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What Voters See in Donald Trump
By Call it Crazy   15 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
dodgerfanjohn says komputodo says Yeah, you'd be making history again. Just like when you voted twice for obama You have me confused with someone else?

Police Officer Killed in Memphis - Time for White Cops to Burn Down and Loot!
By Call it Crazy   5 comments, latest 12 hours ago:
HEY YOU says Everyone knows the 2nd Amendment trumps all LEO lives. Guns should be everywhere (AF:"as the Founding Fathers intended". If Red States can't prevent criminals from getting guns & using them,then all Rep/Con/Teas...

Puerto Ricos Governor Says Islands $72 Billion of Debt Is Not Payable
By Call it Crazy   12 comments, latest 13 hours ago:
errc says The Donald might just save this economy after all The boriquas know, bankruptcy =prosperity!! Stiff those shiester creditors

Venezuelas Socialist Paradise: No Food, No Beer, No Toilet Paper, No Freedom
By Call it Crazy   14 comments, latest 15 hours ago:
Strategist says Call it Crazy says The Socialist Utopia has come to Venezuela and so has triple-digit inflation. Inflation is soaring at about 65%, murder rates are the second highest in the world, they don’t...

Windows 10 Watching (& Logging) Everything, Surveillance State Goes Mainstream
By Call it Crazy   10 comments, latest 20 hours ago:
Heraclitusstudent says Call it Crazy says But the Apple people are honest, aren't they? Apple at least claims it doesn't have a business selling customer information to advertisement companies, though I don't really trust them....

The DNC Must REALLY Be Getting Nervous and Desparate!
By Call it Crazy   3 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Call it Crazy says CaptainShuddup says Joe reminds me of this guy. Or this guy: *

The 2016 "Dream" Ticket
By Call it Crazy   posted 1 day ago:
Who needs bread and circuses... * *

Democrats add Donald Trump to list of serious Republican candidates
By Call it Crazy   6 comments, latest 2 days ago:
CaptainShuddup says People polling for Hillary are comming out in droves to make sure they are heard early to know where they stand. But that's it, there's not more back at the house that hasn't...

Greeks face six months of cash controls
By Call it Crazy   4 comments, latest 2 days ago:
bgamall4 says Turns out, the IMF says it will not be involved if there is no haircut of Greek debt. The IMF becomes the good guy and the Eurozone looks like they descended from Hitler.

$2800/Mth To Live In Oakland - Cops Say Don't Bother Calling If Your Car Stolen
By Call it Crazy   21 comments, latest 3 days ago:
CaptainShuddup says He's new, can't be Iwog. He wasn't trying to convince people of policy that makes him richer and you poorer.

Trump's Popularity "Is The Country's Collective Middle Finger To Washington"
By Call it Crazy   8 comments, latest 4 days ago:
CaptainShuddup says Everybody is a comic!

Got To Love Gov't. Accounting - U.S. economy didn't grow as fast as told
By Call it Crazy   10 comments, latest 4 days ago:
bob2356 says indigenous says bob2356 says Do you want to document that somehow? Funny you should ask, I took your numbers from a comment you made a while back. But here are some that indicate,...

Mark Cuban -"Trump: The best thing to happen to politics in a long time"
By Call it Crazy   14 comments, latest 5 days ago:
Call it Crazy says CL says The problem with the rightwing is they want blurting, not substance. Boy, did we get substance from the Community Organizer that currently resides in the White House who can't...

Obama's Sons and Daughters Doing What They Do Best
By Call it Crazy   7 comments, latest 5 days ago:
Call it Crazy says komputodo says " a bunch of nigger kids". Does the fact that they were all jigs not even enter the equation? That's racist.... Don't you know you have to be PC...

Is The Echo Housing Bubble in S.F. About To Burst?
By Call it Crazy   19 comments, latest 6 days ago:
David9 says Related, my first and late California Native friend Diane told me to never buy if you see high priced fixers on the market, because, "The banks are looking for Suckers."

Mind-Blowing Temperature Fraud At NOAA
By Call it Crazy   4 comments, latest 6 days ago:
CaptainShuddup says Either put up properly formated slicker charts or shut up.

New Hampshire poll: Trump 24%, Bush 12%
By Call it Crazy   posted 6 days ago:
Another new poll out of New Hampshire indicates that Donald Trump’s recent dust-up with John McCain has not slowed the billionaire’s political momentum. Trump now has a 2-to-1 advantage over Jeb Bush among likely voters...

"Hillary must NEVER become President", says Former Clinton West Wing Assistan
By Call it Crazy   posted 6 days ago:
'Hillary must NEVER become President', says the woman who exposed Bill's affair with Monica. Former Clinton West Wing assistant Linda Tripp says Democratic contender is a liar who treats the public with contempt. Linda Tripp,...

Lafayette theater gunman passed background check prior to purchase
By Call it Crazy   posted 6 days ago:
Yep, we need MORE laws to eliminate guns, just because the Gov't can't get the CURRENT ones right! CARROLLTON, Ga. -- John Russell Houser's mental problems were well known to many, though perhaps not to...

Why Donald Trump is Rich and You're Not!
By Call it Crazy   20 comments, latest 1 week ago:
HEY YOU says I'll believe Trump's wealth when I see a forensic accounting. But,BUt,BUT! He says he's rich.

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