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Perry to send 1,000 National Guard troops to border
By Call it Crazy  12 comments, latest 4 minutes ago:
Call it Crazy says bob2356 says Feel free to provide a single piece of evidence there are more people getting across the border today than when perry took office. Feel free to provide one piece...

Study: 35% of Americans face debt collectors
By Call it Crazy  43 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
JH says Blurtman says It will be Marco Rubio's fault. God help us all

Many Americans can't afford Obamacare: Aetna CEO
By Call it Crazy  4 comments, latest 20 hours ago:
JH says Call it Crazy says The only person who's really going to drive that is the consumer and the decisions they make. I wasn't aware I had a decision in the matter. He is...

A state-by-state map of foreclosure inventory
By Call it Crazy  14 comments, latest 1 day ago:
c6ae says In California, prices need to fall again for buying to pick up.

Mortgage buy-downs can spur home sales
By Call it Crazy  1 comment, latest 2 days ago:
corntrollio says This article is stupid and tries to make complicated a very uncomplicated concept. Basically, if sellers kick back a portion of the sales price for overpriced houses, buyers will buy them. Sounds like...

Nation of Renters: Fewer Americans Now Own Their Own Homes, 19 Year Low
By Call it Crazy  15 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Call it Crazy says Strategist says What if the collection accounts were a couple medical bills for $30.00? Why deny a home to a family for something like that? Here's another way to look at...

Nine Reasons to Love Your Mortgage
By Call it Crazy  11 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Strategist says bubblesitter says I have only 1 thing to say. Just think about the lost opportunity of financial return on the down payment + principal payment. You get $0 return on that. Most home...

'Clear evidence' of a weakening in housing: Shiller
By Call it Crazy  32 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Entitlemented says With a significant drought in the middle and southern environs of CA, what is the long term effects of this shortage on the desireability of lower CA, price stability, etc?

U.S. housing market still isn't all fine and dandy - Pending House Sales Drop
By Call it Crazy  5 comments, latest 3 days ago:
Analyzer says See: The Truth About the Fed’s Relationship With Bubbles – The Fed Wants Bubble

Subsidy, what subsidy? Millions unaware of their Obamacare aid
By Call it Crazy  2 comments, latest 3 days ago:
curious2 says HEY YOU says Wonder how many are Rep/Con/Teas enjoying their Big Govt., Redistributed,Socialized,Tax Dollar? They aren't getting any subsidy, 100% of it goes to the industry in order to enable the industry to...

Barack Obama has already checked out of his job
By Call it Crazy  15 comments, latest 3 days ago:
HEY YOU says CaptainShuddup says Obligatory, all presidents fuck off in the last few years. Let me add: All Presidents are FUCK OFFS.

10 cities that got back up after the recession, and 10 still on the canvas
By Call it Crazy  1 comment, latest 4 days ago:
indigenous says Hmm I wonder if there is anything that correlates to this study?

Why Rising Mortgage Rates Could Mean Falling House Sales
By Call it Crazy  10 comments, latest 4 days ago:
Logan Mohtashami says

Yellen: Economy uncertain, housing disappoints, and rate hikes are coming
By Call it Crazy  60 comments, latest 4 days ago:
indigenous says control point says That is what I was explaining. I understand exactly what Rockwell was saying, but his 11% number is bullshit. He is saying that the economy only grew 11% more than...

There you go... June New Home Sales (DOWN 8.1%)
By Call it Crazy  104 comments, latest 5 days ago:
Bigsby says Call it Crazy says Bigsby says Call it Crazy says or a $900K house with $3K in taxes in CA? If only. Sorry, I was a little high on the $3K... Yes,...

Oh Look - A Good Guy with a Gun Stopped a Bad Guy with a Gun!
By Call it Crazy  posted 6 days ago:
Hospital shooting suspect had history of violence A psychiatric patient who killed his caseworker -- and grazed his psychiatrist before the doctor pulled out his own weapon and fired back -- has a lengthy history...

The five best and worst states for kids economic well-being
By Call it Crazy  4 comments, latest 6 days ago:
Strategist says Call it Crazy says And here are the five worst: 50. Mississippi 49. New Mexico 48. California 47. Nevada 46. Arizona How can California be number 48? We build nice resorts for Mexican...

1 in 6 homes still seriously underwater as home price growth slows
By Call it Crazy  2 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Call it Crazy says Diva24 says Two condos on my block, one owner occupied the other a rental were put on the market in early July. Both purchased between 2004-2006. The owners are underwater and...

Are there any GM cars that haven't been recalled?
By Call it Crazy  75 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Call it Crazy says GM recalls another 717,950 vehicles SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Co. said Wednesday it is recalling another 717,950 vehicles to correct six safety issues. The biggest of the recalls covers...

Billionaire Warns: Yellen Collapse 'Will Be Unlike Any Other'
By Call it Crazy  2 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Diva24 says Call it Crazy says he calls Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen “ignorant” and says the Federal Reserve all but killed the economic recovery. Economic recovery for who? Him? Idiot!

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