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Super Bowl Sunday. What does the war whore focus on? Terrorism at the game.
By Blurtman  posted 4 hours ago:
How much does she get paid to pump terror?

South Africa sends for Zimmerman and Wilson.
By Blurtman  7 comments, latest 18 hours ago:
SoftShell says Why would you punish the innocents?? Blurtman says South Africa sends for Zimmerman and Wilson.

Dumb ass Reuters erroneously describes Latino as a race.
By Blurtman  11 comments, latest 1 day ago:
thunderlips11 says Monocultural Cities! Monocultural Cities! Beware! Stay the Course! Or we'll have monocultural Cities! 5, 10, 15% Unemployment - doesn't matter. If we slow immigration down, we'll have Monocultural Cities! Oh, the humanity!

Why GDP is a horse shit metric.
By Blurtman  6 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Blurtman says jazz music goes to the head of the class.

Disney introduces new ethnic character - Hans the Strudel Boy.
By Blurtman  2 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Blurtman says Peter P says What race/species does Ariel belong to? A redheaded fish? Celtfish, I think.

10 Year Treasuries at an All Time Low!
By Blurtman  posted 2 days ago:
Bullish on the recovery!

Russians fighting in the Ukraine. See, here is proof.
By Blurtman  posted 2 days ago:
On Ukraine battlefield, one act of mercy becomes an Internet meme "A day earlier, Chaban recounted a skirmish near the village of Sanzharivka, north of the surrounded Ukrainian outpost of Debaltseve, where he found a...

Kissinger the murderer. A real American hero.
By Blurtman  posted 2 days ago:
Henry Kissinger the mass murderer (and pal of Ted Koppel). Henry Kissinger the errand boy for dictatorship (and confidant of Charlie Rose). Henry Kissinger the profiteer from genocide (and orator at Kay Graham's funeral). Henry...

John McCain expresses his views on the exercise of freedom of speech.
By Blurtman  posted 3 days ago:
John McCain calls protesters at hearing 'low-life scum "It is the right of this country to kill people around the world, to advance our interests, to test the performance of new weapons, and just for...

Americans are outraged. Congress calls emergency session.
By Blurtman  7 comments, latest 3 days ago:
SJ says Barf! Now I'm waiting for a double down deep fried vagina

Homeland security cracks down on fake NFL gear. Banksters hemorrhage laughing.
By Blurtman  posted 3 days ago:
What a bunch of bozos. Hey donut eaters, billions in fraudulent securities, financial meltdown.... Hello! What? You only represent the interests of corporations. Oh never mind. Feds say they’ve seized about $100,000 worth of counterfeit...

Transgender Marshawn Lynch Photos
By Blurtman  posted 3 days ago:

Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch to Senate panel: 'I am not Eric Holder'
By Blurtman  posted 3 days ago:
"Unlike Mr. Holder, I will not felch the bankers." stated the nominee. When questioned further, Mrs. Lynch clarified that she meant in a group setting.

Just another day in the sunshine state
By Blurtman  posted 3 days ago:
Free Bird! Father and son take down gunmen who pulled out weapons on terrified mother when she complained about their driving

Yellen speaks. Investors vote with their feet.
By Blurtman  posted 3 days ago:

Madoff downgrades Russia's sovereign credit rating to below investment grade
By Blurtman  posted 6 days ago:
Another great Onion story. Almost sounds plausible. Those kidders!

Rosie Perez's Firing from the View Labeled as Racist, Claim White Spaniards.
By Blurtman  8 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Blurtman says HEY YOU says How many dumbasses watch this crap? Simply programs for simply minds. It is a barometer for how simple minds, the majority of Americans, think. and right now Americans think everyone...

Do the Brits Honor Snipers Who Picked Off George Washington's Men?
By Blurtman  88 comments, latest 1 week ago:
indigenous says Dan8267 says Dan's mirror...

Everyone Be Racist - They Come in All Colors.
By Blurtman  20 comments, latest 1 week ago:
Howdy There says Blurtman says Stereotyping can be offensive and harmful, especially when based upon a person's race. I would argue that if Bob accepts your stereotyping and discrimination statements, then your racism statement can...

The Lessons of the Seattle Seahawks
By Blurtman  4 comments, latest 1 week ago:
dublin hillz says I hope seattle dismantles those pigs from new england.

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