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INTEL starting to take over the Tablet market for app processors
By AverageBear   9 comments, latest 3 months ago:
BayAreaObserver says Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant on Tuesday, May 12th, plans to reveal new chip platforms to power Internet-connected devices, ranging from wearables to smart washing machines, sources tell CNET. The new hardware...

The Left's "War on Women" is alive and well in Massachusetts
By AverageBear   24 comments, latest 1 year ago:
jazz music says epitaph says Can we all please stop using this phrase? OMG It's a war on trite phraseology!!!!!!

Orchids Paper Products (TIS) - A small-cap yielding over 5% AND......
By AverageBear   posted 1 year ago:
massive dividend growth... Any Dividend Growth Investors(DGI) need a little spice in their portfolio? I like to put 1/4 to 1/3rd of my portfolio in riskier, high-growth equities, to balance out the blue-chip foundation of...

I'm taking a hard look at VISA (V)
By AverageBear   posted 1 year ago:
Although Visa doesn't fit the general mold of a "Dividend Growth Investment", I do allocate up to 25% of my retirement portfolio to non/low dividend paying stocks. Looking at Visa's recent dip, it's now on...

INSURANCE COMPANY BAILOUTS: Pelosi bites us in the ass (again)...
By AverageBear   11 comments, latest 1 year ago:
AverageBear says edvard2 says The last hoorah was the "Tea Party" and it failed. I think the folks in Wisconsin are quite happy about last year's successful outcome in defeating the public-sector unions. That was...

Reid: Do as I say, not as I do...
By AverageBear   8 comments, latest 1 year ago:
AverageBear says 70% Of Calfornia's Doctors Expected To Boycott Obamacare The way it's lookin', I guess you don't get to keep your doctor, in California anyway... better bring a book for the long lines for...

****** 6 ******
By AverageBear   413 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Homeboy says APOCALYPSEFUCK is Comptroller says It was a reprint of a Boy Scout training poster published in Boys Life magazine this summer. True genius.

Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US
By AverageBear   14 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Call it Crazy says sbh says But he went for consensus so you get to call him impotent and inactive. As usual you have little to say beyond "Kenya" "Benghazi" "Obamacare" "Socialism" "Cronyism" etc., You...

Mainstream (democrat) Media: Selling the lie: Obamacare
By AverageBear   76 comments, latest 1 year ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCK is Comptroller says EVERYONE in Massachusetts is dead from malpractice or Death Panel execution, and everyone I talk to there (through seances) says they'd be alive todày if they had lived in a completely...

More personnel sent to WWII memorial than Benghazi
By AverageBear   60 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Vicente says AverageBear says Vic, you do know that Obama is the first and only president to shut down these open-air memorials during a gov't shutdown. You make out like this is the greatest crime...

SOLAZYME - SZYM: Anyone have an opinion on this?
By AverageBear   7 comments, latest 2 years ago:
AverageBear says WooHoo! Solazyme had a little POP today. If Unilever is convinced, then I think good things are going to happen quickly....

Massachusetts #1 haven for dead-beat welfare layabouts: yay.
By AverageBear   21 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Vicente says AverageBear says don't know how to fix a problem in my state OH sure I have tons of ideas. Make me your Supreme Governor for Life, and I'll fix 'em all I promise!

Obamas two-faced justice rules
By AverageBear   3 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Straw Man says HEY YOU says Go Obama! This is payback for 8 years of Bush/Republic party & the Teabaggers since Bush. I can take it as long Rep/Con/Teas are hurting. Zim is (was?) a...

Another Welfare Abuse Example....Dems say 'Nothing wrong here
By AverageBear   112 comments, latest 2 years ago:
AverageBear says EBT Fraudster threatens cop with VooDoo after crashing car.... A Cadillac-driving OUI suspect — charged with running a Boston Globe delivery truck off Interstate 93 and onto the Leverett Connector — was...

ABTECH Holdings - Something worth watching
By AverageBear   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
AverageBear says We'll know soon enough if their patent portfolio and the razor/razor-blade business model works out for them or not.

4 investigations at once: It's gonna be a loooong summer for Obama
By AverageBear   24 comments, latest 2 years ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCK is Shostakovich says Waitingtobuy says Yes, the Republican strategy of making Obama look bad is not only not working, but Obama's job approval rating hasn't dropped much and his likability rating is 80%. With...

Racism in Boston? - Yep
By AverageBear   17 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Vicente says So, am I to take it Bear & Gov. Patrick are now Facebook friends? What a turnaround!

Even HuffPo wants Eric Holder gone...
By AverageBear   1 comment, latest 2 years ago:
CaptainShuddup says Well we're not through with him yet. That's just all of the bad stuff about HIM, what about what he's done for others, and under what authority? Lawyers are normally paid to do...

Gov Patrick, Please open the welfare books on the Boston Terrorist Bombers
By AverageBear   124 comments, latest 2 years ago:
zzyzzx says Vicente says Far cheaper True, but a lot of Finnish solders lost their lives taking out Soviet tanks who would have lived if they had a Panzerfaust.

Deval Patrick, MBTA Unions, and holding a gun to taxpayer's heads (yet again)..
By AverageBear   2 comments, latest 2 years ago:
zzyzzx says thunderlips11 says Everybody knows the best way to stimulate the economy is to cut the pay of working people, while cutting the taxes of the idle rich. A lack of a tax increase...

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