer says My body is my hookah.

Democrats Begin the Long, Tortuous Retreat from Obamacare
By Ironman   3 comments, latest 3 days ago:
Tenpoundbass says Obamacare was nothing but Grubbers dishonest blue print to unbridled deceit and fraud in the Insurance industry. There are no consumer protections, and you are at the mercy of what ever the Insurance...

First they took over burger flipping and now this ...
By mmmarvel   6 comments, latest 1 day ago:
thunderlips11 says Also, when the robot tries to take the ketchup packets out of the bin and there are no more, and nobody programmed it to drive 10 feet to the left, make right turn,...

30% of homes lost value over the last year
By Ironman   2 comments, latest 4 days ago:
zzyzzx says Ironman says In Baltimore, 48% of homes decreased in value. Obligatory:

Experian data breach exposes T-Mobile customers' data
By Ironman   1 comment, latest 3 days ago:
Blurtman says Clearly Experian's credit rating should be lowered.

Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs CIA trained groups
By lostand confused   posted 3 days ago: The Russian Defense Ministry released footage on Thursday, October 1, which it described as showing airstrikes conducted overnight in Syria on Islamic State targets. The military said it struck four Islamic State targets in...

Secret Service Agent Says Obama Is Muslim & Gay In New Tell-All Book
By Oilwelldoctor   27 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Call it KKKrazy says Oilwelldoctor says This is false. I am extremely sorry for posting it. For posting it.....but not for believing it? It's OK, you have to be true to yourself. You can be...

18-year old girl and 13-year old boy are best friends!
By iwog   9 comments, latest 26 minutes ago:
justme says FortWayne says You must have not seen the new generation of women/girls than. Many can be described in words best not written. I'm going to ask a serious question: Do you know this...

16 Years Ago I Started Work At Telewave, Inc.
By ohomen171   1 comment, latest 1 day ago:
indigenous says IMO there is no opinion about that very objective fact. The government should create these hands up called jobs, oh that's right the government does not create jobs. Well then it should at...

Israel needs to stop playing the victim role
By tovarichpeter   #israel   2 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
Strategist says tovarichpeter says Israel needs to stop playing the victim role They are the victims. Throughout history they have been enslaved, raped, murdered, gassed, discriminated, hated, and now blown up by suicide bombers. In...

Discovery, CO2s impact about a fifth or tenth of what the IPCC says it is
By Ironman   11 comments, latest 14 minutes ago:
Tenpoundbass says You can't argue with these people. They WANT Global warming to be real. And Zombies, and Unicorns, and Bigfoot and Aliens. I've come to the conclusion, that today's Liberals are the kids I...

Carly Fiorina: Apple doesn't fall far from Tree
By thunderlips11   posted 16 hours ago:
Daddy Joseph Sneed the Third was a founding member of the John Birch Society. At least her married name is better than "Sneed". Sounds like a 19th Century novel about an evil workhouse boss....

Homes as ATMs: It's starting again
By Ironman   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago:
dodgerfanjohn says West side of LA is currently double what it was in 2004 and current sales prices are around 30% more than the early 2007 bubble peak. What did everyone think was gonna happen?...

Activist Cracker Fail LOL
By Tenpoundbass   #politics   1 comment, latest 5 days ago:
Blurtman says Execution counts.

The Anointing.
By Blurtman   posted 5 days ago:
Thank heaven, for little.....

OK, This is Getting Old...
By Ironman   2 comments, latest 3 days ago:
Tenpoundbass says dodgerfanjohn says Chris Christie? Dude, I actually like what you did in the debates. And I think the RINO label is unfair. Run for Senate after you finish as Governor. Maybe some other...

Obesity by state 2015
By Vicente   9 comments, latest 6 days ago:
mmmarvel says Strategist says Ironman says Interesting, Colorado rates 51 in states, which is the best.... Hmmmm... I thought Obama said we had 57 states..... Kenyans must have been counted 6 times. No, no, no...

A Good Saudi
By thunderlips11   6 comments, latest 5 days ago:
thunderlips11 says @Patrick, just to add to your excellent links: 41% of Iraqi Foreign Fighters were Saudi Nationals, according to records seized by the US in Iraq, 2007. Keep in mind how small Saudi Arabia...

Russia conducts first airstrike in Syria.
By Blurtman   43 comments, latest 16 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says

Killer Bees invades the fortress
By Tenpoundbass   #politics   posted 5 days ago: Researchers say Africanized honeybees, known as killer bees, have made their way to the Bay Area for the first time. The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( ) the bees have been spotted in Lafayette...

The incredible cruelty of the Spaniards towards the New World Indians
By Blurtman   5 comments, latest 5 days ago:
HEY YOU says Stupid,Evil Fucking Catholics! Indulgences: I'll give them a few bucks & my time in purgatory will be cut short. Give a lot & I'm guaranteed first class trip to heaven. Love a...

Affordable housing fraud
By LarryPatrickMaloney   2 comments, latest 5 days ago:
Heraclitusstudent says Spot on!

The Book The Hairdresser of Harare
By ohomen171   posted 5 days ago:
What I love are a certain type of book and movie. In many cases they are not a huge commercial success. But they are well done and really touch your heart. Right now I'm reading...

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