Threads started by Reality

Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again
By Reality  69 comments, latest 2 days ago:
mell says They are university educated like Paul Krugman! High five!

iWog is Losing Argument Again and Deleting Post
By Reality  19 comments, latest 3 months ago:
Reality says bob2356 says I'm not talking about your post I'm talking about the sentence "every single possible development/outcome is prescribed apriori in the rule book." The only word that could possibly used substituted (at...

Rebutting iWog's FED Cult
By Reality  88 comments, latest 4 months ago:
mell says iwog says mell says You could have bought anything in 2009 and made a decent return, once the Fed bazooka was locked, loaded and fired there was no use fighting the tape. You...

Whale of A Bubble
By Reality  posted 4 months ago: Where is AF and his gattling gun crew?

Rebutting Iwog's Nonsense Prediction
By Reality  23 comments, latest 4 months ago:
Bellingham Bill says "In only 5 years of presidency, Obama has already run up more national debt than all previous presidents combined" While it's true deficit spending increased in 2010-2014, this was largely the...

SBH's Skinhead Obsession
By Reality  6 comments, latest 7 months ago:
sbh says Yeah, even a schmuck like me has gotta be good for somethin'.

Another post disappeared by iWog the Liar and Fraudster
By Reality  100 comments, latest 7 months ago:
sbh says Pop goes the weasel.

New Firms Create Jobs, Old Existing Firms Kill Jobs
By Reality  1 comment, latest 7 months ago:
indigenous says Very apt. I would say and at least the 2nd half of the last century also created ALL new jobs. I like the forest analogy. The BLM or similiar decides that we can't...

J. M. Keynes, the Damage Still Done By A Defunct Economist
By Reality  6 comments, latest 7 months ago:
Entitlemented says The Lawyers in the EU should outlaw manufacturing, as they have in the US. Then Germany can be PIGS.........

The Scandavian Dark Lands
By Reality  3 comments, latest 8 months ago:
indigenous says Not one of you mutts are going to comment on this?

Iwog Proves Himself to be an Obnoxious Liar and an Ignorant Fool Yet Again
By Reality  5 comments, latest 9 months ago:
Bigsby says Has he deleted this exchange from the original thread?

Iwog Launches Pointless Personal Vandetta Thread Then Censors Posts
By Reality  200 comments, latest 1 year ago:
elliemae says indigenous says Do you have a score card? On my scorecard he has yet to win one. Instead he feigns indignation and fades away. Perhaps - but before he "fades away" there are...

Without Pharoah, Who Would Have Built the Pyramids
By Reality  6 comments, latest 1 year ago:
CaptainShuddup says The Pharaohs didn't build that, Obama did.

The Georgist Blindspots
By Reality  133 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Reality says The latent supply from the ability to switch to oil provides some competition . . . and that's a good thing. Latent supply isn't an significant issue. As far as I know, there's...

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