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Losing (Some of) My Fear of Death (without Religion)
By freak80   57 comments, latest 10 months ago:
SoftShell says So logic dictates you buy into a mutual fund of religions. spread the risk around so you don't get hurt. believe in anything and everything! Heraclitusstudent says mmmarvel says The sad thing is...

Rationalwiki article on non-materialist neuroscience
By freak80   posted 1 year ago:
Modern neuroscience strongly suggests that we *are* our brains and nothing more. And of course, many people don't like that idea. See the following article from RationalWiki: Then again, the scientific view of consciousness...

Freak80 visits Bay Area! What to do?
By freak80   44 comments, latest 1 year ago:
freak80 says Iwog, as much as I'd like to meet "the duck" in person, there's probably no time at this point. If I remember right, you live in the east bay and it'd be quite...

Stocks and Bonds: Both Bad Bets?
By freak80   28 comments, latest 1 year ago:
hanera says bullshitmagnet says So, if we are entering into a new era of rising interest rates (which many people think we are, but who knows), will the pendulum of prosperity begin to swing towards...

Fun: Starting a New Religion
By freak80   6 comments, latest 1 year ago:
thunderlips11 says Think Henry Rollins has a good idea of how to start in the first verse.

What will be the Next Bubble?
By freak80   65 comments, latest 1 year ago:
CDon says While I generally don't care much about metals, I do care very much about honesty, and Dunross, if and when you do come back, explain to us why we should not treat everything...

Does Evolution work in favor of Religion?
By freak80   posted 1 year ago:
If I understand evolution correctly, it's all about reproductive success. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. How many children does the average Amish couple have? How many children does the average atheist couple have? Let...

Net Worth of Top 400 Americans is $2 Trillion
By freak80   78 comments, latest 2 years ago:
thomaswong.1986 says Reality says Supply creates its own demand. As outsourcing and automation drive down prices, more and more human wants become qualified demand. Automation does not drive down prices.. why do autos costs more.....

Billionaire: Fed Robbing Poor to Pay Rich
By freak80   6 comments, latest 2 years ago:
hllnwlz says The saddest thing about this thread is that I can't tell who's being sarcastic and who isn't. Malinvestment. Inflation, i.e. destruction of the value of money. Massive misallocation of capital. However, this is...

Talk is Cheap. How About a General Strike?
By freak80   22 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Heraclitusstudent says FortWayne says Strikes are easy to organize if you can spend money. Events like that are never started by the poor people. Mohamed Bouazizi started one.

Is Organized Religion Just Extortion?
By freak80   50 comments, latest 2 years ago:
thunderlips11 says I'd be interested in some sucker bringing a civil suit against "Name it and Claim it" Churches, the ones that promise donations get returned 3 fold, etc. Be curious to see how the...

Bonds are safe!
By freak80   posted 2 years ago:
Or not.

Person to be Born Next Year Terrified of His Non-Existence
By freak80   5 comments, latest 2 years ago:
freak80 says Oh well. I'm still flattered that you think it was good enough for The Onion.

Quoting quotes
By freak80   5 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Patrick says OK, I think igore is fixed now. Please let me know of any other problems. Best to just send me an email:

Limit on Name Changing?
By freak80   17 comments, latest 3 years ago:
freak80 says Patrick says It was missing for a while but should be back now. My fault. Good, that means I'm not actually crazy. Although some forum members may disagree. I could have sworn I...

Political Segregation in America
By freak80   16 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Politicofact says The left refuse to be dragged beyond too far off center of right. Why should they go further? They won't! The right want to drag the country towards Fascism. Stop blaming "BOTH" sides....

A Google search for 'realtors are'...
By freak80   9 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Schizlor says Debating on whether or not to make that my new profile pic... That would also make a great bumper sticker

Trading Caps & Gowns for Mops
By freak80   1 comment, latest 3 years ago:
uomo_senza_nome says Bernanke circa 2007: At this juncture . . . the impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the subprime markets seems likely to be contained Bernanke circa 2012:...

"Quantum Microphone"
By freak80   1 comment, latest 3 years ago:
New renter says freak80 says Who knows, maybe they'll eventually demonstrate "quantum weirdness" with cats. TINY cats

Why Should I Vote?
By freak80   129 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Dan8267 says true

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