Threads started by HARM threatened with "Irrelevance"
By HARM  85 comments, latest 1 year ago:
HEY YOU says It's not the site that's irrelevant, it's all of us that comment. lol

Are you a 'Fair-Weather' capitalist?
By HARM  201 comments, latest 2 years ago:
CaptainShuddup says Paxjoffcova says During a catch process, you hate time. You cannot be waited not far from because of you're an amateurish actor. Around this for is yell an excuse. It's property irrelevant you...

Favorite Realt-whore Cliches
By HARM  111 comments, latest 2 years ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says FortWayne says "It is not a purchase, it's an investment." "This is a great location to raise a family." I think their entire profession revolves around appealing to emotions of the...

Appraisal Fraud
By HARM  41 comments, latest 2 years ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says All appraisals are fraudulent based on the realtor and lender's threats to stomp the fucker and never give him another gig if he doesn't come up with the number he is...

Poetic Justice strikes Banksters: Judges say, "No tickee, no forclosee."
By HARM  146 comments, latest 5 years ago:
Where is HARM? Did too much sun in Walnut Creek fry his brain?

Charts, Charts, Charts!
By HARM  121 comments, latest 6 years ago:
Over a year ago I was having the same kind of argument about house-price stickiness. I seem to recall a particular blog bully named “Allah” who authoritatively proclaimed that there could not ever be any...

Schwarzenegger announces deal to FREEZE adjustable rates for state's "highest-risk borrowers"
By HARM  129 comments, latest 6 years ago:
Logistics lady says My husband was a mortgage broker for 2 years. We can't lump everyone into the same "mold" and stereotype the whole industry. Before my husband had his own business as a broker,...

Beware of the "Careful What You Wish For" crowd - The Bubble's implosion is good for working class people
By HARM  150 comments, latest 7 years ago:
The machine is overwhelming to me. For example, American workers have turned into service industry workers...while jobs have been off-shored, outsourced overseas. High paid professionals coming to the US on work visas (then become greencard...

Phase 2 of the Real Bailout™ is here
By HARM  273 comments, latest 7 years ago:
(sorry; I posted this question in other threads) Hi, I was hoping somebody here could point me to a good free foreclosure listings site? (if it even exists) All the ones I see, you have...

Rise of the Bandos!*
By HARM  201 comments, latest 7 years ago:
Eliza says @Malcolm: Yeah, with regard to public schools and the money crunch there--one does wonder what the heck they are doing with the high Cali income taxes and the high Cali sales taxes. Something...

Counterparty risk and bubble hedging
By HARM  94 comments, latest 7 years ago:
BUYING DISTRESSED DEBT --- SOON The sequence from counterpary default to contrarian opportunity. We will buy distressed debt because we see the following sequence of events: 1. Credit rating downgrades 2. Counterparty defaults and abandonment...

Lennar decides to "mothball" new O.C. development; local squatters and meth dealers jubilant
By HARM  196 comments, latest 7 years ago:
Zephyr says HARM you said “Once again, Zephyr Von Knowitall charges in to Make His Point and… gets his facts completely wrong.” You are certainly quick with the hostility. First of all I cited no...

Bloomberg to WaMu: "Be careful what you wish for"
By HARM  161 comments, latest 7 years ago:
culady says FYI - ex-sunnyvale-renter The homeless now use baby strollers! Yeah, this way they are owner occupied. Don't have to worry about them being taken back by the shop owners!

Bill Gross insists Fed charter includes propping up housing bubbles
By HARM  141 comments, latest 7 years ago:
I just realised that if you scale the Oz govt surplus to the American population, you would have an AUD$1.5 trillion surplus now... and we may as well call dollar parity for all intents and...

Grapevine Realtors haggle over who has the most Foreclosures
By HARM  47 comments, latest 7 years ago:
says I probably should have declared BK about five years ago. Instead, when I realized I was not flying right I tried to work out of it by working harder. This did not work...

Tan-Man pleads for more government "help" to ease lending (while still under SEC Investigation)
By HARM  130 comments, latest 7 years ago:
HARM says new thread: Grapevine Realtors haggle over who has the most Foreclosures

F@ck the Rich — Let’s Tax the $hit out of them
By HARM  254 comments, latest 8 years ago:
You're all wrong! Just kidding, however there is a solution that I didn't see posted above, the Henry George "single tax". Take a look at but don't reject the idea until you are sure...

Why some market regulation is necessary and good for the economy
By HARM  126 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Different Sean says maybe something to do with Bohemian Grove or the skull and bones... Homebuyer Facing Starvation!
By HARM  54 comments, latest 8 years ago:
tsusiat says Hey Surfer X - congratulations, we all want to buy someday, I'm sure. As long as there are no other debts, and you didn't pay top dollar, that's fine. Money left for margaritas,...

'Game over' for FL flippers counting on rising rents to bail them out.
By HARM  87 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Different Sean says Vicente Says: Man I hate to bring up the UNION word, but I mean really, are employees these days all frightened sheep? So terrified that they might lose their jobs they take...

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