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Dan8267 says Dan8267 says Bap, take a look at this kid. And that would be the sound of silence from Bap.

revisit GZ and TM
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Bap33 says Bap33 says swebb says I think most things in life are complicated, and few are black and white. well, you are allowed to "think" that. Feel free to share some examples if you...

Mayor Tony Mack ... ... no surprise here.
By Bap33   posted 2 years ago:
I wonder if Lord Barry or Oprah will say the cops acted stupidly.

Michael Madison murder
By Bap33   8 comments, latest 2 years ago:
HEY YOU says I don't care if Obama destroys the country. It will just be payback for having to suffer thru G.W.Bush & Republicans for eight years. Your turn to suffer, Rep/Con/Teas.

Negro's demand Spike Lee arrest
By Bap33   11 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Bap33 says me too. ^5 tacos for dinner ... ice cream for dessert ... rolaids for bed time

Pulled the trigger - again
By Bap33   81 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Bap33 says 15 kids, not 15 kinds .... 15 kinds made very little sense. lol

Dan, here's a link.
By Bap33   posted 3 years ago: a simple search of "sexual assult occupy protest" netted a bunch, this was the top one, from ABC news.

Feddy bought my loan?
By Bap33   54 comments, latest 4 years ago:
corntrollio says lexa says i did no such thing, all posts have timestampts, when one edits it, timestamp updates... No, it doesn't update the timestamp. You know what you edited and could have just been...

Is Obama resposible for high gas prices?
By Bap33   4 comments, latest 4 years ago:
This is a retarded question so I'm not going to the link but the overall economics of oil is an important thing to understand. Here's a chart: comparing total wages (blue) to gas prices...

end is near
By Bap33   posted 4 years ago:
no need to worry no need to fuss nobody can stop what's coming nobody gets out alive love one another think happy thoughts it is done

Why are all of Obama's hand-picks jumping ship?
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marcus says Obama has paid some verbal respect to the successes of the Reagan administration, that is administrative success not policy success. Reagan changed his cabinet and staff around quite a bit. He had 4...

Iwog that was my email
By Bap33   13 comments, latest 4 years ago:
elliemae says American in Japan says @Troy I am tempted to start a post about Japan. Do it. I'd be interested to learn about your experiences there.

If you have $170K click here
By Bap33   23 comments, latest 5 years ago:
American in Japan says @E-man I agree about waiting to give the congratulations. cheers.

By Bap33   2 comments, latest 5 years ago:
Okay, Bap... I'll bite. whatcha mean?

Trigger has been pulled
By Bap33   67 comments, latest 6 years ago:
Bap33 says ok, it looks like I am not a player in this one. The apraisal came back at $208K. It is a $170K house. Listing is $229 and is pending "at full price after...

6093 Angel Dr, Winton, CA 95388
By Bap33   3 comments, latest 6 years ago:
very very bad gangs and crank suppliers and users in town, but this area is just out of town. Gang activity and shootings weekly in Winton/Atwater/Merced. All business within 1 mile radius are geared towards...

California Assembly Bill 957
By Bap33   1 comment, latest 6 years ago:
Where are to loop holes in this one. I don't live in California but it looks like the aim of this bill is to break up the cartels charging huge fees so a foreclosed home...

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