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Why there are less homeowners out there.
By Nobody   posted 3 months ago:
Homeownership rate lowest in 25 years Nobody seems to understand the simple math here. If less people owns multiple homes, of course, it will lower the home ownership rate. Thanks to Bush and Obama...

Wake up, giving money to rich will not create jobs.
By Nobody   175 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Nobody says CaptainShuddup says While letting out of control Liberal pipe dreams creates Jobs in China. Obama's golden boy company 123 battery manufacture, has been sold to China Another failed investment scheme to create jobs....

Congratulation for passing the prop. 30
By Nobody   9 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Vicente says pazuzu says PUBLIC unions are the travesty and should not even exist. Because.... public workers never have workplace complaints, bad management, contract issues, or feel a need to negotiate as a group. Right....

fair or unfair taxation?
By Nobody   7 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Bellingham Bill says Correction accepted : )

The rationale for Republican policy for tax
By Nobody   33 comments, latest 3 years ago:
freak80 says iwog says When did those voices in your head start telling you commies were hiding in your closet? He's probably referring to EvilMonkeyBoy.

People are utterly forgetful. Great depression had two dips.
By Nobody   1 comment, latest 4 years ago:
I would add a number 7 to the list. 7. Potential young homebuyers who want to start a family are coming out of college with large amounts of debt.

The richer is getting richer and poor is getting poor.
By Nobody   2 comments, latest 4 years ago:
Nobody says E-man, I guess you are a young person saying this, cause it sounds very ignorant and immature. Do you think everyone chooses to be poor or the success is achieved alone? For 1%...

Is Obama trying to bust the budget?
By Nobody   14 comments, latest 4 years ago:
Tenouncetrout says Actually more people fraudulently claimed that 8K credit, than there were Dumb Asses who honestly bought for the credit. I'm really confused. There were 2.1 million tax credits claimed. You've provided documentation for...

The first time home buyers stayed away? No, we were pushed away by the investors.
By Nobody   77 comments, latest 4 years ago:
American in Japan says @Troy >My LL was a nice guy and gave me back my Y220,000 in Y10,000 notes when I was leaving after 5 years. A very rare (in my experience) yet pleasant...

The cost of commodity
By Nobody   1 comment, latest 4 years ago:
Lately, the price of oil is creeping up again. That seems no surprise to me, because FED decided to dump more money about 6 month ago. No. It's mostly because of China an other...

Federal Surplus and Our future: Raising tax for the rich
By Nobody   68 comments, latest 5 years ago:
marcus says shrekgrinch says And regarding the spending stats you did look up — did it cover ALL spending? See, with government stats there is spending and then there is spending and then there is...

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