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Whooo Doggie! Those Insurance stocks are on a tare!
By CaptainShuddup   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
HydroCabron says Back up the truck, and see if they're gross!

2006 called and wants its NAR propaganda back.
By CaptainShuddup   posted 3 hours ago: Life as a buyer in a seller's market is tough. Weekends are spent trudging through crowded open houses, lowering your standards and scrambling to submit an offer within hours of seeing a mediocre house....

Mary had little lamb
By CaptainShuddup   5 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
P N Dr Lo R says She should have said phuck ewe.

Have them call Iwog he knows where food is affordable, what ever the cost
By CaptainShuddup   posted 4 hours ago: It wasn't until the Maffuccis found themselves living on cups of coffee, and coffee alone, that they finally called a food pantry for help. The couple had sold their suburban New Jersey home where...

Give them space to loot and destroy, Stop killing people...
By CaptainShuddup   17 comments, latest 17 hours ago:
zzyzzx says iwog says You should really stop citing Fox noise since they falsely report police shootings. You wouldn't want to end up as misinformed and ignorant as all those other Fox viewers. The recent...

Taxing organic products could solve California water problem, experts say
By CaptainShuddup   posted 1 day ago:
Is there anything that taxation can't solve? The Sunshine State(don't they mean the Golden State?) has officially seen too much sunshine. California is currently experiencing its fourth year of extreme drought, and in response Governor...

First batch of Clinton emails redacted, edited and censored.
By CaptainShuddup   14 comments, latest 4 days ago:
SoftShell says who the fuck, in their right mind, would name their child "rodham"??? what kind of skewered genes are the jackasses trying to forcefuck into the whitehouse?

Too much Oil too little time.
By CaptainShuddup   22 comments, latest 4 days ago:
HEY YOU says Rep/Con/Teas love unregulated free market capitalism. Gas should cost a minimum of $10.00/gal.,"corporations are people too" need to feed their families. R/C/Ts that cannot afford the price are failures as Americans.

The Libbies on the run the libbies on the run
By CaptainShuddup   2 comments, latest 4 days ago:
iwog says We absolutely need Republicans to take over the government in 2017. The nation is screwed unless they get the blame for all the horror that is about to come.

Bin Laden fancied American Leftwing crackpots.
By CaptainShuddup   14 comments, latest 5 days ago:
lostand confused says zzyzzx says I want more details on Bin Laden's porn stash probably this?

Well done Elizebeth Warren!
By CaptainShuddup   2 comments, latest 5 days ago:
dublin hillz says Is getting paid in debit cards some kind of mod just like contract employment?

OK this time it really wasn't George Zimmerman's fault
By CaptainShuddup   23 comments, latest 6 days ago:
CaptainShuddup says Who's sponsoring Nancy Pelosi and Cyclops Reid?

Larry Ellison wins Hawaii
By CaptainShuddup   posted 1 week ago:

Finally an intelligent decision
By CaptainShuddup   6 comments, latest 1 week ago:
HydroCabron says CaptainShuddup says Apple had argued that Samsung's smartphones violated the company's design patents, because they looked so remarkably similar: a rectangular body, rounded edges, and even the placement of apps and dots on...

There goes the Russian Mexican alliance.
By CaptainShuddup   posted 1 week ago:
Who pays for the satellite loss?

Republican-controlled Senate puts Obama's trade agenda back on track
By CaptainShuddup   3 comments, latest 1 week ago:
HEY YOU says There are only RINOs running on the Right.

here's another big freaking deal
By CaptainShuddup   6 comments, latest 1 week ago:
sbh says CaptainShuddup says here's another big freaking deal Why? Are you too damn lazy to do a wiki-walk-through. Do you think this is some hotbed of Islamic insanity? You wingnuts think there's a terrorist...

An Idiot for the ages
By CaptainShuddup   posted 1 week ago: Marylin Zuniga listens as the People's Organization for Progress holds a "teach-in" Tuesday at International Faith Ministries where local civil rights activists, members of the community and teachers gathered to voice their support for...

Obama's war on women is slipping through his spanx.
By CaptainShuddup   12 comments, latest 1 week ago:
bgamall4 says Lol, true. But still,tolerance for Judaism cannot be questioned. The Zionist liars want you to believe that Judaism and Zionism are the same thing, which is absurd.

My No Obamacare fine slash tax is still cheaper than your clawback
By CaptainShuddup   1 comment, latest 1 week ago:
Call it Crazy says CaptainShuddup says Committee investigators also point to an analysis by H&R Block that found almost two-thirds of its filers receiving an ObamaCare tax credit owed the government at the end of...

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