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New Zealand's Bubble Is Vulnerable
By Patrick in Menlo Park CA 94025   posted 17 hours ago: It didnt take too long for the politicians to react, with Acting Finance Minister Steven Joyce downplaying it, unhelpfully personally attacking Mr Colombo, with Labours David Cunliffe and David Parker largely agreeing with Mr...

Affordable housing week
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 19 hours ago: Join us for the first of two Housing Resource Fairs offered during the week! Programs, services, and products for first-time homebuyers, renters, homeowners, and seniors will be offered through a variety of exhibitors and...

Even in Tough Times, Realtor Offers Helping Hand
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78256   1 comment, latest 20 hours ago:
clambo says What a loser. He has not been paying anything so he knows this will be foreclosed on. He's living rent free in a huge house. "Everything fell apart on me", typical bullshit excuse....

Las Vegas home prices continue steady surge
By Strategic Renter in Las Vegas NV 89128   6 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
dodgerfanjohn says Why are banks still holding back Las Vegas homes from being sold?

US house market: Few buyers and not enough sellers
By Call it Crazy  9 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
bubblesitter says Bubbabear says ...anyone living the dream is most certainly not visiting this site Yep, there are handful of them here who tirelessly try to convince majority of the folks here to buy or...

Clear bubble danger in Southern California
By Patrick in Menlo Park CA 94025   6 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
smaulgld says Not to worry Zillow says homes are rising but still affordable except in just a few cities

Soaring Housing Costs Driving Educated People From Big Cities
By evilmonkeyboy in San Jose CA 95112   43 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
fedwatcher says Young educated people with student loan debt cannot buy a house anyway. They are moving into the cities where the jobs are as renters. Silicon Valley will always be a magnet as start-ups...

"Trailer trash " win $111 million
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   8 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
Ceffer says I doubt this total payout will pass appeals. The liquor stores will have to wait.

Money has corrupted us. We no longer understand what it's worth
By hrhjuliet  47 comments, latest 1 day ago:
SFace says mmmarvel says In Hong Kong, the unemployment rate is 3.1% and their safety net is just about zilch. If you're an able bodied person, you are pretty much expected to find a job...

GSEs lower expectations on housing market for 2014
By Call it Crazy  posted 1 day ago:
Fannie, Freddie revise sales, construction forecasts downward. The government-sponsored enterprises are lowering their housing expectations for 2014, citing shrinking inventory and tightened credit standards among other reasons. Freddie Mac lowered its forecast for home sales...

Voters open to tweaking prop 13
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   15 comments, latest 1 day ago:
SFace says The time passed when Democrats had supermajority in both houses and gov office. In any case, all old people and their lawmaker friends like Prop 13, regardless of party affililiation. Because our congressman/women...

Americans think owning a house better than it is for them
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   1 comment, latest 1 day ago:
CaptainShuddup says It's OK everybody, Washington post is here to tell you how you "SHOULD" think. Owning a home is wise, sound, best, and most practical thing I've ever done. The Idiots who think that...

My take on the soft existing home sales numbers today
By Logan Mohtashami in Irvine CA 92603   256 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Logan Mohtashami says Soft EHS sales again, no traction except in the million dollar home market

Out with housing recovery, in with unaffordability?
By Call it Crazy  1 comment, latest 1 day ago:
ForcedTQ says Because it's hip / trendy / the bank allowed you to take the loan / financially responsible to pay 5, 7, or 10 times your households GROSS income on a "title" for a...

Your gas dollars at work, building world's tallest building in Saudi Arabia
By JH in Menlo Park CA 94025   22 comments, latest 1 day ago:
sam1 says clambo says It's about as useful as building a pyramid. We could use our own natural gas and stop buying oil from Saudis. This is what our national policy should be, not windmill...

House prices down across U.S.
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   3 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Nobody says Give me back a few seconds of my life back.

Reflating housing bubbles goes global
By golfplan18 in Irvine CA 92620   posted 1 day ago: Bankers around the globe learned from the US how to reflate house price bubbles by removing distressed inventory and lobbying for government subsidies. Bankers in the US discovered the formula for reflating housing bubbles:...

Foreclosure rates edge downward in Central Valley
By tvgnus  posted 1 day ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine Drop to less than 1 percent •  States rate falls to 0.69 percent The pace of homes falling into the foreclosure process declined in February across much of the Central Valley, once the epicenter...

Five groups that lie about the housing market
By Tim Aurora  53 comments, latest 1 day ago:
bubblesitter says ^^^ Seems much like bragging to me. Seems like you know lot about perma-bears then yourself. :)

Housing Bubble 2.0 Veers Toward Housing Bust 2.0
By HEY YOU in Menlo Park CA 94025   3 comments, latest 1 day ago:
TechGromit says This housing bubble has some fundamental differences than the last one. I don't know where all this money is coming from to buy these houses, but it's not from banks lending it to...

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