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Are you 99%s getting your subsidy,
By HEY YOU   posted 6 hours ago:
paid for by your tax dollar. Please elect Ds & Rs,they would never let this happen.

What's the warmongers response?
By HEY YOU   8 comments, latest 17 hours ago:
SoftShell says Not if my mini nukes fry your mini nukes first... SoftShell says mini-nukes...can't live with em...can't live without em... thunderlips11 says That works both ways

I be needing help in cyphering.
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Strategist says Disgraceful! As Americans we can import anything we don't have. Giving green cards to foreigners with brains will eventually lead to Americans with brains. There, I fixed Americas #1 problem.

"Kicked to the curb"
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 3 days ago:
Call it Crazy says That article was awesome (and unfortunately true)!

Ending of the reserve fiat Dollar?
By HEY YOU   11 comments, latest 4 days ago:
sbh says Quigley says You know what, I'm with Iwog on this. Republican has become the unrepentant party of the rich, campaigning on a platform of corporate kickbacks and favorable corporate law, squeezing workers to...

Has technology created water yet?
By HEY YOU   15 comments, latest 5 days ago:
lostand confused says Did prehistoric men fart too much and cause global warming-causing the ice to retreat?

CA. drought,how will they supply water to their tourist?
By HEY YOU   5 comments, latest 5 days ago:
zzyzzx says Blurtman says Recycled pee is the future. Everyone's gotta pee. Fish peed in it already.

Code writers,app creators,hacking nerds will save CA.
By HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 1 week ago:
HydroCabron says Quick - emergency TED Talk, stat! Fetch me a lean, mean crew of CEO's who have run a few startups into the ground, and helped people share cat pictures more efficiently. They'll know...

The Russian bears have nuclear tipped teeth & claws.
By HEY YOU   posted 2 weeks ago:
http://robinwestenra.blogspot. Dumbass Republican & Democratic officials & voters. Nuclear explosions may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

HEY YOU is going to delete a future thread.
By HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 2 weeks ago:
Ceffer says No, you are the ghost of ASSHOLE future.

Texas is so stupid.
By HEY YOU   23 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
HydroCabron says Go easy on them: they're same lickspittles to the wealthy as most libertarians. By the way: That "well-regulated militia" clause in the 2nd Amendment leaves little doubt that gun owners should be in...

We've pissed of Muslims,now let's piss off Russians.
By HEY YOU   3 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
Entitlemented says Radicals circa 1993 - 1998 attempts to blow up WTC and 2 embassies. USA did little or nothing. Hence a minority of Radicals terrorized the US, US does nothing. Terrorists thought, "were gaining...

Want to buy my new app?
By HEY YOU   posted 3 weeks ago:
Of course it has real value but then only the virtual world is real.

Big Govt.,making it up as they go along.
By HEY YOU   posted 3 weeks ago:
Read the first section down to "Seizing Your Thoughts". "So, either every worker in America saved $4,922 in January, OR every man, woman, and babe wrapped in swaddling clothes saved $2,276 – on average."

Your only response will be " Yes,Bossman" or "No,Bossman"
By HEY YOU   5 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
CaptainShuddup says HEY YOU says Can you stop working today & never earn another fiat & survive on the wealth(no debt & immediately available assets) you've built or do have to work to pay for...

Long read,maybe not a waste of your time.
By HEY YOU   5 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
bob2356 says HEY YOU says Now,bob,bob,bob you won't be so critical & realize there's no joke when you receive your Voodoo,Trickle Down check. Things are going to be sooo much better. roflmao After 34 years...

This is for Republicans. Give the Democrats hell.
By HEY YOU   16 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
Vicente says I think it'd be great to have the "loser" become Vice President. Not retroactive of course. Joe Biden is THE MAN!

Whinny Libertarians
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
Call it Crazy says HEY YOU says Whinny

To lovers of chemical companies & GMO.
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
jazz music says I sympathize, as I can't seem to help visualizing the OP as a speaker affected with Downs Syndrome.

Bet this principal is a Rep/Con/Tea.
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 3 weeks ago:
HEY YOU says SoftShell, I didn't read,in the link,that she was a Democrat. Do you have a link to her response to criticism of her actions? Gen-x'ers need to follow the Rep/Con/Tea motto: Fuck you,I...

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