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Kayak Porn
By HeadSet   14 comments, latest 3 years ago:
HeadSet says joshuatrio says Ever surf kayak'd? No, I like relatively smooth water, fast paddling and enjoying the scenery. I do know a couple who take out their 12 ft "Ocean" kayaks to joy ride...

Plan to own a house? Prepare to be a Milk Cow
By HeadSet   25 comments, latest 6 years ago:
4X says But do you have bait?…you cant have guns, ammo without liquor and bait! It is the redneck way of life…yeehaw! G'head, make fun of us guns & ammo people. We'll leave a light...

About Finally Buying a House
By HeadSet   44 comments, latest 6 years ago:
HeadSet says EBGuy says Headset, In case my post was not clear, I AGREED with all of your “average joe” advice Actually, I was the one who wasn't clear. I should have mentioned I was...

Will We See a Bubble/Burst/Bailout in Reverse Mortgages?
By HeadSet   16 comments, latest 6 years ago:
OO, I see your point. Now if we can connect this baby to Fannie & Freddie, we could go some place. The seed is sown. In one of these days we would have a new...

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