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The USA Shoots Down Passenger Jet - 290 Innocent People Killed
By Blurtman  29 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
Dan8267 says Blurtman says The USA Shoots Down Passenger Jet - 290 Innocent People Killed That's true. Bill Maher talked about this in this week's Real Time, 2014-07-18. And yes, the people responsible for that...

Painful Hemorrhoid Blast from the Past - Ken Starr
By Blurtman  posted 23 hours ago:
One day Ken woke up and realized that he was a hemorrhoid, but persevered, nonetheless, profiting off the hatred of powerful but limited bandwidth conservative white men, and the women (and men, c'mon Lindsey...) who...

Grandes Demais Para Falir (GDPF) - Translation from Portuguese: TBTF
By Blurtman  posted 1 day ago:
Puta merde! Onde está o meu resgate? Portugal President Admits Espirito Santo Failure Could Be Systemic As Another HoldCo Goes Bankrupt As RioForte joins its parent ESI in bankruptcy, in a strangely honest turn of...

That's My Beaver!
By Blurtman  posted 1 day ago:
Disturbing and bizarre. Nikita Levy, Johns Hopkins Gynecologist Who Secretly Taped Patients, Found Dead; Patients Come Forward, Legal Fallout Yet To Be Seen "In any civil case, the potential victims would have to prove they...

Would You Have Asked Al Capone to Cure Cancer?
By Blurtman  5 comments, latest 4 days ago:
elliemae says Al Capone killed dozens of people and was responsible for ordering the murder of hundreds more. We will never know how many of those people would have gotten cancer if Capone hadn't put...

If at first you dont succeed in Iraq, Surge, Surge again
By Blurtman  posted 4 days ago:
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey sounds as if he were reading off the 2007 script, echoing the divide-and-conquer strategy that was the basis for the Surge: “If you can separate those [Sunni] groups,”...

Stockton CA Bank Robbers Shot Dead
By Blurtman  2 comments, latest 6 days ago:
Call it Crazy says How else can the PD get their target shooting practice in, it's more fun to practice on moving targets... (although, it doesn't look like they're too good of a shot) 3...

Janet Yellen's Playboy Spread
By Blurtman  posted 1 week ago:
“But a look at Yellen’s record shows she’s consistently advocated bank and corporate-friendly policies. As Zach Carter wrote in Huffington Post last September: Yellen supported a host of economic policies during the Clinton era that...

Obama's Wall Street Did Nothing Wrong Greatest Hits.
By Blurtman  posted 1 week ago:
Obama on the Leno show, March 2009. A few months after taking office. No investigation of financial fraud conducted. Obama: “Here’s the dirty little secret, though. Most of the stuff that got us into trouble...

S&P open to paying up to $1 billion to settle DOJ lawsuit
By Blurtman  posted 1 week ago:
(Reuters) - Standard & Poor's Ratings Services decided to settle a pending lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and is open to paying about $1 billion to settle it, the Wall Street Journal...

If You Went BK, Committed Fraud, Your Cost of Capital Would Be?
By Blurtman  posted 1 week ago:
a.) 0.25% b.) 0.75% c.) 10% d.) 50% e.) No one would lend you a dime.

Shouldn't Banks Have to Borrow at Higher Interest Rates Than The Credit Worthy
By Blurtman  1 comment, latest 1 week ago:
futuresmc says Oligarchies only respond to the dictates of the rich and powerful. There are no laws or common sense rules or regulations, such as giving better rates to the credit worthy when loaning government...

Can The Fed Chairperson Act Against The Interests of the Fed's Owners?
By Blurtman  posted 1 week ago:
The Federal Reserve is a private bank that is owned by a consortium of large investment banks. Could the Fed chairperson continue to be employed if he/she: 1.) Did not bail out its owners. 2.)...

Is It Murder to Kill Civilians in the Invasion of a Country Based Upon Lies?
By Blurtman  85 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
Strategist says Dan8267 says Ironically, the kind of society you are proposing we adopt is exactly what they have in the Middle East. A few unquestioning dictators deciding who gets to live and decide and...

We Want Your Natural Resource and We Will Kill You For Them.
By Blurtman  10 comments, latest 1 month ago:
Blurtman says Taking oil off line causes prices to rise. And this was at a much lower worldwide demand for oil. Iraq halts oil shipments Oil spikes as Iraqi exports halted to protest West's support...

Dimwitted Norah O'Donnell Moans "Why Can't We Get Them?"
By Blurtman  posted 1 month ago:
After viewing the "Bring Back Our Humvees" Michelle Obama ISIS/ISIL photo. Hey Norah, feel free to go over there and do something about it, you blood lusting twit.

Putin Backs Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki. Smart Money is on the ISIS/USA Team.
By Blurtman  posted 1 month ago: Seen this movie before. The blow back can be a bitch.

Paul Bremer Says Iraq Was A Success Until Obama Came Along
By Blurtman  posted 1 month ago:
W Bush gave this moron a medal of freedom. The USA is really toast.

When You Fuck Up Really Bad (9/11) and Are Looking Like a Total Disaster
By Blurtman  posted 1 month ago:
Invade Iraq. And promote the agents of failure and deny, deny, deny. Criminally incompetent national security advisor - promote to secretary of state. Architect of the disastrous disassembly of the Iraqi infrastructure - give him...

There's a Lot of Killing Going On, and We Want to be Part of It, Dammit!
By Blurtman  posted 1 month ago:
Drooling neocon goons can taste It! Blood and Treasure. Bully! Thump the Bloody Wogs! (No offense intended to the Ukraine, also part of the blood sport.) Tally Ho!

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