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Motif - opinions?? Thoughts??
By mmmarvel   1 comment, latest 2 months ago:
mell says You can buy stocks all you want for $0 commission with Robinhood vs $9.95 with them, so all that's left is the diversification strategy which they call the motif. There are other start-ups...

Global Warming the fault of beavers
By mmmarvel   26 comments, latest 3 months ago:
sbh says HydroCabron says sbh says The only thing behind these damn dams is malinvested crony water liquidity. Fuck 'em. Fuck beaver!! Doesn't Say's law tell us that the methane will be eagerly consumed? That's...

Why China is better educated
By mmmarvel   24 comments, latest 4 months ago:
New Renter says Quigley says In my personal experience, women don't want to hear about how work gets done and money gets made. They just want a guarantee of spending it. Educated intelligent sociable women...

California is Back ???
By mmmarvel   16 comments, latest 8 months ago:
jazz music says marcus says We need jobs. We know how to do that. We reign in regulations so that businesses can hire. We invest in water for the farmers. " Wow. I'm impressed. That's...

Kelo - eminent domain - 9 years later
By mmmarvel   posted 1 year ago:
Do you remember the case? The case where the SCOTUS ruled that a town could take your private property from you because something that would bring in higher property taxes wanted your land to build....

Robots take over fast food
By mmmarvel   posted 1 year ago: Sooooo, even the age old fallback of working in fast food looks like it's ready to fall by the wayside. If you can't read or write very well, don't have any skills and have...

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