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rental market cooling down?
By raindoctor in Mountain View CA 94041   17 comments, latest 2 years ago:
JodyChunder says New Renter says I'd have thought Slab City was more your style: Nah. Too rustic for me. Whenever a fellow hits the skids around here, we say, "he's gone to the slab!"

Startup mania
By raindoctor in Mountain View CA 94041   1 comment, latest 2 years ago:
lostand confused says Well, if you are able to secure other people's money for the start up and play with it-then what is the risk?

Why not reduce the cost of living?
By raindoctor in Sunnyvale CA 94086   137 comments, latest 2 years ago:
bgamall4 says raindoctor says We should stop worrying about banks. Even if there were healthy banks, they do not increase the aggregate demand, which drives the production, which further drives jobs. Well, easy money loans...

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