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"Great Rotation" is code for "bubble"
By Jeremy McMillan   posted 2 years ago: seems to be saying there is no overall risk that diversification cannot minimize.. even that Treasury bond positions are not shifting into stocks (corp. paper?), but suggesting sidelined investable cash is returning to the...

(Artificially) Lean inventories hold back U.S. pending house sales
By Jeremy McMillan   1 comment, latest 2 years ago:
Jeremy McMillan says It looks to me, almost like the press is beginning to shift from reporting on "possible recovery" back to "possible bubble" mode. Given recent history, I'd expect popular opinion to move soon.

Landlord Blackstone Rushes ... First Ever REO-To-Rent Securitization
By Jeremy McMillan   7 comments, latest 2 years ago:
taxee says bmwman91 says There is nothing stopping it from happening again, other than the same players waiting for the market to get amnesia and allow itself to be duped all over again.

Felony investigation of M. Romney P. Ryan vote buying "subs for votes" scandal
By Jeremy McMillan   posted 3 years ago: Want more than FOX is willing to report? Here's some details. Spoiler: he did not break the federal statute, but he did break the Wisconsin statute, local candidate Paul Ryan in tow, who...

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