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Call it Crazy says wave9x says Please ANYONE reading this from some random link or search engine, do NOT believe the BS, Anyone making a decision to buy a house solely from opinions posted on...

House Prices Are Nowhere Near a Bottom, Says Analyst
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New Renter says HEY YOU says Cannibal Anarchy. Any one ready for a Penis dog smothered in Mountain Oyster Chili & side of Chitlins. Order up!

Peter Schiff – The coming 2013 – 2014 U.S. crash will be worse than 2008
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indigenous says bgamall4 says false flag. what is a false flag?

Housing Collapse Part II
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New Renter says John Bailo says Well...but actually we are. The life of a millionaire from the 1960s with jet travel, international resorts, garage door openers and sports cars is well within the reach of...

Schiff - The Coming Housing Collapse
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Graybox says yup1 says AUD vs USD had made about 10% over the past 3 years NZD vs USD has made about 15% over the past 3 years The AUD and NZD strength can be...

Bond Bubble about to POP! There goes the housing market!!!
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Philistine says Reality says Feudalism refers to attachment of people to land You're being deliberately literal. And it's not a two-way market when investors with all cash are by far winning out over the first-time...

RealtyTrac, CoreLogic Confirm Housing Bear Thesis: 85-90% of REOHeld Off Market
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Bigsby says underwaterman says Bigsby says 2 months behind what by the way? Your like the little engine that couldn't. You are 2 months behind on attack my investment theme from the midget clown circus....

MAX KEISER: Gigantic COLLAPSE On The Way, REAL ESTATE & Bond Bubble to BURST
By HousingBoom   6 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says By coincidence, just came across this quote: "The only way for interest rates to go is up. When that happens, bond values will begin to fall. If they fall sufficiently, bond holders will...

John Williams of Interview: The Next Crash Will Be A Lot Worse!
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Reality says underwaterman says I think if terrorists can think outside the box and turn 2 airplanes into weapons and bring down two large skyscrapers in New York they can figure out how to build...

This Is Housing Bubble 2.0: David Stockman
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thomaswong.1986 says HousingBoom says I think we are in an inflationary depression like scenario which is a pretty bad situation for home prices. deflation is certainly a possibility. our national economy since 1700s has certainly...

Contraction in GDP, North Africa and Middle East Wars, Buy Gold and More
By HousingBoom   posted 2 years ago:
Pick a country from Mali to Egypt or Yemen to Syria; there are wars and rumors of war. The U.N. says it is "gravely concerned" about the escalation of violence. Meanwhile, the Iranians are...

Shiller: Housing market comeback may be an illusion
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David Losh says robertoaribas says i just went along for the ride. It's the cost of doing business the same as there is a cost of doing business anywhere. The people who complain about the...

US Ends 2012 With 103.8% Debt To GDP
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RentingForHalfTheCost says Why not just print two 16 trillion dollar coins and run a surplus. Lord all mighty, we are in for a hard smack of reality. Best thing I ever did was get two...

Rick Santelli Responds to Negative GDP Report: 'We Are Now Europe'
By HousingBoom   posted 2 years ago:
The US economy is beginning to falter even after the Fed's trillions of dollars of money printing. This can't be good for the future of the housing market.

The Bond Bubble
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C Boy says QE 3/4 did pump a lot of money into the stock market. It's at a 10 year high and the economy has still not revered from 2008.

The Truth About The "Fiscal Cliff" (How You're Getting Screwed By Washington)
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inflection point says Nicely done. Of course the strategy of the republicans and democrats is of course that no one can do the math. Of course no one really wants to cut

Bill O'Reilly: The U.S. Dollar will Collapse
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inflection point says Mark D, Fair enough, Bush jr. was not too different than BHO.

Keith Jurow - The Real Housing Data
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HousingBoom says If the economy stays a float for the next 3-8 years then I think housing has a decent chance of bottoming because the banks and gov't are working together to make it a...

Hedge Funds Buying Real Estate
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HousingBoom says Hedge Funds are interested in a quick profit so once the housing market starts its downturn again, then KABOOM!!! All of these firms will release their inventory and prices will plummet. Manipulation at...

In 2009, 18.7 million empty homes in the US
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Kevin says Awesome, how does this information benefit me in 2013? I desperately needed to know that there were about five million vacation homes four years ago.

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