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Greetings and Word From the Street in Budapest
By David9   posted 1 year ago:
Hello, from Budapest, Hungary. Well, I must be doing something financially right to be able to take a trip during the slow time at work to go to Budapest, Hungary. I thank you for your...

5429 Newcastle, #318, Encino CA 91316
By David9   10 comments, latest 1 year ago:
David9 says Just an update, this property is back on the market for 32K more. Possible scenarios: 1.) A new dimension of a Bank/Real Estate twilight zone exists where these properties go in and...

5644 Yolanda Ave., #2 Tarzana CA 91356
By David9   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says David9 says Why does this read like a porn story? To me, it does.

U.S. Homeownership Rate Lowest Since 1995
By David9   24 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Nobody says How can the sales of real estate rise as the same time, the rate of home ownership is falling? It can only mean that the rich is buying up the house to rent...

"Reckless Quantitative Easing" Among Other Things
By David9   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says Thanks iwog. Perfect actually. The condo I bought in California and later sold netting a small fortune was purchased in 1993 ! At that time, the auction company called me, "hey David, the...

A Housing Bear Said Yes
By David9   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says That's disrespectful and just plain rude.

Uh Oh, Fannie and Freddie to Go?
By David9   9 comments, latest 2 years ago:
thomaswong.1986 says PockyClipsNow says There is really no other scenario where they close down. sadly ... this is true. anyone making such a move would get attacked from all fronts by vested interest.

Funny Bankster Cartoons (?)
By David9   posted 2 years ago:
Yes, I think this thread should be in the Real Estate Section. Bankster Cartoon 1 Bankster Cartoon 2 Bankster Cartoon 3 Bankster Cartoon 4 Bankster Cartoon 5 Bankster Cartoon 6 Bankster Cartoon 7 Bankster Cartoon...

Housing Market Comedy Images
By David9   5 comments, latest 2 years ago:
CaptainShuddup says 17 was the run around I got when I bought. They kept telling me it was a sellers market, and there were no houses in my price range. Even though CL was full...

Yes, Investors Rule
By David9   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says robertoaribas says For the next few months, they are going to keep going up, I have little doubt. I was just thinking that. The market moves in months. Here in California too, prices...

'Patsy' Brazilian National, 23, Lives in 2.5M Boca Raton House, Adv. Possessio
By David9   posted 2 years ago: A young person of foreign descent takes adverse possession of 2.5M dollar house in Boca Raton, Florida. "They're taking advantage of banks, where the right hand doesn't know where the left hand is. They...

Paris Real Estate +
By David9   54 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says sam1 says (2-3 course menu) for under 20€, You're choice of 10, 12, or 15 Euros for Lunch. You're choice of 16, 18, or 20 Euros for Dinner. Three Course meal, examples include...

Unknown, Not on MLS, by Oxnard and Laurel Canyon
By David9   4 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says Philistine says we like After 3 years, a property has come available in a complex that I like and with the features I want. I am going to see it this weekend. Sure,...

Propped Up Convoluded Housing Market (2)
By David9   1 comment, latest 2 years ago:
Ceffer says Every year of currency inflation is a buffer and helps the banks and their balance sheets. If the housing market can be propped up for ten years, it is like 30- 40 percent...

Propped Up Convoluded Housing Market
By David9   12 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says MMR says Subway access drives asking price. MMR, Thanks! I always appreciate advice and tid bits about New York City. Seems you love it or you hate it. What a microcosm of 'Class'...

Ghost Inventory
By David9   17 comments, latest 2 years ago:
David9 says A small treasure trove of more 'Ghost Inventory' articles. "We didn't invite Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase because we keep hearing the same rhetoric that they're sitting on zero...

$21,500,000 Investor Flip
By David9   posted 3 years ago:
I first came across this article stating the price had been reduced by $15,000,000 from the original listing price of $40,000,000. I was going to post with something like: 'It's always a good sign...

Bringing You Real Estate Viewpoints From Around the Globe
By David9   4 comments, latest 3 years ago:
bob2356 says ELC says This is what financing options does to those tempted by it. I remember a time when a Cadillac was $3000 but there was no such thing as seven year financing or...

This is Sold? What is it Doing on
By David9   3 comments, latest 3 years ago:
slin says Under MERS registery the courts have declared that know one owns there home unless they hold the actual note now go figure how many people are paying a morgage on a house they...

$2.3 Trillion + $40 Billion More Mortgage Debt to be Bought by Fed
By David9   11 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Tepid says This money is specifically going to the 1% to cover their toxic mortgages. One thing for sure, the banks (1%) are better off today than they were 4 years ago. An example of...

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