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Linda Tripp breaks silence after nearly 20 years, unloads on Hillary
By jvolstad   176 comments, latest 15 hours ago:
DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says Conservatives get virtually unlimited indulgences for sexual deviance because Nancy Reagan sucked off Frank Sinatra in the White House. The kool karma that sucking off Frank provided gave reactionaries infinite pre-paid penance. It's...

JCPenney employee says she was sent home because her shorts were too short
By jvolstad   24 comments, latest 1 day ago:
iwog says I think I'd still do her, at least until those soft curves flab out. I wonder if she has a secret MRM fetish?

Windows 10
By jvolstad   2 comments, latest 1 day ago:
jvolstad says It look about an hour and a half to complete the upgrade. Things seem to be working OK. Using the Edge browser on and it looks normal.

Shooter a former Real Estate Developer
By jvolstad   2 comments, latest 6 days ago:
HydroCabron says Sounds as if the Louisiana Militia ain't regulated well enough. No current or former NAR member should get anywhere near normal people without receiving lead supplements.

Co-signing for a mortgage
By jvolstad   5 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says HydroCabron says Should have just colluded with the listing realtor to split the sales commission on a straw-buyer sale at 90% of market. Then pad the loan with a HELOC in the straw...

Pentagon readying plan to lift transgender ban
By jvolstad   4 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
socal2 says dodgerfanjohn says Therefore it is a mental disorder and as such I am confused as to why some government entities are intent on indulging those who insist they are a gender other than...

How long does it take to pay a $2,000 credit card debt with minimum payments?
By jvolstad   posted 3 weeks ago:

First Church of Cannabis
By jvolstad   posted 1 month ago: Amen.....

Elvis buys Real Estate at Walmart
By jvolstad   posted 1 month ago: Elvis has just left the building…and thinks that it is in decent enough shape that with a few minor additions he could put it back on the market in a few months and make...

Patrick is a saint?
By jvolstad   posted 1 month ago:
I'll bet the Realtor's don't think so.

Caitlyn Jenner Steps Out to Celebrate New York LGBT Pride
By jvolstad   2 comments, latest 1 month ago:
CaptainShuddup says He would have gotten a water cannon in the Turkey GPP.

Former San Antonio mayor calls on Robert E. Lee High School to change name
By jvolstad   1 comment, latest 1 month ago:
SoftShell says original sin is extraordinarily prevalent throughout latino neighborhoods, as not only did they sneak slaves into the country back in the day, they also snuck themselves..

The Debt Project
By jvolstad   posted 1 month ago: Reading some of these stories, people need to be smarter about taking on debt. A good example is going to college out-of-state and then taking out student loans to pay for it.

What do you identify as?
By jvolstad   12 comments, latest 1 month ago:
dodgerfanjohn says I identify as a 80 year old curmudgeon who has spent way too many years in so cal poker rooms. Gripping gives me the only true pleasure in life. I suspect most

What starts with one California REALTOR benefits all of California
By jvolstad   posted 1 month ago:
What a load of cr.p. :-/

South Texas man arrested again for trying to have sex with a horse
By jvolstad   19 comments, latest 1 month ago:
sbh says Call it Crazy says I wonder why??? You wonder why the shit you eat draws flies? Stop eating it and just flush it, dude, like everybody else. It won't wreck your lifestyle, you...

I am the new normal?
By jvolstad   1 comment, latest 2 months ago:
YesYNot says I love watching uptight republicans getting their panties in a wad thinking about this. It's great how your imagination goes right for the details. You just want to know all of the bathroom...

Why you should buy with little down
By jvolstad   4 comments, latest 2 months ago:
pstorjohn says The low barriers to entry guarantee the dregs of the earth in the industry. The ridiculous commissions for so little skill and education required turns over rocks every day and this is the...

Neverland, former home of Michael Jackson, on sale for $100M
By jvolstad   posted 2 months ago: Neverland Ranch is up for sale. The California property that once served as Michael Jackson's home and personal fantasyland is being listed at $100 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. The 2,700-acre ranch...

Millennials in Texas and in California reject home ownership for vastly differen
By jvolstad   1 comment, latest 2 months ago:
bgamall4 says The Texans are to stupid to figure out how to buy a home and the west has prices too high for the down payment to be accumulated. But really, they all need to...

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