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Justice Department Hits IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices
By New Renter   10 comments, latest 7 months ago:
BayAreaObserver says The comments section of the article are worth a read, looks just like something from Patnet.

Barbie (suprise) Isn't a Computer Engineer After All.
By New Renter   14 comments, latest 8 months ago:
jvolstad says New Renter says Sigh... BTW, it's not unusual to have an analyst vs. a programmer/analyst.

SFBA Residential Construction Projects
By New Renter   38 comments, latest 10 months ago:
cloud15 says This is a Greta work NewRenter , really appreciate for pulling it all together

Price Check Aims to Make Health Care Costs More Transparent in California
By New Renter   1 comment, latest 1 year ago:
CaptainShuddup says New Renter says KQED, Southern California Public Radio and invite California residents to share the cost of medical procedures through Price Check, a groundbreaking crowdsourced database of health care prices, which was...

Want to be an academic?
By New Renter   3 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Rin says New Renter says your generosity merely puts more money in the pockets of the university's regents and shuts out I think it's just to get out the first few papers and afterwards, it'll...

Hydrogen-fueled cars face uncertain market in California
By New Renter   posted 1 year ago: Uncertain... That's putting it politely. Not a surprise considering the shortcomings of hydrogen: Efficiency: Most hydrogen comes from steam reformation of methane which of course can be used directly in the same manner as...

Toys for our Times
By New Renter   6 comments, latest 1 year ago:
New Renter says APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says What about GI Joe air traveller replete with a TSA agent's arm buried in his ass? GI Joe don't play that! Joe the Plumber OTOH...

German landlord tries to collect rent with chainsaw
By New Renter   2 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Strategist says APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says Guy should be given American citizenship and the medal of Freedom. You two will get along just fine.

Something Every Man Should Know for Summer
By New Renter   posted 1 year ago:
Grilled meat is damned tasty but the polyaromatic hydrocarbons created in the meat during grilling are carcinogenic. Researchers from Portugal and Spain have found that marinating pork chops in dark beer dramatically reduces carcinogenic contamination:...

The "Scary" chart
By New Renter   63 comments, latest 1 year ago:
upisdown says Ooooooooooh scary, super duper scary,...........

Reward To Any Man Who Can Turn Lesbian Daughter Straight
By New Renter   27 comments, latest 1 year ago:
SoftShell says The bigger question is what were you wearing that she had to 'discover' this.... Rin says APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says Happened long ago. Lucky you, one butch tried to bite me, for being a guy....

FYI SFR South Bay Area Construction Costs
By New Renter   21 comments, latest 1 year ago:
New Renter says I just ran across this listing. The ad claims new construction. It looks to have been a teardown of a 1920 vintage 1073 sqft shack. There are pictures on the old Zillow...

The Perfect Gift For the Handicapable Person in Your Life
By New Renter   14 comments, latest 1 year ago:
New Renter says Dan8267 says You can clear a lot of snow with that thing. Just make sure the neighbors don't rat you out to the cops. Would you rat on a neighbor with a...

Why the 30-Year Mortgage Could Be Coming to an End
By New Renter   28 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Homeboy says Call it Crazy says Could it be that any loan not bought by Fannie, Freddie or FHA is sold to the FED for "Bennie Bucks" (you know, that 85 Billion a month), so...

Facebook makes you miserable
By New Renter   8 comments, latest 2 years ago:
CaptainShuddup says Any Married man who's wife stayed up all hours of the night playing farmville and looking at all of the pictures of food and happy kids on happy vacations, that their "friends" post...

How long is a sentence in credit jail?
By New Renter   18 comments, latest 2 years ago:
HydroCabron says Recent parolees from credit jail will soon flood the market with cash offers. Together with bi-curious Chindian racial stereotypes, they will drive prices beyond anyone's means. Buy now, or be priced out forever!

Every Good Chinese Cop Deserves a Gatling Gun!
By New Renter   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
New Renter says Vicente says Are brakes strong enough to stay still? Or would they need to apply some gas pedal when firing? I'd love to find out!

Putin warns U.S., West against arming organ-eating Syrian rebels
By New Renter   5 comments, latest 2 years ago:
New Renter says Rew says I think the only other country to get the f-14 was Iran. Sure, we didn't give them the hard points for, or the Phoenix missiles, but one heck of an...

Factcheck Fail!
By New Renter   12 comments, latest 2 years ago:
New Renter says Dan8267 says New Renter says Friend, you couldn't handle the truth. Couldn't have said it better myself!

Why I hate investing
By New Renter   24 comments, latest 2 years ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says FortWayne says Here are the other 2 cents. They are losing market share every time someone comes up with some social networking concept slightly different. Here is a new example...

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