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CA woman kills husband, police do not even arrest her.
By lostand confused  35 comments, latest 18 hours ago:
Peter P says Perhaps he forgot his safe word.

CA taxpayer funds go to illegals legal support
By lostand confused  posted 3 days ago: Most of the nearly 60,000 Central American children who have arrived on the U.S.-Mexico border in the last year still don't have lawyers to represent them in immigration court, and advocates are scrambling to...

India sends orbiter to Mars, on budget that is less than movie, Gravity
By lostand confused  5 comments, latest 6 days ago:
CaptainShuddup says Well our Scientist live in the Hamptons, and Napa Valley, have TV shows, and pontificate politics.

Illegals-free edu/healthcare/food for crossing border-American gets5,000 fine
By lostand confused  1 comment, latest 1 week ago:
bob2356 says It was a decent article about the stupidity of the whole immigration system until they got to the bullshit about voting. Why screw your credibility up with partisan nonsense? Unless there is a...

Proffesors on food stamps?
By lostand confused  79 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Rin says New Renter says Do you have a limited number of slots on the "to do" list? Can"t a young, hot Daisy Duke be on there along with Oliva Wilde, Billie Piper, and Markie...

FL woman named Tridevil, gets a thrid breast implanted into her.
By lostand confused  12 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Ceffer says Tandem tit fucking. She is a massage therapist, after all.

Redflix took cops out for meals, then cops reccomend its red light cameras
By lostand confused  posted 1 week ago: Sacramento County sheriffs deputies and California Highway Patrol officers accepted "at least 250 meals worth $3,800 over a five-year period" paid for by the embattled red light camera (RLC) vendor Redflex. Then, those law...

IL dead last in job creation in 2014, dem GOV wants to keep his 67% tax hike
By lostand confused  2 comments, latest 1 week ago:
CaptainShuddup says In my town, the city debated reducing property taxes for 10 minutes, before deciding to leave it as is.

FL man kills 6 grandchildren and daughter before killing himself
By lostand confused  10 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Blurtman says The poor deceased woman couldn't have been much older than 30 and had 6 kids living at home with a young grandpa. And where is the daddy?

China house prices fall for 4th straight month.
By lostand confused  posted 1 week ago: Reuters) - China's new home prices fell in August for a fourth straight month and declines spread to a record number of cities, underlining a deepening downtrend in the property market that is increasingly...

Court has new rules for debt collection agencies.
By lostand confused  posted 2 weeks ago: Shady debt collection agencies frequently score court judgments for the wrong amount of money or even from the wrong person by using incomplete proof or by pressing cases where the statute of limitations has...

I have a vagina , so should be paid as much as a dick law blocked by repubs
By lostand confused  24 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
zzyzzx says Carolyn C says n the case of management, engineering, architecture, and any all other professions there should not be pay discrepancies. Actually women get paid more because of quotas.

I never should have followed my dreams
By lostand confused  38 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
lostand confused says Rin says The problem is that much of R&D are vassals, against the corporate machinery So true. You can put your heart and soul into it and do a great job and...

Is the NSA looking at your nude photos??
By lostand confused  1 comment, latest 2 weeks ago:
Ceffer says It would be an appropriate and hideous punishment for their eavesdropping. However, if you really want to hurt them, nude photos of Nancy Pelosi with nipple rings and Hillary Clinton with a smeary,...

Do the religious disown their gay children at higher rates??
By lostand confused  17 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
CaptainShuddup says marcus says "A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out by Religious Families" Isn't that what the "Y" is for?

Too much botox oozing into Nancy Pelosi's brain??
By lostand confused  13 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
Call it Crazy says Ceffer says I wasn't aware that letting in unlimited quantities of third world immigrants who don't speak English was preserving civilization as we know it, my bad. Even worse... They let...

$1 million for a parking spot?!!!!
By lostand confused  29 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
Peter P says Call it Crazy says Peter P says Self-driving cars will be a HUGE game-changer. For the auto insurance industry... Just think of what they'll charge for premiums!! They may charge slightly less...

Police seize hundreds of millions of dollars from innocent motorists
By lostand confused  16 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
CaptainShuddup says Straw Man says Watch and learn how to handle traffic stop on some long stretch of deserted road: No these cops have been out there for centuries, how do you think the cliff...

Trump Entertainment files for bankruptcy-Again.
By lostand confused  29 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
Blurtman says Why can't this man be President of the USA?

Obozo's way of stopping Americans renouncing citizenship-increase the fee
By lostand confused  19 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
CaptainShuddup says In fact when I leave this country, I'm going to return the favor to the rest of the world and just show up unannounced and undocumented. Let's see how they like it, when...

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