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The Bernanke Bubble
By everything   posted 2 years ago:
http://iversontoday.wordpress. Housing starts are at their highest level since July, 2008. Mortgage interest is at an all time low. The median price of a house has gone up again. This all sounds like good news....

Condo's are now rentals
By everything   8 comments, latest 3 years ago:
ELC says gbenson says That being said, in our location, only about 20% of the condos are viable, the other 80% have restrictions or financial issues that prevent them from making a good rental. And...

Should I buy this house?
By everything   37 comments, latest 3 years ago:
ArtimusMaxtor says More like weld my ass to the wall. Sure I will be glad to pay a 75% markup on a car. So everyone that is connected to the Fractional Reserve slave and labor...

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